Up To Me by Christi Barth – Review and Giveaway

Up To Me by Christi Barth – Review and Giveaway


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Ella Mayhew’s always appreciated the beautiful view of Seneca Lake from the spa window of her family’s hotel.But the view improves dramatically when a hot stranger runs across the grounds—shirtless. He’s the first man to kickstart her hormones in the three years since she lost her parents, and she doesn’t even know his name.

Graydon Locke’s on his umpteenth undercover assignment. The routine’s always the same: assess a business, recommend it for closure, then roll out before anyone discovers his decisions impact hundreds of lives. He’s always believed nothing good comes out of small towns. Why would this one be different? Then he makes two classic rookie mistakes—falling for the sweet, sexy girl who owns the very business he’s on the verge of axing. And letting the town’s residents get involved in both his life, and his relationship with Ella.

Ella’s the best thing to ever happen to Gray, but he’s lied to her from the start. If he pulls the plug on Mayhew Manor, the entire town may crumble. Ella couldn’t save her parents, but it’s up to her to save their hotel. Even if that means turning her back on true love.



Up to Me by Christi Barth is the first book in her new Shore Secrets series. I have read most of Christi’s books, as she is a master at writing sweet lighthearted romances, with wonderful couples, friendships and great secondary characters. Up To Me is no different. I really enjoyed this fast fun relaxing read that takes place in a small town, with all of its charm.

Ella Mayhew is our heroine, and you immediately find yourself caring very much for her. Ella is the masseuse in the hotel she owns, since she prefers working in her spa, rather then running the hotel, Mayhew Manor, which was left to her by her deceased parents. I really love these books that take place in small towns, where everyone knows everyone’s business. After the tragic death of her parents, Ella went into a shell, doing her work and meeting with friends (the whole town loves her), with no ambition to take control of her life. Instead, she would always follow whatever her friends or townspeople advise her to do in a unique way that you have to read to understand. Cute.

Gray Locke is our hero, and he has a secret. He is at the resort spying to get information and help institute a hostile takeover of Mayhew Manor, with Ella losing everything, and the town going down with it. But the moment Gray meets Ella, and she puts her hands on him and gives him a quickie (massage lol), he is lost. Gray begins to try to romance Ella, though he knows he will be there only two weeks, and soon he begins to have second thoughts about hurting her. Gray hates his job, but he needs the money to take care of his ill mother. What follows is a sweet charming romance, with a sprinkle of humor along the way. What happens when Ella finds out why Gray is really there? Will Gray do his job and help take away the hotel from Ella?

This was a beautiful romance that was slow to build. Though both had lustful feelings for one another from the start, they decided to go slow and learn about each other. Christi did this so well, not rushing the sex, and allowing this romance to grow. Gray helps Ella become more confident and sure of herself, thereby becoming the leader that she was meant to be. But will she forgive him?

I really enjoyed Ella’s friends, though many of them were a little too quirky for me. However, it was nice that they all stood by Ella, which is what real friendship is all about. This also added to the humor of the story. As the romance built to where they both finally succumbed to their lust, it left me anxious to where it would end. I loved both Ella and Gray, and to Christi Barth’s credit, I could not put down the book, as I needed to know what would happen. I wholly recommend you to read Up To Me, as it is a very nice romance, small town atmosphere, good storyline, great friends, and a great couple.

Reviewed by Barb

Copy provided by Author


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Up To Me (Bad Boys #2) by M.Leighton-a review

Up To Me ( Bad Boys #2) by M.Leighton-a review

Up to Me

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Released February 2013 (re-release August 2013)

Happily ever after doesn’t come easy. But for love, it’s always worth the fight.

Olivia finds bliss unlike any she’s ever known in Cash’s arms. He sets her skin on fire and melts her heart right inside her chest. Unfortunately, their happily ever after is short-lived when a shadow from Cash’s past threatens to turn their world upside down.

Dangerous people from his father’s world have discovered that Cash holds information that could put them away for a very long time. And they’re willing to do anything—and hurt anybody—to get it back. Giving it up means Cash must choose between the life of his father and the life of Olivia.

Having nearly overcome her wariness of bad boys, Olivia’s trust is shaken when this new threat arises. Now she finds that Cash is not only a danger to her heart, but his family has associations that are a danger to her life as well. She soon discovers that there are some situations in life where trust is a girl’s only option. And this is one of them. If she’s to live, she must trust Cash with her life. But to Olivia, that’s much, much easier than letting go and trusting him with her heart


REVIEW: UP TO ME is the second storyline in M. Leighton’s contemporary romance, erotic THE BAD BOYS series focusing on the Davenport males and Olivia Townsend. Picking up immediately following the end of the first book DOWN TO YOU, we discover along with the characters that although the old man is in jail waiting to prove his innocence, he still has some big time connections and enemies on the outside. When Cash must call in a few favors, he will learn that the last few years of his life have been built on a lie and a family secret. Threats against those he loves will force Cash to make some decisions he would have otherwise never done.

Although this particular book was released a few months ago, I will not give away the twist to the storyline but suffice to say Cash’s reaction was both expected as well as unexpected under the circumstances. Cash had been living a double life for years but when the reality of the situation presents itself he is beyond angry at those who perpetrated a bigger ruse.

The relationship between Olivia and Cash continues to be hot and sexy; Cash knows exactly how to literally bring Olivia to her knees. There is one scene in particular that would make most women blush but in the end, how many of us would put ourselves on display for everyone to see.

We are introduced to a few new characters including Gavin, a smart-mouthed, smooth-talking Aussie who seems to know exactly what to do and how to do it every time. I am hoping that M. Leighton gives Gavin his own spin-off series because I would like to see what the man is capable of doing with his skill and expertise. Marissa (Olivia’s cousin) plays a secondary role but one that appears to be heading in a more pivotal role in book 3.

The storyline is written from two points of view-Olivia and Cash. Many readers take issue with first person POV and even more so with the back and forth between characters, but there are times when we, as readers, need to get inside the ‘others’ head. Wouldn’t we all like to know what our favorite hero/heroine is thinking.

UP TO ME is a storyline of betrayal and suspense; love and hate; with a twist and a few turns. The characters are an interesting mix of family, friends and extended connections. M. Leighton continues the series with the release of Everything For Us in September 2013. It will be Marissa’s story-one that began in Down To You but I hope to see some resolution between Cash and his family, as well as a more permanent arrangement between Olivia and Cash.

Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy