Raw Rhythm (Found in Oblivion #6) by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

RAW RHYTHM (Found in Oblivion #6) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-a review

Raw Rhythm

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date November 29, 2017

Saving her was his addiction.

When Warning Sign drummer Malachi Shawcross first saved Elle Crandall, he put her in a box in his head—do not touch. Not that she remembered him anyway. Then he joined her band, and he got to spend every night behind the kit watching her shred on her guitar.

Hating himself for wanting her.

But that was before the night the band he’d never wanted to join became his family. The night he had to make a choice to save someone, and someone else was lost.

Of course he saved Elle. He’d do it every damn time.

Though she’s filled with guilt, Elle survived—with scars. With her reason to stay clean gone, even temporarily, she’s tempted to be bad.

Oh so bad.

Until Mal’s unexpected help as she recovers turns into something else entirely. She never expected him to offer her another kind of addiction, one just as dark and dangerous as the chemicals she craves.


But with the band under siege from a threat from the past, Mal is no longer fighting to keep from falling for the one woman he shouldn’t.

He’s fighting to keep her alive.


REVIEW: RAW RHYTHM is the sixth instalment in Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott’s contemporary, adult FOUND IN OBLIVION erotic, rock star romance series focusing on the rock band WARNING SIGN. This is Warning Sign’s drummer Malachi ‘Mal’ Shawcross, and guitarist Richelle ‘Elle’ aka Ricki Crandall’s story line. The FOUND IN OBLIVION series is a spin off from Quinn and Elliott’s LOST IN OBLIVION series. Several characters from LIO cross over including Nick Crandall, band manager Lila Shawcross and Ripper Records owner Donovan Lewis. You do not have to have read the original series to follow or understand the events of RAW RHYTHM although some of the events in the current time line are as of a direct result of earlier events in the original series. RAW RHYTHM can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty but I recommend reading the series in order for backstory and cohesion. Mal is the brother of Michael Shawcross (Bedded Bliss / Found In Oblivion #1), and step-son to band manager Lila Shawcross; Elle is the twin sister of Nick Crandall (Owned / Lost in Oblivion #5).

NOTE: If you have not read book five –PERFECT PITCH-there may be some spoilers in my review.

Told from several third person perspectives including Mal and Elle, RAW RHYTHM picks up immediately after the events of book five PERFECT PITCH in which an accident tore apart the rock band Warning Sign leaving our heroine struggling for her life, and grieving the loss of a close-member of their music family and crew. For three years, Malachi Shawcross has been both protector and foil to Warning Sign guitarist Richelle ‘Elle’ Crandall, a former drug addict whose rock and roll lifestyle was spiralling out of control. A deadly on-stage accident finds our heroine struggling to move forward as grief and survivor’s guilt weigh heavily on her fragile shoulders. Enter Mal Shawcross, adversary and enemy, and the man with whom Elle would fall in love. What ensues is the building romance between Mal and Elle as Mal helps our heroine through acceptance and recovery, and the potential fall out as the past comes seeking revenge against the people he believes have done him harm.

Throughout the series Mal and Elle have battled their apparent attraction and hatred towards one another as Mal continues to watch from the sidelines as the woman with whom he had fallen in love slowly destroyed what was left of her life. Elle struggled to remain clean but the rock and roll lifestyle fed the addiction that was to become the devil inside. But the accident brought everything into perspective including our couple’s sexual attraction and desire for one another. The $ex scenes are erotic, passionate, seductive and intense.

There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including all of the members and their spouses of the rock bands Oblivion and Warning Sign; employees of Ripper Records; and Lila’s parents aka Grandma and Grandpa Ronson; and Elle’s friend Teagan.

RAW RHYTHM is the second to last instalment in the authors’ FOUND IN OBLIVION series. The romances are provocative and emotional; the characters are heartbreaking and real; the story lines are powerful and inspiring. RAW RHYTHM is a story of two people fated by circumstance pulled together by mutual grief and loss; battling the demons that all but destroyed their lives. The premise is riveting; the characters are animated; the romance is edgy and hot.

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Raw Rhythm

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Reviewed by Sandy


Maneuvered (Hammered #4) by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott-a review

MANEUVERED (Hammered #4) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott- review


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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date November 1, 2017

I’m a rockstar on the run from the memories of my past. And pussies in palaces.

Record scratch. Rewind.

My name is Hudson Wyatt, and I raced cars until an injury ended my career. Now I pound the skins in Hammered, a successful rock band. But I still enjoy living recklessly, hooking up and partying all night.

Lately, I’m wondering if I’m missing something deeper, and not just how far I can sink my—

Sorry, deleted. Anyway, it’s time for me to meet someone different.

Not someone who runs a cat café, though. I’m not a cat person. And I don’t pet felines for stress relief.

Other kinds of pussies, however…

Sexy, smart-mouthed vixen Piper Lockwood owns the Pussy Palace, and she has a heart made of cat fur and gold. She drives me nuts.

Until I get her naked, and find out Piper’s kind of crazy is all I need. Assuming this pussy can be tamed.

Or this rockstar.


REVIEW: MANEUVERED is the fourth instalment in Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott’s (Taryn Quinn) contemporary, adult HAMMERED erotic, romance, rock star series focusing on the men and women of the rock band Hammered. This is drummer and former Formula One driver Hudson Wyatt, and café and cattery owner Piper Lockwood’s story line. MANEUVERED can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary.

NOTE: Maneuvered was originally released under the title Manster but due to publishing issues the authors changed the cover and title within days of release.

Told from dual first person perspective (Piper and Hudson) MANEUVERED follows the building relationship between Hammered drummer Hudson Wyatt, and café owner Piper Dawson. Hosting Callie and Owen Blackwell’s recent baby shower for the members of the rock band Hammered brought Piper Dawson face to face with their sexy and arrogant drummer Hudson Wyatt. Hudson Wyatt is Callie Blackwell’s best friend, and by default was expected to attend the baby shower festivities. Enter shower host, cattery owner and most-excellent coffee barista Piper Lockwood-the woman with whom Hudson would fall in love. What ensues is the growing romance between Piper and Hudson as Hudson ‘educates’ Piper on the art of seduction; and the potential fall out when Piper gives Hudson an ‘out’ to their unconventional relationship.

Piper does not consider herself a girlie-girl. Raised by her father Piper was more apt to wear jeans and a sweat shirt than get dressed up for a special occasion but something about Hammered drummer Hudson Wyatt calls to our heroine’s heart when she makes Hudson an offer he cannot refuse. Hudson’s immediate refusal hurts more than Piper thought, and in this, she will keep her any thoughts of a permanent relationship on hold. Hudson’s reputation as a manwhore and player precedes our hero’s introduction to our story line heroine, and his immediate rejection of Piper’s advances stings more than Piper could have imagined.

All of the previous story line couples and characters play secondary and supporting roles including Hunter and Kennedy (Manaconda #1), Faith and Quinn (Manhandled #2) Owen and Callie Blackwell (Manipulated #3), guitarist and bad boy Zach, as well as Piper’s business partner, friend and bakery owner Levi, and a very large assortment of cats and kittens.

The world building continue to focus on the band-their on going personal battles, in-fighting, paparazzi, and fans.

MANEUVERED is a laid back, playful story line of one woman’s education in the art of seduction, and one man’s education in the art of love. The premise is engaging, entertaining and lively; the romance is provocative and intense; the characters are dynamic, colorful and animated. MANEUVERED follows the birth of the next generation as Callie and Owen’s baby makes an appearance. For fans of the authors’ FOUND IN OBLIVION series, some of the events cross over and run parallel to events in MANEUVERED, and there may be some spoilers if you are not up to date with FIO.

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Reviewed by Sandy


Dirty Duet (Found in Oblivion #3) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-a review

DIRTY DUET (Found in Oblivion #3) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-a review

Dirty Duet

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 17, 2017

He’s the wildest guy in his band, but falling for a virgin groupie-in-disguise might be his craziest move yet.

Keyboardist West Reynolds’s idea of commitment? Going out for breakfast with a woman after a night of bed-breaking action. The only thing he gets serious about is Warning Sign, the band he formed with his two best friends. Then he meets a woman being hauled off by security, and she’s fascinated by him.

To her, he’s a subject to study. Like a bug under a microscope with a big…head.

Lauren Bryant is a student of psychology, and now she’s going in depth on rockstars. Specifically, fans. What makes a woman turn into a lust-driven groupie?

Is it the music?

The fame?

The men?

She isn’t sure, but she never expected to get her own night with a rockstar. One where he’s on top, doing some studying of his own…

She isn’t sure, but she never expected to get her own night with a rockstar. And she just figured out the ultimate way to get inside a subject is to let the subject inside you…


REVIEW: DIRTY DUET is the third installment in Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott’s contemporary, adult FOUND IN OBLIVION rock star, romance series. This is keyboardist for the up and coming rock band Warning Sign, West Reynolds, and psychology student Lauren Bryant’s story line. The FOUND IN OBLIVION series is a spin off from Quinn and Elliott’s LOST IN OBLIVION series. Several characters from LIO and the authors’ HAMMERED series cross over and make cameo appearances for familiarity and cohesion. You do not have to have read the other series to follow or understand the events of DIRTY DUET. Dirty Duet can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Lauren and West) DIRTY DUET follows the building relationship between Warning Sign’s keyboardist West Reynolds, and Lauren Bryant. Lauren has been banned from getting too close to the band. Events from the previous few months found our heroine in stalker-mode as she struggled to get close to the fans, the groupies and the members of the band-all in the name of research. An innocent night spent with West Reynold’s finds our heroine on the road, and behind the scenes with a rock band, and a man with whom she will fall in love. The $ex scenes are intimate, exploratory and seductive. Our heroine is a virgin who quickly learns what it is she is willing to do for the man who will steal her heart.

West Reynolds struggles with memories of the past; a broken home and a one-time girl friend who took from West all that he was. Lauren’s past finds our heroine battling her parents about her future, and her best friend about the path she has chosen to follow. A true book nerd, Lauren uses Tumblr as her answer to many of her sexual questions.

All of the members of Warning Sign play secondary and supporting roles including Juliet Reece (Triple Trouble), Michael Shawcross and Chloe Adams (Bedded Bliss), former drummer Ryan Waters; bus driver Denver Casey; drummer Malachi Shawcross, and lead singer Molly. We are also introduced to Lauren’s best friend Professor Ethan Haywood –a man who may or may not have a romantic interest in our story line heroine. Ryan and Denver’s story line is next in Lost Lyric.

The world building takes the reader behind the scenes and on the tour bus with the members of the band. We get up close and personal with their rituals and preparations on the road; their fans, their personality quirks, and the diva-like performances and actions of their leading singer.

DIRTY DUET is a slow building story line; an encouraging and engaging tale of romance, love, heartbreak and pain. The premise is energetic; the characters are passionate and inspiring; the romance is provocative and sexy. DIRTY DUET is a playful and animated look at one man’s chance at a happily ever after.

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Copy supplied for review

Reviewed by Sandy


Manipulated (Hammered #3) by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott-a review

MANIPULATED (Hammered #3) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-a review


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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 31, 2016

My name is Owen Blackwell, and I’m currently in recovery.
Not from what you think, though I do enjoy a bit of whiskey.

No, my issue is that I fell foolishly in love with my best friend. Oh, and she’s getting married.

So, in my eternal stupidity, I hooked up with a woman at our annual masquerade ball. You know what they say—the best way to get over a woman is to get under another.

Who is this woman, you ask? Calliope Templeton. She’s unlike any other I’ve ever met. And believe me, as the guitarist for Hammered—only the biggest selling rock band out there right now—I’ve met quite a few.

Now I have to figure out how to convince her we’re more than just a one-night stand. She’s supposed to be my happily ever after.

And if necessary, I’m willing to show her just how resourceful one determined Irishman can be.


REVIEW: MANIPULATED is the third full length installment in Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott’s contemporary, adult HAMMERED rock star romance series focusing on the members of the rock band of the same name. This is bass player Owen Blackwell, and photographer Calliope (Cali) Templeton’s story line. MANIPULATED can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty but I recommended reading the series in order for cohesion and backstory. The Hammered series is a spin of from Quinn and Elliott’s Lost in Oblivion series. Some of the characters cross over including Lila and Nick Crandall, Donovan Lewis, and Gray and Jazz Duffy.

Told from dual first person points of view (Owen and Cali) MANIPULATED follows Cali Templeton as she is hired as the in-house photographer for the rock band Hammered. Hammered’s recording company wants to release a ten year anniversary coffee table book focusing on the band, and Cali’s photography work has caught the attention of the man in charge-Donovan Lewis. But Cali knows that to work with the band means coming face to face with her ‘almost’ one-night stand Owen Blackwell-the bass player for Hammered-and the man who has occupied her fantasies and thoughts since they first me four months earlier. What ensues is the building relationship between Owen and Cali- a friends with benefits/no strings attached agreement that turns into something more. Owen wants forever but Cali fears losing her job and her reputation by fooling around with a member of the band.

The attraction between Cali and Owen is immediate. Their first meeting with one another came four months earlier at a Halloween masquerade ball at the invitation of Cali’s sister and journalist Ava Templeton, and in the ensuing time Cali never forgot about the man with the Irish brogue and sexy a$$. As Cali continues to reject Owen’s advances, our hero makes Cali a deal for a no-strings attached relationship as Cali still has issues and struggles with her past. The $ex scenes are intimate and seductive, although limited in number as the couple continues to find themselves interrupted on more than one occasion.

There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including all of the members of the band: piano player Faith Keystone and her soon to be husband and bodyguard Quinn Alexander; Reed (Bats) Mason; lead singer Hunter Jordan and his wife Kennedy McManus; drummer Zach Kane; and band manager Indie West.

The world building continues to focus on the band: on stage, behind the scenes, on the bus, in the hotels, and on the road between concerts and gigs. Because Cali is hired to photograph the band in action, the reader is front and center while the band plays on stage.

Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot’s MANIPULATED is a heartwarming and energetic story line; a passionate look at two people struggling to find love on the road; an inspiring tale about success, friendship, and a happily ever after. There is very little conflict to the story line premise except what is brought into the relationship by our story line heroine, The premise is entertaining and fun; the characters are engaging and energetic; the romance is electric and hopeful.

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Reviewed by Sandy


Rocked (Lost in Oblivion #1) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott-a review

ROCKED (Lost in Oblivion #1) by Taryn Elliott & Cari Quinn-a review


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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date April 9, 2014

Love definitely wasn’t on the setlist.

Opening for their idols on their first tour, Oblivion is living the dream. Mostly. Frustrated at being shoved out of his mediator role by their new manager, Deacon McCoy loses himself in brutal workouts. He only comes up for air long enough to refuel—and to tease the deliciously cute chef who makes him crave a lot more than what she’s offering on her serving plate.

As the child of roadie parents, Harper Pruitt has heard every pickup line twice. To her, musicians are one step above the scraps on her cutting board. All she wants is to get enough experience to run her own catering company, but Deacon and his bottomless stomach are too tempting to resist. He’s far from the typical rock star and before long, she finds herself experimenting with him, inside and out of the kitchen.

Apron – and panties – optional.

When Harper sees that Deacon’s dream band with his best friends may be turning into a nightmare, she can’t walk away. Deacon’s so much more than just a peacemaker and the man behind the bass. But she has her own dreams to chase…even if she’s starting to think what she’s building with him might be the biggest one of all.


REVIEW: ROCKED is the second storyline in Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn’s contemporary, new adult, erotic Lost in Oblivion rock star series focusing on the members of the rock band Oblivion. This is bass guitarist Deacon McCoy and chef Harper Pruitt’s storyline. We were first introduced to Deacon in the introductory storyline Seduced (Lost in Oblivion .5). Deacon is the peace maker, the body builder and the most stable member of Oblivion.

The focus of the storyline is the building relationship between Deacon and Harper. Harper grew up the child of two roadies and knows the ins and outs of the business. Getting involved with Deacon McCoy is the last thing on her mind because she knows she will be one of many stops along the tour. But Harper has been hired as a chef for the five weeks of Oblivion’s tour and saying no gets harder every time Deacon is near.

The relationship between Deacon and Harper is hot, sensual and a little bit risqué. Finding time alone is difficult when both Deacon and Harper are bunking on separate buses and there is always a crowd around to listen and watch. Harper knows that their time together is limited but Deacon wants more from Harper than she is willing to give. Her career as a chef has just begun and another job offer will force Harper to make a decision that will affect their future and their relationship.

The world building continues from SEDUCED where the members of the band were first introduced in a gritty storyline of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Oblivion is about to sign a one record deal but the contract is anything but fair. We watch as the group begins to fall apart from betrayal, lies and the return of a former band mate. Add a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and the members of the group will begin to take sides against one another.

ROCKED is a revealing story about the life and love of a rock star. The reader is pulled into a no nonsense story about life on the road, behind the scenes and in the public eye for an up and coming band. Told from close third person point of view, the first half of the storyline was slow to build as Harper and Deacon played around one another but as the relationship turned more personal and sexual, there was no turning back for the characters or the reader.

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Reviewed by Sandy


Surrender to Me (I Surrender #2) by Monica James

Surrender to Me (I Surrender #2) by Monica James

I Surrender Banner

Surrender to Me
I Surrender Trilogy #2
by Monica James
Genre: New Adult, contemporary, romance
Release Date: October 21, 2013

Surrender To Me

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SURRENDER TO ME (I Surrender #2) by Monica James

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 21, 2013

Ava Thompson left the love of her life, Jasper White, to unearth her destiny. Even though the decision was the toughest of her life, it was the only way for Ava to grow into the woman she’s always wanted to become.

Sadly, that destiny has led her back to the place that broke her.


And more importantly, it has led her back to the man who broke her.


But Ava is no longer the scared, lost girl she once was. Ava is stronger, and she will not allow her past, taint her future.

Six months later, Ava travels back to Los Angeles for an event that embraces the true meaning of love. Sadly for Ava, her meaning of true love has been lost.

And that’s because of one life changing event that has altered her life forever.

Los Angeles is not how Ava left it. Things have changed. People have changed. She has changed. But what has remained untouched is her passionate love for Jasper White.

But does Jasper feel the same?

REVIEW: SURRENDER TO ME is the second storyline in Monica James’s contemporary, new adult romance series focusing on Ava Thompson and Jasper White. This instalment commences approximately four months following the end of I Surrender when Ava returns to the United States to stand up in her best friend’s wedding.

In the intervening four months the storyline changes dramatically. When we last left Ava and Jasper, they had pledged their undying love for one another as Ava departed for a scholarship program at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in Singapore-the same place where he ex boyfriend Harper still resides. Of course, you can see the problems approaching now that Harper and Ava are going to be in close proximity to one another.

The relationship between Ava and Jasper has fallen apart due in part to a piece of information that the reader is not privy to throughout most of the building story and when Ava returns to America with her ex-boyfriend in tow, things go from bad to worse with every encounter between our leading couple. And to complicate matters, Ava keeps the truth about her relationship with Harper a secret-one that even her BFF Veronica is not aware. Harper and Ava are back together as a couple and the reasons Ava keeps close to her heart.

The reader is pulled into another storyline of emotional ups and downs especially when Jasper is unable to stay angry with Ava for very long. His need and love for Ava has barely survived their separation and is clearly spiraling out of control as the storyline progresses. Jasper and Ava’s connection can be felt to the deepest part of their soul: their love for one another is both heartbreaking and sad because of the elephant in the room-what went wrong and why? The relationship issues needed to be resolved before anyone would get their HEA.

Harper (Ava’s ex) plays a more active role in Surrender to Me-one that will place Jasper and Ava in a difficult situation. He is an enigma and a man with an obvious plan. Although his part was predictable from a reader’s POV, I kept wondering why Ava hadn’t clued in to Jasper’s late night behavior and obvious avoidance of his girlfriend.

The world building and especially the character development continues from I Surrender. Monica delves deeper into Jasper and Harper’s personalities including Harper’s need for Ava and why. The storyline covers a few days in the life before the wedding and concludes with a surprising pronouncement a few weeks later.

SURRENDER TO ME is a passionate storyline about two people so much in love with another but two people who have a difficult time revealing the truth behind the continuous misunderstandings and thoughts of betrayal. It is a story where the heart knows what it wants before the mind has had a chance to see the entire picture.

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


I SURRENDER (I Surrender #1)
by Monica James
Release Date: July 2013

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I SurrenderSingapore has stolen a piece of Ava Thompson.

It took one life shattering moment, for her to realize, her EX is not the man she believed him to be. Returning home to Los Angeles was never going to be easy for Ava. Her heart has been shattered to smithereens and she’s convinced it’ll never heal. Or, so she thought.

Enter Jasper White.

Unbeknown to Ava, Jasper White will change her life forever.

The attraction is instantaneous which troubles Ava, who has sworn off men indefinitely. But, she is finding resisting Jasper, with his tousled bedroom hair and piercing cerulean eyes, harder than she ever imagined. And that’s because Jasper knows what he wants, and he wants Ava.

But, can Ava surrender to her feelings for the one man who compels her to love again? Because, what happens if love does not triumph all? What happens if love isn’t enough?

I SURRENDER is the first storyline in Monica James’s contemporary, new adult romance series focusing on Ava Thompson and rock god/guitarist Jasper White. Ava is broken-her boyfriend of four years announced that he doesn’t love her and wants a clean break. Believing that nothing or no one will ever mend her shredded heart, Ava will meet Jasper White-the man to whom she is drawn both body and soul. What ensues is a roller coaster of betrayal, jealousy, anger and hurtful words that will destroy the fragile repairs to each other’s hearts.

The storyline premise will see Ava and Jasper building a relationship – one of friends to enemies to friends to lovers to enemies to friends and back again. Yes, there it is. The proverbial roller coaster of misunderstanding, painful realizations, heartbreaking accusations and falling in love. As Ava and Jasper dance around each other both continue to ignore the elephant in the room-their exes who still have some sort of hold on their lives.

The reader is pulled into a story about one woman’s inability to move on and one man’s inability to forget about the painful childhood and the parents who cared for nothing but the next drink or getting high. Jasper believes himself unworthy of Ava’s love and Ava continues to prove him right when she is unwilling to admit that she loves the man who has stolen her heart.

The storyline is both emotionally draining and frustrating as we watch Ava destroy the relationship and the man because of her painful past. The couple push and pull at one another’s emotional fragility until there will come a point when hurtful words are daggers to the heart.

There is a colorful cast of secondary characters including Ava’s best friend V and Jasper’s band mate Lucas as well as Jasper’s evil, spiteful ex who continues to make Ava’s life miserable at every opportunity. Ava and Jasper push each other over and over, until finally, both will break under the pressure. This is a story about two people so drawn to one another but the walls that surround their hearts is so thick, it will take a separation to begin the long process of breaking down and giving in.

If you are a fan of angst driven, heartbreaking storylines where an uneasy declaration of love is threatened by yet another perfectly timed separation and threat, then I SURRENDER by Monica James is the read for you. It has all the elements of the new adult storylines: betrayal; secrets; painful past; sorrow; spiteful exes; and misunderstandings. And it also has a HEA for now because Ava has chosen to finish her goal of becoming a gourmet chef and it will bring her face to face with the man who broke her heart and sent her away.

Reviewed by Sandy


Surrender to Me by Monica James

“Do you like me more now?”

At the moment, I am trying to stop myself from liking him too much. But I’m pretty certain I am way too late, as the like ship, set sail a long time ago, and now I am faced with an endless sea of pure wanton need.

“Jasper…” I pause, unsure of what I want to say. “Let me take you home,” I finish off.

Jasper shakes his head, pulling me towards him so we are chest to chest.

“Answer my question first.”

His alcohol laced breath is fanning my cheeks, and for some reason, it is a total turn on. My hormones begin a striptease, hoping I listen to them and give in to my needs.

“Yes,” I reply simply, because it’s the truth.

Jasper leans forward, hovering over my mouth. “How much?”

I hold onto my breath, afraid if I breathe the wrong way, I might do something I know I shouldn’t.

“This much,” I say breathlessly, while stretching my thumb and forefinger as far as they will extend.

Jasper tongues his top lip. “Good. Okay, now let’s go home,” he says while pulling back with a smug look on his face, as he knows he has caused me to go weak at the knees.


How I wish his home was mine.

Surrender to Me playlist:     https://play.spotify.com/user/1292356879/playlist/2flHnePmWV1C6fxkRqfKzJ

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Direct Link: http://youtu.be/MwDFfT-AtxQ

About The Author

Monica JamesMonica James spent her youth devouring the works of Anne Rice, William Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson. Listening to the likes of Elvis to Fiona Apple and everything in between has been her inspirational tool to write. Her varied musical and literary tastes have shaped her into the writer she has become. Monica partook in extra Literature and Writing studies in High School. She studied a Bachelor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe University Victoria, Australia, majoring in Philosophy and Cinema Studies for three years. When she is not writing she is running her own business, but always finds a balance between the two. Monica enjoys reading honest, heartfelt and turbulent stories that leave an imprint on her. She put pen to paper because she wanted to write a book that she would want to read. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, hopeful others enjoy reading about the world as she sees it.

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White Trash Damaged (White Trash #2) by Teresa Mummert-a review

White Trash Damaged (White Trash #2) by Teresa Mummert-a review

White Trash Damaged

Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / Amazon.uk/ Barnes and Noble / KOBO / The Book Depository

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 8, 2013

Living on a tour bus with your boyfriend’s rock band is nothing like living in a trailer with your drug-addicted mother—except for the drama. After all the pain and grief that marked the beginning of Cass and Tucker’s relationship, they’re finally building a life together—just the two of them, his three bandmates, some groupies, and thousands of screaming fans. And not everyone is as happy about the couple’s reunion as they are.

The last thing Cass wants to do is create friction within the band—especially when Damaged is on the brink of achieving the success Tucker has worked so hard for. She’s thrilled to finally be with a man who loves and protects her as much as he does. But how can she carve out a place for herself in this new rock star world . . . without being swallowed by the shadow of Tucker’s fame?


4 out of 5 for this reader folks!

White Trash Damaged by Teresa Mummert is the second book in her White Trash Trilogy. Described as a contemporary romance, this is the continuation of Cass and Tucker’s romance whom we read about in the first book White Trash Beautiful. Again Teresa writes a believable story that lifts you heart and makes you believe in love against all odds.

Cass was rescued by Tucker in the first book from a life of tragedy. Raised in a trailer park and living with her mentally ill mother and drug addicted abusive boyfriend, Cass had conceded to her life of misery until Tucker strolled into the diner she worked at, swept her off her feet, fell madly in love with her and stood up to those abusive people in her life. After the drama in book one (you absolutely must read that book before this one), we are now left hopeful that this romance will grow the wings it need to take flight.

Tucker is currently on tour with his rock band and refuses to continue this tour without Cass by his side. After the loss they both have endured, Cass agrees to tour with band and adopt the rocker lifestyle. Immediately, conflict is felt among the band members and Cass is constantly worried she is the cause. Tucker is always assuring her that he will chose her over the band and this leaves Cass feeling guilty and with the “suck it up” frame of mind.

As a friendship blooms with another female who heads the opening act of the tour, Cass finds herself questioning what it is she wants to do with her life. What is her contribution to this world? When she buys a journal and starts to pen the pain of her life little does she know she has found her calling. Believing in herself for the first time in her life, Cass soars and begins to really find herself. Of course, all would be perfect if she could just kick the jealousy she feels when she sees her man (who has to keep this relationship under wraps so he doesn’t lose his female fan base) dripping with groupies and models in video shoots. As much as Tucker hates that aspect of his career, it is necessary.

Tucker is fearful of losing Cass the way he did in the first book and is extremely insecure. When Cass begins to grow into her own, Tucker is not keen on the attention she begins to receive by other men. When a new manager is hired and states that no girlfriends or groupies will be part of the tour, Tucker sees red and the conflict among the band that Cass was worried about starting … starts. Throw in a father who never made an appearance in Cass’s life until her picture is printed in a local magazine (she is found out to be Tucker’s fave lady friend) and the drama is packed on.

I really enjoy these two and their troubled romance. They truely love each other and I am praying they beat the odds. This book left off quite happy, so I am interested in seeing where the final book will take us with these two. I have a few suspicions, but know regardless, Teresa Mummert will do them justice. If you like to read a good contemporary romance with hot rock stars then chances are you will appreciate this read. While this book is not drenched in sex (actually it is quite tame) I found I didn’t miss the sex scenes as the love story really took front row. Looking forward to book 3! 🙂

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Reviewed by Rachel


Passionate Addiction by Eden Summers-Cover Reveal and Giveaway

Passionate Addiction by Eden Summers-Cover Reveal and Giveaway

PA cover prize

Passionate Addiction
Reckless Beat II
by Eden Summers
Release Date: November 15, 2013

Passionate Addiction

He’s been her ultimate untouchable desire.

Nothing says happy birthday like a rock god flying thousands of miles to surprise a woman he’s never met. But that’s exactly what happens to Gabi Smith when she gives her long distance best friend a flippant invitation to her laid back girl’s night out. She never expected to turn on the dance floor and find Blake Kennedy’s gaze holding her body captive.

Gabi means more to Blake than life itself. She’s his strength, his savior, and the only person who helped to vanquish his demons. No one means more to him than his angel. So when things between them start to sizzle, he’s ready to fight for the future he never thought he would deserve.

Skeletons from his past will threaten his only chance at love…

Blake has come a long way—with Gabi’s help—to leave the hell of his youth behind him, but sometimes memories don’t want to stay buried. Determined to stand on his own for once, Blake is willing to stretch the truth to keep his troubles from burdening the woman he adores.

Little white lies can create black holes in any relationship. Only time will tell if an Aussie with a heart of gold will forgive her bad-boy boyfriend or if the deceit will end his passionate addiction.

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About the Author

Eden SummersEden Summers is a true blue Aussie, living in regional New South Wales with her two energetic young boys and a quick witted husband.

In late 2010, Eden’s romance obsession could no longer be sated by reading alone, so she decided to give voice to the sexy men and sassy women in her mind.
Eden can’t resist alpha dominance, dark features and sarcasm in her fictional heroes and loves a strong heroine who knows when to bite her tongue but also serves retribution with a feminine smile on her face.

Passionate Addiction page on Goodreads/Eden Summers Website/ Eden Summers Facebook Page / Twitter

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