WHEN PASSION LIES (The Shadow Keepers #4)

When Passion Lies (The Shadow Keepers #4) by J.K.Beck

WHEN PASSION LIES (The Shadow Keepers #4) by J.K.Beck

WHEN PASSION LIES is the 4th book (May 2012 release)  in The Shadow Keepers series by J.K. Beck. Focusing on vampire Tiberius and his mate Caris, When Passion Lies is a story about two vampires who have passionately loved each other for centuries without reservation until the day one is cursed to walk the world feared by humans and Shadow creatures alike. Finding his mate is now transformed into the very being all Shadow creatures fear, Tiberius has no choice but to banish his love. But his heart is dealt another blow, when it is rumored she has taken to the bed of the vampire enemy Were.

There is plenty of necessary background information imparted by J.K. that sets up the story. The premise centres around a hybrid species of Shadow creatures created by the crossing of a vampire and werewolf. When bitten by another, the surviving hybrid is cursed to carry the ‘Black Plague’ and an acid-like blood that will destroy anyone who comes in contact. Feared as more of a weapon and threat, the hybrids have been hunted and destroyed until their numbers were eradicated. But a man hoping to find a cure for his ‘wife’ captures Caris and forces the hybrid change through injections and a weren bite. And 20 years later, Caris must return to the man who had banished her from vampire life and his bed.

Caris has hunted the man who turned her life into a living hell and placing a bullet into his head was only the start. But finding herself, facing Tiberius for her sins, Caris knows that her heart will always belong to this man.

Running for the Chair of the Alliance, Tiberius did not need the added pressure of associating with a hybrid vampire, but when Caris is hunted by the Preternatural Enforcement Committee for the murder of the man who has abused and tortured her, his love for the woman who had been his mate for centuries will force him to join Caris in their search for a missing young woman who may be the only other living hybrid in the world. Could the same man that had tortured Caris be continuing his inhumane experiments with other women? As their search continues, Tiberius must make a decision that will affect both of their lives and his chances at leading the Alliance. And pardoning Caris for the death of the man who had forced upon the hybrid change, would be Tiberius’s first act as Chair, if only another powerful ‘ally’ did not stand in his way.

WHEN PASSION LIES is a heartbreaking tale of what happens when the safety of one overshadows the safety of many. Bannished without the benefit of explanation, Caris is sent spiraling into an unknown world and the fear that she will be targeted for destruction as those who were killed hundreds of years before. Believing Tiberius has turned his back Caris turns to the only man who is willing to risk his own life to teach Caris to control both her daemon and hybrid. Caris soon embarks on a 20year search to destroy the one man who had effectively destroyed her life. But her hopes for a HEA will depend on the man that stole her heart centuries before.

Reviewed by Sandy

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