SUFFOCATE (Breathless) YA by S.R. Johannes

SUFFOCATE (Breathless Novelette) YA by S.R. Johannes

SUFFOCATE (The Breathless Novelette Series #1) YA by S.R. Johannes

SUFFOCATE is a short story (May 2012 release)  introducing the premise to S.R. Johannes new young adult The Breathless Novelette series.

Eria Stevenson is excited. Today her father, Dr. Duke Stevenson will step out of the artificial eco-system that for centuries everyone on the planet has called home. The promise of another life outside of the Biome will be greatly increased if the suit lives up to the hype and testing that her father and his young assistant Ash have worked so diligently trying to perfect. With the thousands of spectators in attendance, Duke enters into a world of the unknown, only to find himself suddenly in a fight for his life.

Eria is stunned. Everyone around appears oblivious to the horror that is claiming her father. But with sudden clarity Eria knows what was happening to her father is no accident.

Ash has been taken hostage. Blamed for the accident, he has been imprisoned in a holding room, while the soldiers and security hunt for Eria. Escape is not an option when the only safe place is outside the Biome where no human is able to survive. But Ash has one more hurdle, to access the computer data surrounding the EcoSys projects and the bio-suit, only he finds more damning information then he first thought possible. Knowing there was only one remaining suit, Ash and Eria will have to make a decision that could end one of their lives. But what Ash reveals to Eria will make the young woman re-consider everything anyone has ever told her. Has her entire life been a lie?

SUFFOCATE is a great short story. Fast paced, interesting premise and a curve-ball that no one saw coming. I am looking forward to reading the next book in S.R. Johannes’ Breathless series-Eria is in for the ride of her ‘life’.

reviewed by Sandy


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