STYGIAN’S HONOR (Breeds #27) by Lora Leigh

Stygian’s Honor ( Breeds #27) by Lora Leigh-a review

STYGIAN’S HONOR (Breeds #27) by Lora Leigh

STYGIAN’S HONOR is the 27th storyline and August 2012 release in Lora Leigh’s BREEDS series focusing on a government experiment that went horribly wrong. Trying to create the ultimate warrior, the scientists combined animal DNA with human embryos resulting in a species that has been feared and tortured since their inception. Stygian’s Honor reveals the truth behind a series of dead and missing children, and the identities they have been forced to undertake.

Jonas Wyatt (Breeds Director) knows that the answer to his daughter’s pain and recovery is held within the minds of four Breeds long thought to be dead or on the run. And with that knowledge also came the realization that the same four were unaware of the secrets that were buried deep in their minds by the same people who claimed to love them and protect. Hoping to recover the information that could save his daughter, Jonas embarks on a one-man mission that could very well destroy the lives of anyone who interfered including the people who worked for him and the Navajo Nation.

Liza Johnson’s memories were not her own. As the mating heat burned, the flashbacks and pain increased until she was no longer one person but two. And along with Stygian’s love and protection, came the knowledge that the Breeds and the Navajo Nation, may very well have destroyed the person she was. And 12 years earlier, the life she once knew was changed for the life she now led, and only the Navajo Nation knew the truth to her identity and ‘death’.

Stygian Black has been searching for Honor Roberts and Fawn Corrigan, but little did he know that the person who would one day be his mate, is the same person who would lead him directly to Honor Roberts. Stygian has known that Liza is his mate for some time. His fierce need to protect and guard only increased with the mating heat between he and his mate. But Liza’s refusal to accept that she was a Breed mate would force Stygian to compromise his integrity for the woman that was made especially for him. Placing them both in danger, several attempts on Liza’s life would coincide with her exposure to Stygian and the Breeds. But when the Navajo Nation Elders, along with her parents, were called in for questioning, Liza knew that the secrets they refused to reveal would change her life forever.

Throughout Stygian’s Honor another storyline is slow to build. Gideon Cross is still searching for the Breed family that he would die to protect, and Jonas Wyatt will reveal the true nature of Gideon’s supposed Feral Fever. The identity of the remaining 2 missing children from the earlier experiments will come into question, but not before another Breed mate is revealed, and with that, another potential twist in the cure for Jonas Wyatt’s child. The revelation of Liza’s true identity will also unravel the mystery to another missing child.

STYGIAN’S HONOR is another welcome storyline in Lora Leigh’s BREED series if only because it brings us closer to the truth. Still working on discovering the link between Amber’s decline and Philip Brackenmore’s experimental DNA altering drugs, SH brings the reader another step closer to learning the true extent of one man’s evil designs. Lora includes many references to her previous storyline characters, both mated and not, including Dog, Loki, Cassie, Dash, Malachi, Rachel, Fawn and Judd. There is another sub-plot developing with Dog and his crew, but at this point, there is only conjecture as to the nature of their plans.

The relationship between Liza and Stygian was slow to build, as Liza continued to ignore her feelings and the heat building between she and her mate. As a reader looking from the outside, we wonder why Liza is refusing to acknowledge the Breed mating heat, but as a human, we would probably act the same way if we were to be put into such a position. Annoying as Liza is, Stygian will eventually find the mate he has always wanted, and Liza will fall in love with the only man meant for her.

Reviewed by Sandy


10 thoughts on “STYGIAN’S HONOR (Breeds #27) by Lora Leigh

  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. I have always wanted to read this series. But with 27 books, it won’t anytime soon. I have 100 books waiting on kindle, new releases, tbr. sigh

  2. Have read all the breeds . Enjoyed the=is one very much and really wondering what Dog is up to. Wondering who Judd is , but maybe will will find out in the next one. Bring it on Lora.

    • the series is great..but there were a few that kinda…dragged…right now..there is a storyline that has been developing for several books and many readers and getting upset…because it isn’t moving along fast enough….

  3. Great review!! I’m only on book 11……. *sigh* I have GOT to read faster. And, I definitely want Dog to get a book. He intrigued me! Of course, I don’t know some of the characters mentioned in your review yet, but I’ll get to them. But I love me some Dash!!! And love when Cassie shows up!!!

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