The Penthouse Pact by Cathryn Fox – a Review

The Penthouse Pact by Cathryn Fox – a Review


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Billionaire software developer Parker Braxton knows everyone wants something from him. That’s why he made a multi-million-dollar bachelor pact with his friends to never marry. But he never counted on running into, literally, the quiet but sensual Layla Fallon.

Layla isn’t afraid of hard work. Still, there is no light at the end of her student-loan tunnel. When Stuck-Up Suit—Parker Braxton—accidentally runs her over, it’s the last things she needs. She refuses his help, but he’s persistent. He’s also handsome, kinder than she ever expected, and she’s doing her best to ignore her attraction. Which is harder than it sounds when she’s recuperating at his penthouse.

Sparks fly. Hearts flutter. But falling for Layla could cost Parker more than just several million dollars.



Penthouse Pact is the first book in The Bachelor Pact series by Cathryn Fox.

Parker Braxton is a billionaire software developer and president of SKYWEB, America’s leading producer of computer software. While in the process of his daily rush, driving past his favorite coffee shop Uncommon Grounds, he accidentally runs his car into Layla
Fallon. As soon as the accident happens, Parker realizes that the knows the woman he just hit.  It is the same woman that serves him his Grande Americano every morning at the coffee shop.  

This is the last thing Layla needs. She is a struggling student, who is behind on her rent, has no medical insurance and now has one “Stuck-up-suit” guy hitting her with his car.
Parker realizes what he has done and when he sees that Layla is bleeding he insists on taking her to the hospital. To which she loudly and boldly protests. But Parker is persistent and insistent that Layla allow him to take care of her and have her seen at the hospital.

Layla has a concussion and once Parker realizes she has no friend coming to pick her up or to look after her for the next few days, he insists that she come and stay with him.
But he has never invited any woman to his penthouse.  Let alone offering to have them stay.  After several disagreements, stubborn Layla finally agrees to spend one night with Parker. 

That one night turns into weeks when Parker takes her home only to find a main water line has broken in front of her apartment causing it to flood.  With no option of anywhere else to go – she begrudgingly returns to Parker’s penthouse. 

But Layla can’t afford to miss class, work or another rent payment.   And Parker does everything in his power to step up and do the right thing. When she realizes that the guy she used to call Stuck-up-Suit genuinely wants to take care of her and make sure she is ok. She slowly begins to open up and trust in him. 

Parker has no idea why his body betrays him every time he gets close to Layla; or why she has such an influence over him. But what he does know is that he has a pact with five men from his Yale secret society.  You walk down the aisle, you pay each man one million dollars.

Paker Braxton is cocky, arrogant and extremely good looking. And while he comes off as quite stuffy and all business in the beginning – he begins to grow on you.  The more he wants to take care of Layla, the more you begin to fall for him.  He is sweet and genuine at heart.  I loved how he began to become less business as his body began to betray him anytime he was near Layla.

Layla Fallon is one tough cookie.  She has had a rough life and has been on her own for quite some time.  She struggles to pay her rent, to pay for school. She struggles, yet she continues to move forward.  When she realizes that she has not gone unnoticed by stuck up Parker and that just maybe he isn’t as rude and cocky as he comes off.  She slowly begins to warm to him.  And the fact that her body does one thing while her brain screams another, makes for a hot and steamy read.

I look forward to continuing this series. It was a fun and playful read and the author beautifully paints a world of words that makes you want to find out more.
I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a hot, steamy quick read.

Reviewed by Erin

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