Surrounded by the Light by M.A. Abraham – a Review

Surrounded by the Light by M.A. Abraham – a Review


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It has been three years since Branith has been home and a few of the Princes from the Free Lands have come with him. Things have changed and they are all quick to note the obvious ones. The young girls he remembered as cute little toddlers and scamps are developing curves, and he is suddenly feeling very protective. Where did that come from?

As Elves gather for the celebration, Daroth finds his Kingdom is being invaded by what seems like every high-ranking Elven family in the Empire. There are toddlers everywhere! He would ask where they all came from, but their ages point at only one possible answer: their conceptions can be traced back to the time when Gabriel and Eden conjured their spell in the High Elven Kingdom. It reminds him of when their children were toddlers, and with that in mind, he is ready to enjoy the party.

Can it be that simple?




Surrounded by the Light by M.A. Abraham is another one of her wonderful novellas from her Elven Chronicles, which she always brings us each year near the holidays. It is that time of year again in Daroth’s Kingdom when all the families gather to celebrate. Only this time, it seems all the other Kings and their families don’t want to miss this either, and they all start arriving.

Branith, who is Marious’ brother, has been away for three years, and he comes home with others from the free lands to a wild and fun filled celebration that will find him his lifemate. But not too much other then who she is was mentioned. I am sure Abraham has more in store for us with this revelation.

The crux of the story in the middle of the celebration will alert all that danger is on the horizon once again. This is a novella and too hard to write a longer review, as saying too much would be spoilers. I will say that the children were up to their old tricks, which was cute; we also got to see the Dragon King and Queen, who visited with serious warnings, not to mention S’Larea and her visions of danger.

Once again M.A. Abraham gives us a fast, fun filled read to celebrate the holidays with our Elves.

Reviewed by Barb

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