A Highlanders Destiny

“A Highlanders Destiny” is the 5th book of Melissa Mayhue’s wonderful Daughters of the Glen series.

Destiny Noble has been searching for her missing sister for a while now, with nothing to guide her but the visions that appear in her dreams. Those visions led her work as a gypsy-clad fortune teller at a Renaissance fair. There she would meet the man dressed in black who would help her find and rescue her sister.

Jesse Coryell, whom we met in the first book, as Cate brother, has decided he wanted a change in his life, and plans to become a Guardian for the Fae and move to Scotland…just as he is about to tell his family, he finds a letter addressed to his father’s security firm requesting their help in locating a missing girl. He becomes intrigued, having strange feelings to investigate this.  Jesse goes to meet Destiny and he will become the man in black that she meets.

Destiny refuses to believe that her sister is dead. What she doesn’t know or could ever have expected was that she and her sister are both part Fae as well and Leah was kidnapped by a sinister Fae that wants her for her blood. And so begins Jesse and Destiny’s hunt for Leah.

I knew going in that I was looking forward to reading about Jesse, and this book did not disappoint.  I loved Jesse, and now I think I love him the same if not more then Ramos.  Mayhue continues to surprise me with how she builds her couples, and how well she does it and ties them to either current day or the old Scotland families.  Each book, she outdoes herself.   At first when we meet Destiny, she seemed ok, but a bit afraid, not sure of herself, her visions were a little confusing at first; all probably because she was using the gypsy disguise.  But as the story began to unfold, and she and Jesse came together, you could see they would become an awesome couple.

The story itself was great, exciting all the way through.  Watching Jesse and Des fall in love was great, and she got a lot stronger as she came closer to finding her sister.  I enjoyed the secondary characters, such as Robert and meeting Devlin. Leah was ok, but even though it was probably warranted, her fear of Fae’s, even those trying to help her was a bit annoying.  Even the villains were good, from Adira, to Flynn, to Dermond (hopefully he is dead), and then at the end, the return of Reynard.  Ugh we have him to look forward to.

As I said it was a great story, kept you interested all the way through, to the much deserved ending of Jesse and Des being soul mates.  But the best part, was the end.  Seeing all of them back together was awesome.  So Robert goes back to his time, and I am sure one of the future books we will be Leah finding her own soul mate.  My guess is that neither Robert nor Leah will ever come back to the present.  A huge downer for Destiny, but she has Jesse.

Melissa Mayhue is an excellent writer, and her books just keep on getting better.  I look forward to A Highlanders Homecoming, which I know will be Robert’s story.