Cover Reveals April 25, 2014

Cover Reveals April 25, 2014

Seventh Grave and no Body Oct 14


TITLE: Seventh Grave and No Body

AUTHOR: Darynda Jones

SERIES: Charley Davidson

RELEASE DATE: October 2014




King's Daughter


TITLE:  King’s Daughter

AUTHOR:  M.A. Abraham

SERIES:  Elven Chronicles #6

 RELEASE DATE: September 2014




Black Widow Nov 14


TITLE:  Black Widow

AUTHOR:  Jennifer Estep

SERIES: Elemental Assassin

RELEASE DATE:  October 2014





Ghost Layer Sept 14



TITLE: Ghost Layer

AUTHOR: Robin D Owens

SERIES: Ghost Seer

RELEASE DATE: September 2014






TITLE: Priestess Dreaming

AUTHOR: Yasmine Galenorn

SERIES: Otherworld

RELEASE DATE: October 2014



Rogue July 14jpg


TITLE: Rogue

AUTHOR: Katy Evans

SERIES: Real #4





Ripped Dec 14


TITLE:  Ripped

AUTHOR:  Katy Evans

SERIES:  Real #4

RELEASE DATE: December 2014







Only for You Dec 14



TITLE: Only For You

AUTHOR: Beth Kery

SERIES: One Night of Passion

RELEASE DATE: December 2014



Master of the Game Aug 14jpg



TITLE: Master of the Game

AUTHOR: Jane Kindred

SERIES: Demons of Elysium #3

RELEASE DATE: August 2014



EverAfter Apri14



TITLE: Ever After


SERIES: Heart of Stone novella

RELEASE DATE: April 2014



Temptation July 14


TITLE:  Temptation


SERIES:  Club X #1





Surrender Oct 14


TITLE:  Surrender


SERIES: Club X #2

RELEASE DATE:  October 2014




Possession Jan 15


TITLE:  Possession


SERIES:  Club X #3

RELEASE DATE:  January 2015




PIa Saves the Day


TITLE: Pia Save The Day

AUTHOR:  Thea Harrison

SERIES:  The Elder Races

RELEASE DATE:  June 2014




Peanut-Goes-to-School-cover-July 14jpg



TITLE: Peanut Goes to School

AUTHOR: Thea Harrison

SERIES: A Novel of the Elder Races




Night's Honor Sept 14


TITLE:  Night’s Honor

AUTHOR:  Thea Harrison

SERIES:  Elder Races

RELEASE DATE: September 2014





Shifting Shadows Sept 14



TITLE: Shifting Shadows

AUTHOR: Patricia Briggs

SERIES: Mercy Thompson

RELEASE DATE: September 2014



Festive in Death Sept 14



TITLE: Festive in Death


SERIES: In Death # 1034

RELEASE DATE: September 14



Poison Fruit Oct 14



TITLE: Poison Fruit

AUTHOR: Jacqueline Carey

SERIES: Agent of Hel

RELEASE DATE: October 2014



REvenant DEc 14



TITLE: Revenant

AUTHOR: Larissa Ione

SERIES: Demonica #11

RELEASE DATE: December 2014



Lead Nov 14




AUTHOR: Kylie Scott

SERIES: Stage Dive

RELEASE DATE: November 2014



Deep Dec 14


TITLE:  Deep

AUTHOR:  Kylie Scott

SERIES:  Stage Dive #4

RELEASE DATE:  December 2014




Unbinding Aug 14



TITLE: Unbinding

AUTHOR: Eileen Wilks


RELEASE DATE: August 2014



My Highland Spy (Sept  14



TITLE: My Highland Spy

AUTHOR: Victoria Roberts

SERIES: Highland Spy #1

RELEASE DATE: September 2014



To Love a King Oct 14



TITLE: To Love A King

AUTHOR: Shona Husk

SERIES: Court of Annwyn #3

RELEASE DATE: October 2014






TITLE: Talon

AUTHOR: Julie Kagawa

SERIES: Talon #1

RELEASE DATE: October 2014



Intoxicated.June 14jpg


TITLE: Intoxicated

AUTHOR: Monica Murphy

SERIES: Billionaire Bachelor’s Club





Tied Oct 14




AUTHOR: Emma Chase

SERIES: Tangled #4

RELEASE DATE: October 2014



Strings of the heart May 14


TITLE: Strings of the Heart

AUTHOR: Katie Ashley

SERIES: Runaway Train





Perfect Mate May 14



TITLE: Perfect Mate

AUTHOR: Jennifer Ashley

SERIES: Shifters Unbound




Marked by Midnight June 14


TITLE: Marked by Midnight

AUTHOR: Lara Adrian

SERIES: Midnight Breed novella





Hakan:Severin May 14



TITLE: Hakan/Severin

AUTHOR: Laura Wright/Alexandra Ivy

SERIES: Bayou Heat





Blue Lily, Lily Blue Oct 14



TITLE: Blue Lily, Lily Blue

AUTHOR: Maggie Stiefvater

SERIES: The Raven Cycle #3

RELEASE DATE: October 2014






Cover Reveals-April 1, 2013

Cover Reveals-April 1, 2013

Coming Soon-Sherrilyn Kenyon


TITLE: Dark Bites

AUTHOR: Sherrilyn Kenyon

SERIES: Dark Hunter/Dream Hunter/Hellchaser/Werehunter/other

RELEASE DATE: November 5, 2013



FEAR THE DARKNESS (First Time in Print)
HOUSE OF THE RISING SON (First Time in Print)

Kiss of the Night fall 2013


TITLE: Kiss of the Night

AUTHOR: Sherrilyn Kenyon

SERIES: Dark Hunter




KINKED.Nov 2013


TITLE: Kinked

AUTHOR: Thea Harrison

SERIES: Novel of the Elder Races

RELEASE DATE: November 2013




Possession Oct 2013


TITLE: Possession


SERIES: Fallen Angels

RELEASE DATE: October 2013




Elegy aug 2013


TITLE: Elegy (YA)

AUTHOR: Amanda Hocking

SERIES: Watersong

RELEASE DATE: August 2013




After Dead Oct 2013


TITLE: After Dead

AUTHOR: Charlaine Harris

SERIES: Sookie Stackhouse

RELEASE DATE: October 2013




Highland Ever After Sept 2013


TITLE: Highland Ever After

AUTHOR: Maya Banks

SERIES: Montgomery’s and Armstrong’s

RELEASE DATE: September 2013




Bound by Night-Colby Lefebrve


TITLE: Bound By Night

AUTHOR: Larissa Ione

SERIE: Moon Bound Clan Vampire #1

RELEASE DATE: September 2013




Ritual Magic Aug 2013



TITLE: Ritual Magic

AUTHOR: Eileen Wilks

SERIES: World of the Lupi

RELEASE DATE: August 2013



Targeted Oct 2013


TITLE:  Target

AUTHOR:  Katie Reus

SERIES:  Deadly Ops

RELEASE DATE:  October 2013




Everything for Us Sept 2013


TITLE:  Everything For Us

AUTHOR:  M.Leighton

SERIES: A Bad Boys Novel

RELEASE DATE: September 2013




Tempting Eden Apr 5, 2013


TITLE: Tempting Eden

AUTHOR:  Michelle Miles


RELEASE DATE:  April 2013




Bad Things 2013


TITLE:  Bad Things

AUTHOR:  R.K.Lilley


RELEASE DATE:  September 2013




Perdition Aug 2013


TITLE:  Perdition

AUTHOR:  Ann Aguire

SERIES:  The Dred Chronicles

RELEASE DATE: August 2013




Eternal Sin Nov 2013


TITLE: Eternal Sin

AUTHOR: Laura Wright

SERIES: Mark of the Vampire

RELEASE DATE: November 2013




Shadow June 2013


TITLE:  Shadow

AUTHOR:  Amanda Sun

SERIES:  Paper Gods Novella

RELEASE DATE:  June 2013




Eternity Sept 2013


TITLE:  Eternity (YA)

AUTHOR:  Elizabeth Miles

SERIES:  Novel of the Fury

RELEASE DATE: September 2013




Hunter by Night.Jan 2014jpeg


TITLE:  Hunter by Night

AUTHOR:  Elisabeth Staab


RELEASE DATE: January 2014


Eileen Wilks-Interview and Giveaway with the Author

Eileen Wilks- Interview and and Giveaway with the Author

With the October release of  MORTAL TIES, we would like to welcome the author Eileen Wilks.

TRC:  Hi Eileen and welcome to The Reading Cafe.  We would like to start with some background information. Would you please tell us something about yourself?

Eileen:  I’m pretty sure I’d suck at speed dating, which is what this kind of question reminds me of, but I’ll try: I love the color turquoise, my new black bean soup recipe, painting almost anything, and gardening. I hate bermuda grass, the word “utilize,” and that moment when you realize you just locked your keys in the car. I was born in Texas. By the age of twenty-one, I’d lived in 2 countries, 6 states, and 12 cities and towns. I then spent many years at the same address, but recently uprooted myself to move to Norman, Oklahoma.

TRC:  You have described your first writing experience like an alcoholic with his first drink.  What was the catalyst that started you on the road to writing?

Eileen:  A friend and I went through our second adolescent by writing what would now be called fan fic–little scenes we shared with each other based on Star Trek. I loved it, but had no idea how to go from writing a couple scenes to writing an entire book using my own characters.  Then one night I woke up at 2 a.m. with the entire plot of a book in my head.

I wrote that book in longhand on multiple legal pads.  Eventually I got it transcribed into a form I could copy and send out. The wonderful story that obsessed me for over a year was then turned down by every publisher in this country and a couple overseas.  There’s a reason for this: it was a pretty bad book. Didn’t matter. I was hooked, and have been writing ever since.

TRC:  Many authors say they have always had an active imagination since childhood and this imagination fueled their desire to write. Have you always had the desire to write?

Eileen:  I never aimed at being a writer, but I’ve been playing with stories all my life without realizing I was prepping for a career. One of my favorite things to do when I was young was to draw pictures and make up stories to go with them.  In the seventh grade, I wrote Girl From U.N.C.L.E. stories. None of this persuaded me I could or would be a writer.  It took a 2 a.m. wake-up call (see previous question) to do that.

TRC:  What challenges or difficulties have you faced as an author?

Eileen:   The usual–rejections, money, rejections, money . . . my first five books were rejected. The first book I wrote after making my first sale (to Silhouette) was rejected.  As for the money problems . . . I’ll just say that it’s easier to make it as a writer if you have a spouse earning a good paycheck who can carry you on his or her health insurance. Getting established takes time. Income is erratic and unpredictable, and often nowhere near what many readers think writers make.

TRC:  WORLD OF THE LUPI is your series featuring an elite family of wolf-shifters.  What background information can you give our readers about the series?

Eileen:   Magic is real in my lupi world. Otherwise, it looks a lot like ours. People argue, hook up, go to work, marry, sleep, weep, and spend too much time on Facebook or YouTube or that site with all the funny cat pictures.

Lily Yu is a homicide cop turned FBI agent. She doesn’t spend much time on YouTube, but she argues, she sleeps, and once in awhile she weeps. And she’s going to get married. Her fiancé is Rule Turner, known to the human world as “that werewolf prince,” and to his lupus clan as the lu nuncio, or heir. Lily works for a special Unit within the MCD—that’s the Bureau’s Magical Crimes Division. She became a cop to stop the monsters, although it was human monsters she had in mind at the time. These days, the perps she tracks may be a lot more—or a lot less–than human.

TRC:  MORTAL TIES is your 9th novel and latest release (October 2012) in the WOTL series.  Would you please tell us about the premise of this storyline?

Read an excerpt HERE

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Eileen:   FBI agent Lily Yu is living at Nokolai Clanhome with her fiancé, lupi Rule Turner, when an intruder penetrates their territory, stealing the prototype of a magical device the clan hopes will be worth a fortune–if a few bugs can be worked out . . .

But the prototype can be dangerously erratic, discharging a bizarre form of mind magic—and it looks like the thief wants it for that very side effect. Worse, whoever stole the device didn’t learn about it by accident. There’s a Nokolai traitor in their midst.  Lily and Rule have to find the traitor, the thief, and the prototype. One job proves easy when the thief calls them–and his identity rocks Rule’s world.

As they race to recover their missing property, they find Robert Friar’s sticky footprints all over the place.  Robert Friar―killer, madman, and acolyte of the Old One the lupi are at war with―an Old One whose power is almost as vast as her ambition to rock the entire world . . .

TRC:  Lily and Rule are the principal characters throughout the WOTL.  How many books do you have planned for the series?  Have you considered focusing on another couple or writing a spin-off to the series?

Eileen:   I don’t have a fixed number of books in mind, though I do know the basic premise for the last book–when the time comes to close the series. Which is not yet.  I’m contracted for another three lupi books and happy to still be spending time with Lily and Rule, but I do have another series idea floating around in my corner of the mystery swamp, a.k.a. dark matter, which as everyone knows is where writers get our ideas.

TRC:  What plans do you have for the next installment in the WOTL series? Novella?

Eileen:   I’m currently working on Book 11, Ritual Magic: Lily and Rule battle an evil that strikes far too close to home–an evil so dark it forces them into a most uneasy alliance. After that, I hope to work on a novella. That’s my version of taking a break. Novellas aren’t really instant gratification, but they’re so much quicker for me that they seem that way.

TRC:  Many authors bounce ideas with other authors, as well as family and friends.  With whom do you bounce ideas and why?

Eileen:   When I need to talk out a problem, I usually call my daughter.  She lets me babble until I realize what the real problem is–and it’s almost never what I thought. Usually I was asking the wrong question, which seldom yields a useful answer.

TRC:  Have you ever considered writing a Young Adult series of novels?

Eileen:  I don’t think I’m on good terms with my inner teenager–that isn’t a voice I conjure easily. Like most things in life, this could be subject to change

TRC:  On what are you currently working?

Eileen:  Ritual Magic, as cited above. 🙂

TRC:  Would you like to add anything else?

Eileen:  Most eagerly awaited book for me this year: Garment of Shadows by Laurie R. King. I’m crazy about her Mary Russell character and her take on Sherlock Holmes.


Favorite Food
Coffee.  Some would say that isn’t a food, but what do they know?  Oh, all right, I’ll give my second favorite, too. That would be chocolate, but I’m not supposed to eat it these days.

Favorite Dessert
My brother’s creme brulée.

Favorite Movie
Impossible to pick just one, but the one that popped into my brain this time is Raiders of the Lost Arc.

Favorite TV Show
Currently, that would Big Bang Theory.

Last Movie you saw
Brave. Loved it.

Dark or Milk Chocolate

Do you have any pets?
No, but I’m claimed by three cats, who graciously allow me to live with them, feed them, pet them, and otherwise tend to their needs.

TRC:  Thank you Eileen for answering our questions.  Congratulations on the release of Mortal Ties.  We are looking forward to reading the next instalment.

You can follow Eileen at:

Eileen is offering a copy of her latest release in the World of the Lupi series MORTAL TIES to one lucky member at The Reading Cafe.

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4. Giveaway runs from October 16-19, 2012.


HUMAN ERROR (WOTL) by Eileen Wilks-a review

HUMAN ERROR by Eileen Wilks- a review

Human Error is the 6th novella and 14th storyline in Eileen Wilks “Lupi” series which can be found in the December 2011 anthology Tied With a Bow.
Dragons, demons, witches, skinwalkers, lupin and gnomes are only a few of the supernatural beings, added to the list of potential enemies and friend.

Arjennie Delacroix, from a family of Wiccan, and Benedict, her lupin mate return home for the celebration of Yule, only to walk into a force of power that upsets the peace and calm of the local countryside. When the local authorities approach the Delacroix family for assistance tracking a ‘strange’ killer, Benedict’s hackles are raised, at the mysterious scents and unfamiliar markings, not usually acknowledged by the humans. Searching for the killer, who is now believed to have abducted a small child, Arjennie surmises a ‘mythical skinwalker’ to be the prime suspect in a series of events, that culminates with Benedict getting shot, the Wiccans once again, involved in a ‘circle’ of protection and a surprising revelation, from the family pet.


1.  Only Human (Lover Beware Anthology)
2.  Tempting Danger
3.  Originally Human (novella)
4.  Mortal Danger
5.  Blood Lines
6.  Inhuman (novella)
7.  Night Season
8.  Cyncerely Yours
9.  Mortal Sins
10. Human Nature (Inked Anthology)
11. Blood Magic
12. Blood Challenge
13. Death Magic
14. Human Error (Tied with a Bow Anthology)
15. Mortal Ties

Reviewed by Sandy


Inhuman (World of the Lupi) by Eileen Wilks-a review

INHUMAN (World of the Lupi) by Eileen Wilks-a review


INHUMAN is the September 2012 novella re-release in Eileen Wilks “The World of the Lupi” (originally found in On The Prowl). Inhuman follows the investigation into the deaths of 3 of The Gifted by someone or something not human. Part of the series premise focuses on The Gifted-several races that are inherently magical-of the Blood. Since The Turning a couple of months earlier, the population of Gifted beings had doubled when the power winds strengthened Existing Gifts and revealed Nascent Gifts in others. Prejudism and stereotyping were on the rise, and those with The Gift or of The Blood, were no longer trusted.

Kai Tallman Michalski was a physical therapist in Texas with The Gift. Her ability to see color auras sensing emotions had grown stronger since The Turning and her other powers had increased as well.

Sargeant Nathan Hunter is one of Kai’s best friends. Another member of The Blood, Nathan’s true nature is not known, and as a friend, Kai had never pushed Nathan to reveal his species. But following an attack against Nathan, Kai knew it was time that she and Nathan were truthful about their shared feelings.

Nathan was lonely and true to his nature, he was the only one of his kind in Texas. He considered Kai his only friend and with that, his feelings and emotions had always fallen onto the side of love and admiration. But with the recent increase in murders, among The Gifted, Nathan’s need to protect Kai increased. As a hunter, Nathan has always specialized in finding others and since his Stranding, he has had many incarnations on Earth and his most recent was that of a police officer. Only this investigation would bring him full circle-right back to his front door.

The FBI Magical Crimes Division believes they have found their murderer, but Nathan knows that the investigator holds a deep prejudice against all of The Gifted. When witnesses claim to have seen a particular Gifted in the presence of each of the victims, Nathan will make it his life mission to prove them wrong. Calling in his fellow huntsman, Nathan would discover that there is more to his best friend than he had known.

INHUMAN is a wonderful short story that reflects many of the prejudices from today and yesteryear. While there are no supernatural races roaming the Earth, we can clearly place many of the storyline scenarios into some of our news making headlines when something or someone that is different is targeted by another. Eileen Wilks has written an amazing series with her World of the Lupi and I hope that everyone has a chance to check it out.

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B&N Nook

Reviewed by Sandy


Death Magic (World of the Lupi #8 ) by Eileen Wilks – a review

DEATH MAGIC ( World of the Lupi #8) by Eileen Wilks

DEATH MAGIC is the 8th full length novel (November 2011)  in Eileen Wilks World of the Lupi series. Eileen’s series primarily focuses on the Nokolai Lupi Clan Prince Rule Turner and his Gifted mate Lily Wu.  Lily is an agent with the FBI and a touch sensitive with the ability to absorb magic.  The World of the Lupi series visits a vast number of Gifted paranormal characters ‘of The Blood’ including elementals, witches, brownies, sorcerers, gnomes, elves, dragons, wolves and a 3,000 year war between the Lupi and The Great Bitch or Old One.  There is an FBI Magical Crimes Division as well as various other government divisions including Unit 12, all working to keep the Human’s First hate group from obliterating the Gifted. The Gifted, those with magic, supernatural species and those consider ‘of the Blood’ were targeted by the Human’s First league and the Great Bitch was using a Gifted as her agent on the earth realm. Death Magic focuses on the use of death magic in rituals to kill and hunt The Gifted.

There are several storylines that merge together at varying points in the novel.  Lily is the current caretaker of the Lupi Mantle-a Mantle that holds the power of the Lupi- but the Mantle is causing some side effects in Lily that will force her to reconsider many of her choices. And a new vessel must be found soon before the Mantle further injures or kills its’ current host.

Meanwhile a series of ghost sightings put The Gifted on alert and a secret Unit, working outside the law and without the knowledge of the government, has formed to stop the Old One from establishing her rule and worship in this realm.

The Humans First Organization is a hate group that despises those with magic or ‘of the Blood’. A series of murder investigations will find that a doppleganger has emerged in the war against those ‘of the Blood’, and all too soon, the dragons and the Rheje will leave without explanation. With the impending Humans First rally in DC, the war looked to be gathering steam. But the group of friends would soon discover that the rallies would take place all over the USA.

There is a murdered senator, missing FBI agents, corrupt investigators, nuclear warhead and finger pointing.  A firebomb will find two friends injured while researching for information about the use of death magic and the Earth elementals will be called to a rally where their power will be used against those of the Blood. But the biggest discovery will be who and what will be sacrificed in a death magic blood ritual needed to build a powerful weapon against the Blood. 

DEATH MAGIC is a very intense and very detailed storyline. Eileen Wilks World of the Lupi is the continuing saga of discrimination, prejudism and hatred directed at those gifted with the power of magic and supernatural abilities.  If you are new to the series, I would highly recommend reading from the start, otherwise you will get lost in the copious quantity of detail and number of characters and beings. Death Magic is another amazing instalment in The World of the Lupi

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1.  Only Human (Lover Beware Anthology)
2.  Tempting Danger
3.  Originally Human (novella)
4.  Mortal Danger
5.  Blood Lines
6.  Inhuman (novella)
7.  Night Season
8.  Cyncerely Yours
9.  Mortal Sins
10. Human Nature (Inked Anthology)
11. Blood Magic
12. Blood Challenge
13. Death Magic
14. Human Error (Tied with a Bow Anthology)
15. Mortal Ties (October 2012)

 Reviewed by Sandy



Originally Human by Eileen Wilks-a review

ORIGINALLY HUMAN  (Lupi novella) by Eileen Wilks


ORIGINALLY HUMAN is the August 2012 re-release of a short story by Eileen Wilks  previously found in the anthology Cravings.  Part of Eileen’s Lupi series Originally Human focuses on Molly and Michael, and the magical world in which they both belong.

Molly Brown is a succubus.  Feeding of the sexual partners with whom she engages in sex she realizes it is time that she moved on.  But wandering around the RV park where she currently resides, she stumbles upon a badly injured and naked man. Knowing there was a node (a portal) nearby, she is well aware that he may not be fully human.  Soon her curiosity would get the better, when his wounds begin to heal.  With no name and no memory to recall, Molly will take the beautiful man into her care, hoping that her friend Erin, a wiccan, would be able to help heal and recover his past.

Michael, as he will soon be called, claims to have no memory of what precipitated his arrival into this realm.  And with the help of the two women, he slowly begins to unravel small bits and pieces of what happened.  But his overall demeanor begins to change when they realize that an ancient force may be at work trying to track him down.  Knowing that he is placing Molly in danger, Michael is willing to leave because every time he uses his power, a signal is sent through the node.

As a succubus, Molly needs to feed. It has been some time since she last fed and therefore is aging faster than her norm.  Michael’s attraction to Molly seems to go much deeper than appearances look.  And feeding Molly will bring her back to the age when she was first ‘turned’.  As their attraction towards one another grows, so does the need to discover what and who is Michael. But after a stellar evening of sex and feeding, they will find themselves surrounded by masked ‘ninja’ type warriors aiming to take Michael back where he belongs.  When panic ensues, Molly and Michael will find themselves back at the RV park in the same spot where Molly first discovered the injured man.  Michael’s powers appeared to be quickly returning.

Michael’s memories and his powers have yet to fully engage, and Molly is hoping that her friend Cullen will be able to bring forth what has been buried deep within.  But using magic was once outlawed and Cullen has taught himself the ways of sorcery. Sorcerers cannot be trusted, but Cullen is more than a man with magic-Cullen is also Lupi.  Michael is fully aware of Cullen’s powers and Cullen will bargain with Michael to learn to what extent the strength of his powers exceed.  But it is Cullen who will be surprised when he finds himself not remembering what or who asked for help.  Michael will confess to Molly about his identity and it will be the merging of both of their powers that will reveal Michael’s true purpose on this side of the realm.

ORIGINALLY HUMAN is a love story with a HEA.  Molly and Michael’s relationship starts as beneficial to both, but in the end, love will bring two lost souls together.  If one must remain under the radar, it is better to hide with someone by your side.

Links to Order
Amazon KindleB&N NookKOBO

1. Only Human (Lover Beware Anthology)
2. Tempting Danger
3. Originally Human (novella)
4. Mortal Danger
5. Blood Lines
6. Inhuman (novella)
7. Night Season
8. Cyncerely Yours
9. Mortal Sins
10. Human Nature (Inked Anthology)
11. Blood Magic
12. Blood Challenge
13. Death Magic
14. Human Error (Tied with a Bow Anthology)
15. Mortal Ties

 Reviewed by Sandy