Her Unexpected Hero by Kyra Jacobs – a Review

Her Unexpected Hero by Kyra Jacobs – a Review


Her Unexpected HeroAmazon / B&N / Kobo / BAM

Maddie Frye, the Checkerberry Inn’s snarky, introverted chef, just wants to be left alone. But with the inn’s upcoming gala, Maddie’s boss has matchmaking on the brain. So when the gorgeous new guy in town helps her out for a night, she comes up with the perfect solution to her problem…

Cole Granville is looking for a fresh start. When a part-time job opens in the Checkerberry’s kitchen, he takes it without a second thought. The only catch? He’s got to help his sexy new coworker snag a date for an upcoming dance. But as he coaches Maddie on attracting her crush, Cole realizes he’s the one falling for the curvy brunette.



Her Unexpected Hero by Kyra Jacobs is a fun read for the summer. I read it in one afternoon. It is part of a series, but it can be read as a standalone, without reading the others first.

Maddie loves her job, she’s just not a “people person” she just wants to cook and live her life on her own terms. Maddie might lack self confidence in the outside world, but in her kitchen …. she is in total control and it’s her domain. And when her boss decides that Maddie needs a date to the Inns party, it puts her in a panic, but Maddie has no intention of being “paired up” so she looks for an alternative “date”…. she knows the perfect guy, but she doesn’t know his name and doesn’t have the confidence to go up to the guy and ask him out.

Cole is looking for escape out of small town dreary life. He’s got a dark past and secrets that he just wants to escape from, and he doesn’t think he can in a small town, his past has turned him into a cynical and hard man. All he wants is to build a studio to record music, but doesn’t have enough money.

So with enough money in his pocket he intends to start a new life and a new adventure.
Hired as the new dishwasher for the Inn, Cole is asked to help Maddie prepare for a date, to gain confidence, but what Cole gets is to see the other side of Maddie, and he begins to regret teaching her on how to get her man.

The story flows nicely and the characters are well written, I’ve not read the other two stories previous to this, but I may be tempted to go and have a read.

Reviewed by Julie

Copy provided by Publisher



Flirting With Fire by Kyra Jacobs – Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

Flirting With Fire by Kyra Jacobs – Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

Flirting With Fire Banner

Flirting With Fire
Hometown Heroes #2
by Kyra Jacobs
Release Date: July 8, 2014
Genre: adult, contemporary, romance


Flirting with FireAmazon / Barnes & Noble / The Book Depository / BAM

Look, touch, but don’t fall in love.

Massage therapist Liz Williams lives by one rule: never date a client. A rule she’s never had trouble following until she lays hands on fireman playboy Torrunn MacKay. Trouble is, Liz’s sexy new client is dating her arch-rival at work…and has a strange habit of appearing just before the fire alarm sounds.

Firefighter Torrunn MacKay has got it made: killer job, downtown condo with a view, and hot blonde girlfriend with no more desire to tie the knot than he has. But the surprise attraction he feels toward his new masseuse is threatening to change all that. And what’s with the string of fires that seem to follow her everywhere?

Can Liz mind her table manners and keep Torrunn at arms’ length? Will Torrunn put his commitment fears aside to keep Liz safe? More than hearts will be in jeopardy when the two start Flirting with Fire.


Oh I liked that. Flirting with Fire by Kyra Jacobs was a great read.

This was the second book in her Hometown Heroes series. This book can be read as a stand alone.

I really enjoyed the book. Gotta love the imagery of massages to a hot, nearly-naked fireman 🙂

I liked Liz, and I enjoyed her friends from home, Mitch and Sarah.  I totally loved Torrunn and his buddies at the fire house. I also enjoyed her new friends Jessica and Tony, too.

The plot was great, keeping me on my toes, throughout the book.  All the characters were very 3D and attention to detail wasn’t scrimped. A small town girl moves to the big city, and everywhere she turns a hot fireman seems to be there. Is there more than it seems. Sparks are flying… literally!!! A firebug seems to be targeting her. With so many suspects, how do you know who to trust before it’s too late.

I can highly recommend Flirting with Fire, especially if you like a steamy who dunnit.

Reviewed by Julie B.

Copy provided by Author


Guest post-White and Red

 Blending Fiction with Non

Like most fiction writers, my imagination tends to run a bit wild. Imaginary heroes and heroines, friends and lovers, villains and, well, more villains. I love to explore, to create, to inspire. But just because I can dream up imaginary worlds doesn’t necessarily mean for each novel I write that I have to.

The primary setting for my current Hometown Heroes collection is Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you’ve been to Indiana you know that, like most areas of the Midwest, it’s a pretty conservative place. We’re swimming in a sea of corn and soybean fields, have a multitude of dairy and beef farms that keep the grocery stores stocked, and are home to a plethora of small towns scattered along interstate and rural highways zigzagging their way through our state. We have Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, and a handful of other wonderful mid-sized cities, but nothing as big as Chicago or Detroit. And for most residents of Indiana, that’s just fine with them—they like things the way they are.


100_0013(1)When I was a kid, I always envisioned growing up and moving away. Indiana was just kind of…boring. We didn’t have rocket launches or Hard Rock Cafés. No Disney theme parks, no oceans, no mountain ranges. All we had was the Indy 500 and the Indianapolis Colts…and for a kid in northeast Indiana, those were both still a few hours away and weren’t exactly going on year-round.But then something unexpected happened: I grew up. Oh wait, I guess the growing up part wasn’t unexpected. But what came with the growing up surprised me—the realization that where we lived wasn’t so bad after all. The cost of living in Indiana compared to other states is reasonable, our city streets are safer than most, and our community is ranked one of the best places in the country for raising kids. So my dreams of growing up and moving away gradually evolved into ones of staying put, and making the most of living in our wonderful city.

It only made sense to base my first two novels, ARMED WITH STEELE and FLIRTING WITH FIRE, right here in my hometown. Sure, I could have dreamt up some imaginary city or town, and spent a bunch of time world-building. But then I thought, wouldn’t it be even more fun to bring the stories in my head to life right here, where I could pass by the characters’ homes, their places of business, their crime scenes, where they shared their first kisses, every day?

Who needs Hollywood when I can drive by the locations of my Happily Ever Afters any time I want?

There are some imaginary places built in to the stories, I won’t deny that. But for the most part, what you see in the Hometown Heroes collection is what you get…and as a writer, I enjoyed letting the pride of my hometown shine through the words on each and every page. I can only hope you enjoy the stories—whether you’ve ever set foot in Indiana or not—as much as I do.

Happy reading, everyone!


about the author


Kyra Jacobs is an extroverted introvert who writes of love and mystery in the Midwest. When this Hoosier native is not pounding out scenes for her next book, she’s likely outside, elbow-deep in snapdragons or spending quality time with her sports-loving family. Kyra also loves golf, Guitar Hero, and thinking through plot twists while out on a good run. Be sure to stop by her website www.KyraJacobs.wordpress.com for links to connect with her on social media. Kyra lives in northern Indiana with her husband and two children.

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An Interview & Giveaway with Kyra Jacobs

An Interview & Giveaway with Kyra Jacobs

kyra JacobsThe Reading Cafe is happy to welcome Kyra Jacobs as our guest today.

Kyra is here to discuss her book, Armed with Steele, which is her debut novel.  Armed with Steele is the the first book in their new Hometown Heroes series.

Our review of Armed with Steele is below this post.

Let’s learn a little more about Kyra, before we Interview her.

About The Author

Kyra Jacobs is a happily married, mother of two, who grew up in Indiana. When she’s not pounding out scenes for her next book, she’s likely goofing around with her husband and kids, or elbow-deep in snapdragons and Lamb’s Ear in one of her many flower gardens. She also loves to golf (though, golf doesn’t really love her) and to jam on the bass in Guitar Hero.

Be sure to stop by her blog, http://www.indianawonderer.wordpress.com for updates on her writing journey and other musings as seen through the eyes of this Midwestern writer.

Let’s talk to Kyra!


Hi Kyra, welcome to The Reading Café. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions today. We are always looking forward to reading about the author behind the book.

TRC: Please tell us about yourself

Kyra: Thanks so much for having me! I’m a happily married wife and mother of two boys. We live in Indiana, and I’ve been a Hoosier my whole life. Though, I married a Buckeye, so we do bleed scarlet and gray on game days…

TRC: When and how did you first become interested in writing? 

Kyra: Truly, I’ve always enjoyed writing. The kid who got excited in school when essay assignments were doled out? Yep, that was me. But a few years back my summer flower gardening time was interrupted by a pesky broken finger. All that creative energy had to be redirected somewhere, and writing is where it went.

TRC: Armed With Steele is your debut novel.   What was your reaction when you saw your book published?

Kyra: It was so surreal. In fact, it really didn’t feel official until I saw my name and book cover on Amazon. Then it was like, wow, I’ve arrived! lol

TRC: Can you please tell us the premise of your new series, Hometown Heroes, and how you came up with the idea?  Is this book a standalone, or are you planning on making this a series?

Kyra: Actually, Lyrical Press came up with the Hometown Heroes theme. But I had so much fun writing about a sexy cop that I decided to continue on with a second book featuring a smokin’ hot firefighter. I’ve pulled the main characters from the Armed With Steele into this storyline, too, and have ideas that could potentially bring a few more books into the series as well.

Armed with SteeleTRC: Can you give us a brief description of the first book in your series, Armed With Steele?

Kyra: You bet. Armed With Steele is a fun romantic suspense. Think, a modern Stephanie Plum set in Fort Wayne, Indiana. But beyond the sarcasm and innuendoes lies a story about true friendship and the lengths we’re willing to go to help the ones we love. Jessica Hartley is a 25-year-old web designer who is trying to solve the mystery behind her best friend’s near-fatal car accident. Patrolman Nate Steele is the only one Jessica can seem to convince the accident was no such thing. After his superiors end their investigation without resolution, he convinces Jessica to work with him off the books. So introvert Jessica ends up working in a prestigious local office by day, and trying to resist her handsome undercover partner by night. And there just might be a slobbery bulldog, a few touchy-feely coworkers, and Nate’s vicious ex-girlfriend for Jessica to contend with as well…

Links to order Armed with Steele: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

TRC: If your book becomes a movie, do you have preferences as to whom you would like to play your characters?

Kyra: Ah, I knew eventually I’d be asked this question. Not really. I always kinda pictured Nate to be Kellan Lutz, but Chris Pine would do nicely as well. For Jessica, I never had pinned anyone in particular down. Maybe Olivia Wilde?

TRC: You write Romance Suspense, is there any other genre you would like to try?

Kyra: I actually completed the first draft of book one in a YA trilogy this spring involving a rule-breaking guardian angel, and hope to return to it after it has had time to “simmer”. 

TRC: What are you currently working on?

Kyra: Right now I’m tweaking revisions on the follow up to Armed With Steele, whose working title is Flirting With Fire. Along with the YA series, I’ve also got two other romances brewing.

TRC: What is your writing process?  Do you have a favorite place or time you like to write?

Kyra: Yes, it’s called “write whenever I can squeeze time in”. 🙂 On top of being a wife and mommy, I also work full time out of the home. Needless to say, finding time to write can be a challenge. Typically, though, I’ll try to carve out some time at night after the kids are in bed. On the rare occasion I have time to write during the day, I love to sit with my laptop in a quiet, sunny spot.

TRC: What are the challenges or difficulties that you found in your writing career?

Kyra: The two that come to mind are time and perfectionism. My time is limited, which can frustrate the hell out of my writing muse. And I’m a bit of a perfectionist, which also frustrates said muse. Someday, perhaps, we’ll learn to get along…

TRC: Many authors bounce ideas and information between each other and their family and spouses.  With whom do you bounce ideas?

Kyra: Oh yes, lots of bouncing ideas around. My husband, of course, and my close friends. Several of my good friends are writers as well, and we could sit and talk for hours about plots, characters, motivations, and conflict.

TRC: Would you like to add anything else?

Kyra: Better not. My pesky writing muse is starting to nag at me already that I should be editing by now…


FAVORITE FOOD: ice cream


MILK OR DARK CHOCOLATE: dark, definitely

FAVORITE LITERARY CHARACTER (not your own): Sookie Stackhouse


LAST MOVIE YOU SAW: Mortal Instruments

CATS or DOGS: Dogs

TRC: Thank you, Kyra for answering our questions. The Reading Café wishes you the best of luck with Armed With Steele.

Kyra: Thank you so much!

If you would like to learn more about Kyra, you can find her at the following links:
Website : http://www.kyrajacobs.wordpress.com/


Kyra has graciously offered to give one lucky member of The Reading Café an e-copy of her book, Armed With Steele.

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Armed with Steele by Kyra Jacobs – a Review

Armed with Steele by Kyra Jacobs – a Review

Armed with SteeleLinks to order Armed with Steele: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

What happens undercover, stays under covers. 

Jessica Hartley is looking for answers surrounding the mysterious car accident that nearly claimed the life of her best friend. She’s willing to risk it all, even her fledgling business, to find the person responsible and bring them to justice. Nate Steele is more than willing to help Jessica, but for reasons all his own. He’s been watching the infamous Maxwell Office Solutions for some time now, convinced thereis more going on than meets the eye. When his chief issues a cease and desist order yet again, Nate has no choice but to accept inexperienced Jessica as an undercover partner outside the letter of the law. 

Will Jessica and Nate be able to flush out Maxwell’s elusive villain, or will their growing attraction for each other sabotage their undercover ploy? Motives aren’t always what they seem when Jessica finds herself armed with Steele. 



I totally loved Armed with Steele by Kyra Jacobs. It’s a great murder mystery, with a few really hot kisses thrown in for good measure 😉 The characters are well written, and I immediately took to them. The nerdy computer genius meets the gorgeous cop, what more does a girl need 😉 
It had a few twists and turns, and one person that I didn’t expect was in on it :-O 

Jessica is devastated to find out her best friend and room mate Grace, has been in a serious car crash, (Jessica blames herself, as she was dodging her friend’s calls about a double date). This brings her to meeting the gorgeous officer Nate Steele, who is investigating the crash. 

These characters had me cringing, and laughing at the most odd moments (And those hot kisses, damn, almost melted my Kindle ). Then Nate tells Jessica that the state is closing the case, he drops into their conversation that he is part owner an investigating agency, and they have been following this case.  He suggests Jessica work with him to crack the case. 
Overall, this was an extremely enjoyable read that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants a little romance and suspense in their lives.


Reviewed by Julie B.


Copy provided by Author