Deceive Me by Ella Sheridan – a Review

Deceive Me by Ella Sheridan – a Review


Deceive MeAmazon / B&N / Kobo

Elliot Smith has trained hard to live alone and work alone, even when it comes to her job as a security specialist for JCL Security. No relationships, no ties, except the one to the man who kidnapped and murdered her mother. She’ll do anything to kill Martin Diako, the untouchable South African pirate king. When Deacon Walsh walks into her office, she finally sees a chance to do just that.

Deacon went from soldier to mercenary warrior to stay-at-home dad, and now his past is back to haunt him. Martin Diako, the father of the terrorist Deacon killed two years ago, is coming for revenge, and he has his sight set on Deacon’s daughter. An heir for an heir. Deacon will do anything to protect her, even if it means asking for help. But the security team he’s hired comes with an added complication: the only woman to interest him since his wife died.

Deacon always leads his team, and Elliot protects hers. They might have one chance at their enemy—if they can work together. Will their hunger for each other pull them together, or push them apart?


Deceive Me by Ella Sheridan is the 4th book in her Southern Nights series.  I’ve read a few of these books from the series already, and they don’t need to be read in order, but a little background on the secondary characters is always a plus.

Elliot Smith is part of an elite team of soldiers, she had to work hard to get where she is and she loves it, her team are her family, but she hides a dark and shameful secret, and only Dain (her leader) knows the full extent.

Deacon leads a different team, and we start his story two years previous; it’s a routine mission at first, but then descends into chaos, as his mission goes from retrieval to kill. He loses one member of his own team, an innocent, and for a little while he goes home to care for his wife and daughter and to mourn one of his close friends and team mate.

Jumping to the present we find out that Deacon has lost his wife to cancer and is being stalked by the dead man’s father. The pirate king wants revenge and only the death of Deacons daughter will satisfy him.
So Deacon calls for back up in the form of a security firm that Dain and his team work for. (This security firm was featured in previous books).  As soon as Deacon and Elliot meet …… the sparks fly, and she puts him on his butt literally.

Deacon thinks Elliot is a weakness, that the team baby and protect her. She soon puts him in his place, to the amusement of her team and Deacon’s best friend. But she earns his begrudging respect, is assigned a place on the team; her job will be to look after his daughter (Elliot is horrified at the idea, she doesn’t relate to young kids)

The sparks between them are almost instant, but Elliot doesn’t know how to act on them, the last time she slept with someone, they “disappeared” from the camp she was trained in. She’s a social misfit, she doesn’t know how to interact with outsiders, her family is the team of soldiers.

All the characters are well written, and the story is full of action and suspense, and throw in a few betrayals and you have a well written and exciting read.

Reviewed by Julie B

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The Last Resort by R.S. Kovach – a Review

The Last Resort by R.S. Kovach – a Review


The Last ResortAmazon / B&N / Kobo / BAM

Alejandra Barros doesn’t know the meaning of failure until fate pulls the rug right out from under her Louboutin stilettos.

Board of Directors’ meetings, corporate takeovers, and jet setting around the globe don’t allow for much of a personal life—and even Ali’s limited free time is dedicated to her beloved horses, show jumping at a championship level. When a freak riding accident shatters her wrist and messes with her confidence at work, her boss mandates a month-long hiatus. If she wants to save her career, she has no choice but to go.

Pebble Creek Lodge is not far from Denver, but the high-end retreat might as well be a world away from the frenzied pace of Manhattan. From the moment she arrives, Ali feels so out of place she’s practically ready to skip the whole “required recovery” nonsense and hop on the next plane back to New York. The only thing stopping her is the ranch hand Hank Mathis and his perfectly chiseled abs, which are intriguing and delicious enough to make her linger.

By the time Ali admits she’s in a bit of a funk, not even the moral and physical support of a gorgeous cowboy is enough to bring her back to her old self—especially when the object of her desires is secretly battling his own demons. To get her life back on track, Ali will have to decide what it is she’s really fighting to regain and what it will take to find it—or she’ll risk losing the one thing that could truly make her happy.



The Last Resort by R.S. Kovach is a nice sweet romance.  We meet Ali Barros, a high powered executive, who is a workaholic and very successful at her job.  She is also a horsewoman that wins jumping events.  She feels forced to travel home to her parent’s house for a party while there, Ali decides to go horseback riding and has a mishap, breaking her wrist.  Since Ali has always been sure of herself in anything she does, the fall from the horse has an effect on her confidence, as well as her work.  Her boss sends her on a month long retreat to an exclusive ranch resort in Colorado, which is also a place for various treatments for visitors.  Ali isn’t happy to go, especially when a physiological therapist tries to talk to her; and all she wants is to go back home to New York.

She does meet various people, who are at Pebble Creek Lodge for different reasons.  Ali slowly relaxes, knowing she has no choice but to finish the month, and befriends some the people.  The ranch hand, Hank Mathis, our hero, gets her attention immediately; but then again he has all the women lusting after him.

What follows is a slow built romance between two unlikely people that will grow as they begin to spend more time together.  I did like both Hank and Ali, and there was some fun with the bantering between them, as well as with the other residents.  Though I wanted them together, I did not really feel the hot chemistry between them.  I did like Ali, but thought she was a bit too sarcastic to Hank many times, and acted indifferent at times. 

The Last Resort was a good story, and a nice romance.  However, I was sadly disappointed at the end, which did lead to a happy ever after.  I felt it needed an epilogue to answer some open questions, and not leaving us to decide what happens.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publisher


Flash of Fury by Lea Griffith – Review, Excerpt, Spotlight Tour & Giveaway

Flash of Fury by Lea Griffith – Review, Excerpt, Spotlight Tour & Giveaway


FoF Starred Review


 Flash of Fury
Endgame Ops series – Book #1
by Lea Griffith
Release Date: March 7, 2017

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Their spark is immediate

Kingston McNally lost men when someone betrayed his team, and now he’s out for retribution. His quest for the enemy’s courier leads him to Cameroon and Allie Redding, a petite Peace Corps volunteer as stubborn as she is brave. Their attraction is immediate, but Allie has secrets of her own…and she’s not giving them up easily.

But their secrets could burn them both

Allie’s life has been spent hiding in plain sight, but she’s had enough of her cloak-and-dagger existence. On her way home, her plane is hijacked-and King saves her life. But that doesn’t mean she owes him anything…even if he is the most damnably sexy man she’s ever laid eyes on. He’s got black ops and secrets written all over him, and trust is a two-way street.



Flash of Fury by Lea Griffith is the 1st book in her new Endgame Ops series.  This is the first book I have read by Griffith and after reading Flash of Fury, it will not be my last.  We meet our hero King McNally early on when he and his Endgame Ops team was ambushed on a mission that was an obvious leak.  Three members of his team were lost.   This leaves him determined to find out who was the betrayer, and to find and kill the terrorists, who were part of the original assignment.  King trusts no one, especially the CIA, whom he feels is part of the betrayal.  When he receives word that a courier for the terrorist will be on a plane, he makes sure he is on it.

Allie Redding, our heroine, is a Peace Corps volunteer, and also the daughter of the CIA Director.  Allie, who tries to stay out of the limelight that her father is in, aboards the plane to take her home. The plane is hijacked by those who want to kidnap Allie, but King manages to save her life and both are now running for their lives.  Even though he saves her, King does not trust Allie, thinking she is a courier for the terrorists. 

What follows is an ultra exciting, tense, action filled story that will have both Allie and King constantly being in danger by the various attacks.  King realizes that Allie has been innocently set up to be used against her father.  His goal besides killing the evil villain, is to get Allie home safely.  Along the way, they both will learn to trust each other, and at the same time fall in love.  Each of them have their own issues; King with a father who abused him; and Allie losing her mother at an early age, and trying to stay clear of her father’s CIA responsibilities.  Though in time, Allie knows she wants to stay with King after this is over;  but he stubbornly  tells her there is no future, as it is too dangerous for her to be with him. 

I loved Allie and King together; they made a great couple, and their sexual chemistry was off the wall scorching hot.  King’s Endgame ops team were great, and I cannot wait to see their story in future books. The edge of your seat action was very tense, keeping us emotionally invested as we worried if our heroes would survive.  Once you start this book, you will not be able to put it down.

Flash of Fury was a sensational start to this new series.  This story was fast paced, action filled, suspenseful, and filled with intrigue, betrayal, and romance with a fabulous sexy couple.  There are so many plots and twists along the way, and the ending was not only exciting, but also exhilarating.  There is so much more to come in the Endgame Ops series that I cannot wait to see what Lea Griffith has in store for us.  This is a must read for those of you who love romance suspense.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Publisher



Hello, Readers! My name is Lea Griffith and I’m here to tell you a little bit about myself and my upcoming release, Flash of Fury, the first full-length story in my Endgame Ops series. Where should I start? How we start with some personal stuff? Everybody likes personal stuff, yeah?

Okay, here we go—you get five personal facts though to be honest I’m long-winded so I’ll say five but it will probably end up being lots more. Sharing is caring, lol.

  1. I’m married with three teenage daughters ages 16, 17, and just turned 19. I think I’m still sane. (Would I know if I wasn’t? J)
  2. I spend my days mimicking a Practice Administrator for two very busy internal medicine offices in Athens, Georgia. I’ve been in the medical field for a long, long time and again, I’m still sane. Same disclaimer from #1 applies.
  3. I graduated from Brenau University a long, long time ago in a land far, far away. I have a Bachelors of Science degree. I majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry. See disclaimer from #2.
  4. I LOVE reading. The only thing I love doing more is writing. I like to hunt, hate to fish, and I really, really enjoy spending time with my mom and kids. Hubs too when I can pull him away from Real Housewives episodes. The man has a serious heart-on for reality TV. *sigh* Again, I’m going to reference the disclaimer from #3.
  5. Favorite authors you ask? Julie Garwood, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Linda Howard. Favorite books of all time? The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss, Kiss Me While I Sleep by Linda Howard, The Prize by Julie Garwood, and one more—Wildcard by Lora Leigh. That’s my authors and books. You now know more about me than some of my family members, lol!

And now that I’ve given you deets on me, let me bend your ear (or would that be your eyes?) about my Endgame Ops series. If you like your heroes incredibly alpha and you like your heroines strong enough to take them on and give it right back, I think I’ve got a few stories cooking for you.

Suspense, heat, and overwhelming connections abound as you enter a world of shadows and intrigue. Each story of my Endgame Ops series brings you closer to a truth you may not be able handle. So watch your step because danger is around every corner and Endgame’s story is just beginning with my upcoming release, Flash of Fury. Let me introduce you to King and Allie. Prepare yourself.

Kingston McNally lost men when someone betrayed his team, and now he’s out for retribution. His quest for the enemy’s courier leads him to Cameroon and Allie Redding, a petite Peace Corps volunteer as stubborn as she is brave. Their attraction is immediate, but Allie has secrets of her own…and she’s not giving them up easily.

Allie’s life has been spent hiding in plain sight, but she’s had enough of her cloak-and-dagger existence. On her way home, her plane is hijacked-and King saves her life. But that doesn’t mean she owes him anything…even if he is the most damnably sexy man she’s ever laid eyes on. He’s got black ops and secrets written all over him, and trust is a two-way street.

Flash of Fury is a fast-paced, action-packed story of survival and how in the midst of the most harrowing circumstances, love can find a way to sneak in and knock you on your behind. With both of them hiding secrets, they’ll have to find a way to survive terrorists and each other.

I hope, with everything in me, that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Now what are you waiting for? Go read ALL THE WORDS!

<3 you hard,


PS It’s your turn to tell me a little about you—fave authors? Fave reads? Are you still sane? Remember, sharing is caring.




It all went down so quickly that it took the remaining terrorists a moment to figure out what had happened. By that time, King was there, grabbing Abdul’s gun and firing in rapid succession, quickly eliminating all targets. He located the phone the terrorist had discarded, scooped it up, and turned to her.
“Get to the galley. There could be more,” he said in a low voice.
“Who the hell are you?” she asked softly as she stood rooted to the spot for an endless moment.
“Get to the galley at the back and open the door. Do it quickly. Do it now.”
Children screamed, while grown people shouted as they all clamored to get out of the front of the plane. Panic was in the air, but no more gunshots rang out. If the terrorists had help, they didn’t yet know what was going on.
King reached over, pushed Abdul from her grip, and his gaze narrowed again on her cheek. He brushed over the growing mark with his thumb. “He hurt you.”
Confusion clouded Allie’s face and she cocked her head, staring at him as if she’d never seen anyone quite like him before.
He shook his head, the sight of her big, blue eyes almost undoing him. He motioned her to the back and said simply, “Go.”
He reached for the small guy he’d almost clocked as the man tried to pass and said, “Tell them what happened but stay vague about us. Do you understand? Tell them all”—King motioned over the plane’s fleeing occupants—“to remain vague about us.”
It was unlikely that the two-hundred-odd passengers would keep silent about the blond who’d head-butted the lead terrorist. Or the giant American who dragged her away. Chances were that his and this woman’s faces would be all over the local news. But if even a few of the passengers negated the story, that mixed intel might buy them a bit of time.
The guy nodded and King took off. He rounded the corner of the attendants’ galley and noticed Allie had the door open. Rain sluiced in, wetting everything in its path. She stuck her head out and peered down, then pulled her head back in, spearing him with her gaze.
“It’s a long way down,” she said mournfully.
“Drop and roll, darlin’,” King responded. “Drop and roll.” Then he was out the door, dropping like a stone and rolling once he hit the ground. He pushed to his feet and glanced around. Security was pouring out onto the tarmac, and sirens could be heard in the distance. A luggage transport machine was rounding a corner, and they didn’t have much time.
He looked up at her, held out his arms, and yelled, “Jump!”
She didn’t hesitate. Good thing she was tiny because she fell right into his arms.
“Thanks,” she murmured.
He didn’t respond, just put her on her feet, grabbed her hand, and hailed down the luggage cart. He told the man they needed a ride to the terminal. The airport employee didn’t even blink—like random Americans came up to him every day asking for a ride in the middle of the pouring rain. He dropped them as far as another plane and told them they had to walk.
Instead of walking, they ran. King moved to an abandoned airport security truck, and they hopped in. He hot-wired the vehicle and had them on the move in under a minute.
“Get down,” he ordered.
She did as he directed. There was hope for her yet.
A gunshot punched out the back glass, and King ducked. He could see no one behind them, but obviously someone was back there shooting. He hung a right and took off around the terminal, passing planes and looking for the airport parking lot.
He’d have to ditch this truck and get them out into the city of Douala quickly.
“Who are you?” she asked and then grunted as she was thrown against the door.
King had just broken through a fence barrier to the airport parking lot and managed to shed the fence that tenaciously clung to the bumper. He picked a row of cars and barreled down it.
“King,” he replied succinctly.
She snorted. “Okay, now really, who…oomph…holy… Could you stop… Son of a…”
He slammed on the brakes. He winced when her head bumped against the glove box. “Sure.”
King hurried out of the truck and picked the first car he came to. He didn’t need flashy; he needed operational. Flashy had alarms. Operational could go undetected.
Fortunately, the first one he came to fit both bills. A Yugo. It just kept getting better and better. The car was unlocked and he slid in.
“A Yugo?” she asked, standing beside him now. “Seriously?”
“In the car and don’t talk,” he demanded.
Her brows lowered and her mouth tightened, but she decided to throw in her lot with him. She rounded the car and got in. King lowered the sun visor, and the keys fell into his lap. The Yugo’s only saving grace was that he wouldn’t have to expend the energy to hot-wire it.
The piece-of-shit car cranked, and King squealed out of the spot, though he slowed down as he approached the exit gate. “Act normal,” he said. “And don’t look anyone in the face.”
Allie didn’t say anything, but she didn’t have to—the anger pinching her features spoke volumes. He almost, almost, laughed. They were both soaking wet, but for some reason she looked even more beautiful.
“You laugh at me, and I’ll get you back,” she said from the corner of her mouth.
Spunk. He hated spunk. Oh, and bravery. He hated that too. “You already have,” he responded and enjoyed the way her eyes widened.
Blue, soul-sucking eyes. Her presence was enough of a payback.
“I didn’t. But first chance I get—”
King held up a hand. “Yeah, yeah, yeah…whatever. Now be quiet and lower your face.”
The woman actually growled at him. And it was sexy as hell. The smile that tugged his lips caught him by surprise.


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Hard Play by Sheryl Nantus – a Review

Hard Play by Sheryl Nantus – a Review


Hard PlayAmazon / B&N / Kobo / BAM

Ex-special forces ranger Dylan McCourt is a stone cold killer who cares only about his military brothers and doing what’s right. He’s used to giving orders and has zero patience for bullshit. Most people tremble when they look him in the eye, but not his infuriatingly sexy new rescue mission, Jessie Lyon. She just juts her chin and says she’s not leaving without clearing her father’s name, to hell with his rules. And was that a one finger salute he sees in her eyes or his imagination? Either way, he knows this is one job his training might not have prepared him for.




Hard Play by Sheryl Nantus is the first book in the Delta Force Brotherhood series.  Dylan McCourt owns and operates a nightclub in Las Vegas called The Devil’s Playground.  While it is quite successful it is also a cover for the Delta Force Brotherhood; an organization of ex Delta Force brothers who are always available to help someone in need. 

When Lisa Boudreau comes into the club – Dylan can tell by the look of her that she isn’t there for a drinks and a party.  She needs the help of the Brotherhood.  Lisa’s best friend Jessie Lyon is in some kind of trouble.  An ex cop, turned private investigator, hasn’t gotten in touch with Lisa in about a week.  If Jessie needs to go undercover – they have an agreement that she texts at least once a day – that is Lisa’s way of knowing that Jessie is alright.  But she hasn’t heard anything from her and she knows something is wrong.  Lisa has exhausted all of her leads, the cops think she is crazy and that Jessie just took off to clear her head and find a new life.  But Lisa knows that is not the case. 

With no indication of what case Jessie had been working on, or where she may be – Dylan agrees to take the case.  And after looking at a picture of Jessie he knows he must do whatever he can to save her, he has no idea why. But at first sight of the photo he knows – he must do whatever it takes to make her safe.  After doing some investigating Dylan and the Brotherhood soon find out that Jessie had been working at Fluxxx Casino as a blackjack dealer for the last three months.  What he can’t figure out is why? Why would an ex-cop turned PI need to work at a casino?  Unless she was undercover for some reason.  After looking into the casino more – Dylan finds out that the place is owned by Edward Molodavi, an old school mobster.  Edward Molodavi is bad news in the worst kind of way.  Not exactly  the kind of person that you want to get involved with.  And for some reason Jessie has upset him. 

The Brotherhood works fast to find out that Molodavi has Jessie held captive.  He found out that Jessie was working undercover to try and bring Molodavi down.  You see for Jessie it is personal.  One of Molodavi’s men shot Jessie’s dad while he was a  cop with Metro.  Her father was paralyzed and died not long after.  And Jessie swore to her father before he passed away that she would take Molodavi down. 

When Dylan moves in to rescue Jessie he finds is a stubborn, strong willed woman with the beauty and the brawn to be everything he has ever wanted.  After saving her from her captive, he must keep her safe and the more time he spends with her – the more he realizes that he would do anything to keep her with him. But is their attraction just Stockholm syndrome?  Are they only attracted to each other because of the adrenalin rush of the rescue and keeping her safe?  There may be only one way to find out.

Dylan McCourt is a hot, able bodied ex Delta Force on a mission.  From the moment you meet him you know he means business.  He doesn’t play games, he goes to work, gets the job done and does what ever is needed to keep those around him safe. The moment he sees the photo of Jessie you kind of know he is in trouble.  His primal instinct kicks in and he wants nothing more than to save her and find out more about her. He is rugged, and good looking and yet a complete gentleman all at the same time.  And his loyalty to his Brothers knows no bounds. 

Jessie Lyons is one stubborn willed woman on a mission.  She wants nothing more than to expose Molodavi for the criminal he is.  With the police seemingly turning their heads at all the illegal activity surrounding Molodavi, she knows she must be the one to bring him down.  She didn’t bargain for Dylan McCourt.  The attraction is there – quite obviously – but she has a job to complete.  She knows now that she can’t possibly do it all on her own and the help of the Brotherhood may be the only help she has.  She is strong willed, stubborn and can kick some serious ass if need be.  But on the same note she is relatable – and likeable.  You want her to be your friend.  You know she would always have  your back.

This is nowhere near my normal genre, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Being that I live in Las Vegas I loved how all of the surroundings were on point.  The outlying areas of Summerlin mentioned and Mt. Charleston was on point.  I have travelled the road from Mt. Charleston holding onto the dash for dear life myself. The story was spot on about the surroundings.  And I believe that makes the story much more enjoyable and relatable.  I love when the author gets it all right.  This story had intrigue and danger;  you want and need to know what is going to happen.  I loved all the sub-characters from the Brotherhood and I cannot wait to read the next soldiers story.  I loved that Lisa and Jessie’s friendship was real and you could feel the bonds of friendship in their words.

Completely out of my reading comfort zone – but absolutely enjoyed this book.  Would recommend to anyone that enjoys a good love story with some kick ass fight scenes.

Reviewed by Erin

Copy provided by Publisher



Call To Honor (SEAL Brotherhood #1) by Tawny Weber-Review, Book Tour & Giveaway

CALL TO HONOR (SEAL Brotherhood #1) by Tawny Weber-Review, Book tour & Giveaway

Call to Honor Banner

SEAL Brotherhood #1
by Tawny Weber
Release Date: January 30, 2017
Genre: adult, contemporary, military, romantic, suspense

Call To Honor

 Amazon | | Barnes and Noble | Kobo | iTunes

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date January 30, 2017

The Poseidon team are hard-bodied, fiercely competitive navy SEALs. But when a sensitive mission goes disastrously wrong, three of the team’s finest will have to trust their hearts and instincts to uncover the truth…

“No man left behind” is inscribed in the DNA of every SEAL and Lieutenant Diego Torres is no exception. But with a team member killed—and the body missing—Diego’s honor is sorely tested. Now his career and reputation are on the line, and a traitor is hiding among them. Diego wants answers…and only one woman has them.

Single mom Harper Maclean has two priorities—raising her son Nathan and starting a new life. Her mysterious new neighbor may be impossibly charming, but Diego asks too many questions about her past—and about the father of her child. Questions she fears will reveal her burning attraction for Diego, and ultimately put them all in danger’s path.


REVIEW: CALL TO HONOR is the first installment in Tawny Weber’s contemporary, adult SEAL BROTHERHOOD military, romantic suspense series focusing on a Special Ops SEAL Team known as Poseidon. This is Lieutenant Diego Torres (aka El Gato), and interior designer/ single mother Harper Maclean’s story line.

Told from several third person perspectives including Diego and Harper CALL TO HONOR focuses on the Poseidon Team member’s search for the truth. When their latest mission in Afghanistan goes horribly wrong, leaving one member injured and one man missing and presumed dead, the Team comes under suspicion when military secrets are discovered in the hands of the enemy. Enter Diego Torres, the man who has been assigned to ‘watch’ over one of his team member’s ex-lovers-a woman they suspect may be harboring a fugitive or government secrets. What ensues is the building relationship between Diego and Harper; the heartbreak of betrayal; and the Poseidon Team’s determination to prove their innocence when one of their own is the target of the investigation.

Harper Maclean is a single mother, an interior designer and a woman who hasn’t seen her son’s father since the day she announced she was pregnant. Brandon Ramsey walked out of her life, entered the military, and refused to accept any responsibility for Harper’s pregnancy. Fast forward to present day and Harper will learn that her son’s father is missing and presumed killed in an explosion in Afghanistan. Diego Torres has been ordered to go undercover to ferret out information about Harper Maclean but Diego never intended to fall in love with the woman and her son. Diego’s life in the military is not conducive to love or a relationship but that doesn’t stop our hero from seducing the woman that calls to his heart. The $ex scenes are intimate and intense without the use of over the top sexually graphic language and text.

We are introduced to several members of SEAL Team 7 and the Special Ops unit known as Poseidon: Commander Nic Savino, Chief Petty Officer Jared (MacGyver)Lansky, Lieutenant Elijah Prescott, Petty Officer Aaron Ward, and Petty Officer Dane Adams-Brandon Ramsey’s wing man and best friend. Harper’s best friend Andi Stamos is a rich socialite who may or may not have a relationship with Jared Lansky, and Nathan Maclean-Harper’s seven year old son who is wise beyond his years.

The world building looks at the fall out of secrets, lies, betrayal and war; the tight-knit brotherhood of Navy SEAL Team Poseidon, and the search for the truth. CALL TO HONOR does not end on a cliff hanger but the investigation is ongoing as more evidence mounts against a man Team Poseidon once called a brother and a friend.

CALL TO HONOR is a detailed and complex story of romance and suspense. The premise is intelligent, entertaining and creative; the characters are passionate, spirited and intense; the romance is captivating and sensual. Tawny Weber’s CALL TO HONOR is an exciting and tangible start to her SEAL BROTHERHOOD military, romantic suspense series.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy


“You’re the best, mister.” The kid had to get his smile from his mother, Diego decided. Because not once could Diego remember Ramsey’s smile making him want to offer one in return.
“Diego,” he said after a second, figuring talking was better than standing here on the sidewalk, grinning like an idiot. “You can call me Diego.”
“Cool. I’m Nathan. I’m seven. I’m gonna be a stunt¬man when I grow up. Or a veterinarian. I’d rather be a Jedi warrior, but Mom says we’ll see about that one. She says that about a lot of stuff. We’ll see. What are you?”
Huh? Was that a question? The kid’s expression said it was, so Diego did a mental replay.
“I’m in security,” he said, using the cover Savino had decided on.
“Bet you’re good at it.” Grabbing the bike by the han¬dles, the kid gave it a good shake, then grinned when the chain stayed in place. “You’re good at fixing things, too. Maybe you could teach me to fix some things?”
Diego didn’t have much experience with kids—hell, he didn’t have any experience. Despite that, he had to figure this one was something special.
Before he could answer him, a delivery truck rum¬bled its way to a stop in front of the kid’s house. Some¬thing he’d noticed was a regular occurrence. At least once, sometimes twice a day.
“You sure get a lot of deliveries,” he observed, watching a guy in shorts carry a stack of boxes toward the door.
“Yeah. Mom gets tons of stuff. She decorates for peo¬ple’s houses. She orders pillows and bowls and things like that. Sometimes she gets material and things to help her decide colors.”
Convenient. Or it would be if Ramsey were run¬ning drugs or stolen goods—that’d be a solid cover. But unless he’d shipped himself home in an ash can, it probably wasn’t pertinent. Lansky would claim oth¬erwise, though, so Diego made a note to mention it in his next report.
He caught a flash of something out of the corner of his eye. All it took was a casual glance toward the house to send him rocking back on his heels.
Not even signing for a slew of packages and fend¬ing off the flirtations of the delivery guy were enough to keep Harper Maclean from sending her son a pro¬tective frown.
So far his glimpses of her had been at a longer dis¬tance than the twenty feet currently separating them. Her photos didn’t do her justice. He’d known she was a looker, but no way he’d have thought fully dressed in person could trump that bikini shot, even if that bikini shot had been kind of blurry.
He’d have been wrong.

About The author

Tawny WeberThe New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of more than 40 books, Tawny Weber writes sassy, emotional romances with a dash of humor, featuring hot alpha heroes. The recipient of numerous awards, she has also hit number one on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller lists. Readers can visit Tawny’s website for free reads, first chapters, insider story info and much more. . You can also find her on Facebook (, Twitter ( and Goodreads ( Tawny lives in Northern California with her family.

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Absolute Trust (True Heroes #3) by Piper J. Drake-Review and Book Tour

ABSOLUTE TRUST ( True Heroes #3) by Piper J. Drake-a review and book tour

Absolute Trust Banner

True Heroes #3
by Piper J. Drake
Release Date: December 20, 2016
Genre: adult, contemporary, romantic suspense

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 20, 2016


After multiple tours of duty, Brandon Forte returns to his hometown on a personal mission: to open a facility for military service dogs like Haydn, a German shepherd who’s seen his share of combat and loss. It also brings him back to Sophie Kim, a beacon of light in his life . . . and the one woman he can’t have. But Forte’s success means he’s made enemies in high places. Enemies who are now after Sophie . . .

When Forte enlisted and left without saying goodbye, Sophie did her best to move on. But with her first love back in town, looking sexier than ever, she’s constantly reminded of what they could have had. Then after he risks himself for her, Sophie realizes she’ll have to put her life in the hands of the man who broke her heart, knowing the danger -and the sparks between them- could consume them both.


REVIEW: ABSOLUTE TRUST is the third installment in Piper J. Drake’s contemporary, adult TRUE HEROES romantic, suspense series, This is US Army veteran Brandon Forte, and accountant Sophie Kim’s story line. ABSOLUTE TRUST can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from previous story lines is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual third person perspective (Brandon and Sophie) ABSOLUTE TRUST is a friends to lovers/ second chance story line. Years earlier Brandon walked out of Sophie’s life without explanation only to return hoping to renew their friendship and trust. Brandon owns and works at Hope’s Crossing Kennel retraining military and combat dogs whose previous service have left the canine companions without direction, or suffering from the loss of a previous partner. When Sophie is targeted by an unknown source, Brandon takes responsibility for the woman that he has never stopped loving-a woman whose life he will protect with his own. What ensues is the rekindling of a friendship that turns to love as Brandon and his team struggle to stay one step ahead of the people trying to destroy Sophie’s life.

The relationship between Brandon and Sophie is rife with tangible sexual attraction but an attraction that neither one is willing to admit. Brandon broke Sophie’s heart years earlier, and our heroine battles with her desire for a man who is unwilling to take their friendship to the next level. The $ex scenes are intimate without the use of graphic, erotic language or text.

All of the previous story line couples play secondary and supporting roles: David Cruz and Lyn Jones (Extreme Honor #1); Alex Rojas and Elisa Hall (Ultimate Courage #2). We are introduced to police officer Kymani Graves; Army veteran Raul Sa who currently works for a private military contract organization; as well as a Haydn, a former, military dog who lost not only his previous controller but his front leg as well.

The world building continues to focus on the Hope’s Crossing Kennel, and the work of the members training former military dogs for civilian life, as well as the potential for dogs working with soldiers suffering from PTSD. ABSOLUTE TRUST focuses on the threats against, and attempts on Sophie Kim’s life; and the search for the people responsible and why, as well as the revelation behind the reason Brandon walked away from the woman that he loved.

ABSOLUTE TRUST is a romantic suspense story with a little bit of military background and history. The premise is spirited and gripping; the characters are colorful and animated; the romance is heartwarming and inspiring. With the addition of combat experienced military dogs the warm fuzzies add to the romantic overtone.

Copy supplied by Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy




Between one moment and the next, he was right there next to her, kneeling so they were face to face. She let out the air in her lungs in a rush, not sure of what she wanted to do or what he was planning to do. She parted her lips but didn’t say anything, didn’t want to put another question out there for him to address before he answered the one she really wanted to know.
Because she was hoping he was here for her—not his childhood friend—but for the very adult version of her who’d been waiting for him all this time.
Faster than she could react, his lips caught hers. The contact rushed through her in a lightning shot of surprise. Years of bottled-up frustration bubbled up and she leaned into him with a soft gasp.
And then he pulled back and she was left trying to catch her breath.
Slowly, carefully, he slid his arms around her back and under her knees. He cradled her against his chest and tucked her head under his chin. Circled as she was in his embrace, he held her close. He pressed his lips against her hair.
“That was too close yesterday, Sophie.” His voice was low, gruff, and almost cracked with emotion. “The thought of losing you just about killed me.”


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about the author

Piper J DrakeAbout Piper J. Drake:

Piper J. Drake (or “PJ”) began her writing career as “PJ Schnyder” writing award-winning sci-fi & paranormal romance and steampunk. She has received the FF&P PRISM award for her work as well as the NJRW Golden Leaf award and Parsec award.

Now, Piper writes romantic suspense, incorporating her interests in mixed martial arts and the military into her writing. 

Connect with Piper at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google + | GoodReads| Youtube



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Under The Surface (Alpha Ops 4) by Anne Calhoun-a review

UNDER THE SURFACE (Alpha Ops 4) by Anne Calhoun-a review

Under the Surface / / B&N / KOBO /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date May 31, 2016

Welcome to Eye Candy, the East Side’s hottest nightclub where the bartenders are hot, the cocktails are fancy, and danger lurks just under the surface…

Eve Webber, the gorgeous and savvy owner of Eye Candy, knows better than anyone that growing up on the wrong side of the tracks comes with certain complications. Determined to run a clean business and fix up the East Side, Eve’s plans get temporarily stalled when a potential new hire walks into her bar. The sexual chemistry crackling between them is a potent distraction…even if she refuses to mix business with the promise of pleasure.

Detective Matt Dorchester lives by strict rules that have kept him alive in impossible situations. When his latest undercover assignment has him playing a bartender, his desire for the passionate owner has him breaking every single one. Eve is in danger and her life depends on his secrecy. But once their attraction reaches a climactic conclusion, Matt must make a desperate choice: Tell her the truth about who he really is―or risk a once-in-a-lifetime love to save her life?


REVIEW: UNDER THE SURFACE is the fourth installment in Anne Calhoun’s contemporary, adult ALPHA OPS erotic romance series. This is detective Matt Dorchester, and bar owner Eve Webber’s story line. Eve was first introduced in Alpha Ops 3-THE SEAL’s SECOND CHANCE. UNDER THE SURFACE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

Told from dual third person points of view (Eve and Matt) UNDER THE SURFACE focuses on an undercover operation in Eve’s bar-EYE CANDY-where Matt Dorchester (aka Chad Henderson) sets himself front and center as the newest bartender at Eye Candy. Hoping to gain information regarding a possible money laundering scheme, and threats against the people living on the East Side of Lancaster, Matt finds himself getting in deeper when his relationship with Eve Webber becomes personal and something more. Matt is an over protective male; a man who has closed himself off from the people in his life but a man who is falling for his latest assignment.

Eve is our heroine; a strong willed, alpha female who wants Matt but is unaware of his true identity and his undercover assignment at the Eye Candy bar. Several attempts to seduce our story line hero finds Eve frustrated and threatening to look elsewhere for comfort and sex. What ensues is the building sexual relationship between Matt and Eve, and the threats against our heroine because of her connections to both Matt, and the undercover operation. The $ex scenes are intimate, intense and seductive. Matt knows he has stepped over the line with his relationship with an undercover mark.

UNDER THE SURFACE has a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including Matt’s younger brother Luke who has been in a wheel chair since the accident that killed Matt and Luke’s parents. We are also introduced to Eve’s over protective parents, and her brother-local attorney-Caleb Webber. Several of the local law enforcement members go undercover at Eye Candy.

The world building focuses on the revival of East Side-a run down neighborhood known for corruption, drugs, and any number of unlawful businesses. Eve Webber is a one-woman revitalization tornado, and with it comes the start of a neighborhood clean up, and Eye Candy is the first of the new businesses in the area.

UNDER THE SURFACE is a story with mystery, suspense, action, romance and love. The premise is entertaining but slow to develop-the majority of the ‘action’ takes place in the final chapters of the book; the characters are colorful and animated; the romance is a bit of a struggle towards a happily ever after-but a happily ever after-none the less. This is my favorite Alpha Ops installment to date-I felt more connected to the characters than in previous story lines.

Copy supplied by Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy


Dangerous to Know (Unbroken Heroes #1) by Dawn Ryder-a review

DANGEROUS TO KNOW (Unbroken Heroes #1) by Dawn Ryder-a review

Dangerous to Know / / B&N / KOBO /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 1, 2016

She’s too good to be bad

A bad-boy member of an elite Special Ops team, Mercer has never been assigned an undercover mission he couldn’t complete. But when his latest job requires him to gain the trust-and get into the bed-of his newest target, the sexy, fiery colonel’s daughter, he has a whole new challenge ahead of him. All evidence points to her being a traitor to the country he’s sworn to protect, but the crackling desire between them is too strong a feeling to ignore…

He’s too bad to resist

Zoe has always kept her secrets close to the vest. The only woman in a decorated military family, she’s been taught that to let someone close is to flirt with disaster. But when the dangerously handsome, alpha-strong Mercer comes blazing into her life full-speed, it’s all Zoe can do to resist his wicked seduction. As danger circles closer, Zoe must decide if she can trust him to protect her-but there’s no way he could be bad when he makes her feel this good..


REVIEW: DANGEROUS TO KNOW is the first installment in Dawn Ryder’s adult, contemporary UNBROKEN HEROES erotic, romance, military suspense series focusing on an elite Special Ops team. This is Special Agent Mercer St. Clair, and Zoe Magnus’s story line.

Told from several third person perspectives DANGEROUS TO KNOW finds our heroine Zoe as the number one suspect in a military investigation looking for a traitor in the American military. While her brother and father have been stationed in the Middle East, Zoe finds herself front and center in an investigation where she is the mark-the target-of Special Agent Mercer St. Clair and his Special Ops team. When clues begin to surface pointing the finger at the Magnus family, Zoe will become Mercer’s next assignment-get her into bed and uncover the secrets she may be trying to conceal. DANGEROUS TO KNOW finds Zoe and Mercer on the run; in disguise; on the back of dirt bikes when they are targeted by an unknown sniper.

The relationship between Zoe and Mercer begins as a job-an assignment that finds Mercer falling in love with his latest mark. Mercer must seduce Zoe in order to set up a secret operation that will reveal whether our heroine has been selling secrets to the highest bidder. What ensues is Mercer’s seduction of Zoe Magnus, and Zoe’s discovery that the hot, sexy man with whom she is falling in love is using her to get what he wants. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense but saying that I did not feel the chemistry between our leading characters-throughout the story I couldn’t help but think Mercer was still on assignment and Zoe was only a job.

DANGEROUS TO KNOW has a large ensemble cast of characters both good and bad; the overriding issues have not been resolved; some of the bad guys are still on the loose, and one of Mercer’s former teammates will be targeted in installment number two-DARE YOU TO RUN. The attack against the team is personal and Vitus Hale is the man to take down.

DANGEROUS TO KNOW is a story of suspense, mystery, romance and love. The premise is intriguing, engaging and riveting; the characters are colorful and determined; the romance is sexy and aggressive but lacking in palpable energy. Dawn Ryder has caught my attention with DANGEROUS TO KNOW; I am looking forward to book number two.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley

Review by Sandy

About The Author beige

Dawn Ryder photo


Dawn Ryder is the erotic romance pen name of a bestselling author of historical romances. She has been publishing her stories for over eight years to a growing and appreciative audience. She is commercially
published in mass market and trade paper, and digi-first published with trade paper releases. She is hugely committed to her career as an author, as well as to other authors and to her readership. She resides in Southern California.