Delirious (Quantum #6) by M.S. Force-Review and Book Tour

DELIRIOUS (Quantum #6) by M.S. Force-Review and Book Tour

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 12, 2017

As one of Hollywood’s hottest producers, Kristian Bowen is on top of the world. With the Quantum team is fresh off a clean sweep of awards season and looking ahead to the premiere of their new film, Insidious, Kristian’s life is exactly how he likes it, complete with a stable of willing subs to tend to his every desire. Until he attends the wedding of his friend and business partner Flynn Godfrey and meets Aileen Gifford, the close friend of Flynn’s new wife, Natalie. Since meeting Aileen five months ago, Kristian’s carefully cultivated life has changed in ways he never could’ve expected. Now Aileen and her children are moving to Los Angeles, and he’s not sure whether to be excited or terrified about his powerful feelings for the single mom…

Aileen is coming off the worst year of her life, spent battling breast cancer while taking care of two young children. When Natalie, Flynn and their other friends encourage Aileen to move to LA and work for Quantum, she jumps at the chance to give her family a fresh start. And with her off-the-charts attraction to Flynn’s business partner in the mix, the idea of living in LA becomes that much sweeter. Until everyone shows up to welcome her and the kids to their new home in LA—except Kristian.

He can’t avoid her forever, and when these two finally see each other again, sparks fly between the single mom and the producer with a past he’s kept hidden from everyone who matters to him. When that past rears its ugly head, will he run away from the woman he loves or turn to her for comfort in the storm? And will she prevail in convincing him that he can be himself, in every possible way, with her?

Kristian and Aileen’s long-awaited story is full of heat, heart and humor, as well as appearances from all the Quantum characters readers love!


REVIEW: DELIRIOUS is the sixth installment in M.S. Force’s contemporary, adult QUANTUM erotic, BDSM, romance series. This is Hollywood producer and Quantum owner Kristian Bowen, and single mom/ PA Aileen Gifford’s story line. DELIRIOUS can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty but I recommend reading the series in order for cohesion and backstory. Books 1-3 are Flynn and Nat’s story, and each additional story line focuses on a different couple.

NOTE: DELIRIOUS is an erotic storyline with scenes of BDSM, spanking, bondage, anal and oral sex, as well as domination and submission.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Kristian and Aileen) DELIRIOUS follows the building relationship between Hollywood producer Kristian Bowen, and single mother Aileen Gifford. Aileen is a cancer survivor; a single mother of two young children who, with the encouragement and support of best friend Natalie and husband Flynn Godfrey, embarks on a cross country journey to start anew in Los Angeles, California. Five months earlier Aileen met and fell in love with producer Kristian Bowen, a man who keeps secret a dark and lonely past that could destroy everything he has become. With Aileen’s arrival in LA Kristian begins to withdraw believing he isn’t worthy of a woman like Aileen Gifford-a woman who proves to be stronger than the disease that almost destroyed her life. What ensues is the building romance between Aileen and Kristian, Aileen’s introduction into the BDSM lifestyle, and the potential fall out when Kristian’s early life becomes public knowledge.

The relationship between Kristian and Aileen is one of immediate attraction that continues to build with Aileen’s move to Los Angeles, California. Kristian’s dark past prevents our hero from moving forward believing himself unworthy of Aileen’s love. The $ex scenes are erotic, intense and seductive.

There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including all of the previous story line couples, as well as the introduction of Aileen’s children Logan and Maddie.

The world building continues to focus on the Quantum –both the production company and elite, private BDSM sex club.

DELIRIOUS is a sexy, edgy and heartbreaking story line of one man’s struggle between his public image and the truth about his past; and one woman’s battle to convince the man with whom she is falling in love, is worth everything and more. The premise is encouraging and entertaining; the characters are energetic, inspiring and intelligent; the romance is sensual, passionate and provocative. DELIRIOUS is an erotic, wicked and tender story of romance and love.

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Quantum series

Copy supplied for review

Reviewed by Sandy

About The Author Black and Red

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MS Marie ForceM.S. Force is the erotic alter-ego of New York Times bestselling author Marie Force. All three books in her initial Quantum Trilogy were New York Times bestsellers in 2015, and the Quantum Trilogy became the Quantum Series with Rapturous and now Ravenous, with more to come!

With more than 5 million books sold, Marie Force is the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling, award-winning author more than 50 contemporary romances. Her New York Times bestselling self-published Gansett Island Series has sold 2.5 million e-books since Maid for Love was released in 2011. She is also the author of the New York Times bestselling Fatal Series from Harlequin’s HQN, as well as the New York Times bestselling Green Mountain Series, among other books and series, including the Quantum Series, written as M.S. Force.

Her goals in life are simple—to finish raising two happy, healthy, productive young adults, to keep writing books for as long as she possibly can and to never be on a flight that makes the news.

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Ravenous (Quantum #5) by M.S. Force-a review

RAVENOUS (Quantum #5) by M. S. Force-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 23, 2016

She wants a baby. He wants her. Simple enough, right?

Ellie Godfrey has kissed her share of frogs. So many, in fact, that she fears she won’t recognize her prince if and when he finally comes along. Tired of waiting for THE ONE, Ellie decides to have a baby on her own before it’s too late.

When Jasper Autry hears about Ellie’s plan, what else can he do but step in and offer to “contribute” to her project. Does that make him an opportunist? Whatever. He wants the perpetually out-of-reach Ellie Godfrey, and when he sees his chance, he takes it. That she’s the sister of his business partner and close friend Flynn gives him pause, but it doesn’t stop him from having what he wants.

As Jasper and Ellie embark upon their secret “project,” he makes it clear that for as long as they’re together, he’s in charge—in the bedroom anyway. After the hottest sex of her life, Ellie realizes she’s made a deal with the devil himself.

Warning: If you hate foul-mouthed heroes who like it a little rough and dirty, this might not be the book for you…Contains hot and sexy BDSM scenes among other things that might not appeal to the faint of heart. Enter at your own risk and enjoy!


REVIEW: RAVENOUS is the fifth installment in M. S. Force’s contemporary, adult QUANTUM erotic, romance, BDSM series. This is academy award winning cinematographer Jasper Autry, and Ellie Godfrey’s story line. Ellie is the sister of Flynn Godfrey, and Jasper is a man with a secreted past. RAVENOUS can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty but I recommend reading the series in order for cohesion and backstory. Books 1-3 are Flynn and Nat’s story, and each additional story line focuses on a different couple.

NOTE: RAVENOUS is an erotic storyline with scenes of light BDSM, spanking, bondage, anal (including butt plugs etc) and oral sex, as well as domination and submission.

Told from dual first person points of view (Ellie and Jasper) RAVENOUS focuses on the friends to lovers/forbidden relationship between long time friends and co-workers Ellie Godfrey and British born Jasper Autry. Ellie is almost thirty-seven years old and with most of her family and friends married or in long-term relationships, our heroine has decided that if she wants to start a family, she is going to do it alone. Enter Jasper Autry, the man who has loved Ellie since the moment they met, and a man who offers himself as Ellie’s ‘baby daddy’ with no strings attached except that she must try to conceive the old-fashioned way. What ensues is the building relationship between Ellie and Jasper, and Jasper’s attempts to keep secret- his BDSM lifestyle from Ellie; their relationship from Ellie’s brother Flynn; and a rather important piece of information about his family back home and what the future holds when the truth is revealed.

The relationship between Ellie and Jasper is one of friends to lovers that finds Jasper Autry crossing the line when jealousy and emotions begin to push the friendship towards a happily ever after. The sexual chemistry is palpable; the attraction immediate and intense. Ellie is a woman determined to have a child but continues to look for someone who would make the perfect father. Jasper is a man who has a difficult time with Ellie’s plans for the future when his own future could change at a moment’s notice. The $ex scenes are erotically charged, intimate, tender and exploratory. Our hero is a man who is dominant in the bedroom, likes anal and oral sex, and prefers to discipline his lovers when they disobey his commands. Like the previous story line premises, the heroine is innocent to the BDSM lifestyle, and the hero must make the choice whether to introduce the woman that he loves into a world she knows nothing about.

Most of the previous story line couples and characters play secondary and supporting roles including Flynn and Nat, Hayden and Addison, and friends and co-workers at Quantum-Sebastian, Kristian, Aileen, Emmett, Leah and Marlowe; Ellie and Flynn’s parents Max Godfrey and Estelle Flynn; and Jasper’s parents back in the UK. I am looking forward to the potential pairings between Leah and Emmett. and Kristian and Aileen. Devon Black-the owner of the BDSM Club Black Vice makes a cameo appearance when our heroine becomes intrigued with Jasper’s BDSM lifestyle.

RAVENOUS looks at family and friendship; betrayal and revenge; love and a happily ever after. The premise is seductive and emotional; the characters are colorful, complex, and passionate; the romance is vibrant and intoxicating. RAVENOUS is a great addition to MS Force’s QUANTUM series.

Copy supplied for review

Reviewed by Sandy


Quantum by Jess Anastasi – a Review

Quantum by Jess Anastasi – a Review


QuantumAmazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / BAM / The Book Depository

Someone wants Captain Admiral Zander Graydon dead. Like yesterday. Zander’s convinced his attractive assistant knows more than she’s willing to say, and if he can stop running long enough, he’ll find out exactly what she’s hiding. Lieutenant Marshal Mae Petros is determined to keep her CO safe. Before she tips her hand, however, Mae has to figure out if the alluring man she’s protecting is the real Captain Admiral Graydon. Or an alien shape-shifting imposter.

On the run and no one to trust…not even each other.

Captain Admiral Zander Graydon has seen a lot of action, but almost getting killed three times in one day is pushing it. Only the company of his new assistant, Lieutenant Marshal Mae Petros, makes things a little easier to swallow. Except the delectable Lieutenant Marshal Petros is hiding a number of secrets, and her presence might have something to do with the continued attempts on his life.

It’s no accident Lieutenant Marshal Mae Petros finds herself in the firing line alongside the charming but very off-limits Captain Admiral Graydon. She’s taken the job as the admiral’s assistant to determine if a shape-shifting alien has killed the CO and assumed his form. Whether the admiral is human or not, Mae finds herself getting way too close to him as they run for their lives. 

Military to the core, Mae and Zander will have to overcome their suspicions of each other to work together, when they realize the fate of the entire universe is at stake.


Quantum by Jess Anastasi was such a fun read😄  It’s the second book in the Atrophy series. I do not think you need to read the first, but I had a feeling it probably would have helped. There may have been some background on a few of the characters, and it did jump from one ship to another (these characters were in the first book.) The continuing story is to do with a war against an alien species (Reidar) 

Mae and Zander are both dedicated to their jobs. Neither having much of a social life. After meeting at the space station, they make their way to the shuttle that will take them back to the Captain Admirals ship. But things don’t to go according to plan ……. 

Surviving a crash, the two characters and a couple of crew members are forced to make a shelter and survive in a wilderness planet, until they are rescued. The story moves at a good pace. Very descriptive, and well written. The characters are brought to life and very believable. 

The story keeps you wondering ….. Is Zander a shape shifter? Did he kill the Captain Admiral and take his place for a more sinister reason ? 

The feelings between Mae and Zander have an instant attraction feeling, but Mae needs to be cautious, she can’t fall for a shape shifter, they are at war with the aliens, but as she gets to know him, the lines become blurry, What’s a girl to do ? 

Zander knows his new lieutenant Marshall has a big secret, but they have time on board his ship to find out those secrets. But the crash will put things on hold, as they dance back and forward with their attraction. What will he think when he finds out that’s she’s only interested in him until she works out if he’s a threat to the war that they are fighting?

I have not read a space story before, but I’d totally recommend this book, for an afternoon of escapism 😊

Reviewed by Julie B

Copy provided by Publisher




Rapturous (Quantum #4) by M.S. Force-Review & Giveaway

RAPTUROUS (Quantum #4) by M.S. Force-Review and Giveaway

Rapturous Banner

Quantum #4
by M.S.Force
Genre: adult, contemporary, erotic, romance, BDSM
Release Date: January 19, 2016

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About the book: Release Date January 19, 2016


The story begun in the initial Quantum Trilogy picks up on Oscar night after Academy Award-winning director Hayden Roth kisses the woman he desires above all others, even though he knows she can never be his. Addison York craves her boss’s best friend, Hayden, but he has never given her an ounce of encouragement—until tonight when he kissed her after winning the Oscar. Was that kiss the start of something or another in a long line of frustrations where Hayden is concerned?

Something is keeping him from acting on the attraction that simmers between them, and Addie is determined to find out what it is. But when she stumbles upon the secret that Hayden, Flynn and her other close friends have kept from her, will she allow hurt feelings to get in the way of true love? When Hayden won’t share his BDSM lifestyle with her, Addie decides to conduct her own research. Will she be intrigued or repulsed? And what will Hayden do when he finds out how she’s been spending her evenings?


NOTE: RAPTUROUS is an erotic storyline with graphic scenes of BDSM rope play, spanking, bondage, anal (including butt plugs etc) and oral sex, as well as domination and submission.

REVIEW: RAPTUROUS is the fourth installment in M.S. Force’s contemporary, adult QUANTUM erotic, BDSM, romance series focusing on Academy Award winning director Hayden Roth, and personal assistant Addison York. Hayden and Addison were first introduced in the original QUANTUM trilogy featuring actor Flynn Godfrey and teacher Natalie Bryant. RAPTUROUS can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty but I recommend reading the series in order for backstory and history. Any important information from the previous installments is revealed where necessary. RAPTUROUS begins following the events of VICTORIOUS wherein Hayden’s movie just earned several Academy Awards including best picture, best director and best actor for Flynn Godfrey.

Told from dual first person points of view (Hayden and Addison) and a couple short chapters from Natalie’s POV, RAPTUROUS follows the friends to lovers relationship between Hayden and Addison. Addison is Flynn Godfrey’s PA, and has been in love with Hayden Roth for many years. A celebratory kiss from Hayden at the Oscar ceremonies meant something more for our leading couple, and Addison vows to seduce the man with whom she had fallen in love.

Hayden Roth is a Dominant and knows that to fall in love with Addison would mean losing more than a friend. Addison is unaware of Hayden’s kinky side and his affinity for rope play, and she has never experienced the BDSM lifestyle. Hayden needs to be in control at all times both in and out of the bedroom, and he has no plans to ever reveal that side of his life to Addison York. Revealing his lifestyle to Addison could mean losing the woman he loves. What ensues is Addison’s need to prove that she is willing to do anything including taking a walk on the wild side. When Hayden refuses to bring Addison into his BDSM lifestyle, Addison is determined to learn everything she can, up close and personal, from another source.

There is plenty of back and forth; yin and yang; and the push and pull of want and need. While Addison declares her love for Hayden, our hero continues to give mixed signals about his feelings and emotions for Addison York. The $ex scenes are erotic, and intimate. The BDSM play between Addison and Hayden is provocative and intense. Addison is a quick learner as it pertains to Hayden’s wants and needs.

All of the previous story line characters play a secondary and supporting role including Natalie and Flynn; friends and coworkers at Quantum-Sebastian, Kristian, Emmett, Leah and Marlowe; Addison’s father Simon York ; Hayden and Flynn’s friend and business partner Jasper Autry, and Flynn’s sister Ellie. Jasper and Ellie’s story is told next in RAVENOUS. We are also introduced to Devon Black-the owner of the BDSM Club Black Vice.

RAPTUROUS is a provocative story line with impassioned characters, and sensational $ex scenes. The premise is engaging and emotional; the characters are dynamic and engaging; the romance is compelling with a little bit of kink on the side. I haven’t had the chance to read the original trilogy-I am looking forward to one day catching up with Natalie and Flynn.

Copy supplied by the author

Reviewed by Sandy


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MS Marie Force


M.S. Force is the erotic alter-ego of New York Times bestselling author Marie Force. All three books in her initial Quantum Trilogy were New York Times bestsellers in 2015, and the Quantum Trilogy becomes the Quantum Series with Rapturous. Watch for book 5, Ravenous, coming later in 2016.


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