Highlander’s Curse

“Highlander’s Curse” is the latest book of Melissa Mayhue’s Daughters of the Glen series.  The 9th book is expected to be released May 1, 2012. Once again I loved this book.

Abigail Porter, is studying to become an archaeologist and is excited to have been selected to spend three months at a real dig in Scotland. Abby wishes for “The One”,  the one man who is perfect for her…her soul mate. Unknown to Abby, she is a descendant of the Fae, so the next morning Abby wakes up with a very strange and very naked man in her bed.

Colin MacAlister, whom we have met in previous books, lives is Scotland in the year of 1296. Colin, who has contempt for the Fae,  cares about nothing but the fate of Scotland during the war.  He goes to see a famous seer, and due to his bad temperament, ends up insulting the faerie queen herself. When he mentions that he does not want or need love he is cursed to feel the pain of soul mates who were torn apart and live in anguish and pain until they are reunited with their other half. Colin is now able to feel this pain and see how each soul was torn and how two will fit together. Only til he finds his own soul mate, will the curse be lifted.

Colin turned out to be another excellent hero, though he was stubborn as hell, as far as ignoring everyone not to change history, as he wanted to change the war, since he was able to go to the future and see what happens.  No matter who tried to convince him, Pol, Rosalyn, Abby, nothing could change Colin, except when he realized that Abby was indeed his soul mate, and when her life was in danger, he needed to put her first.

It was an excellent story, starting with him going to the future.  It was funny early on, and nice to see Mairi, Ramos and the others.  Of course the villain Flynn comes back into this story. His going back in time with them was a nice add on.

I enjoyed Ellie trying to explain about the Fae’s and what happened, seeing Rosalyn again was cool.  The trek to find Dair and Simeon was very good, as this is where both Abby and Colin confirm their love, as she knew he was the one.  He after he lost his power, knew she was his soul mate.   Abby getting kidnapped, and ending up with Dair and Simeon was good, but also funny when they have her swear not to tell Colin what they had to do to find the knife, or tape her up.  Mayhue adding a touch of humor was perfect. Flynn getting killed was good, at least another one gone.

I loved the end seeing Drew & Leah, when Leah had to save Abby.  I was surprised that Colin wanted to go back to the future with Abby.  The emotional ending where Drew offered to tell Rosalyn Colin’s goodbyes, and Leah telling Abby to tell Destiny she is happy and pregnant.  Cool

One thing though.  Something has changed in the last two books for Mayhue.  Now two times, she doesn’t have an epilogue, she doesn’t show them with the family.  I miss that part.   With the upcoming Warrior’s Redemption a spinoff, I hope Melissa comes out soon with a new Daughters of the Glen book.