Born of Vengeance by Sherrilyn Kenyon – a Review

Born of Vengeance by Sherrilyn Kenyon – a Review


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A fate worse than death . . .

Bastien Cabarro survived the brutal slaughter of his entire family only to have his wife pin their murders on him. Made Ravin by The League, he is now a target for their assassins-in-training to hunt and kill. The average life expectancy for such beings is six weeks. But defying the odds is what this Gyron Force officer does best, and Bastien won’t rest until he lays his betrayers in their graves.

Ten years later, he has one chance to balance the scales of justice, provided he relies on his former wingman— the very sister of the woman who testified against him.

Major Ember Wyldestarrin joined the outlaw Tavali the day Kirovar fell into the hands of a tyrant, and she and her sister-team were left on an outpost to die under the barrage of enemy fire. The last thing she wants is to be involved in politics again. But the one thing she wants more than anything is revenge on the tyrant who murdered her parents and forced her and her sisters into exile. Carrying a secret she knows Bastien will annihilate her over, she must find some way to trust her former wingman before he catches on and kills her. Even so, treachery doesn’t come easy to a woman who took a loyalty oath to protect her homeworld and comrades-in-arms, especially when Bastien is much more to her than just a former wingman.

Yet as she tries to do right for her family, she learns that Bastien doesn’t just hold the key to the fate of Kirovar, he is vital to The Sentella-League war, and to The Tavali. If she doesn’t ensure he survives this mission, three nations fall, and time for all of them is quickly running out.




I’m going to start off by saying that Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of my all time favourite authors and I have enjoyed all her stories to date. However, I seem to have mixed feelings over Born of Vengeance.  After reading Born of Legend I was hyped and ready for the next installment as I become quite intrigued by Bastien, and the position we found him in, in previous books.  Now after reading Bastien’s story I can’t help but feel a little cheated.  I was expecting more present day situation/events surrounding Bastien and Ember, but I felt like we got more back tracking and repetitive scenes/history from Hauk and Jullien(Dagger)’s books.  When we do finally get up to speed and join the present everything happens so fast that before I knew it I had the book read.  I was like, ‘that’s it, it can’t be, I want more, there needs to be more’.  Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the book, just wish there was more present day events.

Bastien is everything I hoped he would be and then some.  He’s a warrior who’s been to hell and back but somehow managed to hold onto his soul and humanity thanks to the love he still holds for Ember.  It’s that love that sustains him through his years as a Ravin, a criminal placed on the run by the League to be hunted and killed.  Bastien winds up seeking refuge on the planet Oksana where it plays havoc with communication and transmission devices.  He’s planned to hide out and wait out his Ravin sentence so that he can return to his planet Kirovar and seek revenge on Uncle Barnie as he likes to call him, and ex-wife Alura(Ember’s sister) over everything that’s happened to him.  Mind you, through all the back tracking/history of Bastien’s time on Oksana we do learn more about him; how he becomes friendly with the Sentella and is offered a position with them should he ever want one, we see more of his relationship with Jullien and his family, as well as how he becomes friends with Thraix and Trejan.  In hindsight I guess you can say the back tracking wasn’t all that bad, and did serve a purpose for when we reach present day.

Once we do reach present day and Bastien is gunning for revenge, events from here on in do move fast.  Bastien and Ember are reunited and have a common goal, Bastien learns he has a son with Ember, Florian, whom he loves instantly upon meeting the boy.  Absolutely loved this scene, it was perfectly written and the interaction between Bastien and his son is priceless.  In this scene we see the true Bastien come to the forefront, the man with a heart of gold, who will die before he sees any harm done to those he loves and holds dear. He may be a warrior honed in the fires of hell, but underneath it all, he’s just a cuddly teddy bear.  We also see this side of Bastien whenever he’s with Ember.  He loves her so deeply that there is no Bastien without Ember.  His love for her, and Ember’s love for Bastien flows off the pages and makes you root for them to finally get their HEA.  Bastien and Ember are solid characters who match each other in everyway which makes them perfect for one another.  Even her sisters adore him and welcome him back with open arms, which was another cute scene that makes you want Bastien to succeed all the more.  Another fun scene is when Bastien meets Trajen once he’s finally rid of his Ravin tracking device. Upon introduction via  Jullien he uses Bastien’s royal title, to which Bastien quickly lets him know ‘it’s just Bastien, or Bas, asshole if you must’.  Trajen’s response is priceless; “Aw god, there are two of you in this universe.” As he shakes his head and walks away muttering under his breath.  I was LOL, at poor Trajen at this point. 

Of course it wouldn’t be a Kenyon book without her rag tag band of unique characters.  It was nice to see many of our old and current favourites return, along with some newbies to help Bastien, Ember and her sisters out.  The interactions between these characters is ROTFL’ing moments where you can’t help but think ‘my goodness how have they survived this long’.  Their antics and actions are off the wall and completely insane at the best of times.  It’s no wonder they all get along and have formed friendships, they’re all a little kooky.  It’s one of the reasons I love Kenyon’s books, her characters crack me up. 

Another highlight of the book was the little bonus story/chapter after Born of Vengeance.  It centers on Nyk and Jullien so we get to see how they’ve may in roads to being more brotherly with each other.  Nyk is entrusting his eldest daughter to Jullien to be trained in the Tavali ways.  Loved the interactions between these two and then watching Jullien with Nyk’s kids is simply adorable.  It’s a lovely written chapter, one that leaves you wanting more from these two brothers.  Here’s hoping we get more of these bonus chapters, or maybe, hopefully Thia’s story being told in the near future, with more brotherly interactions. 

After writing up this review I’ve come to the conclusion that yes I did indeed enjoy Born of Vengeance, even though I had some issues with the back tracking/history lessons.  It was full of the ingredients I’ve come to find in a Kenyon book and has me wanting more as I wait for the next installment.  Guess that’s why she’s the author and not me 😉  For any Kenyon fan this is a good addition to the series, now bring  on Mack and Ryn!!

Until next time my fellow Menyons, happy reading!! 

Reviewed by Marcie


Death’s Mistress by Terry Goodkind – a Review

Death’s Mistress by Terry Goodkind – a Review


Death's MistressAmazon / B&N / Kobo / BAM / Book Depository

Onetime lieutenant of the evil Emperor Jagang, known as “Death’s Mistress” and the “Slave Queen”, the deadly Nicci captured Richard Rahl in order to convince him that the Imperial Order stood for the greater good. But it was Richard who converted Nicci instead, and for years thereafter she served Richard and Kahlan as one of their closest friends–and one of their most lethal defenders.

Now, with the reign of Richard and Kahlan finally stablized, Nicci has set out on her own for new adventures. Her first job being to keep the unworldly prophet Nathan out of trouble…




Death’s Mistress by Terry Goodkind is the 1st book in his new series, Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles. I am a big fan of Goodkind’s  Sword of Truth series, and was happy with the end of the arc of Richard and Kahlan.  Though she was a villain early on in the series, Nicci became one of my favorites (besides Cara) later on.  I was happy to see that Goodkind has started a new series that will revolve around Nicci, starting with Death’s Mistress.

At the start, our powerful sorceress Nicci and the wizard, Nathan were on a trek to visit with the witch, Red, whom Nathan had a request.  Nicci and Nathan have been assigned by Richard to visit other realms and spread the word that the war and slavery is over, and everyone is free.  Nicci decides to go with Nathan on his visit to the witch, protecting him since he would be entering dangerous grounds.  Before they leave the witch, she will tell them of their destiny;   Nathan to find the land that will restore his wizard powers, and Nicci to save the world.

What follows is an epic adventure that will bring in some new characters to join them, as they face some wild and dangerous situations that always come into play in these types of fantasy novels.  At many different stops along the way, they come across dangerous and terrible situations  with sea creatures  or sand monsters, as well as two evil beings that lost their way from using powerful spells buried deep over the years.  It will take the ultra powerful Nicci to use her magic to help save the others, as well as Nathan to help find the hidden information to stop the villains from destroying the world. 

This is an exciting, non stop action filled story that has you totally engrossed in this adventure.  It is difficult to tell too much more, as you need to read and visualize the action.  I loved Nicci, and despite her being hard core, she has changed so much since changing her total loyalty to Richard, and in this book we begin to see a small change to her becoming emotionally attached.  The two new characters who we meet early were very likeable.  Bannon is a young man whom Nicci helps save, and then he joins her and Nathan on their adventure.  Thistle is young girl, who loses her family in one of the horrible attacks; she too joins with them.  There were many emotional moments throughout the book, which included being on the edge of your seat, fear and even tears. 

Terry Goodkind has given us a new series that allows us to stay in the Sword of Truth world, with the focus on Nicci as our heroine.  I for one am thrilled about this series, and will be waiting for the next one.  If you are a fantasy lover, as well as Sword of Truth fan, I recommend you read Death’s Mistress.

Reviewed by Barb



Justice Ascending (Scorpius Syndrome #3) by Rebecca Zanetti-a review

JUSTICE ASCENDING (Scorpius Syndrome #3) by Rebecca Zanetti- a review

Justice Ascending / / B&N / KOBO / BAM /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date January 31, 2017

Before surviving the Scorpius bacterium, Tace Justice was a good ole Texas cowboy who served his country and loved his mama. After Scorpius, the world became dark, dangerous, and deadly… and so did he. The Vanguard medic is stronger, faster, and smarter than before, but he’s lost the line between right and wrong. His passion is absolute, and when he focuses it on one woman, there’s no turning back for either of them.

Sami Steel has been fighting to survive right alongside Tace, convincing the Vanguard soldiers she’s one of them. In truth, Sami is a former hacker turned government agent who worked at The Bunker, where scientists stored both contaminants and cures. Only she knows the location, and she’s not telling. Yet when sexual fire explodes between her and Tace, she’ll face even that hell again to save him.


REVIEW: JUSTICE ASCENDING is the third full length installment in Rebecca Zanetti’s THE SCORPIUS SYNDROME cross genre Sci-Fi/ UF/Dystopian series focusing on a biological pandemic sweeping the world that has already killed 99% of the US population. This is former Texas cowboy and soldier Tace Justice, and former LAPD rookie Sami Steel’s story line that looks at life in the aftermath, and the fallout from an unknown bacteria-from space. The story line advances the series but a few days. For more background information and some history, there is a prequel novella-SCORPIUS RISING-which can be found in the ON THE HUNT anthology (August 2015).

SOME BACKGROUND: Some of those infected with the biological virus have survived to become something known as a Ripper, but there are two types of Rippers inhabiting the world-one is a zombie like creature who feasts on the living; the other is a survivor whose brain has been altered resulting in a stronger, more powerful enhanced human being sometimes bordering on the sociopath ideology with delusions of grandeur and hate. If you are a fan of the series The Walking Dead, you will see many similarities in the story line premise including the search for food and supplies, attacks of the ‘undead’, and various groups of survivors vying for power and control.

Told from several third person points of view JUSTICE ASCENDING focuses on the struggle to survive as the depleting inventory at the Vanguard compound threatens the survival of anyone seeking refuge. Tace Justice, along with many other members of the compound survived the virus but the resulting after affects are slowly killing our story line hero. Tace is a former army field medic and has been ordered to the Mercenary’s compound to offer medical aid following an attack by the Elite Force and the self-proclaimed president of the USA- a man once infected by the Scorpius virus who has since become a sociopathic Ripper. Enter Sami Steel, the woman that calls to Tace’s heart, and the woman sent to scope out the Mercs for some well needed supplies. What ensues is the building relationship between Sami and Tace, Tace’s struggle to keep secret his deteriorating condition, and the search for answers at the California Bunker.

The relationship between Tace and Sami is a friends to lovers scenario-sparring partners, and compound soldiers, Tace has always been attracted to the feisty Sami Steele-a woman who keeps her past a secret –a secret that could help save Tace’s life. Tace is a mercurial hero, a man who struggles with the dark demons that have affected his brain and his mind. The $ex scenes are erotic, intense and passionate-there are some scenes of spanking and discipline.

There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including Vanguard leader Jax Mercury and Lynne Harmony (Mercury Striking #1), mercenary Raze Shadow, and FBI profiler Vivienne (Vinnie) Wellington (Shadow Falling #2), as well as a number of soldier and people at the compounds both Vanguard and Mercenary. The Vanguard facility must contend with a growing number of people free of the virus hoping to keep themselves ‘pure’- the purists is a cult-like group who follow another self-proclaimed leader Pastor Zachary King who will protect his followers from the Scorpius virus. We are re- introduced to Damon Winter and Greyson Storm (leader of the Mercs) two men who struggle to keep their own people alive. The requisite evil includes President Bret Atherton, and his Elite Force of soldiers. Not everyone will survive.

JUSTICE ASCENDING is a story of survival set in a futuristic world where only the strongest survive; an action packed tale of death and destruction, love and loss, secrets and lies, struggle and freedom. New alliances are made; old enemies go down in flames. The premise is unique and imaginative; the characters are spirited, flawed and intense; the romance is passionate and challenging.

Reading Order and Previous Reviews

Scorpius Rising (On the Hunt Anthology)
Mercury Striking
Shadow Falling
Justice Ascending

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy


Feversong by Karen Marie Moning – a Review

Feversong by Karen Marie Moning – a Review


Fever series – Book #9
by Karen Marie Moning
Release Date: January 17. 2017

FeversongAmazon / B&N / Kobo / BAM / Book Depository

Karen Marie Moning returns with the epic conclusion to her pulse-pounding Fever series, where a world thrown into chaos grows more treacherous at every turn. As Mac, Barrons, Ryodan, and Jada struggle to restore control, enemies become allies, right and wrong cease to exist, and the lines between life and death, lust and love, disappear completely.

Black holes loom menacingly over Dublin, threatening to destroy the Earth. Yet the greatest danger is the one MacKayla Lane has unleashed from within: the Sinsar Dubh—a sentient book of unthinkable evil—has possessed her body and will stop at nothing in its insatiable quest for power.

The fate of Man and Fae rests on destroying the book and recovering the long-lost Song of Making, the sole magic that can repair the fragile fabric of the Earth. But to achieve these aims, sidhe-seers, the Nine, Seelie, and Unseelie must form unlikely alliances and make heart-wrenching choices. For Barrons and Jada, this means finding the Seelie Queen who alone can wield the mysterious song, negotiating with a lethal Unseelie prince hell-bent on ruling the Fae courts, and figuring out how to destroy the Sinsar Dubh while keeping Mac alive.

This time, there’s no gain without sacrifice, no pursuit without risk, no victory without irrevocable loss. In the battle for Mac’s soul, every decision exacts a tremendous price



Feversong by Karen Marie Moning is the 9th and final book in her fantastic Fever series.  I am a big fan of the Fever series and Karen Moning.  When I heard that Feversong would be the end of Mac & Barrons story, I could not wait to get my hands on this book.  The fact that I was able to finish the book (560 pages) in one day proves how good an author is that you are so immersed into the story that you could not stop reading; and Moning is one of the best.  I have loved my time in the Fever world, and loved loved these great characters; Mac, Barrons, Dani/Jada, Ryodan, Cruce/VLane, etc.  Even the secondary, as well as evil characters were all great.

In Feversong, Mac finally takes control of her destiny and becomes what we had hoped she would be.  When we left off in the last book, the evil Sinsar Dubh takes control of Mac after she saves herself and Dani.  Along the way the evil being in control threatens anyone who stands in the way, which includes the death of some characters we have known for awhile.  Also in Dublin and around the world, things are falling apart, with Earth slowly crumbling.  

The group who has led us here throughout this series tries desperately to find a way to stop the Sinsar Dubh and try to stop the overall destruction.  Mac will find a way to rise up and become a strong fierce person and take control again; but for how long and for what cost?

What follows is an exciting, pulse-pounding action filled adventure that at times is dark and terrifying, and other times gloriously happy and romantic.  I do not want to give spoilers, since each fan of this series needs to read Feversong.  I loved how Mac became what I had hoped she would, and loved the sweet conclusion to her and Barrons arc.  I love everything about Dani, who has been one of my favorites from the beginning.  To see her have the strength of the tough confident Jada was great, but to see my Dani back was awesome.  Ryodan was his normal self; controlled and always looking out for Dani, even to letting her go…just a little.  Dancer was a surprise and this was a nice, but bittersweet element to the story.  Cruce/Vlane was either his nasty side, or the charming friend that Mac trusted at one time.  I loved finally learning more about Dani’s Shazam.  What is he?  Is he real? You will have to read Feversong to find out.

The last third of the book was wild and emotional.  So much happens that you cannot blink, and you will need some tissues close by.  As I have noted before, in the Fever series, Moning has given us some wonderful complex characters that have kept us along for this emotional  roller coaster of a ride. I loved Feversong, but please please Karen, even if this is the end of the Mac/Barrons story; I want and need more of Dani, as she has so much more to tell.  Thank you Karen Marie Moning for another fantastic story.

Reviewed by Barb


Diffraction by Jess Anastasi – a Review

Diffraction by Jess Anastasi – a Review


DiffractionAmazon / B&N / Kobo / BAM

After his unusual reaction to a weapon, Commando Varean Donnelly is accused of being a shape-shifting alien and imprisoned onboard the Imojenna. Sure, he has abilities he keeps hidden from everyone—including the gorgeous doc examining him—because the government makes sure people as different as him disappear. For good.

Imojenna doctor Kira Sasaki knows there’s something different about the handsome commando the captain’s thrown in their brig. She doesn’t think he’s Reidar, although he might have been a victim of their cruel experiments. But when Kira learns the stubborn commando’s racial make-up, she finds herself torn between defending him to Captain Rian Sherron and his crew or urging Varean to escape while he still can.


Diffraction by Jess Anastasi is the third novel in her Atrophy sci-fi series. And to be honest, they do need to be read in order.

Captain Rian Sherron and his crew are slowly winning the battle against their sworn enemies the Reidar. (Aliens who can shift to look like humans, their goal is to impersonate key personnel throughout human organizations, and take over),  Rian has helped developed a weapon which makes the Reidar emerge and show themselves but has no affect on humans. When Varean has a weird reaction to the weapon, Rian imprisons him on his spaceship.

Commando Varean Donnelly has been imprisoned aboard a space ship after failing a test to prove he is human. He didn’t react like the aliens either. So what is he?
And he won’t tell anyone what he is, he’d rather remain in the brig !

Doctor Kira Sasaki knows there is something different about Varean, she believes he may have been experimented on by the Reidar. But she doesn’t think he’s a threat to the humans, and nor does she hold with the punishments that are doled out to the prisoner either. But something isn’t right, and the more she finds out, the harder it is to defend him to the captain and crew. And mysterious accidents start happening, so the tests are hampered.

And there are some hints regarding Rian’s past when he worked for the aliens. So was he experimented on? Or is he really an alien ?  The action scenes are well written. And there are plenty of twist and turns and the ending …… not what I was expecting

Reviewed by Julie B

Copy provided by Publisher



Awakening (Stories of Singularity 5) by Susan Kaye Quinn-a review

AWAKENING (Stories of Singularity 5) by Susan Kaye Quinn-a review

Awakening / /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date January 2, 2017

Sister Amara prays she won’t be the last of the twelve sisters to reach her awakening—after all, the salvation of their Masters depends on them. But with the interrogations growing more deadly, being last may be best… especially when you’ve been created to touch the face of God.

Awakening is a standalone novella that provides a glimpse into a dark corner of the Singularity novel series.

The Stories of Singularity can be read independently from the Singularity novel series.

Singularity Series
The Legacy Human (Book 1)
The Duality Bridge (Book 2)
The Stories of Singularity #1-4 (Novella Box Set)
The Illusory Prophet (Book 3)

Stories of Singularity
Restore (Story 1)
Containment (Story 2)
Defiance (Story 3)
Augment (Story 4)
Awakening (Story 5)


REVIEW: AWAKENING is the fifth novella in Susan Kaye Quinn’s young adult Stories of Singularity dystopian, sci-fic series- a companion series to Quinn’s Singularity Series. AWAKENING can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty.

BACKGROUND: The ‘Singularity’ resulted in most of the world’s population transforming themselves into a hybrid known as the Ascended-part man/part machine but the few remaining humans become what is known as the Legacy-the true descendants of humankind. The Singularity series looks at the struggle between the Ascended and everyone else.

Told from first person point of view (Sister Amara) AWAKENING follows Sister Amara as she ‘awakens’ to the world around her. A combination of artificial intelligence and cloistered humanoids ‘created to touch the face of God’, Sister Amara and eleven other ‘clones’ just like her are in a constant state of hyper vigilance as each approaches the famed ‘awakening’. But as the ‘experiment’s continue each sister will inevitably fail to reach her potential, and the people in charge will do anything to avoid an experimental disaster. Sister Amara is one of the few who will reach her potential (and beyond), and with it will gain her freedom from the onslaught of constant pain and strive for perfection.

AWAKENING is an intriguing look at the world of Singularity. An interesting and powerful concept born of the mind of Susan Kaye Quinn that focuses on humanity’s desire to live forever.

Copy supplied for review

Reviewed by Sandy


Beyond the Myth by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway

Beyond the Myth by M.A. Abraham – Review & Giveaway

Beyond the Myth Banner


Beyond the MythAmazon / B&N / Kobo

Darlene Stanton is an archeologist, born and raised in the field by her archeologist parents, along with her twin, Derek. They appear to have it all, fame and fortune, for they are top of their field. They are sought out for their expertise in the field and the prestige they bring to each job they do, which is why they have been hired to check out the myth and island where it originated. There is more to the myth than they expect.

Blond and beautiful, Darlene has hidden herself behind her work and an icy shield that is meant to keep people at bay. She discovers more than she can handle when they get caught up in the reality of the myth on the site she is working on with her brother.

Atl is one of the leader’s sons, and he wants nothing more than to marry his childhood sweetheart, until he meets Darlene. She is beautiful, spirited, and nearly more than he can handle in the beginning. She is also suffering from shock from all the changes she has been forced to face in the few days before they met.

Ripped from her home planet, forced into a relationship, and lifestyle that is totally alien to everything she knows, Darlene fights to regain some form of stability in her life, while Derek settles into their new lifestyles without a problem. It doesn’t help when the handsome man who owns her is so charismatic that she can barely keep her hands off of him. She knows he didn’t want her anymore than she does him, but there is nothing either of them can do to change things. How is she to face the reality of her life, beyond the myth?



Beyond the Myth by M.A. Abraham is a standalone Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel.  Darlene and Derek Stanton, brother and sister twins, are world renown archeologists.  They are famous, rich and always in demand; but they are selective and expensive in accepting jobs.  Despite her dire feelings, Darlene agrees with Derek to accept their next adventure on a newly discovered island that holds a mysterious myth.  When they begin exploring, they sense that this is not things they normally handle from the past, but something more advanced into the future. Derek will accidently touch one of the artifacts, which will bring them into a new world and change their lives forever.

Darlene and Derek are not only smart and independent, but they are both beautiful.  She being more distant and cold, and he being a fun loving playboy.  But in this new planet, things are totally different, and due to their attractive looks, they will be sold to another local area.  On a ship, they find that they have been promised as mates to the leader’s son and daughter.  Derek will adapt well, but Darlene will have a very hard time in an alien world, that takes away her freedom.  She finds Atl, her prospective mate, very attractive and he too is forced into this relationship.  But Atl turns out to be a great hero, and someone who loves the spirited, and feisty attitude of Darlene.  Just when she slowly begins to care about Atl, and finds herself learning more about helping with the land and the ship, the wool is pulled out from under her once again.   With Darlene’s help, the leader is able to return to their homeland after 1500 years, but the new King now has his eyes on Darlene, and will do anything to break up her and Atl.

Rather than tell too much more, what follows is an interesting story line, as well as a very nice romance. I really liked Atl, his father (leader), and sister.  Derek was also very good, especially being in a different world.  Darlene was the main character, and I liked her too. However, I did think at times I wanted to smack her, as her stubbornness was annoying.  Granted, her life was totally torn apart, but at times I found her continued refusal to adapt to Atl and his life irritating; but in the end, Darlene’s strength, smarts and independence will help them.  Overall, it was a great story line, and I am amazed by M.A. Abraham’s wonderful imagination in bringing us different & new stories.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy supplied for review



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The Six Saviors Christmas Novella by Carly Fall-a review


The Six Saviors Christmas Novella / / B&N / KOBO /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date November 25, 2016

**This book is to be read after Roman, book 11 of the series**
As Christmas approaches, there are three couples in the silo who are at odds with each other:

Hudson and Beverly
Blake and Sophia
Noah and Abby

Hudson and Beverly:
When Hudson discovers a troubling secret, Beverly decides she needs some space.
Will he be able to make things right with Beverly, and take care of his responsibilities?

Blake and Sophia:
As Sophia reveals troubling news, Blake’s past comes back to haunt him and causes a huge rift between him and Sophia.
Can Blake let go of his past, look to the future, and mend his relationship with Sophia?

Noah and Abby:
As new parents of a baby who doesn’t sleep more than a couple of hours at a time, Noah and Abby are having difficulties finding quality time to spend together, and they must find a way to close the huge gap that has developed between them.


REVIEW: THE SIX SAVIORS CHRISTMAS NOVELLA by Carly Fall focuses on three couples we have previously met throughout the SIX SAVIORS sic-fi, paranormal, romance series. All three couples are struggling in their current relationships; all of the short stories take place a few days prior to Christmas, and all run parallel to the events in one another.

Some Series Background: 6 saviors warriors from planet SR44: Rayner, Hudson, Noah, Cohen, Jovan & Talin were sent to earth over 220 years ago to stop and eradicate the 12 murderers who escaped from one of the moon colonies of planet SR44. The Colonists, as they were soon called, made their way to Earth, took the human body form, mated with the females and populated the earth with Colonist DNA. The savior warriors are part of the elite military from planet SR44, commissioned to remove the Colonists from Earth, but as the Colonists continued to breed, so too did their offspring and the number of inhabitants on earth with Colonist DNA is unknown. The Six Saviors have been unsuccessful in their attempts to locate all of the original Colonists and anyone with Colonist DNA.

HUDSON and BEVERLY: Hudson arrived on Earth over two hundred years earlier, and his days as a single, male have caught up with our hero when an indiscretion from his past resurfaces not once but twice. Hudson’s mate Beverly struggles with her husband’s surprising news, and takes some time alone to focus on their future.

BLAKE and SOPHIA: Blake is a descendent of the Colonists; a member of the Savior warriors, and a man determined never to make good on his DNA heritage- a heritage rife with anger, murderous rage, and the need to destroy everything good. But Blake’s mate has news that throws our hero into a tailspin where his rage filled and painful words not only hurt the woman that he loves but forces Sophia to walk away. Like Beverly, Sophia walks away from the man that she loves hoping he will come to understand the source of his anger, and refocus his pain in another direction.

NOAH and ABBY: Noah and Abby are new parents, and like many young infants the baby rarely sleeps which has begun to affect Noah and Abby’s personal relationship. An offer from one of the couple’s has Noah and Abby taking time for themselves, getting the much need rest and relaxation sorely missing from most new parent’s lives.

THE SIX SAVIORS CHRISTMAS Novella covers approximately five days in the life of three couples whose relationships have fallen onto hard times. All of the short stories run parallel to, and overlap some of the same events such that the reader does not feel pulled in too many direction. The premises are heartbreaking yet sweet; the romances are fated and reconciled; the characters are familiar as they struggle with life’s surprise and reveals. THE SIX SAVIORS CHRISTMAS novella is a welcome addition, and a quick peak into the lives of the Warrior Saviors.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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When Abby and Noah meet, there is an explosive attraction between them that neither can deny…

As a shy, awkward, social misfit, Abby has gone her whole life feeling as though she’s different from everyone else and she simply doesn’t fit in well with society as a whole. She longs to feel a real connection with someone, and she finally does when she meets Noah.

Unbeknownst to Abby, Noah is from another world and his sole purpose is to hunt down the evil of his people that was unleashed on Earth hundreds of years ago. He’s certain he isn’t going to be able to return to his home, and anger and the need for revenge are his constant companions. His focus has been eradicating the evil and making them pay for taking his life on his world away from him.

Noah tries desperately to fight his attraction to Abby so he can keep his focus on his mission. But when Abby gets dragged into the evil and mayhem from Noah’s world, he realizes that maybe with Abby he can find a home here on Earth…if he can save her in time.