Cover Reveal: Cherish Hard (Hard Play #) by Nalini Singh

Cover Reveal: Cherish Hard (Hard Play #) by Nalini Singh

Cherish Hard

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh kicks off her new Hard Play contemporary romance series with a sizzling story that’ll leave you smiling…

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A Hard Play Novel by Nalini Singh

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh kicks off her new Hard Play contemporary romance series with a sizzling story that’ll leave you smiling…

Sailor Bishop has only one goal for his future – to create a successful landscaping business. No distractions allowed. Then he comes face-to-face and lips-to-lips with a woman who blushes like an innocent… and kisses like pure sin.

Ísa Rain craves a man who will cherish her, aches to create a loving family of her own. Trading steamy kisses with a hot gardener in a parking lot? Not the way to true love. Then a deal with the devil (aka her CEO-mother) makes Ísa a corporate VP for the summer. Her main task? Working closely with a certain hot gardener.

And Sailor Bishop has wickedness on his mind.

As Ísa starts to fall for a man who makes her want to throttle and pounce on him at the same time, she knows she has to choose – play it safe and steady, or risk all her dreams and hope Sailor doesn’t destroy her heart.




Fuming, Ísa made sure to set the alarm system and lock up. Everyone else was already well into their summer vacation—the sole reason Ísa was here was because she hadn’t been able to work on her lesson plans at home.
Her upstairs neighbor was having repairs done to her bathroom that required banging and hammering.
Not all of it involved nails and wood.
Hopefully the repairs would be finished by now. There was only so much ecstatic orgasmic screaming that a single woman in online-dating purgatory could stand without being driven to violence.
She spotted the tan-colored gardening truck the instant she came down the front steps of the school’s imposing redbrick main building and turned left to head toward her car. The hot gardener had parked it right next to her zippy blue compact. The front of the truck had four doors with tinted windows while the large bed was piled with shovels and other manly tools as well as a huge sack of clippings.
His light brown T-shirt was hanging over the top of the tailgate.
Which meant he was still walking around topless somewhere around here.
“Get in your car, Ísa,” she muttered to herself, well aware what would happen if she came face-to-face with that delicious hunk of manhood. Because while she might’ve conquered her shyness, she knew her limits.
Confronted by a bare-chested man who made her ovaries explode, she’d turn bright pink, lose her ability to form speech, and end of story. “Oh—”
She would’ve bounced off that sculpted chest if he hadn’t grabbed her by the hips.
“Hey, sorry,” he said with a startled smile that lit up the dazzling blue of his eyes. “I didn’t see you.”
“No, um, my fault.” It looked as if he’d crouched down to check one of his tires or something else but had risen to his feet right when she swung around to get into her car. And God, his skin was so hot and smooth and he was so tall and his shoulders were so broad and her mouth was drying up. The stuttering would begin at any moment.
The same stuttering Suzanne had mocked relentlessly when they were fourteen. Until Ísa had gone silent around everyone except the few friends she trusted. And now that horrible, ugly-hearted girl was getting married, having a baby, getting a happily-ever-after. Added to which, Ísa’s mother was jerking her on a string like she was a marionette, and her last “date” had asked her to call him Woofy and reward him with doggy biscuits.
The blue of the gardener’s eyes flickered with a hot flame.
And she thought… I know him. But before she could follow that faint thread, all the fury and hurt and frustration and sheer aggravation in Ísa ignited into an incandescent inferno.
She went mad.
Grabbing the hot gardener’s beautiful face in her hands, she said, “I want to kiss you.”
A wicked grin. “Go on ahead.”
And Ísa pressed her lips to his.


Copyright © 2017 by Nalini Singh

about the author

Nalini SinghNalini Singh is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Psy-Changeling, Guild Hunter, and Rock Kiss series. She lives and works in beautiful New Zealand, and is passionate about writing.
If you’d like to explore her other books, you can find lots of excerpts and free short stories on her website. Slave to Sensation is the first book in the Psy-Changeling series, while Angels’ Blood is the first book in the Guild Hunter series. The Rock Kiss books are all stand alone and can be read in any order.

STALK HER:  Website | Facebook |  Instagram  |  Twitter | Goodreads

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Hard Play by Sheryl Nantus – a Review

Hard Play by Sheryl Nantus – a Review


Hard PlayAmazon / B&N / Kobo / BAM

Ex-special forces ranger Dylan McCourt is a stone cold killer who cares only about his military brothers and doing what’s right. He’s used to giving orders and has zero patience for bullshit. Most people tremble when they look him in the eye, but not his infuriatingly sexy new rescue mission, Jessie Lyon. She just juts her chin and says she’s not leaving without clearing her father’s name, to hell with his rules. And was that a one finger salute he sees in her eyes or his imagination? Either way, he knows this is one job his training might not have prepared him for.




Hard Play by Sheryl Nantus is the first book in the Delta Force Brotherhood series.  Dylan McCourt owns and operates a nightclub in Las Vegas called The Devil’s Playground.  While it is quite successful it is also a cover for the Delta Force Brotherhood; an organization of ex Delta Force brothers who are always available to help someone in need. 

When Lisa Boudreau comes into the club – Dylan can tell by the look of her that she isn’t there for a drinks and a party.  She needs the help of the Brotherhood.  Lisa’s best friend Jessie Lyon is in some kind of trouble.  An ex cop, turned private investigator, hasn’t gotten in touch with Lisa in about a week.  If Jessie needs to go undercover – they have an agreement that she texts at least once a day – that is Lisa’s way of knowing that Jessie is alright.  But she hasn’t heard anything from her and she knows something is wrong.  Lisa has exhausted all of her leads, the cops think she is crazy and that Jessie just took off to clear her head and find a new life.  But Lisa knows that is not the case. 

With no indication of what case Jessie had been working on, or where she may be – Dylan agrees to take the case.  And after looking at a picture of Jessie he knows he must do whatever he can to save her, he has no idea why. But at first sight of the photo he knows – he must do whatever it takes to make her safe.  After doing some investigating Dylan and the Brotherhood soon find out that Jessie had been working at Fluxxx Casino as a blackjack dealer for the last three months.  What he can’t figure out is why? Why would an ex-cop turned PI need to work at a casino?  Unless she was undercover for some reason.  After looking into the casino more – Dylan finds out that the place is owned by Edward Molodavi, an old school mobster.  Edward Molodavi is bad news in the worst kind of way.  Not exactly  the kind of person that you want to get involved with.  And for some reason Jessie has upset him. 

The Brotherhood works fast to find out that Molodavi has Jessie held captive.  He found out that Jessie was working undercover to try and bring Molodavi down.  You see for Jessie it is personal.  One of Molodavi’s men shot Jessie’s dad while he was a  cop with Metro.  Her father was paralyzed and died not long after.  And Jessie swore to her father before he passed away that she would take Molodavi down. 

When Dylan moves in to rescue Jessie he finds is a stubborn, strong willed woman with the beauty and the brawn to be everything he has ever wanted.  After saving her from her captive, he must keep her safe and the more time he spends with her – the more he realizes that he would do anything to keep her with him. But is their attraction just Stockholm syndrome?  Are they only attracted to each other because of the adrenalin rush of the rescue and keeping her safe?  There may be only one way to find out.

Dylan McCourt is a hot, able bodied ex Delta Force on a mission.  From the moment you meet him you know he means business.  He doesn’t play games, he goes to work, gets the job done and does what ever is needed to keep those around him safe. The moment he sees the photo of Jessie you kind of know he is in trouble.  His primal instinct kicks in and he wants nothing more than to save her and find out more about her. He is rugged, and good looking and yet a complete gentleman all at the same time.  And his loyalty to his Brothers knows no bounds. 

Jessie Lyons is one stubborn willed woman on a mission.  She wants nothing more than to expose Molodavi for the criminal he is.  With the police seemingly turning their heads at all the illegal activity surrounding Molodavi, she knows she must be the one to bring him down.  She didn’t bargain for Dylan McCourt.  The attraction is there – quite obviously – but she has a job to complete.  She knows now that she can’t possibly do it all on her own and the help of the Brotherhood may be the only help she has.  She is strong willed, stubborn and can kick some serious ass if need be.  But on the same note she is relatable – and likeable.  You want her to be your friend.  You know she would always have  your back.

This is nowhere near my normal genre, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Being that I live in Las Vegas I loved how all of the surroundings were on point.  The outlying areas of Summerlin mentioned and Mt. Charleston was on point.  I have travelled the road from Mt. Charleston holding onto the dash for dear life myself. The story was spot on about the surroundings.  And I believe that makes the story much more enjoyable and relatable.  I love when the author gets it all right.  This story had intrigue and danger;  you want and need to know what is going to happen.  I loved all the sub-characters from the Brotherhood and I cannot wait to read the next soldiers story.  I loved that Lisa and Jessie’s friendship was real and you could feel the bonds of friendship in their words.

Completely out of my reading comfort zone – but absolutely enjoyed this book.  Would recommend to anyone that enjoys a good love story with some kick ass fight scenes.

Reviewed by Erin

Copy provided by Publisher