H.P. Mallory-Interview with the author

H.P. Mallory-Interview with the author


Adventures of H.P. Mallory

Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Author

I started my writing career as a self-published author and was lucky enough to hit both the Amazon and the Barnes and Noble bestseller’s lists with my two series, the Jolie Wilkins series and the Dulcie O’Neil series. Most recently I hit the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists!

I signed with Random House (Bantam imprint) to write three books in the Jolie Wilkins series (Witchful Thinking, The Witch is Back and Something Witchy This Way Comes). Now I love the fact that I’m both a traditionally published author as well as a self-published one (with my Dulcie O’Neil series).

I’m a huge fan of anything paranormal and I always have been. I get super excited whenever they have those Twilight Zone Marathon days and anything ghost or vampire related will always attract my attention.

My interests are varied but aside from writing, I’m most excited about traveling. I’m extremely fortunate to have been able to live in England and Scotland, both places really having a profound effect on my books.


Let’s Get Started!!

TRC: Hi H.P. and welcome to The Reading Café. Congratulations on the release of your novels.

TRC: What does the H.P. stand for in your name? 😉

HP: LOL This is one I can’t answer! But the initials stand for my first and middle names…

TRC: Many authors develop an interest in writing at an early age. What first sparked you interest in writing?

HP: For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a writer. When I was 12, I used to write romances with my best friend, then in high school I took creative writing and then majored in English in college. It’s always been in my blood!

TRC: What difficulties and challenges have you faced as a writer?

HP: Many in the early days. About 6 years ago, I decided to try to get Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble published and was lucky enough to land an agent pretty quickly. Once she sent out the book to the publishers, though, no one was interested. After no interest, I ended up sitting on Fire Burn and the first book in my Dulcie series, To Kill A Warlock, for about five years.

Then I read about self publishing and decided to give it a shot. That was two years ago and since then, I’ve reached the kindle, nook, USA Today and most recently New York Times bestseller lists. It’s been a wonderful two years and I can’t really say I’ve found a lot of challenges along the way.


TRC: Would you please tell us about the premise of your JOLIE WILKINS series? How did you come up with the idea?

HP: Sure, Jolie is a psychic living a lonely life when one day an incredibly handsome warlock, Rand Balfour, walks into her life and changes it forever.
She learns she’s a witch with incredible powers and eventually becomes Queen of the Underworld. Along the way she also meets the debonaire vampire,
Sinjin Sinclair, and finds herself in the center of a love triangle!


TRC: SOMETHING WITCHY THIS WAY COMES is your latest release in the series. Would you please tell us something about the premise?

HP: Something Witchy is actually the last book in the Jolie series. I’ll be coming out with a spinoff series revolving around one of the characters in the Jolie series soon but Something Witchy answers many of the questions people had about the first 4 books in the series while still leaving open some other questions (themes which will be resumed in the spinoff series).


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TRC: This particular storyline reveals plenty of information that has only been hinted at, and yet reveals many things that still must be answered. How many books do you have planned for the series?

HP: See above.

TRC: You bio states that your experiences living in England and Scotland have a great influence on both of your series. How much research (logistics,
background etc) is involved in the writing of these series?

HP: It’s not so much research, really, as it is just writing about places I’ve either lived in or visited. Since I lived in both areas, I was able to pull many of my experiences into my books and give them a bit more depth since I experienced them firsthand. My next series will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland–a place which I became very familiar with since I lived there for a year. Britain certainly has a place in my heart!

TRC: If you could virtually cast the players in the Jolie Wilkins series, which models or actors would best represent the major characters in the series?

HP: It’s funny but I don’t really have a set cast in my head. The only person I can clearly cast would be Henry Cavill as either Sinjin or Rand…just love Henry!

TRC: Have you considered a spin-off series for Sinjin Sinclair?

HP: I have considered a spin off series but keeping my lips zipped at this point! LOL


TRC: WUTHERING FRIGHTS is the April 2012 release in your Dulcie ONeil series. Would you please tell us something about the premise?

HP: Wuthering Frights is the story about what happens to Dulcie when she sells her soul to the proverbial devil (her father) and the fallout of said event.



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TRC: Do you have a favorite series or character (of your own) that tugs at your heart and why?

HP: I love them both, really. Both series are very different and it’s those differences that make them both so much fun to write.

TRC: Have you ever considered writing a YA series?

HP: I have but I always fall short because I’m more interested in adult themes and storylines…

TRC: Many authors bounce ideas between friends, family and other authors. With whom do you bounce ideas?

HP: I don’t really. I come up with an idea and if I like it enough, I just move forward with it. The way I’ve always approached my books is to write about things that I would want to read about. I started writing the stories that I would want to read and since that proved to be a pretty healthy approach, I haven’t changed it! LOL

TRC: MALICE IN WONDERLAND is the latest release in the Dulcie O’Neil series. Would you please tell us about the premise?

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HP: Sure! Malice picks up where the fourth book in the series, Wuthering Frights, leaves off. I think the synopsis of the book answers this question best: A broken relationship, tarnished with lies and deceit, a father who wants her dead, and a shocking surprise that could rock the very foundation of everything she believes in…

Fairy and law enforcement agent, Dulcie O’Neil, has to face the fact that her father, the Head of the Netherworld, is also Public Enemy Number One. In joining a group of rebels who would see her father dethroned, Dulcie will realize just what it means to go against her own blood. Throw in her tattered relationship with Knight Vander and the shock of a lifetime and Dulcie’s life just went from bad to worse.

TRC: Is the play on words with the title have any significance to the storyline?

HP: Not really. With all my titles, I host contests and allow my readers to come up with titles. Then I pick my favorite 10 and have everyone vote on them. This one won!

TRC: On what are you currently working?

HP: I’m currently working on the fifth book in the Dulcie series, Malice in Wonderland, and then I’m going to return to the first book in the Lily Harper series, the title of which I haven’t decided yet!

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

HP: I’d like to just thank all my readers for their support! I never would have made it this far without them!



Favorite Food

Favorite Dessert

Favorite TV Show
The Office

Favorite Movie
Big Lebowski

Last Movie you Saw

Dark or Milk Chocolate

Do you have any pets?
Yep, a cat

Last Vacation destination
LOL I thought this read: Last vaccination…Tetanus!
Kauai, Hawaii

TRC: 😉

TRC: Thank you H.P. for taking the time to answer our questions. It is always a
pleasure to meet the person behind the author. We wish you all the best
with your upcoming storylines.

HP: Thank you very much for inviting me!

1. Fire Burn Cauldron Bubble
2. Toil and Trouble
3. Be Witched
4. Witchful Thinking
5. The Witch is Back
6. Something Witchy This Way Comes


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