The Billionaire’s Paradise by Victoria Davies – a Review

The Billionaire’s Paradise by Victoria Davies – a Review


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Avery Clark loves her life. She travels the world doing a job that keeps her so busy she can’t think about how lonely she is or the fact that she hasn’t had a day off in two years. This trip to paradise is a chance for her to get some sun and have a Mai Tai or three. That is until she runs into billionaire hotel mogul Hayden Wexton, who is absolutely one hundred percent off limits.

Hayden Wexton is a man who knows what he wants. As soon as he sees Avery, he can’t get her out of his head. He’s determined to show her life can be fun and she can still get her work done. Only, the more time he spends with her, the more she gets under his skin. That was definitely not a part of his plan.

Avery never makes mistakes, but with Hayden, well, hell, he might just be the best mistake she’s ever made.



The Billionaire’s Paradise by Victoria Davies is a fun, flirty, sexy, and charming fast paced read.  It’s the type of book you want to take on vacation with you, or makes you want to take a vacation to a tropical paradise with a sexy companion.  It’s filled with flirtatious dialogue, sexual angst/chemistry that makes me wonder how Ms. Davies managed to keep her couple from jumping each other earlier in the book. 

Boy oh boy do Avery and Hayden bring the heat in this one, but they are also a very fun, charming and real couple to read about.  They keep the reader entertained from beginning to end, as Hayden keeps chasing Avery, trying to wear her down and get her to agree to his proposition.  Their interactions with each other range from playful, to sexy, to serious.  I like that Ms. Davies wrote these two characters as real as possible, with very real past relationship problems, that threaten to ruin any future relationships.  Watching them deal with their past, come clean with each other, and open their hearts up to new possibilities are very real for the reader to read about and relate too.  It’s always nice when an author writes their characters as real as possible.  Sure it’s nice to site back and read a story that’s light and fluffy, but then you’re sitting their going yeah as if that ever happens.  It’s refreshing to have a book explore two characters that are solidly written, and as close to reality as possible, yet keeping the story fun and light to balance out the serious stuff. 

I really enjoyed The Billionaire’s Paradise by Victoria Davies.  I’ve had the opportunity to read all three books in this series so far, and each one just keeps getting better and better.  Her characters are always real and well developed with real issues the reader can relate to, but at the same time fun and flirty with each as their sexual chemistry smolders on the pages.  If you are looking for a fun, sexy fast read, then look no further then The Billionaire’s Paradise.

Until next time, happy reading everyone!

Reviewed by Marcie

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