Kayden / Simon (Bayou Heat 21 & 22) by Alexandra Ivy & Laura Wright-Review and Book Tour

KAYDEN/SIMON (Bayou Heat 21 & 22) by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright-Review and Book Tour

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Bayou Heat 21 & 22
1001 Dark Nights
by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright
Release Date: August 9, 2016
Genre: adult, contemporary, paranormal, romance

Kayden Simon

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 9, 2016

Kayden is obsessed with revenge after his parents disappeared when he was just a cub. Now the gorgeous Hunter has discovered the man responsible for betraying them – Joshua Ford – and it’s time for payback. Beginning with the kidnapping of Joshua’s daughter, Bianca. But last thing he expects is to be confronted with the horrifying realization that Bianca is his mate. Will he put revenge before his chance for eternal happiness?


Sexy male model, Simon refuses to give up his exciting life in New York City to return to the slow heat of the Wildlands. For a decade, many pantera have tried to capture the rogue Diplomat and bring him home, but all have failed. Now it’s Tryst’s turn. The hard, brilliant, and gorgeous, Hunter is the ultimate tracker. But can the admitted beast-girl of the Wildlands capture her prey without losing her heart in the process?


REVIEW: KAYDEN/SIMON co-authored by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright is the latest installment in their contemporary, adult Bayou Heat paranormal romance novella series focusing on the Pantera shifters of the Wildlands of Louisiana. KAYDEN/ SIMON is also part of the multi-authored 1001 Dark Nights series.


REVIEW: KAYDEN (Enemy to Lover) by Alexandra Ivy follows Kayden as he continues his hunt for the man that destroyed his life. Thinking his parents died years before in a plane crash Pantera Geek discovers that they were the victims of Joshua Ford-the man who has been experimenting with Pantera DNA for years. When Kayden sets out to kill the man that murdered his parents, he confronts Joshua Ford’s daughter Bianca- a Pantera- and the woman who would one day  be his mate.

KAYDEN is a story about betrayal and revenge. One man’s need to avenge the death of his parents, and one woman’s desire to remain close to the man who has stolen her heart. The premise is enjoyable; the characters are animated; and the romance is a quick build to happily ever after.


REVIEW: SIMON (Beauty and the Beast) by Laura Wright focuses on Pantera Hunter Tryst- a shifter who prefers to remain in animal form but a woman whose recent assignment finds her coming face to face with male model and Pantera Suit Simon- a Pantera with a secret that keeps him distanced from the Wildlands of Louisiana, and Tryst’s reluctant mate.

SIMON is a story of fractured family dynamics, discrimination and loss. The premise is heartbreaking; the characters are colorful and charismatic; the romance is passionate and fated.

KAYDEN/SIMON is another entertaining installment in the BAYOU HEAT paranormal series focusing on the puma shifter known as the Pantera. As the species struggles to remain hidden in the Wildlands, there are those whose sole purpose is to destroy that which they do not understand or fear about the unknown.

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Reviewed by Sandy

Kayden Simon teaser


“Who’s that?”
It took a minute for her to catch the sound of approaching footsteps. Yeesh. She’d thought that she had good hearing. This man must have the ears of a bat.
“I assume that it’s Donald,” she said.
Again he stiffened, his eyes flashing with a strange glow. “Your husband?”
She shook her head. Why was he so anxious to assume she was married?
“I don’t have a husband,” she said. “Donald’s my bodyguard.”
He stepped toward her, wrapping her in the warm scent of his skin. It was rich and musky, and it sent odd tingles through the center of her body.
“Why would you need a bodyguard?” he asked.
She sucked in a deep breath, the tantalizing musk making it difficult to think.
What was wrong with her?
“My father’s a little overprotective,” she admitted in distracted tones.
He studied her with an unnerving intensity. “Is he?”
“I suppose most father’s feel the need to keep their daughters safe,” she babbled.
“He must love you very much,” he murmured.
Did he love her? It was the second time that night that Bianca found herself considering the question. And once again, she fiercely told herself that he must care for his only child. After all, he spent a fortune providing her with a comfortable home and plenty of food, plus an expensive education.
“I…yes, of course he does,” she forced herself to say.
A sudden smile curled his lips. A smile that didn’t reach his glowing eyes.
“Let’s put that to the test.”
She frowned. “What do you mean?”
“We’re taking a trip together.”
“What?” She took a hasty step back. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”
His smile widened, revealing pearly white teeth. “It wasn’t an invitation.”
Fear returned, thundering through her as she tried to scramble away.
Moving forward, the stranger reached out to wrap his arms around her. Then, with fluid ease, he scooped her off her feet and headed toward the French doors.

About The Author

Alexandra Ivy

Alexandra Ivy is the New York Times bestselling author of the Guardians of Eternity series, the Immortal Rogues series and the Sentinels.

Alexandra graduated from Truman University with a degree in theatre before deciding she preferred to bring her characters to life on paper rather than stage. She currently lives in Missouri with her extraordinarily patient husband and teenage sons.

Connect with Alexandra:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads



Author of the Bestselling Mark of the Vampire series, Laura Wright spent the early years of her life immersed in the worlds of singing, acting and competitive ballroom dancing. But when she started writing, she knew she’d found her true calling. Laura lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband, two children, three dogs, two frogs and two fish. She’s been thrice nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award, and loves hearing from her readers.

Connect with Laura:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads

Inkslinger 2


All He Wants for Christmas – Anthology – Reviews

All He Wants for Christmas – Anthology – Reviews


All He Wants for ChristmasAmazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

Six ALL NEW Christmas stories guaranteed to warm up your holidays… Here’s to finding spies, cops, rockers, SEALs, professional hockey players and billionaires under the Christmas tree this year! In Holly, a town where it’s Christmas every day of the year, 6 shop owners on Main Street are about to find love in unexpected places. Grab this bundle of ALL NEW, 100% sizzling hot holiday tales!


Six stories?! I’m expected to review six stories, albeit short, sexy reads, all by myself. Surely someone can at leas…hold up. Yes, I’ll take it…I’ll take ‘em all! But I’m nothing if not a people pleaser and since I’m immersed in the Christmas spirit, buy this, read this, gift this ensemble of awesome! All He Wants for Christmas is a six story anthology by all your favorites: Elisabeth Naughton, Alexandra Ivy, Cynthia Eden, Katie Reus, Laura Wright, and Skye Jordan. Second-chance Christmas miracles (and danger) pervade the town of Holly, North Carolina. Every single story was joyful and triumphant! 😉

Melt for Me by Elisabeth Naughton

Second chance love for second chance people. Tate is just as much to blame as Ella for the demise of their relationship. Tate turned to his guitar and his career took off. Ella went to college then…got married?! It’s been 9 long years since these two have communicated; you can imagine the anxiety of seeing a true ex. But when the attraction remains as fierce as you remember…it’s got to mean something!

Because no matter how hard she’d tried to keep her heart locked off these last few years, one night with Tate Kendrick had suddenly kicked the stupid thing right into overdrive.


Sweet Rapture by Alexandra Ivy

Back in Holly because Meg was homesick…or because home is where Meg’s sick heart can heal again? Dylan might be the cause of Meg’s heartache, but her life is in danger and he’s determined to keep her safe, by earning her trust and love. She might have a thing or two to say about it.

“Give me three months, angel. If you still want me to leave-“…

“Do I have a choice?” With one last glare, she swung around and headed for the door.

“Meg, wait-“

“Welcome to Holly,” she muttered, not glancing back as she stepped into the cold night air. “I hope you get frostbite.”


The Spy Who Came for Christmas by Cynthia Eden

Looking for a respite from the hectic life of a spy, Grayson sinks into the homeyness of Holly. Jolted by his attraction to Jemma was utter kismet, but that magic is interrupted by vengeance. Why can’t the good girl take a walk on the wild side and not regret it. Why can’t the good guy (who only has to be the bad guy on the job) finally get the good girl for good?

Two lost souls. Was that what they really were? Because as she stood before him, Jemma didn’t feel so lost. She actually felt as if she’d just found something that had been missing from her life for too long. Someone.


Merry Christmas, Baby by Katie Reus

Jackson made a, well, jackass of himself, and he openly admits it. Nora blew him away. Their friendship was instantaneous and when she came apart in his arms, well…there’s no forgetting that. Ever. There would never be another woman for him. So he walked away. The fu*k?!

Nora picked herself up and dove into her bookstore business. Why’s Jackson suddenly interested again? Again being the operative word, because he never ceased; he only seized up when he envisioned their perfect future together. It’s up to Jackson to make a second, lasting impression.

Sinful in Snow by Laura Wright

A sweet connection between a broken boy and the girl who saved his life. Fast forward 10 years and he’s practically Christian Grey! Underneath the smooth exterior lays the heart of a Grinch and Ms. Wright keeps you clinging (second-guessing) all of his thoughts. Is Gabriel back for revenge (what the hell did Carol even do to deserve such backlash?) or has he been pining for her after all these years? If so, why is Gabriel so reserved, telling himself to stick to the plan?!

All in good time, amidst steamy (and sometimes suspicious) surprises in snowy Holly!


Home Advantage by Skye Jordan

Hockey and Christmas – I know I love the combination! NHL superstar, Meier, is back home in Holly with city-boy eyes. Gone is that wonderment, replaced by shiny, fast thrills that NYC offers. Until he succumbs to Faith, that is (yes, double entendre!) Holly hasn’t lost its charm on Faith, losing her father 6 months ago has simply sucked out all the joy in her life. Meier’s presence is more pestering, but he’s the only thing that’s gotten under her skin in a long time. Can Meier make Faith skate off into the sunset with him or will he stay in the penalty box for assuming too much?

It’s not too late to make someone very, very happy. Get wrapped up in the Christmas spirit of Holly! Every story is sure to warm your winter nights.

Reviews by Carmen


Bonded by Laura Wright – Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

Bonded by Laura Wright – Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

Bonded Banner

The Cavanaugh Brothers series – Book #4
by Laura Wright
Release Date: September 1, 2015


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Ranch hand Blue Perez’s once simple life is spinning out of control. He’s discovered he has three half-brothers, and they’re not ready to accept his claim on the ranch. Also, Blue’s girlfriend may have betrayed him in the worst way possible. And after one evening of drowning his sorrows at the bar, there’s someone he can’t get out of his mind, a woman who says she’s carrying his child.

Following a night of breathtaking passion in the arms of the man she’s longed for all her life, waitress Emily Shiver is contemplating her next step. With everything that’s going on in Blue’s life, she doesn’t want to force him into fatherhood. Yet as hard hearted as he may seem, Blue can’t turn his back on her, particularly when she becomes the target of someone’s dark obsession….


Bonded by Laura Wright is the 4th book in her wonderful Cavanaugh Brothers series.   This is Blue’s story, and the closure to the ongoing mystery of their sister’s murder years ago. In each of the previous books, each brother found their love, and a clue to move them closer to what happened to Cass.

Blue Perez is the illegitimate son, and half brother to the Cavanaugh Brothers. Blue could not handle that his mother never told him the truth about his father, and throughout the series, he has been distant, angry and cold to her, as well as Mac and the brothers.

In the last book, Blue discovered that the woman he was beginning to trust and care for, though through the internet, was in fact someone who knew Cass, and after finding Cass’s diary, he begins to suspect she knows more then she claims. Broken some more that he was lied to once again, Blue gets drunk and wakes up after a one night stand with the local waitress, Emily Shiver. As much as he tries, he finds it difficult to forget that passionate night with Emily.

Emily is our heroine in this book, and she is sweet and very well liked. Emily can’t forget Blue either, and when she finds out she is pregnant, she is forced by her brother to tell Blue.

What follows is a sweet slow to build romance. Once he found out Emily was pregnant with his child, Blue began to change. He pushes himself into Emily’s life, as he does not want his child to be abandoned, like he was. Throughout the earlier books, Blue was one angry young man, and it was so nice to see him slowly melt and try to fit in. He opens himself again to Mac, and slowly to his three half brothers, who have been trying to show him acceptance as one of theirs. Now with the baby coming, all the Cavanaugh’s plan on forcing themselves into Blue’s life, as they consider the baby their niece. This was a very n ice and fun part watching them show up, and include Blue and Emily into their lives.

They will all band together, including Emily’s cop brother to find the proof that Blue’s is right in his insistence that he knows who killed Cass. There are some exciting parts, especially when Emily’s life is now in danger.

This was a very enjoyable story, a nice couple, a great family, sweet romance, and exciting. Bonded was a fitting end to this series, as the Cavanaugh Brothers will be missed. I suggest you start with the first book, Branded, since each book gives you more information about the mystery of who killed their sister.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publisher




He was standing in one corner, head down, boots crossed at the ankle. He looked dirty. But the good kind of dirty. Cowboy dirty. Jeans caked in mud, boots worn and caked in mud. Faded red shirt. He looked up then and caught her standing there, staring. For one brief moment, Emily hoped she might see something in his eyes that said he was glad to see her. But instead, his face was dark with anger, like he’d had a lot of time to think.She swallowed hard and wished she was anywhere else.He didn’t move. Just crossed his arms over his chest and regarded her. “Emily Shiver.”“I’m so sorry about this,” she said, coming over to his cell.“I believe your brother’s gone crazy.”“I know.” She thrust the key in the lock and opened the door. Maybe she really wouldn’t forgive Steven. Blood or no blood.

“What does he think happened between us?” Blue asked, remaining where he was, despite the open door. “What did you tell him?”

Her gut churned. “What do you mean?”

He gave her a look that said, Come on, now. “I should be online paying a speeding ticket, not hanging out in a cage.” He stared at her, his gorgeous face all hard angles, his eyes an incredible shock of blue. “This was personal.”

“He just thinks we hung out . . . ,” she said with forced ease.

“Hung out,” he repeated.

“He’s protective,” she continued. “Overly protective.”

Blue was watching her as she spoke, and she could see it in his eyes. He knew she wasn’t telling him the truth, and it pissed him off more than his ass being stuck in jail for fifteen miles over.

“It’s a brother thing,” she finished stupidly.
His eyes flashed and he looked past her, down the hall. “Yeah, well, wouldn’t know about that.”

Her heart stuttered. God, she was really screwing this up. And she didn’t want to. It was the first time she was seeing him in weeks, since . . . “I’m so sorry, Blue. It won’t happen again. I’ll make sure of it.”

“Appreciate that.” He pushed away from the wall and walked up to her. For just a moment, his gaze rested on hers and a strange softness touched his expression. “It’s good to see you.”

Her heart pinched inside her ribs. “Yeah. You too.”

It was in that moment that Emily remembered how it felt to be close to this man. To be touched by him, regardless of the reason. How his skin smelled and had felt under her hands.

“You all right?” he asked, his gaze concerned.

The question caught her by surprise. Lord, was she all right? Probably not. She was pretty much a confused and scared mess. Tell him. Tell him, you moron. “Sure. ’Course.”

“And work?”

“Same,” she said, her voice near to a whisper. “You should stop in sometime.” God, she was an idiot.

His eyes darkened and his lips parted. “I don’t know . . .”

“I just mean if you’re thirsty,” she rambled on stupidly, then instantly wished she could take it back—or crawl into one of the cells and lock herself in.

“I should probably steer clear of bars for a while.”

Her gut tightened. Right. Sounded wise. Sounded like a pretty clear message too.

“Then again,” he amended, “it was nice having you take me home.”

Or a mixed message? “It was nice being there,” she offered.

“And yet, you left.”

She watched the shadow creep across his face. He didn’t trust her. Hell, he didn’t know her. Had slept with her, but didn’t know her. “I . . . It was a confusing situation. I felt—”

“It’s fine,” he cut her off, shaking his head. “Don’t worry about it. We all make bad decisions, right? Rash decisions—”

His words bit her heart, causing pain to flicker inside her. She didn’t think he was meaning to be insulting. Granted, he didn’t know what was going on. He was angry about the arrest. But it hurt to know he thought that night was a mistake.




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Bayou Heat 17-18: Rage /Killian by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright-a review

RAGE/KILLIAN (Bayou Heat 17-18) by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright-a review

Rage Killian 1001 Dark Nightsjpg

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 11, 2015

Rage might be an aggressive Hunter by nature, but the gorgeous male has never had a problem charming the females. All except Lucie Gaudet. Of course, the lovely Geek is a born troublemaker, and it was no surprise to Rage when she was kicked out of the Wildlands.

But now the Pantera need a first-class hacker to stop the potential destruction of their people. And it’s up to Rage to convince Lucie to help. Can the two forget the past—and their sizzling attraction—to save the Pantera?

REVIEW: RAGE is another quick read where a Pantera male finds his mate. For all intents and purposes Lucie is considered a risk; a feral female whose earlier life was riddled with abuse, neglect and a grandfather under the influence of a disease that attacked his mind. But somehow Lucie survived and has made a name for herself in the world of IT hacking, and it is her ability to hack into the cyber world that the Pantera are in desperate need. Rage has been commissioned to bring Lucie back to the Pantera Wildlands, but first they must deal with a cyber auction where the Pantera will be targeted once again. What ensues is a quick round of $ex where Rage’s inner feline discovers that Lucie is their mate before our couple head out to end the auction before it begins.


Gorgeous, brutal, aggressive, and human, Killian O’Roarke wants only two things: to get rid of the Pantera DNA he’s been infected with, and get back to the field. But the decorated Army Ranger never bargained on meeting the woman—the female—of his dreams on his mission to the Wildlands.

Rosalie lost her mate to a human, and now the Hunter despises them all. In fact, she thinks they’re good for only one thing: barbeque. But this one she’s guarding is testing her beliefs. He is proud and kind, and also knows the pain of loss. But in a time of war between their species, isn’t any chance of love destined for destruction?

REVIEW: KILLIAN focuses on a hybrid shifter named Killian O’Roarke-a former soldier who entered Bensen Enterprises in the hopes of treating his PTSD but found himself a prisoner who was subjected to experiments and injections of an unwelcome kind. Hoping for answers, Killian heads to the Pantera Wildlands where humans are not allowed-but Killian is no longer human-and his plea to rid himself of the beast within is met with the possibility of a future mate in the feisty but angry Rosalie, and a position within the Pantera family. The push and pull between Killian and Rosalie uncovers to what extent the experiments were successful.


RAGE / KILLIAN is the latest entry into the 1001 Dark Nights novella series. The BAYOU HEAT series continues to focus on Bensen Enterprises, and the experiments performed to create a super soldier in the face of human and Pantera objections and pain. As the paranormal/shifter series progresses, the Pantera continue to search for the person(s) responsible for the abhorrent experiments weaving a path of destruction, broken minds and emotional abuse for both Pantera and human, alike. Ivy and Wright’s storylines blend together to create a cohesive series about a species that were all but destroyed by hatred and disease. The characters are colorful, energetic and engaging; the romances are quick to build as per the novella outline and the Pantera’s need to mate; the happily ever after has yet to come to fruition. The BAYOU HEAT series is intense, dramatic and always a welcome addition to any paranormal library.

Reviewed by Sandy


Michel / Striker (Bayou Heat #15 & #16) by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright-a review

Michel / Striker (Bayou Heat 15 & 16) by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright-a review


Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / KOBO /

About the book: Release Date June 9, 2015

Michel doesn’t trust Dr. Chelsea Young. Why should he? She willingly worked as a researcher for the humans who were using Pantera as lab animals. Unfortunately, his suspicions haven’t kept his cat from becoming obsessed with the need to possess the beautiful female.

Chelsea is determined to atone for her youthful mistakes. Even if that means working with the aggravating Michel who refuses to believe she now wants to help the Pantera. Together they must overcome their mutual animosity to track down her former boss, Stanton Locke, before he can commit the ultimate betrayal.


Michel is a Pantera; a panther shifter of the Wildlands of New Orleans, and a man who is both attracted to and repulsed by the beautiful but painfully scarred human Dr. Chelsea Young. Chelsea was a research analyst in Stanton Locke’s lab where countless numbers of experiments were performed on the panther shifters. Her rescue has led to some hostile encounters but none more so than those from Michel who believes the beautiful doctor cannot be trusted. When the leader of the Pantera orders Michel and Chelsea to investigate Locke’s latest test facilities, Michel is determined to uncover all of Chelsea’s secrets. What ensues is a developing relationship and eventual mating between Michel and Dr. Young but not before the rescue of a number of imprisoned Panteras and a human female found locked in the labs. Revenge will come from a different source when Stanton Locke protects the woman that he loves.


Dark, damaged and definitely gorgeous, Striker is all about the mission. And when the mission’s over? The Hunter is out of there. That is, until one of Locke’s lab rats is forced on him—a beautiful, pained female who needs sex to survive.

The lovely Twelve was abducted and taken to the labs several years ago. Used for breeding, she was given drugs that make her irresistible to males. It was a hellish, lonely life. But she’s free now, and determined to discover the truth about her past. If only the road to that truth didn’t involve the heartless male she can’t stop herself from wanting.


Striker is a Pantera Hunter-a shifter whose latest assignment finds him the male assigned to the Wildlands most recent rescue a female known only as Twelve. Twelve’s mind and body are no longer in her control. The experimental drugs injected at the labs find our heroine lost in a world of unknowns and the need to breed. Enter Striker-the man who will bring back her mind and her heart-if only she could remember who she is.

STRIKER finds our leading couple locked in a sexually aggressive relationship throughout most of the storyline. Striker is a Pantera who believes his one chance at happiness and a mate in the past but his attraction and over protective nature as it pertains to Twelve finds our hero looking to the future with the possibility of a happily ever after.



MICHEL/STRIKER , once again, looks at the destructive nature of scientific experimentation and specieism in a world controlled and run by the humans. Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright have developed a winning formula that combines the paranormal with the real world, and all of its twisted views on perfection and love.

Due to the nature of the novella (short stories) all of the relationships are quick to build; an insta lust/love premise wherein each of our leading males finds the mate of his heart.

You can’t go wrong with the Bayou Heat series by Ivy and Wright-quick reads; sexy heroes; and beautiful heroines.

Copy supplied by Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy


Rebel Ink (Wicked Ink Chronicles 3) by Laura Wright-a review

REBEL INK (Wicked Ink Chronicle #3) by Laura Wright-a review

Rebel Ink

Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / B&N / KOBO /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date May 26, 2015


Hot chicks and cool ink have been my life, my everything, for the past five years. But with one phone call that bliss is totally shot to shit. Don’t want to hear it. Don’t want to deal with it. But oh yeah, it’s coming for me. The motherfucking past. And who’s along for the ride? You’re never gonna believe it. That’s right, another blast from my past. The one and only rejection. Blondie. Hey…maybe it’s not all bad. Maybe I can finally get her – legs up and back to the mattress, that is.


Yes, I’m getting married. And yes, it’s to ‘Buttons.’ I’m not embarrassed and I don’t think it’s a failure. Unfortunately, my bestie doesn’t agree. In fact, she thinks she has to rescue me. But ladies and gents, I’m beyond help. I’m cooked. I just want to fade into the Santa Barbara’s overly polished woodwork. If only a gorgeous tatted, foul-mouthed problem from my past would stop showing up and showing off what I’m never going to allow myself to have.


REVIEW: REBEL INK is the third novella in Laura Wright’s new adult, contemporary Wicked Ink Chronicles romance series. This is tattoo artist Vincent and Lisa’s storyline. Vincent and Lisa were first revealed to the reader in Rush and Addie’s introductory story First Ink. Lisa is Addie’s best friend: Vincent works for Rush at Wicked Ink. REBEL INK can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

Told from dual first person points of view (Lisa and Vincent) as well as a couple of chapters from Vincent’s anonymous one-night stands, REBEL INK focuses on Lisa and Vincent’s second chance, of sorts, for two people who one year earlier spent an awkward night together. Fast forward where Lisa is now engaged to a man she does not love; and Vincent has never forgotten the one who got away.

Five days before her marriage to ‘Buttons’ Lisa finds herself in Vegas, with her bestie Addie, and what happens in Vegas apparently ends up in Minnesota. A night of drinking finds Lisa on a private plane to nowhere with Vincent- for his parent’s anniversary celebration- a celebration that Vincent is reluctant to attend.

Vincent is a man-whore; he buries his demons with anonymous sex, one night stands and in this Lisa sees below the surface. Vincent is damaged; someone or something has destroyed Vincent’s soul, and Lisa is the woman who is willing to take the chance on a man who can’t see beyond his dark and dangerous past.

REBEL INK is a storyline with graphic language; Vincent pulls no punches when it comes to telling it like it is and in this, there are some cringe worthy comments from a man who hides his pain with sex, emotional withdrawal and a bad attitude. Lisa was a bit of a doormat before her latest adventure with Vincent, and in this, Lisa is the perfect match and other half to Vincent’s healing soul.

Laura Wright pulls the reader into a heartbreaking, revealing and hopeful storyline about two people whose lives could not have been any different but so much the same. REBEL INK is a character driven novella where the past is revealed through reflection, thoughts and first hand accounts. The world building continues to focus on the people of Wicked Ink-their lives, their loves, and their possible futures. REBEL INK is an intense, provocative and passionate storyline that ends with a happily ever after for now-there is more Lisa and Vincent to be told.

Copy supplied by Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy

Series Spotlight

First Ink
Wicked Ink Chronicles #1
by Laura Wright
Genre: new adult, contemporary, romance
Release Date: September 2013

Click HERE for Sandy’s review of FIRST INK

First Ink.99cents special: Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / Amazon.uk

NOTE: First Ink is also available in the WICKED FIRSTS anthology

Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / Amazon.uk/ Barnes and Noble / KOBO

ABOUT THE BOOK: Released September 2013


Women in his bed, celebs and rockers in his chair and a killer bank account at his disposal, life is pretty freaking swell. Then she walks back into it again. With her mismatched eyes, perfect pink mouth and a laugh that still haunts him, she gave him nothing but marvelous misery. Now she wants his hands on her again. Not for pleasure, but for pain. For Ink. A bleeding heart to match the one she left him with five years ago.


She can’t forget him. No matter how hard she’s tried. The pain she caused him in the past eats at her daily, and she can’t move on with her life. But she has a plan, a hope for redemption – a way for him to take his revenge out on her flesh. But it’ll only work if he lets her inside his exclusive world, under his famous artist’s needle and into his bed—and heart-once again.

*First Ink can also be found in the Wicked Firsts Anthology released August 19, 2013.*


Shattered Ink
Wicked Ink Chronicles #2
by Laura Wright
Genre: new adult, contemporary, romance
Release Date: October 15, 2013

Click HERE for Sandy’s review of SHATTERED INK

Shattered Ink.99cents at these e-retailers: Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / Amazon.uk/ Barnes and Noble / KOBO

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 15, 2013

She is totally and utterly in love. She can’t focus, can’t sleep. She doesn’t want to hang out with friends, doesn’t even care if she graduates from college in a week. All she wants is Rush, and her obsession for him is scaring her. Unable to handle the fear that brings up ugly memories of being abandoned as a child, Addison withdraws to protect herself. But that may backfire when an old flame of Rush’s reappears in his life.

Addison is the only woman he wants in his bed. Hell, he’s inked her name into his skin, and he plans on asking her to move in with him. Problem is, she’s acting like she doesn’t feel the same way about him. It’s like something’s changed between them. And when an old girlfriend comes back into the picture – stirring up memories and fears about his past – Rush knows that if he and Addison are ever going to have a chance at happiness, it’s time to shatter the walls between them once and for all.


Brash by Laura Wright – Review & Giveaway

Brash by Laura Wright – Review & Giveaway


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No matter how many fights UFC champion Cole Cavanaugh wins, he can’t rid himself of the guilt of not having saved his twin sister’s life. Now, not only is he facing his arch enemy in the ring, he’s fighting to uncover the truth about Cass’s death. But will winning both fights truly give him the retribution and absolution he seeks? Or does he need the healing power of love to finally move on with his life?

The mystery surrounding Cass’s murder also haunts veterinarian Grace Hunter. Many believe that her father might hold the key to the truth. Unfortunately the ex-Sheriff’s deteriorating mental state makes it impossible to separate fact from fiction. As Cole persuades Grace to help him unlock the elusive clues, her defenses weaken. She finds the Stetson-wearing fighter irresistible. But while the truth could free Cole’s heart, it could very well end up shattering hers.




Brash by Laura Wright is the 3rd book in her The Cavanaugh Brothers series. After I have read each book in this series, I would say to myself, Laura Wright can’t do better than this story or couple, and each time I am wrong. I loved Brash, in fact I totally adore this series. Brash belongs to Cole Cavanaugh and Grace Hunter and they were so awesome together. Can I pick one brother and their mate over the others? No. They are all equally hot, with fantastic stories. Sigh…I never want this series to end, and with Blue’s story next, I am beginning to grieve.

A brief refresher on this series. The story takes place in River Black, Texas, where more than 11 years ago, young Cass Cavanaugh, the young sister of the Cavanaugh Brothers was murdered, and to this day, there has never been a resolution. The three boys left town as soon as they were old enough, and after the death of their father, they come back for the funeral, with Deacon the oldest determined to destroy the ranch and bury the horrible memory. But he falls in love with Mac, and then James will meet his mate in Sheridan. In Brash, Cole, Cass’s twin, and the one with the deepest scars, blames himself for not being there for Cass. He uses his guilt and anger to become a top notch fighter. In the last book, Cole used bad methods to try to get information from Grace, who is our heroine in this book.

As we start the story, Grace realizes that she needs to help the Cavanaughs find out the truth, in order to clear her father’s name. An accident forces Cole to stay in Grace’s house to heal a severely bruised ankle, and at the same time work together to try and find clues from all her father’s paperwork. What follows is a beautiful sweet, and sizzling romance that is also filled with emotional turmoil. Cole despite his determination to not become seriously involved with any women, finds himself falling hard for the beautiful Grace. Cole has to keep himself celibate before his big fight a few weeks away, but this does not stop this from being a very sexy and sizzling romance. I totally loved Cole and Grace together.

This is such a wonderful story of a man unable to get past a tragedy, and to slowly watch his defenses crumble. It is romance that slowly builds to a scorching climax, and a love that must persevere against all odds. The story continues to be a mystery throughout in the quest to find the truth of the murder, which haunts them all. But most of all, it is also about a family, who having been destroyed by a tragedy, will stick together to discover the truth, and let love heal them. There is also another element with an added half-brother, who does not feel part of the family, and the next book will be about him. Again, Brash is a wonderful story, with delicious steamy romance, but also an intense emotional read. Laura Wright outdoes herself in the wonderful story to add to a fantastic series. If you have not read The Cavanaugh Brothers, you are missing a gem.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publisher



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