Blaez: The Reluctant Alpha (World of Shifters #2) by G. A. Hurst-a review

BLAEZ: THE RELUCTANT ALPHA (World of Shifters #2) by G.A. Hurst-a review

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About the book: Release Date October 23, 2017

Super eruptions and tectonic plate movements have left the planet in destruction. Most of civilization and humanity did not survive. Survival was hard and only the strongest and smartest managed. However, smart and strong does not mean all good and loving. Evil is sometimes equally strong and smart.

Blaez is a wolf shifter, an alpha male who has a desire to see what this world now holds. Blaez is a loyal son and loves his pack. But his wolf says the wind calls them…from the mountains of North Carolina. What future can be built from this ruined world? What of adventure and exploration? He’s cared for several females, but his wolf has accepted no one as a mate, does one even exist for him? Is he ready to find out?

Miranda is a strong alpha female from a wolf shifter pack in what used to be the mountains of Vermont. She’s lovely and desired by many, but she’s headstrong and wants more than tradition allows. Her wolf wants more too…does a male exist that’s strong enough to give them both the love and freedom they need?

Adventure and danger in a world just beginning to come back to life!


REVIEW: BLAEZ: The Reluctant Alpha is the second instalment in G.A. Hurst’s adult World of Shifters paranormal, dystopian romance series. This is alpha wolf shifters Blaez and Miranda’s story line. BLAEZ: The Reluctant Alpha can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary.

SOME BACKGROUND: Twenty years earlier, a catastrophic natural disaster destroyed most of mankind and the infrastructures where they lived and worked. As the few remaining people begin to emerge into the post-apocalyptic world, the shifters begin to realize that to live they will have to join together with their human counterparts in an effort to survive.

Told from several third person points of view including Blaez and Miranda BLAEZ: The Reluctant Alpha focuses on two struggling Packs of shifter wolves as they set out on a cross country journey in search of survivors, and the possibility of finding more of their kind. From opposite sides, the Packs and their human counterparts will meet reuniting families with missing loved ones, and the merging of a potential new Pack as Blaez will meet his fated mate-a woman who has starred in his fantasies and dreams. What ensues is the quick building, love and relationship between Blaez and Miranda, and the potential fall out when both Packs are pulled into a former government compound run and operated by a number of humans who have no knowledge of the supernatural existence- an existence that will be threatened by betrayal and revenge.

The relationship between Miranda and Blaez is one of insta-love. Both wolf-born shifters, our couple are aware of the shifter history, and the need and devotion to find the one that calls to their souls. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

BLAEZ has an extremely large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters from two shifter Packs, and the former government compound now housing over one hundred human survivors. Gage and Rissa (Heart of an Alpha #1), along with Rissa’s father Henry are reintroduced; there is a building relationship and possible new mating between wolf shifter Mercer, and human female Maxi.

BLAEZ is a slow building story line that struggles with telling rather than showing: as well as the propensity for redundancy and retelling of recent events. The story line bounces between two shifter Packs whose membership is large, and at times I found myself confused as to the who, what and where. Once the two Packs merged together there was more confusion as many of the shifters were related or friends-the problem, in my opinion, is too many characters thus leading to distraction and chaos throughout the story.

BLAEZ is an interesting and curious story line; a journey of discovery for fated mates whose lives will be enriched with their new found love- but – BLAEZ is also a story line that meanders in too many directions and got lost in the copious number of characters who appear in limited scenes for a singular or limited purpose. You may need a spread sheet to keep everyone in line. 😉

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