A Wedding at Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer

A Wedding at Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer


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Never say never when it comes to love.

Greer Jones has made a real name for herself at the elegant matchmaking agency Two Love Lane. For a lot of reasons—including a past engagement she broke off—practical tech expert Greer is more interested in the business of love than the experience of it, but she can’t help but covet a gorgeous wedding gown that’s the prize in an upcoming cocktail-party contest. In a moment of brazen inspiration, Greer asks a handsome Brit she’s only just met to accompany her to the party. He agrees—and Greer believes her date is a starving artist. Little does she know the truth. . .

Ford Smith, as he calls himself, is actually Stanford Elliott Wentworth Smythe, the Eighth Baron of Wickshire. Fresh off a breakup with a money-grubbing siren who deceived him all the way to the altar, Ford has no desire to fall in love—especially with Greer who, like the desired wedding gown, is beautiful but only skin-deep. But soon Ford realizes that there’s more to Greer than meets the eye. Her professionalism is matched only by her passion for life and love. . .and, best of all, she has no idea that he’s to the manor born. Could it be that true love is priceless after all?




A Wedding at Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer is the 2nd book in her Two Love Lane series. Greer Jones, our heroine, is a partner in a popular matchmaking agency called Two Love Lane, which covers everything from start to finish; finding the perfect match for the client, helping pick out the wedding dress, and the planning and preparation of the wedding event.   Greer loves her job, and helping everyone have their happy ever after; but she has not been successful in finding true love for herself.

At an auction, Greer sees a wedding dress that is her dream, and she is desperate to win the bid.  After a bidding war, a local business man and villian, hates Greer and her partners (because they couldn’t find him a match), wins the dress, much to Greer’s chagrin.  Why does she want the dress, especially since there is no man in her life?  She collects a wedding perfect dress album for one day, and this was it.

Ford Smith, a British painter, happens to be at the auction and meets Greer.  Later, they meet again, as Greer ex- fiancée is in town with his new fiancée, and they plan to stay in the same town as Greer.  Ford, was going to paint the ex’s fiancée, but changes his mind; as he finds Greer to be the perfect person to be his muse and he wants to paint her. 

When the infamous wedding dress is put up in a contest, Greer is determined to enter and win it.  However, they will only accept submissions from engaged couples, and Greer convinces Ford to pretend to be her betrothed.  A friendship begins, which will eventually turn into a sweet romance.   Ford is attracted to Greer, as she is smart, independent, brash and totally different than any other women he has met.  Greer thinks Ford is a starving painter, only to find out later that he is wealthy, and his real name is Stanford Elliott Wentworth Smythe, the Eighth Baron of Wickshire. 

What follows is a fun sweet romance between two different people, from different worlds, and yet their chemistry together was sizzling.  The contest, which had about 12 entrants, involved Greer/Ford, her ex-fiancee/his betrothed and other brides to be that was fun to watch, as they had to do different events over the course of a period of a few days, with people voting.  Nearer to the end, things did get wild with some dishonest competition.  Did Greer win?  You need to read the book to find out. 

A Wedding in Two Love Lane was a nice sweet fun romance, a great couple and some good secondary characters.  I thought though that the ending was very abruptly done, and I would have liked to see more.  Overall, it was an excellent story, which I suggest you should read, especially if you enjoy fun romances.

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