Her Sinful Angel (Her Angel #8) by Felicity Heaton-Review, Book Tour & Giveaway

HER SINFUL ANGEL (Her Angel #8) by Felicity Heaton-Review, Book tour & Giveaway

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Her Sinful Angel
Her Angel #8
by Felicity Heaton
Genre: adult, fantasy, paranormal romance
Release Date: August 1, 2015

Her Sinful Angel

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 1, 2015

Cast out of Heaven and now the king of Hell, Lucifer is a powerful fallen angel warrior with a heart as cold as ice and soul as black as the bottomless pit. For millennia, he has ruled his realm with an iron fist as he plots the demise of his ancient enemies. When one of those enemies dumps an unconscious mortal female in the courtyard of his fortress and leaves her there, Lucifer finds himself entranced by the beguiling beauty and tempted beyond all reason. But is the enchanting Nina an innocent pawn in the eternal game or part of a plot against him?

Also available as part of the Dark And Damaged boxed set (June 2015)


REVIEW: HER SINFUL ANGEL is the eighth installment in Felicity Heaton’s Her Angel paranormal romance series. This is the King of Hell –Lucifer- and human female Nina’s storyline. Although Her Sinful Angel is the eighth book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Some of the characters from previous storylines have secondary and supporting roles.

Told from third person point of view HER SINFUL ANGEL follows Lucifer as he unknowingly begins to fall for a human female that has been dumped in Hell’s courtyard by one of Heaven’s angels. What ensues is a building relationship between Nina and Lucifer, one both blessed and cursed by Heaven itself. Lucifer is a changed man; a changed demon who no longer destroys what is left of the souls of the angels who have fallen from Heaven, but in this ,the character of Lucifer seems to have lost some of his edge. Lucifer is not the Devil of our childhood nightmares but a man who is lonely and unaware of the empty hole in what’s left of his heart.

Nina remembers very little about the circumstances surrounding her abduction and arrival in Hell-in fact-she has no idea where she is or why anyone would want to kidnap her. Within hours of her arrival Nina finds herself falling for the man whose powers are unlike anything she has ever seen before. The entire storyline covers but 24 to 48 hours.

The relationship between Nina and Lucifer is quick to develop although Nina is unaware of Lucifer’s true identity and the power that he controls. When one of Heaven’s angels demands Nina’s return to the human realm, Lucifer becomes both guardian and protector of the woman with whom he is falling in love. The $ex scenes are intimate and seductive. There is a reason Heaven has placed Nina in Lucifer’s arms.

Several of the previous storyline characters make a cameo appearance including Erin and Veiron,; Asmodeus and Liora; as Lucifer continues to battle Heaven’s angels. Heaven wants something from Lucifer but the Devil refuses to hand over what belongs to him.

Felicity Heaton continues to focus on the Fallen-the Angels who have been thrown out of Heaven and whose life will be saved by the woman who calls to his heart. Each of her storyline heroes is dark, damaged and oft times broken; the females are perfectly matched in beauty and mind. HER SINFUL ANGEL reveals that even the Devil has a little light remaining his soul and all it takes is love to break through and allow that light to shine.

Because the majority of the storyline is a written narrative, there is very little communication between our leading couple as per Felicity’s style of writing. Most of the background, history and storyline are revealed through memories, thoughts and observations.

Reviewed by Sandy

NOTE: HER DARK ANGEL (Her Angel #1) is FREE: Amazon.com / Amazon.ca /B&N

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It had started out like any other day in his kingdom.
He had risen at seven sharp, based on Greenwich Mean Time, and had crossed the black stone floor of his expansive bedroom to his equally as impressive bathroom. There he had showered and carefully attended to his grooming. With a black towel slung low around his hips, he had ventured into his wardrobe to select one of the black tailored suits that hung from numerous rails.It had gone downhill from there.He had found the suit he had desired to wear, only to discover a crease pressed into the finely woven wool fabric.That had led to the first death of the day.The impudent fallen angel who had been responsible for ensuring his wardrobe was perfect had been sent back to Heaven.With his wings missing.
And in pieces.The last part wasn’t his fault. The idiot should have remembered to teleport before hitting the pavement of the courtyard far below the black fortress in the bottomless pit of Hell.
Of course, it might have helped if he had allowed the maggot to retain his ability to teleport.Lucifer smiled grimly to himself and flicked a speck of dust off the right sleeve of his newly-pressed suit, his golden eyes fixed on the black cragged lands beyond the window of his study.Breakfast had been a rather sober affair this morning. His attendants were on edge around him today, more than they usually were anyway. He couldn’t think why. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that they had narrowly avoided being hit by the falling angel when they had been crossing the courtyard.
A chuckle slipped from his lips as a replay of the event played across his mind.
By now, all of Hell would know he was not in a good mood.
He had planned to improve it by heading out to the distant plateau where Heaven had stationed a group of angels and use the power of his voice to see if he could sway a weak one into falling. There was a space in his ranks that needed filling, and corrupting angels always brightened the dreariest of days.
A pale orange glow lit the wall of black rock beneath the plateau, adding a dash of colour.
He despised that band of gold.
The lava river encircled his fortress and marked a boundary that by law he couldn’t cross, not until the time between his scheduled battles with Apollyon, an angel who had served Heaven for centuries before turning his back on that realm for the sake of a woman, had passed.
Lucifer hadn’t won one in centuries. He had taken several for the team without receiving any shred of gratitude in return, allowing the angel to defeat him so he would remain trapped in the bottomless pit and a band of fallen angels bent on destroying the mortal world would remain caged here with him.
Of course, it might have helped if he had informed Apollyon that he was losing on purpose, but storing up his losses and waiting for the perfect opportunity to mention to the angel what he had been doing all these millennia had been too enticing to resist.
His smile stretched a little wider.
It had been most satisfying to reveal to the angel just a few weeks ago that his hard won victories had been hollow and see the look on the bastard’s face.
The momentary flicker of pleasure that shot through his veins dimmed as he lowered his gaze back to the courtyard and it fixed on the current thorn in his side.
There was no chance of improving his mood now. It had hit rock bottom, thanks to a certain angel of Heaven.
When he discovered who had awoken the angel to his true purpose, restoring his memories at the same time, he would send his finest legion to Heaven to destroy them.
The angel flicked his long white hair over his shoulder but kept his icy blue eyes locked on Lucifer. The silent challenge they issued didn’t go unnoticed, but Lucifer knew better than to rise to it. Mihail couldn’t enter his fortress, thanks to powerful wards Lucifer had put in place after their last battle.
A fight that had seen almost half of Hell destroyed and turned to rubble.
Lucifer had enjoyed the millennia of peace that had come afterwards. Battling Apollyon was merely a workout for him, but fighting Mihail was a war and one that could easily claim his life. Only Mihail held the power to truly defeat him. Apollyon could only wound him.
Mihail could kill him.
Lucifer had no interest in dying and being thrust into limbo, wandering eternity as nothing more than a soul, maddened by being caged in a bleak world where he couldn’t communicate with those around him and tormented by his sins.
Not until he had settled a score with his former master and had his vengeance.
Not even then.
He never wanted to go to that dark place few angels knew existed.
Those who didn’t know of it had no fear of death, trusting they would be reborn in Heaven upon their demise, restored to their former glory, albeit without memories of their previous life.
The fools.
Lucifer knew better.
He had seen the corrupted souls of angels in the far reaches of his realm, heard their whispers on the wind and felt their suffering in his blood.
True death was possible for any angel.
He knew because he had killed one on occasion, damning them to a hellish existence.
Lucifer would damn Mihail in the same manner without even flinching if he had the chance.
The white-haired angel moved a step closer, his enormous glossy white wings shifting with the action, stark against the black pavement of the semi-circular courtyard and the obsidian armour he wore. The patches of golden skin visible between the black greaves that encased his shins, the strips of black that protected his hips, his short black breastplate and his vambraces that shielded his forearms bore tattoos now when once they had been clean and pure.
Lucifer’s smile returned.
Mostly because he felt sure that the bastard angel despised those tattoos and the one who had put them there—the fallen angel this male was linked to through duty and powers.
If Lucifer had the power, he would gift those angels who were linked to Mihail and his brethren with the ability to do more than merely change their skin by adding ink that would also appear on their counterpart. He would give them the power to amend their appearance in other ways. He wasn’t talking about haircuts and piercings.
He was talking about wounds.
Mihail spread his white wings, regaining Lucifer’s attention, but not for long. It drifted away again, his gaze roaming downwards and across the courtyard, to the prone mortal that lay like an offering on an altar between his fortress and the angel.
A woman.
Lucifer’s golden gaze narrowed on her and questions filled his mind again, ones that wouldn’t be ignored this time. Why had Mihail dumped an unconscious female in his courtyard?
Was she bait?

About The Author

Felicity HeatonFelicity Heaton is a New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books. In her books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you’re a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.


If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, the best-selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series or any of her stand-alone vampire romance books. If you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try the best-selling Vampire Erotic Theatre series. Or if you prefer huge detailed worlds filled with hot-blooded alpha males in every species, from elves to demons to dragons to shifters and angels, then take a look at the new Eternal Mates series.

If you want to know more about Felicity, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:

Website: http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk
Blog: http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/blog/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/felicityheaton
Twitter: http://twitter.com/felicityheaton
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/felicityheaton


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Her Angel Series # 3-6 by Felicity E. Heaton-a review

Her Angel Series #3-6 by Felicity E. Heaton-a review

Her Angel Series

Her Guardian AngelHER GUARDIAN ANGEL (Her Angel #4) by Felicity Heaton


Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / Amazon.uk/ Barnes and Noble / KOBO / The Book Depository

A simple mission becomes a fight for survival in this fantastic instalment in the Her Angel series.

A guardian angel dedicated to his duty, Marcus will do whatever Heaven asks of him, but even his loyalty has its limits. When his superior orders him to gain Amelia’s trust through seduction, Marcus starts to question his mission and his feelings for the beautiful woman he has watched over since her birth.

Amelia has gone from one bad relationship to another, so when a gorgeous guy moves in next door looking like Mr Right, she hopes he doesn’t turn out to be another black knight in disguise. But there’s more to Marcus than meets the eye, and when he rescues her from three demonic men, Amelia is thrust into his nightmarish world—a world where God and the Devil exist, and only one angel can save her from death—Marcus, the angel she’s falling in love with.

On the run from demonic angels and the Devil himself, aided by Marcus’s angel friends and their amazing women, fighting for survival against the odds, Marcus and Amelia discover a love that will last forever.

A love so strong it will shake Heaven and Hell.


REVIEW: HER GUARDIAN ANGEL is the fourth installment in Felicity Heaton’s Her Angel series focusing on the angels, fallen angels and demons of Heaven and Hell. This is Marcus and Amelia’s story.

Marcus is a guardian angel and for the last thirty years he has been assigned to ‘guard’ the human female Amelia. But lately there have been some strange occurrences and the night he is called back to Heaven he will discover that he knows less than what he wants and more than he should. All of Heaven’s superiors demand that he protect Amelia and no one will tell him why.

Amelia and Marcus had never met prior to their present circumstance, but an ex boyfriend with a grudge, will find Marcus coming to her defense. Amelia is immediately attracted to Marcus but Marcus only knows one thing-he is to protect Amelia from harm and falling in love is not in the plans

The storyline unfolds as Heaven and Hell come to battle over the small human known as Amelia and it is her destiny that each is willing to sacrifice for their own cause. Not only is she in high demand but her death is demanded from both sides.

The story is slow to build in the early stages as Marcus continues to push Amelia away, but as the reality of their situation comes to bear, the actions and storyline increase. The relationship between our leading couple is sensual as well as engaging because Marcus is in need of some instruction from his earthly lover.

Many of the previous storyline characters play a pivotal role in this particular story, as good and evil will come to battle with each other. Although this is the fourth instalment, it can be read without too much difficult (although I always advise reading in order) 😉

Her Guardian Angel is a story of sacrifice and love; good vs evil; sorrow and guilt. Marcus is an angel with a mission but the plans change and Marcus is unwilling to complete his assignment for fear of losing the only woman he has ever loved.

Felicity Heaton weaves a tale where Heaven and Hell will collide in a battle for the ultimate weapon and it will take one small human female to prove that the power of love is much stronger than the sword.


HER DEMONIC ANGEL (Her Angel #5) by Felicity Heaton

Her Demonic AngelABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 2012

Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / Amazon.uk/ Barnes and Noble / KOBO / The Book Depository

A demonic angel with a heart of ice, Veiron walks a dark path with vengeance on his mind. Nothing will sway him from his mission to destroy his master… until he risks his life to enter Hell once more to save a mortal female. The fiery beauty makes him burn with hungers he must battle and needs he cannot deny, tempting him to surrender body and soul to her.

Erin is convinced her refusal to do the Devil’s bidding will see her die in a terrifying realm straight out of her nightmares. The last thing she expects is the lethally sensual warrior who breaks into her cell and awakens the darkest desires of her heart and a fierce longing to know the heat of his caress.

Pulled into an incredible world where war is set to ignite and darkness is on the rise, Erin races with Veiron to escape the Devil’s legions in a journey fraught with danger and filled with passion that flares white-hot.

When Erin is faced with a life-shattering realization and an extraordinary destiny, will their love give them the strength to battle both Heaven and Hell or will they be parted forever?


REVIEW: HER DEMONIC ANGEL is the fifth storyline in Felicity Heaton’s paranormal romance Her Angel series focusing on the angels and fallen angels of Heaven and Hell. This particular ARC of the series centers on sisters Amelia and Erin and, their connection to everything good and evil. We first met Amelia in Her Guardian Angel (Her Angel #4) . This is Erin and Veiron’s story. Veiron is a fallen angel who is sent to Hell to rescue Erin after her abduction and imprisonment in the underworld.

The storyline follows Erin and Veiron’s building relationship and the discovery that Erin is wanted by both Heaven and Hell: Heaven wants to kill her and Hell wants to claim her as one of their own. Erin finds herself the pawn in a game that is both otherworldly and centered in an ancient battle between good and evil; the Devil and God; heaven and hell. This is not a series about believing in religion deities or following spiritual beliefs. This is a series where good and evil will meet each other in a war over who owns the power to control.

Felicity Heaton writes a series about Alpha males and strong females. Our heroine Erin is feisty, spirited, and knows exactly what and who she wants-and she wants Veiron. Veiron is a fallen angel who is reborn over and over again, only to fall every time. But both Heaven and Hell have plans for this couple and each is used as a pawn to bring the other one down.

Her Demonic Angel is an amazing storyline with twists and turns. As we follow the unholy path to Hell we will discover that the path to Heaven is lined with the same blood and sins. Heaven may be the place of Angels, but Angels are not necessarily the sweet little cherubs on our Valentine’s Day cards-remember- cherubs carry bows and arrows, and aiming at the heart, will cause more than falling in love-it could cause one’s death.

Felicity Heaton pulls the reader into a storyline and series that will make you think about everything you have been taught. Heaven and Hell are more alike than we think. The action is non-stop and heartbreaking. The relationship between Erin and Veiron is both forbidden and foretold. The sex scenes are sensual and erotic and, there is another twist when the Devil comes to claim what her believes is rightfully his own.


HER WICKED ANGEL (Her Angel #6) by Felicity E. Heaton

Her Wicked AngelABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date Sept 21, 2013

Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / Amazon.uk/ Barnes and Noble / KOBO /

The King of Demons and the Devil’s right hand man, Asmodeus is a dark angel born of evil and created for destruction. When his master orders him to venture into the mortal world and retrieve a female for him, he seizes the chance to leave Hell for the first time, uncaring of what the Devil has planned for her… until he sets eyes on the most beautiful woman he has ever seen—a female who awakens new feelings within his black heart, unleashing passion so intense that it controls him and desire he cannot resist.

He will not let his wretched master have her. She will belong to him.

Liora is a witch with a bad reputation and an obsession with fighting demons. A mission gone wrong sees her sent to Paris to cool off, but when a dark and deadly warrior with a gaze of golden fire lands in her life, she ends up burning hotter than Hell for the wicked angel. Nothing will stand between her and the immense, forbidding male. Not her cousin. Not Asmodeus’s sworn enemy and twin, Apollyon. And certainly not the Devil.

Caught up in a tempest of danger and soul-searing passion, can they survive against the odds and seize their forever after?


REVIEW: HER WICKED ANGEL is the sixth instalment in Felicity E. Heaton’s Her Angel series focusing on the angels, fallen angels and demons from Heaven and Hell. This is Asmodeus (Apollyon’s evil twin) and Liora-a powerful witch who has been exiled to Paris due to her issues with anger and demons. Liora and Asmodeus will discover that they are more alike than different, but keeping Liora safe and out of Hell becomes harder for Asmodeus as his heart and soul are pulled towards the little witch with whom he is falling in love.

Like the previous storylines, the Devil wants to find one particular woman and this time he has set his sights on Liora- a young witch whose very existence demands that the Devil keep her hidden and safe. As the Devil’s right hand man and virtual equal, Asmodeus is commanded to bring Liora to Hell. But upon seeing Liora, his heart is immediately drawn to the little witch and he knows that he will never let Satan take what he believes belongs to him.

The story centers on Asmodeus’s attempts to protect Liora all the while trying to fend off the Hell’s Angels, demons, fallen angels and Liora’s extended family including Asmodeus’s ‘good twin’. But like all stories of suspense, keeping Liora safe is almost impossible when the Devil can call you home at any second.

The relationship between Liora and Asmodeus is slow to build as our reluctant hero believes there is nothing but evil residing within his blackened heart and soul. And it will take a strong willed female with some bewitching powers of her own to show Asmodeus that there is good in everyone, including a man created by and from pure evil.

Felicity E. Heaton writes about energetic, stubborn and slightly unstable (in a humorous way) woman who know about sorrow and loss. Each of her leading heroines brings forth a side to her demonic/angelic lover that had been buried beneath centuries of control and command-a side that is protective, loving and slightly submissive where his female is concerned. The storylines are heartbreaking, engaging, action packed and emotional. Most of the previous storyline characters play a role in each successive novel which allows for a more familiar flow to the series.

HER WICKED ANGEL also sets ups another direction in the series arc as the ultimate in evil-The Great Destroyer-is preparing for an appearance. And in this, our heroines will become judge, jury and executioner to a being that will be the ultimate death to a world that is not prepared to meet its’ demise.

Copies supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy