Stolen by Melissa De La Cruz/Michael Johnston – Review & Catching Up Interview

Stolen by Melissa De La Cruz/Michael Johnston – Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Heart of Dread series – Book #2
by Melissa De La Cruz & Michael Johnston
Release Date: November 18, 2014

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Who is Eliza Wesson?

Months after Nat and Wes said good-bye on the shores of the Blue, Nat is learning how to control and use her new power. She and her drakon are the last of their kind—and she’s risked her life for their reunion. When she receives a mysterious distress call, she races to help, soliciting the guidance of her new friend, the beautiful and aloof Faix Lazaved of the Blue.

Still heartbroken over losing Nat, Wes is racing cars on a New Vegas racetrack while his team is scattered and lost. When he finds out that his sister, Eliza, is being held in the golden domes of El Dorado, he does what he’s best at—running to her side—and gambles on luck to see him through one more time.

Magic, romance, and danger collide as Nat and Wes become entangled in a dark new adventure that leads right to the heart of the mystery of their frozen, broken world. They soon discover that the answer to both their quests lies in the same question: Who is Eliza Wesson—what is she capable of, and why was she stolen from her family so long ago?



Stolen by Melissa Dela Cruz & Michael Johnston is the 2nd book in their Heart of Dread series. This is a YA Paranormal/Fantasy Dystopian storyline, with two wonderful leading characters in Nat & Wes. When Frozen, the first book in this series left off, they finally had found the promised land, Blue. Nat discovers she is the last Draykonrydder, with her own Drakon. She was where she belonged, to help protect Blue.   Wes, with the promise that he would come back, walked away to return with his friends to live life on the edge; stealing to survive, and make ends meet. Wes does have a reason, as he has been looking for his long lost sister, Eliza, who was kidnapped 12 years ago.

The story picks up with Nat and Mainas, her Drakon battling the evil RSA, as they have done since they became a team. Only this time, her Drakon is hurt, and must go underground to heal, leaving Nat completely alone. She meets up with her trainer, Faix to guide her how to use her powers. During the difficult training on using her mental awareness to be able to do almost anything, she receives a telepathic call for help. Together, her and Faix leave Blue to try and find Liannan, a sylph and one of Wes’s team.

While they race to find Liannan, Wes and two of his friends are captured while looking for Eliza. It is here that Wes and Nat find each other again. The romance between the two of them lights up the pages, as we know how they feel about each other. Since this is YA, there are no sex scenes, but Dela Cruz and Johnston do a wonderful job showing their love. Will that be enough to keep them together?

The action is non stop, intense and very exciting. There are so many twists, betrayals, constant danger, and to tell you much more would be spoilers. The adventure revolves around Wes, Nat, Faix and the boys to find Liannan, and Eliza with all the enemies surrounding them. Expect the unexpected, when they reach their goal and all hell breaks loose. There a major game changer at the end, which is a cliffhanger that will keep us holding our breath until the next book. If you like adventure, fantasy, a magnificent story, and two great heroes, then Heart of Dread series is a must read.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publicist


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The Reading Cafe is thrilled to welcome back the wonderful Melissa De La Cruz. Today Melissa will be discussing her new release, Stolen, which she co-wrote with her husband Michael JohnstonStolen  is the 2nd book in their Heart of Dread series.

Let’s catch up with Melissa.




Hi Melissa. Thank you for taking the time to visit us again at The Reading Cafe, and to give an update as to what you have upcoming in 2014/2015.   

TRC: For those who may not have read the first book, can you give a brief description of the premise of your Heart of Dread series?  

Melissa: The Heart of Dread series is about a girl named Nat with a dangerous secret and a boy named Wes who helps get her to safety. Set one hundred years in the post-apocalypse New Vegas, the story melds fantasy and science fiction tropes to create a fast-paced and gritty story about two young people tossed together in a great adventure. In the first book, Wes helps Nat on her journey and in book two, Stolen, we find out more about their background and how the world was destroyed.  

Mel and Mike pic, credit Wendy Werris
The Heart of Dread series is written by you and your husband, Michael Johnston. Can you please tell us your process in writing the book together?


Melissa: We talk a lot. Talk, talk, talk, talk. Then one of us will write something down and give it to the other to develop then we trade it between us until the book is done. Mike usually does a lot of the work in the beginning and I do a lot of work at the end.


Stolen is the 2nd book in this series, being released tomorrow. Can you please give us a brief description of Stolen?

Melissa: Stolen picks up a few months where Frozen left off, Nat is learning to use her power and Wes is reduced to driving in the death races in Vegas. Wes gets a tip about his missing sister and races to her, only to find himself in the same place as Nat. They uncover more terrible secrets of in both the fantastic world of Vallonis and the gritty world of the RSA.  


TRC: You write a number of genres. Do you find it difficult to switch between genres? 

Melissa: No. I love it. Keeping my work different is what keeps me going. 


Your Witches of East End series is now in its second year on television (Lifetime).   You have a wonderful cast on the show. I love Jenna DewanTatum & Daniel Di Tomasso together. How does it feel to see your characters come to life? Also, how do you feel the television series is portraying your storyline in comparison to the book?  


Melissa: It’s awesome. Just a joy to see my characters on screen. Pure joy. The TV show has a different story, but it kept the heart of the book – the love triangles, the family dynamics, the small town, the mythology. I love it, I’m a huge fan. I’m devastated at its cancellation but I have other projects I’m working on that will hopefully be on television soon. 

The Ring and the Crown
You have a new series, The Ring and the Crown. Can you please give us a brief description of this series, and how many books are you planning? 

Melissa: The Ring and The Crown is an alternate historical fantasy set in the early 20th century where France and Britain have combined into one kingdom and Merlin has been alive a thousand years. It is about princesses, love, magic, betrayal, romance and sisterhood. I am unsure yet of how many books, at least three, maybe more, but that all depends on sales. Publishers want to see series selling or they cancel them too.  

TRC: Would you like to share with us anything else that you may have upcoming in 2015? 

Melissa: My big Disney Middle grade book is Isle of the Lost: a Descendants prequel – Descendants is the new Disney Channel Original Movie that comes out in August 2015. My book comes out in May.

TRC: Would you like to add anything else? 

Melissa: We’re also currently developing The Ring and The Crown as a television show, so hopefully that will get picked up. We can only hope! 

TRC: Thank you, Melissa for giving us an update on what we can look forward to in 2015, and we wish you the best of luck with Stolen.

If you want to learn more about Melissa, you can find her at the following links:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Tumblr

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Catching Up with Theresa Rizzo-Interview & Giveaway

Catching Up with Theresa Rizzo

Just Destiny Banner

The Reading Cafe is happy to welcome back Theresa Rizzo. Theresa is here today to discuss her new release, Just Destiny. Our review of Just Destiny is below this post. Theresa will also tell us what she has in store for us in 2014.

Let’s talk to Theresa.




TRC: Hi, Theresa.  Thank you for taking the time to visit us again at The Reading Cafe, to discuss your upcoming new release “Just Destiny”, as well as to give an update as to what you have upcoming in 2014.

Theresa: Hi Barb, thanks so much for having me on The Reading Café!

TRC: Your first novel, He Belongs to Me had wonderful reviews.  How did you feel, especially being your first book, with the positive reviews, and commenters saying how much your story effected them emotionally?

TheresaI couldn’t be more pleased with the warm reception He Belongs to Me has gotten. I worked hard for more than a dozen years learning the industry and growing in my craft and it’s great to see how this story touched people’s hearts and entertained them.

Just Destiny


TRC: You have just released your new novel Just Destiny, would you please give us a brief description of the book?

TheresaJust Destiny is a love story wrapped in suspenseful courtroom drama. It’s about a grieving young woman, willing to risk embarrassment and possibly revealing long-held family secrets in court, for the right to conceive her dead husband’s baby, and her lawyer, best friend’s struggle to help her, despite his reservations.

You can order Just Destiny at  these links:
.Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBookstore /  Smashwords

TRC: Can you please tell us how you come up with the idea of this story?

TheresaMy husband was on a business trip on my birthday, so my sister and brother-in-law took me out to dinner to celebrate and I’d cut out this article in the newspaper about a woman being sued by her deceased husband’s family to keep her from having his baby after he was dead.

The idea of having your dead husband’s baby seemed bizarre, but still it struck me as a frivolous, ridiculous lawsuit.  I figured it wasn’t anybody’s business, after all once you get married, your body’s mine and mine’s yours, right?

My attorney sister got this puzzled look on her face and said, “Actually that’s a really interesting legal issue.  I wonder if sperm is considered property . . .”

And then my brother-in-law looked at her, saying, “I’m not sure I’d want you to have my baby after I’m gone.”

So we discussed some legal and moral implications of the situation and what had initially seemed so incredibly simple and private suddenly became complicated and intriguing, propelling me to do some research into the legalities and morality of the issue.

I was so fascinated with the idea that I had to build a book around it.

TRC: Your first two books, He Belongs to Me and now Just Destiny are very emotional stories. How much research do you put into these books?  Also, when writing stories that have such deep emotional conflicts, do you find it difficult to write?

TheresaI do a TON of research—actually it seems that each book requires more and more research.  I have binders and word files FULL of research that take as much as a month or three to accumulate.

Not only do I research on-line, but then I email experts in the industry asking questions, make field trips to locations where I set various scenes in the stories, or asking my legal and medical experts to read scenes/chapters etc and reword dialogue so it sounds accurate and natural—or tell me where I’m taking artistic liberties.

For instance, an attorney would NEVER hold up a finger and tell a judge to wait a minute as the attorney did in He Belongs to Me—however it worked for the story and added to the drama, so I kept it.

I only write stories that fascinate me, so I enjoy learning new things, but also, I really don’t want to be inaccurate. I want to give my readers my very best effort and produce a story I can be proud of.

You know, I love writing deeply emotional stories and when I cry or chuckle writing something, I know it’s good.  I cried and cried while Jenny was in the hospital with Gabe. Setting up the story just broke my heart. But I ADORE the holiday party that Jenny accompanied Steve to. Writing that, reading that, made me really happy.

And my heart ached for Steve’s situation.  He was living one of my worst nightmares. But I don’t mind putting my characters through the wringer because I KNOW they will have a happy ending.  In the beginning, I have no idea what that happy ending is or how they’re gonna get there, but I promise myself that I will help them fix things and they WILL have that happily ever after.

TRC: Do you have any desire to write in another genre?

TheresaI have written a romantic suspense I’m going to publish early 2015 and have a rough draft of another romantic suspense I’ll finish and put out after that.

I write the story that I can’t get out of my head regardless of genre, but you’ll never find me writing a historical –I simply don’t have the “voice” for that as much as I enjoy reading them.

TRC: Would you like to share with us what you are currently working on, and what you have in store for us in 2014?

TheresaIn the fall I’ll put out my next book, The Lives Between Us, which is book dealing with love, loss, revenge, and making hard choices. Here’s the description:

Grieving the loss of her beloved niece, reporter Skylar Kendall plots revenge on the US Senator who opposed life-saving stem cell research and therapy. She becomes romantically involved with his best friend, putting her in the perfect position to tear the senator’s world apart when tragedy strikes.  Only, she hadn’t counted on falling in love.

Sen. Hastings’s tragedy would absolutely make Skylar’s career and satisfy her thirst for revenge, but can she betray her new love and friends?

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

TheresaI want to thank you for having me on your blog and reading and reviewing my books. The greatest challenge for any self-published author is discoverability and I am so very grateful to every single generous reader who makes the time to write me a review and tell a friend about my book or host me on their blog.

Thank you so very much for your support!

TRC: Thank you, Theresa for giving us an update on Just Destiny, as well as what we can look forward to in the future.  It was a pleasure talking with you again.  We wish you good luck with the Just Destiny, and hope to catch up with you again.

You can find more about Theresa on the web at, or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads.
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Catching Up with Anne Bishop

Catching Up with Anne Bishop

Murder of Crows Banner 2


Anne Bishop photo


The Reading Cafe is thrilled to welcome back the wonderful Anne Bishop.

Anne has her new release, Murder of Crows being released tomorrow. This is the second book in her fantastic The Others series.

Let’s talk to Anne.



Hi, Anne.  We are thrilled to have you back with us again at The Reading Cafe, to discuss your new release “Murder of Crows”, as well as to give us an update as to what else you may be working on.

TRC:  You have just released the 2nd book in your The Others series.  For those of our members who have not read this series, can you give us a description of the premise of The Others

Anne:  The Others is an urban fantasy series set in a re-imagined Earth, where the earth natives, the supernatural beings like shape-shifters and vampires–are the dominant species that has control of most of the world. They see humans as lesser predators and a different kind of meat. Add into the mix humans living in cities surrounded by land controlled by the earth natives, always being watched for any transgression of the agreements made between the species. And to round things out, add in a girl who sees the future when her skin is cut, a girl who has run away from the man who owned her and wants to live her own life–even if it kills her. I stirred that collision of cultures and needs and came up with Written in Red, the first book in the series.

TRC:   Do you find it easier writing the second book of a series, especially having completed most of your research for the first book, and knowing your wonderful characters?

Anne:   No, it’s not easier. There is the challenge of remembering all the myriad details about the world so that simple things don’t change (is that a door or a gate?). There is holding on to the essence of each character while allowing them to continue to grow. And there is always more to learn. While Simon and Meg are still at the center of the story, in book two, our view of their world expands a little as we meet another group of humans who have their own secrets. So I wouldn’t say my research is done. It’s closer to the truth to say I have the foundation now to build on.

Murder of Crows.March 14jpgTRC:  Murder of the Crows is being released tomorrow, March 4th.  Can you please give us a brief description of the book?

Anne:   When Meg Corbyn has a prophetic dream about blood and black feathers in the snow, Simon Wolfgard, the leader of the Lakeside Courtyard, starts wondering why Crows are being killed in so many human cities across Thaisia. Is it because Crows are easier to kill than the larger, predatory earth natives? Or is it because their tendency to poke around in human trash to find little treasures might uncover something humans don’t want the Others to know–something that reveals a secret about the girls called cassandra sangue?

Links to order Murder of Crows:
Amazon / Barnes & Noble / The Book Depository

TRC:  When we last asked you how many books you were planning on this series, you stated at least two.  Is Murder of Crows the last book in this series, or will there be more books? 

Anne:   I’ve just finished writing the third book in the series. It went to my editor the other day, so it doesn’t have an official title yet. Will there be more beyond that? I’m playing with some possibilities of what might follow the events in book 3. I’ll present those to my agent and editor soon.

TRC:   What was your reaction when you found out that Written in Red was nominated on Goodreads & RT Awards for being one of the best books of 2013?  I thought it was one of my favorite books of the year, and certainly best new series.

Anne:   There was dancing. And many phone calls. And face muscles that cramped because I smiled so much. I kind of color outside the genre lines because it gives my imagination such a zing of energy to mix things up a bit and create something different. That can be risky. The nominations confirmed that readers, and reviewers, were willing to have fun with the story too.

TRC:   Would you like to share with us what you are currently working on, and what you may have upcoming in 2014?

Anne:   As I said, I’ve just finished the third book about the Others and haven’t yet settled on the story I’ll write in 2014, although I don’t think the Others are quite finished yet. As for the books, Murder of Crows will come out in the US and Australia. Daughter of the Blood is coming out in the UK this week and will also be released in Brazil sometime this year. And the French edition of Written in Red may come out this year as well.

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

Anne:   I’m having a wonderful time writing about the Others, and I’m very glad you’re all having just as much fun reading the stories.

TRC:   Thank you, Anne for giving us an update on Murder of the Crows, as well as what we can look forward to in the future.  It was a pleasure having you visit us again. 

Anne:   Thank you, Barb. Arroo!

If you would like to learn more about Anne, you can visit her at the following links:  Website:



Anne is offering a hardcopy of Murder of Crows and a paperback of Written in Red to one lucky commenter of TRC.

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Catching Up with C.L. Wilson

Catching Up with C.L. Wilson


CL WilsonThe Reading Cafe is thrilled to have C.L. Wilson as our guest today.  Having loved her Tairen Soul series, many of our members have been waiting for her next novel.  Today Cheryl is here to discuss her upcoming new release The Winter King, as well as answering some of our questions regarding our heroes from the Fading Lands.

Let’s catch up with C.L. Wilson (also known as Cheryl to us die hard fans).

Hi, Cheryl.  Thank you for taking the time to visit us at The Reading Café to discuss what you are currently working on and what we have to look forward to.

TRC:  What was your reaction to the phenomenal success of your Fading Lands series?  Did you expect such a response?

fading lands

C.L.:  No, I really didn’t.  The overwhelmingly positive response came as such a surprise and such a boost.  And a little scary too, because with each successive book I was worried about disappointing people who’d been waiting (and already coming up with their own ideas of what should happen).

But, I have to say, I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people supporting me and my books.  I’m truly grateful—especially for everyone who has been patiently waiting for my next book.  After the end of CROWN, I went through a couple of pretty tough years, and I needed the down time to spend with my family and refill the well.

I am back to writing on a very regular basis now, and am actually doing more writing faster than I ever have before – without spending all day every day chained to the computer, so I’m super happy about that.  My focus the last few years has been to find a balance I can live with, and I think I’ve come up with something that will work for the long run.

The Winter KingTRC:  Your diehard fans have been waiting to find out when we can expect your next book, The Winter King.  We are thrilled to note that you do have a date…. August, 2014.  Will you please give us a brief description about the premise of Tthe Winter King?

C.L. I love this book.  It was so much fun to write.  I actually started writing it after finishing TAIREN SOUL (my manuscript which became LORD OF THE FADING LANDS and LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS).  I wasn’t having much luck getting editors to take a chance on my manuscript, so I decided to start something a bit smaller in scope and a little more focused on the romance than the fantasy.  I set it aside once TAIREN SOUL sold, and didn’t get back to it until after I finished CROWN.

Anyways, to answer your question, THE WINTER KING is set in a world of weathermages and is about a fierce king from the North and the wild, rebellious Southern princess he takes as his bride.

Wynter Atrialan, the Winter King, once lived in peace with his southern, Summerlander neighbors, but when the prince of Summerlea steals Wynter’s bride and murders his young brother, Wynter calls upon a dangerous Wintercraig magic called the Ice Heart and marches against Summerlea.

After three bitter years of battle, a victorious Wynter arrives at Summerlea’s royal palace to issue his terms of surrender. The prince of Summerlea stole Wynter’s bride and slew Wynter’s Heir. He wants the loss replaced. The Ice Heart is consuming him. Wynter hopes holding his own child in his arms will rekindle the warmth in his heart before he becomes the monster of Wintercraig legend, the Ice King.

The Summer King has three very precious daughters whom he loves dearly. Wynter will take one of them to wife. She will have one year to provide him with an Heir. If she fails, he will send her to face the mercy of the mountains and claim another princess for his wife. And so it will continue until Wynter has his Heir or the Summer King is out of daughters.

The plan is perfect—except for one small detail. The Summer King has a fourth daughter. One of which he is not so fond. And she is a fiercely passionate creature, with a temper as volatile as the forces of her weathergift, the power of storms.

The book has a very Norse/Ragnarok feel to it, and I love the sparks that fly between Khamsin (the heroine) and Wynter (the hero).  He is truly scrumptious (I can’t write a book if I don’t fall madly in love with the hero), and Khamsin was a lot of fun.  I love how well they mesh together.

Link to preorder The Winter King: Amazon / Barnes & Noble

TRC:  Is The Winter King a standalone book, or will this be a new series?

C.L.: It’s a standalone book, but I’m hoping to write other books set in the same world, featuring different characters.

TRC:  At some point, you discussed going back to the Fading Lands and doing stories on two of your heroes…Belliard and Gaelen.  Is this your plan?  Will we go back to the Fading Lands?

one enchanted seasonC.L.:  Oh, yes.  Bel’s book was my NaNoWriMo project this year.  I had to set him aside to finish up my novella the for the magical holiday anthology, ONE ENCHANTED SEASON, that I self-published with my friends and fellow authors, Erica Ridley & Elissa Wilds.  But I’m back to working on Bel’s book already.  It’s so great to be back in the Fading Lands, and I’m having the best time seeing things have changed since the end of the second Mage War.

And—whew!  There are definitely some interesting times in Dharsa these days!  Poor Bel.  He isn’t going to know what hit him! LOL.

TRC:  Would you like to share with us on what you are currently working and what else you have planned for the future?

C.L.:  Well, Bel’s book will probably take a good bit of next year to write (I actually can write initial drafts relatively fast now—for me—but revising still slows me way down).  While I’m working on Bel’s book, I’m also going to be working on a second Weathermages of Mystral book.  While writing THE WINTER KING, two characters jumped up and demanded that I tell their story.  I’m not actually sure which book will come out first, but rest assured, Bel’s book is in the works! 🙂

After that, well, Gaelen vel Serranis has been incredibly (and surprisingly) patient, but I have a feeling he won’t be patient for much longer!  I am really, really looking forward to his book!

And of course, I’ll be checking in on Lillis and Lorelle, Kieran and Kiel, and Nicolene, Melliandra and the babies in both Bel & Gaelen’s books. 🙂

TRC: This is very exciting news for all of us who have fallen in love with your wonderful characters of the Fading Lands.

TRC:  You have open a new site for all of your Fading Lands fans known as Tairen’s Lair which is an online resource for Tairen Soul merchandise. How did you come up with the ideas for the merchandise?

C.L.:  After the first two Tairen Soul books came out, wildlife artist Heather Carr picked them up.  She saw the tairen on the back cover of LORD OF THE FADING LANDS and was intrigued because, when she was in high school, she used to enjoy drawing & painting bat-winged jaguars (ie, tairen before I called them tairen J).  She contacted me, showed me her fabulous art, and started painting other scenes from my books.  Tairen’s Lair ( grew from that.   She and I work together to decide what merchandise to offer, etc.  We also host a booth at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA every year over the Labor Day weekend, and since Heather’s in Denver, we’re starting to attend the Denver conventions as well.

Our newest (and bestselling) items are tairen plushies – stuffed tairen toys.  We did a limited edition of Hallah (sold out), and now have Ellysetta-Azreisa and Rainier-Eras tairen.  We’re hoping to do a Steli sometime soon, too.

I’d like to get some new T-shirts made with the Tairen’s Lair logo, which I love.  And the Steli “I take mine roasted” coffee mugs are currently on sale.

You can find some of these fabulous official C.L. Wilson merchandise, featuring art, gifts, t-shirts and more based on scenes and characters from the Fading Lands novels.

Here is the link to check out these items:

TRC:  Would you like to add anything else?

C.L.:  Just that I am so appreciative of all my fans and readers.  I really hope you will enjoy THE WINTER KING, and I hope to have good news on my next book soon!  In the meantime, I hope my readers will pick up my self-published anthology of magical holiday romances, ONE ENCHANTED SEASON, which features my novella Upon a Midnight.  Upon a Midnight is about the absolutely yummiest Guardian Angel ever to flutter a wing, and the mortal Lightkeeper he was created to love and protect.  I really enjoyed writing it, and I hope my readers will enjoy it too!  It’s available in digital format and trade paperback.  And it features a bonus sneak peek at THE WINTER KING!

Thanks so much, Barb, and everyone at the Reading Café, for inviting me to do this interview.  Ya’ll are the best!

Cheers, and Miora Felah (joyful life!)

TRC:  Thank you, Cheryl for giving us an update on “The Winter King”, as well as what we can look forward to in the future.   It was a pleasure having you visit us.  We look forward to your return to The Reading Cafe in August to help promote The Winter King.

C.L.:  I look forward to seeing you again then 🙂

If you want to learn more about C.L. Wilson, you can find her at the following links:
Website / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads / Blog / Tairen’s Lair



Catching Up with Sandy Williams

Catching Up with Sandy Williams

The Sharpest Blade banner 2




The Reading Cafe is happy to welcome back Sandy Williams. Sandy is is here today to discuss her new release, The Sharpest Blade, the final book in her Shadow Reader series. Our review of The Sharpest Blade is below this post. Sandy will also tell us what she has in store for us in 2014.

Let’s talk to Sandy.




TRC: Hi, Sandy.  Thank you for taking the time to visit us at The Reading Cafe, to discuss your upcoming new release “The Sharpest Blade”, as well as to give an update as to what you have upcoming in 2014.

TRC: You have just released the 3rd and final book in your Shadow Reader series.  For those who many not have read this series, would you please give us a brief description of the premise?

Sandy:  Sure! The Shadow Reader series follows the life of McKenzie Lewis, a human who not only has the ability to see the fae, but she can track them as well. This ability is crucial in the Realm, where fae can fissure (or teleport) from place to place. For ten years, McKenzie used this skill to track the king’s enemies, but in the first book, The Shadow Reader, she was abducted by rebels who were determined to overthrow that king. She’s basically a pawn in the war for control of the Realm, and at times, she resents this, and the way it interferes with her attempt to live a normal human life.

The Sharpest BladeTRC: The Sharpest Blade will be released in a few days, would you please tell us about the book?

Sandy: The Sharpest Blade picks up a few weeks after the events in The Shattered Dark. McKenzie is back in our world and attempting to live a normal life, but she’s constantly thinking about what’s going on in the Realm, and she worries about Kyol and Aren. When she finally does make it back to the other world, she finds that things aren’t better than when she left. Lena might still hold the palace, but a new enemy is gathering strength. McKenzie is determined to help Lena track down this person and bring a real and true peace to the Realm, but the cost of that peace might be more than she can endure.

Links to order The Sharpest Blade:
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TRC: How does it feel to have reached the end of this series, as it was your debut series?

Sandy: So many mixed feelings! I’m proud of this series, and I love McKenzie so much. I kind of feel like I’m losing a friend since I’m not currently planning any more books in this world. But I think the ending is satisfying, and I love how everything turns out. I hope readers love it, too!

TRC: I know, as I am one of them, but fans have been having a heated guessing game over who will win McKenzie……Kyol or Aren?  No spoilers here, but how do you feel about creating two heroes, who have developed their own teams?  One will be disappointed.  Though I am prepared for the worst……I am totally Team Aren.

Sandy:  Poor Kyol. He gets so little love.  But it’s awesome that readers love Kyol and Aren so much. I adore both men, and I want them both to be happy. But, of course, I want McKenzie to be happy, too, and the only way for that to happen is for her to settle down with one of them. 

TRC:  You write Urban Fantasy romance.  Do you have any desire to write in another genre?

Sandy:  I’m currently working on a science fiction romance, or as I like to call it, an urban fantasy romance set in space.  Everything I write is character driven fiction, and my stories will always have a strong romantic subplot. I’m a huge fan of space – spaceships and aliens and beautiful stars and supernovas. I think it’s an awesome setting and that the stories set in these high-tech, planet hopping societies can have all the elements that normal urban fantasy has. That’s why I’m excited about my current project. But sometime soon, I plan to return to urban fantasy. I have an idea brewing that I can’t wait to write.

TRC: Would you like to share with us what you are currently working on, and what you have in store for us in 2014?

Sandy:  Well, technically, The Sharpest Blade is a January 2014 release.  Unfortunately, I’m not contracted for any more books at this time, but I definitely plan to release something, whether that’s a short set in the Shadow Reader world or a fun side project. I’ll be sure to let you know!

TRC:  Oh please, Sandy, a novella with our favorites, whom we have come to love would be awesome.  🙂

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

Sandy:  I just want to say thank you for having me here and for your support of The Shadow Reader novels. No one would have heard of McKenzie’s story if it wasn’t for bloggers and readers like you.

Also, for a limited time, my publisher is running a sale on the first Shadow Reader novel. The ebook is $1.99 from now until January 3rd, so if your readers haven’t had a chance to start this series, now is the perfect and most affordable time. 🙂

TRC:  Trust me, TRC members, this is a great chance to get the book that starts this fabulous series at a reduced price.

Links to order The Shadow Reader
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TRC:  Thank you, Sandy for giving us an update on The Sharpest Blade, as well as what we can look forward to in the future.  It was a pleasure talking with you again.  We wish you good luck with The Sharpest Blade, and we hope to catch up with you again in 2014

If you would like to learn more about Sandy, you can visit her at the following links.

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Catching Up with M.A. Abraham

Catching Up with M.A. Abraham

M A Abraham Banner

The Reading Cafe is happy to welcome back M.A. Abraham. M.A. is is here today to discuss her new release, Embracing the Light. She will also tell us what she has in store for us in 2014.



TRC: Hi M.A.  Thank you for taking the time to visit us again at The Reading Cafe, and to give us an update on your new releases, as well as what else you may have upcoming in 2014.

M.A.:  Thank you for having me Barb, always uplifting to be here.  I have a full year planned and it looks like it will be one filled with Elves … I am working on a few new ideas, but they will be for 2015 so not a part of this.  My release list for 2014 is as follows ‘Return of the Legend’ Book 5 of the Elven Chronicles Feb.11/14 … ‘Guardians of the Future’ Novella on the Children of the Elven Chronicles Apr. 23/14 … ‘My Darling, Janice’ Historical Romance June 20/14 … ‘Champions’ Scifi/fantasy Aug 1/14 … ‘King’s Daughter’ Book 6 of the Elven Chronicles Sept 20/14 … ‘Lúthien’s Song’ Book 7 of the Elven Chronicles Nov. 3/14 … ‘Living in the Light’ Dec. 7/14 Novella on the children of the Elven Chronicles.

I know it sounds ambitious, but most of it is written already.

TRC: You have just released a holiday novella, Embracing the Light, which is part of your Elven Chronicles series. Can you please give us a brief description of this story?

Embracing The Light.Dec 3:13jpgM.A.:  Embracing the Light is a novella on the Elven toddlers, yes they are getting older, and so mischievously cute.  It starts in the morning on the day of the celebration and has Gabriel and Eden taking care of the little tykes… and they are a bundle of energy, all 24 or so of them… The story runs through attacks on mom and dad in bed first thing in the morning – to tickle times – to food fights – to fun in the snow – and later in the day the celebration with a few surprises for the little ones and visits from other Elves for the others.  In all there is no other word that suits this story than it being a romp – though I do use the words pandemonium and hedge on using riot at times. 

If you have not read last year’s wonderful Christmas novella, Celebration of LIght, it is now free on Amazon & Barnes & Noble

TRC: How many books are you planning for the Elven Chronicles?

M.A.:  At this time, after ‘Lúthien’s Song’ I have 2 full novels in mind, and approximately 4 novellas.  ‘Tratchars’ Book 8 of the Elven Chronicles … ‘Eärwen’s Song’ Book 9 of the Elven Chronicles.  The novellas will probably be as follows: 2 of the novellas about the celebration while the other 2 will be about S’Larea and Larien, but things have been known to change.

Theory in DepthTRC:  Last month, you released a standalone book, Theory in Depth.  Can you give a brief description of this book, and how did you come up with the premise of this novel?

M.A.:  I wrote the main storyline for ‘Theory in Depth’ when I was 16 after watching a documentary on artificial insemination.  (And yes I know how much of a geek that makes me sound.) I was fascinated by the concept and this is what came out of it.  I can’t tell you how much I researched to find out more about the subject and how often I came up empty.

The storyline revolved around the thought… “As man was created from the depths of the seas, it is logical to assume that someday man should be able to return.”  The question that followed was; what if evolution was given a push?  What if mankind could find or develop a formula that proved it could be done?  What if someone connected the genes from specific mammals to create a living person who was capable of living both on land and in the sea, only to find out that there were others like her?  When a scientist does that and realizes what he has done, he is faced with not only the results, but the ramifications.  He cannot tell anyone because mankind does not respond favorably to things like this, and lets face it, he has played God, and that is not a good thing. He raises her alone for 15 years, then realizes they can’t hide forever and puts her in the care of his brother and her cousin thinking she will be safe as she learns how to cope with the world around her, what follows is 3-4 years of discovery where she learns about the others as well as a world where she will never fit in.

TRC:  In this past year, you have written quite a few books. How do you come up with all these ideas, and what is your writing process (time, where,etc)?

M.A.:  I borrow a few from my past, but most I have written fresh.  They just tend to pop up, and crowd into my mind… making that part of my anatomy very uncomfortable to have on my shoulders sometimes.  I will write at any time of the day, or night as the inspiration strikes. I can be talking to a family member about where I am in the book I am currently writing on and be at an impasse, and the story keeps going as I talk, I suddenly know where I am headed and how to get there.

TRC: What are you currently working on now? Also, would you like to share with us what you may have upcoming in 2014?

M.A.:  Return of the Legend’ is finished and already in book form.  I am finished ‘Guardians of the Future’ and it is in edits.  I am writing ‘King’s Daughter’, Lúthien’s Song’, and by the time anyone reads this I will be finished ‘Living in the Light’. I am also working on another that I call ‘Tantalus’ but that is a whole new series destined for either 2015 or 2016.  At this time, however, I am saying please, only one year at a time, lol.  A taste of each?

Return of the Legend’

Elrohir threw back his head and burst out laughing.  He loved the irony of the situation.  All the great scholars of his Kingdom strutted around like a flock of peacocks at the honor the ancients had trusted them with, and the ancients were now telling them that this was not how it was at all.  This was the ancient’s way of showing them how to insert a little humbleness in their lives, that they were no better or worse than any other Elf.  He could live with that, but he wondered how many of the others from the High Kingdom would take the news.

Elrohir got himself back under control and began to read anew.

“The library is not to be moved from the fortress, this is the ancestral location of the scrolls and if you attempt to relocate them you will destroy the spells that keep them fresh and legible.  Remember this always.  We have surrounded our work in stone to keep them safe from discovery.  The beauty that you expected from the world that was reputed to surround the scrolls are not in the building that surrounds them, but the city that surrounds the fortress.  We have left the plans open for viewing so that our vision of grace and beauty can be rebuilt in years to come. 

We know the first things the Demons will destroy when we are gone will be the homes we loved.  They will not want us to dwell in beauty.  Their belief is that by destroying all that we value they can destroy our spirit.  They do not understand that there is no value in things, only in the light that guides our souls. 

I am Lothrariel, Warrior King of the Ancients.  And to my sons, and their sons, I bequeath this trust.  Keep our faith.”

Guardians of the Future’

Gabriel tossed Marious a sour look and replied.  “I seem to remember one Elven diplomat who was more than happy to join in with a portion of the spell the second time around.”

“Not denying it and my contribution to your class is in line with the others.”  Marious added with a cheeky grin.

“Good, you can help with the training.”  Gabriel quickly decided.

“We have lots of help.”  Larek informed Gabriel.  “Any of the parents who are not otherwise occupied have been ordered to teach.  We are to take turns so no one suffers from the newly allocated classes.”

Gabriel merely grunted as he took note of several of the parents standing watch over the children.  Something had triggered this order over the last three days and he wondered what it was.  He didn’t have to ask.  Marious knew exactly what was going through his mind.

“It started with wolf races, escalated with a Unicorn stampede and ended with them skinny dipping at the river.”

Gabriel winced as he glared at his sons.  They were standing at attention at the head of the first four rows.  They noticed and immediately turned a guilty shade of red as if they knew their father wasn’t happy about something they had done.  They also knew there would be no defense they could come up with that would save them from what he was about to put them through.  They were dead Elves.

‘My Darling, Janice’

“An eighteen year old, school room Miss?”  Jeremy scoffed with an exaggerated air of disbelief.  He had three sisters of his own and he was of the firm opinion that younger sisters were nothing more than complete nuisances.   

Martin knew all this, but remembering his favorite sister’s character, he felt compelled to disagree.  “Perhaps I should enlighten you as to what my sister is like Jeremy, for in all fairness, you should not meet her with a biased opinion of the female sex.  Not only has Janice been out of the schoolroom for over two years but she is fluent in five languages.  She is quick witted, intelligent, charming and graceful.  Last year she was the undisputed toast of Viennese society.  I am personally looking forward to her visit.”   

These gems of information caught the attention of the young master Jeremy and he leaned forward to quiz his host.   

“So why is this paragon of virtue coming to London?”   

“One,” Martin held up a perfectly manicured finger to emphasize his first point, as well as to start a count.  “To see me.  Two,” He held up another finger in continuance, “because this year, our baby sister will be introduced into society.  As Janice refused every offer for her hand last year father decided it better to send her away, rather than risk the embarrassment of having two daughters as rivals.”

King’s Daughter’

Aredhel didn’t have time to make a sound as a hand snaked across her mouth.  At the same time another arm wound around her mid-drift to pull her back against a solid body of muscle and steel.  Before she recovered from that surprise she found herself turned around and pressed against the rock wall of the cave.  She moved as if to object and all her objections were silenced with a kiss.

Aredhel’s initial objection died quickly.  How could any man feel as hard as steel, yet kiss with lips so soft?  A million questions cascaded through her mind.  Who was he?  What did he want from her?  Why was he kissing her?  What did he look like?  Did she know him?  Why did he hide himself in darkness?  She wanted to know these things and more.  She moved her lips from his to ask, but was quickly warned not to speak.

“Shh, Aredhel.  If you say anything we are dead Elves.”  Liessen warned.  His voice was no more than a breath in her ear, letting her know how desperately serious the threat around them was.

Lúthien’s Song’

The darkness moved closer and Lúthien stifled a fear-filled whimper.  She could see the Elves who were carrying the danger closer and she felt a need to reach out to the one who was infected with the malady.  Even from where she stood she could tell he was in serious shape and her heart filled with sorrow.

“Haylo,” Lúthien didn’t realize she spoke aloud until Haylo stood by her side and clasped her hand.

“I am here, Lúthien,” Haylo assured the frightened healer.  “We can do this together.”

“His body needs as much healing as his mind.  He will need both of us in the beginning.”  Lúthien spoke as her eyes followed the progression of the group of Elves carrying the liter.

As the bearers of the body grew closer Lúthien began to hum very lightly and a quiet light seemed to shine from her.  She would have to be careful.  She could see the bandages that covered her patient’s eyes.  He had been kept from the healing rays of the sun for a long time.  It would take a miracle to bring him back.  She was determined not to fail.

Living in the Light’

“I almost feel guilty about messing that up.”  Branith admitted in an uncharacteristic statement.

“Well I certainly don’t.”  Eden answered with a chuckle as she shouted a challenge to everyone in hearing distance.  “Last Elf to the top is a rotten egg.”

As quickly as she spoke the words Eden sprinted off towards the top of the hill with most of the rest of their group in hot pursuit.  About half way to her destination she did a quick check over her shoulder to see how everyone was doing and noted Gabriel and Marious standing at the bottom, where they had started off.  Lifting her face to the sky as she continued to lead the pack Eden yelled so they could hear.

“That includes both you and Marious, Gabriel.  Remember, rotten eggs sleep where no one can smell them.”

Marious and Gabriel could not only hear Eden’s taunt, but Tamarak’s laughter.  They exchanged a grin and sprung into action.  They wouldn’t be left in the cold and Gabriel knew that if he didn’t move fast enough Eden wouldn’t only hold to her threat, but the Sentinel would reinforce her declaration.

TRC: Snoop, your cat is almost as famous as you?  Does Snoop help you when you are writing.  🙂

M.A.:  Snoop likes to curl up beside me when he gets the chance and purr, especially if I decide to sit up in bed to write.  Better yet, he likes to drape himself across my shoulders or on my shoulder as I try to write.  Barring the preferable places he will satisfy himself with my lap, or beside me, as long as I have a blanket where he can be covered to keep warm.  As for being as famous as I am, that is a fallacy… he is MORE famous… and he would be the first to tell you so.  He is THE pussycat and the star of my blog. Lol.

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

M.A. It is always a pleasure to be on your site, enjoy the feeling of camaraderie and welcome.  I would also love to wish everyone the best of the season, and Elven blessings in 2014, may it be filled with health, happiness and wonder.  May the light guide your spirit and fill your soul with love.

TRC:  Thank you, M.A. for giving us an update on what we can look forward to in 2014, and we wish you the best with both Theory in Depth & Embracing the Light.

GiveawayM.A. has graciously offered to give one lucky member of The Reading Café a signed arc of her upcoming novel, Return of the Legend.

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Catching Up With Melissa Mayhue

Catching Up With Melissa Mayhue

Melissa Mayhue Banner 2

melissa mayhueThe Reading Cafe is thrilled to welcome back Melissa Mayhue. Melissa is here today to talk about her just released book, Warrior Untamed and her ohter new book, Take a Chance, which is the start of a new series.  She will also tell us what she has in store for 2014.

Let’s Catch Up with Melissa.


TRC:  Hi, Melissa.  Thank you for taking the time to visit us at The Reading Cafe, to discuss you recently released “Warrior Untamed”, as well as your upcoming new series.

Melissa:  Thank you for inviting me, Barb.  I really appreciate the opportunity to visit with your readers!

TRC:  You have just released Warrior Untamed, which is the 4th book in you’re the Warrior series.  For those who may not have read this series, would you please give us a brief description of the premise of the series?

Melissa:  The Warrior series is set in the highlands of Scotland in 1294.  It's filled with the same Faerie magic as readers might remember from my Daughters of the Glen series [since it's a spin-off from that series!] with the added dimension of magic from the Norse gods.  The underlying premise is a fight between factions of a family for control of their clan which has led to the release of a monster from Norse mythology into the mortal world.

Warrior Untamed Novem 2013TRC:  Will you please tell us a bit about Warrior Untamed, which was released a week ago?

Melissa:  Warrior Untamed is Halldor and Bridget's story.  It wraps up the overall battle in the Warrior series and gives readers the big picture Happy Ever After they've been waiting for in this series.  Here's the back copy blurb:

Award-winning author Melissa Mayhue returns to the Highlands, where a beautiful warrior intent on avenging her father’s murder joins forces with the captivating Norseman who saved her life…

Descendant of the ancient Pictish royal line, Bridget MacCulloch fears nothing, so when brash Halldor O’Donar rebuffs her offer to help defeat the foe that killed her father, she refuses to surrender her quest.  But Bridget’s need for vengeance is equaled only by her growing attraction to Halldor.

Descendant of the Norse god Thor, Halldor must find the missing Sword of the Ancients, for only with this weapon can he overcome the loathsome monster that has entered the Mortal world determined to destroy it.  Though he’s forbidden Bridget from accompanying him on his mission, he soon discovers the stubborn–yet sinfully irresistible–warrior princess heeds no one but herself.

Now they must learn to trust each other if they’re to defeat their enemies…or risk everything as they surrender to a desire with the power to conquer all.

TRC:  You have a new book coming in the next week, Take A Chance.  Can you please tell us the premise of this new series?  Also how many books are you planning on?

Melissa:  This is the first of my new contemporary Chance, Colorado series.  It's basically the story of a small mountain town in Colorado and the people who live there.  The tag line for the series sums it up pretty well:  Chance, Colorado - Where love gets a second chance.

I can't tell you yet how many books there will be.   I'm finding that as I'm building the town and adding people, more stories keep coming to life!

TAKEACHANCE-FrontCover(forAmazonandSmashwords)TRC:  Can you please give us a brief description of your first book, Take A Chance?

Melissa:  Here's the back copy blurb for Take a Chance:

Allison Flynn has spent the last eight years struggling to build the life of her dreams.  But a cheating boyfriend, the loss of her beloved job, and her mother's illness have all conspired to bring her back home again, shutting the door on those dreams.

Logan O'Connor is a man driven by guilt and haunted by the what-ifs of his choices in life.  Betrayed by the woman he'd thought he loved, he's given up any dream of the Happy Ever After he'd once assumed his life would have and devoted himself to his work.

When Allie and Logan cross paths, they'll need to risk their hearts once more to have any chance at finding what they really want.

Sometimes you have to take a chance to make your dreams come true...

TRC:  What are you currently working on, and what do you have planned for 2014?

Melissa:  I’m currently putting the finishing touches on Take A Chance to ready it for its December release.   I have at least two books slated for 2014 — the second Chance book [Second Chance at Love – Liz and Ryan’s book] and another highlander book, which will be the beginning of a new spinoff series, All The Time You Need.  This new series will be set in the same world as both Daughters and Warriors and will, I’m sure, bring back some characters from both of those series [there are still so many who need their stories told!!]

This first story will follow one of the characters introduced in Warrior Untamed, Alexander MacKillican, and his unexpected encounter with modern day woman thrown back into his time.

TRC:  Would you like to add anything else?

Melissa:  Only that I'd love to hear from any of your readers who have questions or comments.  They can find me on Facebook [ ]  or they can stop by my website [] and leave a comment in the ShoutBox.  If they'd like to stay informed as to when my books are being released, they can sign up for my newsletter at 

With the release of Take A Chance, we've also started a Chance, Colorado group on Facebook, [  ] specifically for readers to talk about the stories, the characters, or to share any of their other reading favorites with one another.  You're all invited to join in with us and talk books!

TRC:  Thank you, Melissa for giving us an update on Warrior Untamed and Take a Chance, as well as what we can look forward to in the future.  It was a pleasure talking with you again.  We hope to catch up again in the future.

Melissa:  Thank you, Barb.  It was great to visit with you again!


Melissa has graciously offered to give one lucky member of The Reading Café a paper copy of Warrior Untamed and an e-copy of Take a Chance.

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Catching Up with Thea Harrison

Catching Up with Thea Harrison

Thea Harrison pic
The Reading Cafe is thrilled to welcome back Thea Harrison. Thea is is here today to discuss her two new releases, Dragos Takes a Holiday and Kinked. She will also tell us what she has in store for us in 2014.

Let’s talk to Thea.



TRC:  Hi, Thea.  Thank you for taking the time to revisit us at The Reading Cafe to discuss your fabulous Elder Races series, including your new release Dragos Takes a Holiday.

Thea:  Thanks for having me!

TRC:  Just in time for the holidays, you have just released an Elder Races novella…Dragos Takes a Holiday.  Can you give us a brief description about the novella, and how did you come up with the idea for this wonderful holiday treat?

Thea:  All of the characters I’ve written about in the Elder Races series are alive and well in the back of my mind.  The idea for the Dragos novella just grew pretty naturally earlier this year, and I knew for several months that I wanted to write it.  I was delighted to find the time to do so!

The novella is 29,500 words long. Here’s the official blurb:
The Bermuda Triangle. Pirates. The Peanut. What could possibly go wrong?

Dragos Cuelebre needs a vacation. So does Pia, his mate. When the First Family of the Wyr head to Bermuda for some much needed R&R, it’s no ordinary undertaking – and no ordinary weekend in the sun. Between hunting for ancient treasure buried beneath the waves and keeping track of their son, Liam—a.k.a. Peanut, whose Wyr abilities are manifesting far ahead of schedule—it’s a miracle that Pia and Dragos can get any time together.

They’re determined to make the most of each moment, no matter who tries to get in their way.

And did we mention pirates?

For fans of DRAGON BOUND and LORD’S FALL, passion, playfulness, and adventure abound in this Elder Races novella.

TRC:  We will get to see more of Liam (Peanut) in Dragos Takes a Holiday?

Thea:  One of the things I really looked forward to doing in this story was introducing Liam as a POV character, so yes, readers do get to see more of him!

TRC:  Earlier this month, you released your 6th book in the Elder Races, Kinked.  It was great to see Aryal finally find her match in Quentin.  Will we learn more about Pia’s powers in future books? She was awesome healing others (no spoilers) in Kinked.

Thea:  Pia’s nature is a slowly unfolding revelation through the series.  It creates issues and secrets, and consequences that spring from actions people take, and I’m definitely planning on future development with her character and nature. 🙂

TRC:  Falling Light, the second book of your Game of Shadows series is due to be released in February, 2014.  Can you give us a brief description of the book, and is this the end of the series?

Thea:  Falling Light follows directly after the events in Rising Darkness.  The stories are a duology, so yes, this is the end of the series.  I DO have an idea for a spin-off story, but it wouldn’t involve Mary and Michael.  I’m afraid I can’t say what the spin-off story would be, because it would involve spoilers, but I do hope I can find the time to write it.

Here’s the official blurb for Falling Light:

Having finally reunited, and fought off The Deceiver for now, Mary and Michael race up the Michigan peninsula to meet Astra before police forces catch up with them. But the closer they get, the less Mary is willing to trust a woman who by her own admission will do anything to finish The Deceiver – even if it means killing Michael and Mary to try again in another life. As they face their final battle unsure if they can trust either side, Michael’s loyalties are tested, making him vulnerable just when Mary needs him most.

TRC:  Would you like to share with us on what you are currently working on, and what your plans are for 2014?

Thea:  I’m working on book seven in the Elder Races right now. It was supposed to be Graydon’s story, but then I realized that because of certain story elements, it wasn’t time to tell Graydon’s story yet, so after talking it over with my editor Cindy, I’ve switched to another story. I’ve been wanting to write this new one for a while, so I’m quite excited to get to it! I’m taking a break from the sentinels, and while the reader have met the hero before, I think they are going to be surprised at who it is. And for those who were looking forward to Graydon, don’t worry! He WILL get his own story… When the time is right.

And 2014 is shaping up to be another busy year! Book seven is the first in a three-book contract for the Elder Races. I’m looking forward to more work on a new series I’m developing, and I’m also excited at an idea for another novella with Dragos and Pia. If reader reaction is positive to Dragos Takes A Holiday, I’ll definitely have to find time to write that one too!

TRC:  If you read our review on Dragos Takes a Holiday…you know our answer…YES!!!!

TRC:  Would you like to add anything else?

Thea: If you would like to keep updated on my new releases, be sure to sign up for my newsletter at:  I put out a newsletter about a month or so before each new publication and they’re filled with all kinds of goodies, like exclusive excerpts and contests. 🙂

TRC:  Thank you, Thea, for giving us an update on Kinked and Dragos Takes a Holiday”, as well as what we can look forward to in 2014.   It was a pleasure having you visit us again.

Thea:  I’m so glad we could do this!  It’s always a pleasure to visit with you as well.