A Highlander’s Homecoming

“A Highlander’s Homecoming” is the 6th book of Daughters of the Glen series by Melissa Mayhue. Just when you think you read the best book previously, here comes one that beats it or comes damn close.

At the end of the last book, Robert volunteered to escort Leah, Destiny’s sister, who had been so torturously treated by Faeries, back in time so she cannot be located by those evil-doers again. The book picks up immediately with the plan for Robert to land at his home near the time he left ten years before, Robert ends up twenty years later, and finds the daughter of his friend is no longer a young child.

I loved Robbie and Isa.  Their story was great, and the addition of Jaime was excellent.

I have come to admire Melissa Mayhue and her ability to create such wonderful
soul-mates, as well as the children she brings into the stories.  I loved the part where Rosie has to help Cate and Mairi send Robert and Leah to the past.

Right from the start I adored Isabella, her love of Jaime, and how she would dress down to meet her family.  When she met Robert, and started their trek back to her cabin, they both immediately began their attraction to one another. Strange….one of the best moments was when she was thinking about him and found her name for him  “Robbie”.  For there on in, I only thought of him as Robbie.  They made a great couple, in so many ways.

But…most of the times there is always a but. lol  Not lately in any of the Mayhue books I have read, but I thought in this book, despite my love for Robbie and Isa, I did not like some of the characters.  I hated the parts with Roland, & Agneys, nothing about those parts interested me, other then knowing he was a despicable character. Not even a good villain.  I did not like McDowalyt early on, but I liked him at the end.  He was better then, letting Isa go with Robert and Jaime, without even telling them he was doing so, and his brother Patrick seemed good. I know that in the next book, Warriors Redemption, Malcom McDowalyt will be the lead, so we shall see.

But aside from that I loved everything about the story involving Robbie, Isa and Jaime.   When the Tinklers ended up helping them, when Leah finally accepted what she was, the scene with her healing Jaime was very strong (especially seeing her take the scars and pain), Robert’s mother hearing the truth.  Great ending, with them and with Isa helping send Robbie back to the future, and Jaime along with them.

I loved once again seeing them all together at the end.  Mayhue knows how to end a book, bringing the characters that are family and friends together in a happy ending.  It is such a pleasure for us to get see how they interact with one another, their acceptance of Isa and Jaime and how well they fit in.

On to Healing a Highlander, and Leah.  I did like her better at the end of this book, so I look forward to her with Andrew.