A Rancher’s Heart (Heart Falls #1) by Vivian Arend-a review

A RANCHER’S HEART (Heart Falls #1) by Vivian Arend

A Rancher's Heart

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date November 16, 2017

Caleb Stone is wearing too many hats and it’s making him crankier than usual. He’s a cowboy, a father, and the head of his large family—and has been since tragedy claimed his parents over ten years ago. The ranch is struggling, but it’s the title of single dad that’s got him tangled up in knots. He needs a full-time, live-in nanny at the Silver Stone homestead in Heart Falls, Alberta, to help with his two little girls, but the woman about to arrive on his doorstep? Tantalizing, tempting, and trouble with capital T’s.

Tamara Coleman doesn’t regret the choices that led to losing her job, but she definitely needs a fresh start. When a friend recommends her for a nanny position in a new town, she swears this time it’ll be different. No more acting on impulse—except sexy, gruff Caleb is exactly the kind of man who pushes all her buttons. And what’s more, it’s so much fun to push his in return. Sparks fly between Tamara and her gorgeous boss, but she can’t risk her position, and he doesn’t dare risk his heart.

With two people fighting their true natures, something’s going to give. Luckily, there’s more than one way to capture a rancher’s heart.


REVIEW: A RANCHER’S HEART is the first instalment in Vivian Arend’s contemporary, adult HEART FALLS cowboy, romance series focusing on the Stone siblings of Heart Falls, Alberta. This is eldest brother and single father Caleb Stone, and registered nurse/nanny Tamara Coleman’s story line. The HEART FALLS series is a spin off from the authors SIX PACK RANCH series. We were first introduced to Caleb and Tamara in ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME (Six Pack Ranch #11).

Told from dual third person perspectives ( Caleb and Tamara) A RANCHER’S HEART follows the building relationship between single father Caleb Stone, and his new nanny Tamara Coleman. Several months earlier Tamara lost her job as a registered nurse, and with the suggestion of her best friend Dare Hayes (Rocky Mountain Home), accepted a position as nanny to Caleb Stone’s two children, Emily and Sasha. What ensues is the building romance between our leading couple.

Caleb Stone’s wife, and the mother of his children, walked out of their lives without a backwards glance leaving two heartbroken little girls lost in a world of betrayal and hurt. Hoping to bring some order to their lives Caleb hires Tamara Coleman, a registered nurse who recently lost her job, and the woman with whom Caleb will fall in love but first, Tamara must win the hearts of his two little girls.

The relationship between Caleb and Tamara is one of immediate attraction but Caleb refuses to get involved with his daughters’ nanny. Crossing the line is something neither one is prepared to do but the sexual energy is high; and the attraction is palpable and hot. The $ex scenes are intimate and playful without the over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

We are introduced to Caleb’s brothers: Walker, Dustin, and Luke Stone and his fiancée Penny Talisman; ranch hand Kelli James, and veterinarian Josiah Ryder; as well as Tamara’s sisters Karen and Lisa.

A RANCHER’S HEART is a sweet story of second chances for one man who loved and lost; and for one woman who took a chance on a man and his two little daughters. The premise is playful and sunny; the characters are colorful, dynamic and real; the romance is energetic and inspiring. There is very little conflict or outside threat to the growing love other than the conflict between head and heart.

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Reviewed by Sandy


Rocky Mountain Home (Six Pack Ranch #11) by Vivian Arend-a review

ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME (Six Pack Ranch #11) by Vivian Arend-a review

Rocky Mountain Home

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date July 18, 2017

There’s no distance you can run to escape the past.

Too stubborn to face his sins, Jesse Coleman bolted from the Six Pack Ranch, only to fall straight into the arms of a beautiful stranger. Twelve hours later, the seductive firebrand is nothing but a whiskey-laced memory—but one powerful enough to convince Jesse tracking down his elusive lover is worth the effort.

Darilyn Hayes figured it was her lucky night when the sexiest cowboy in Alberta interrupted her annual drink-until-I-fall-over wake. At least until four weeks later when she discovers she’s pregnant and her one-night-stand is nowhere to be found. Still, as she’s shared with her devoted blog readers, Dare has dealt with life’s not-so-gentle surprises before. She’ll make it on her own.

When an internet picture gone viral leads to their reunion, Jesse’s floored by Dare’s news. She’s very clear she’s not looking for a commitment, but screw that. He’s going to do the right thing by her and his unborn kid. The fact they lit the sheets on fire is a bonus, but with a baby on the way, both their lives are gonna change.

Jesse’s got a ton of family to reconnect with, including his estranged twin. Dare holds family loosely—even though she loves them—because she knows too well how fragile life can be. Between her and Jesse, they’ve got enough baggage to open a store.

But they still have a shot at forever—if they’re willing to fight for it.

This final novel in the series contains the following:
A sexy, dirty, cocky-as-hell prodigal son Coleman with massive bridges to rebuild. A woman able to see to the heart of the matter yet bold enough to speak the truth. A family of extraordinary resolve and endless love. A wedding or two. And babies—oh lordy, the babies…


REVIEW: ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME is the eleventh and final installment in Vivian Arend’s contemporary, adult SIX PACK RANCH erotic, romance cowboy series focusing on the large extended family of the Coleman clan. This is prodigal son and Joel’s twin Jesse Coleman, and blogger Darilyn ‘Dare’ Hayes’ story line. ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Jesse and Dare) ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME focuses on a drunken one-night stand, four months earlier, that results in a pregnancy for Jesse Coleman and Darilyn Hayes. Never catching one another’s last names, Dare Hayes takes to the internet, posting a picture of Jesse on her blog, in the hopes of locating her sexy one-night stand. Knowing his family would never accept anything less than a relationship with the mother of his child, Jesse proposes in the hopes of getting to know the woman with whom he will fall in love. What ensues is the building relationship between Jesse and Dare, and Dare’s overwhelming welcome into the Coleman clan.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME is a story of family and forgiveness as Jesse reluctantly returns to the family fold hoping to mend the bridges he burned several months before when guilt and betrayal forced Jesse away from the people he loved. Months have passed since Jesse’s disappearance but with his return comes love and acceptance that never waivered in light of his need to run.

There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including most if not all of the previous story line couples, several Coleman/Thompson cousins, as well as the introduction of Dare’s extended family –the Stone family of Heart Falls- and the lead in to another spin off / cross-over series focusing on the Heart Falls cowboys with Tamara Coleman and Caleb Stone.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME brings together the growing Coleman clan; the loving family dynamics; and Jesse’s need to for forgiveness to move forward with his life. There are moments of humor and fun; heartbreak and guilt; falling in love and letting go of the past. The premise is energetic and inspiring; the characters are colorful, passionate and spirited; the romance is captivating and intense. ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME and the SIX PACK RANCH series is perfect for lovers of cowboys, romance and happily ever afters.

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Reviewed by Sandy


Rocky Mountain Devil (Six Pack Ranch #10) by Vivian Arend-a review

ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL (Six Pack Ranch #10) by Vivian Arend-a review

Rocky Mountain Devil

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 20, 2016

The sweetest part of temptation is giving in…

Raphael (Angel) Coleman and Laurel Sitko were thick as thieves throughout their school years. The unlikely friendship between the rancher’s son and the preacher’s daughter might have gone unnoticed by most, but their shared laughter and connection were the best parts of Rafe’s life growing up. Now that she’s returned to Rocky, he’s eager to move from friend to something far more intimate.

After three years away, Laurel’s ready to start over with the gorgeous cowboy who’s always owned a piece of her heart. But when her college ex shows up in town, she’s got a lot more to deal with than expected, including one suddenly possessive cowboy determined to protect her even as he tutors her through every sexual lesson in the book.

Desire flares hotter and hotter through stolen moments and willing seduction. But when tragedy strikes, Rafe’s left on shaky ground, his biggest fear now a reality that could tear them apart and rip forever from their grasp.

Will the connection forged by time be strong enough to see them through to the other side?

Warning: Friends to lovers equals sweet kisses heating to earth-shaking passion, mixed with laughter and tears. Get ready for hellos, farewells and goodbyes…some forever. Because everyone knows the only real secrets in a small town are the ones you’re willing to take to the grave.


REVIEW: ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL is the tenth installment in Vivian Arend’s contemporary, adult SIX PACK RANCH cowboy romance series focusing on the Coleman family of Rocky Alberta, Canada. This is twenty somethings rancher Raphael Coleman, and librarian Laurel Sitko’s storyline. ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Several characters cross-over between this series and the author’s spin off series Thompson and Sons.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Rafe and Laurel) ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL is a friends to lovers romance that focuses on the rekindling friendship and relationship between Raphael ‘Rafe’ Coleman, and his angel Laurel Sitko. Rafe and Laurel have been best friends since the second week of kindergarten, and have been one another’s support system for almost as long until Laurel headed off to college, and Rafe remained behind to work on the family ranch. In the three years Laurel was away, neither one contacted or kept in touch with one another but they had made a promise that if neither one was in a relationship they would get together upon Laurel’s return. What ensues is Rafe’s slow seduction of the woman he has loved for most of his life, and Laurel’s struggles with the return of her past.

We are witness to Rafe and Gabe’s battle with their emotionally absent father Ben- a man who has struggled since the death of his son Mike. Ben’s behavior is a constant thorn in the Rafe and Gabe’s side, a thorn that forces the brothers to keep their distance from the man they once called dad. Their long-suffering mother remains strong as the family dynamic continues to crumble.

The relationship between Rafe and Laurel is a friends to lovers romance that has been developing since the couple was five years old. Rafe’s slow seduction of our heroine is truly romantic as he is determined to date with woman he has known for most of his life. The $ex scenes are intimate and provocative. The sexual tension is palpable.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL has a very large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including numerous extended Coleman family members-cousins, aunts, and uncles, and the birth of a new generation-an Excel spreadsheet may be advisable to keep track of the mult-generational connections 😉 . Rafe’s cousin Jesse is struggling with his relationship with his twin brother Joel, and makes a decision about his current direction in life. Jesse’s story will be told next in Rocky Mountain Home.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL is an emotional story line with plenty of heartbreak for the Coleman family. There are moments of sexy romance and love; frustration and acceptance; loss and moving forward. The premise is engaging; the characters are dynamic and energetic; the romance is passionate and heartwarming. There is very little story line conflict-the outside threat to Rafe and Laurel’s relationship is tepid and never crosses over the proverbial line-the biggest threat is Rafe’s guilt about family and loss.

Copy supplied for review.

Reviewed by Sandy


A Wild Ride (Thompson and Sons#4) by Vivian Arend-a review

A WILD RIDE (Thompson and Sons 4) by Vivian Arend-a review

A Wild Ride

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date April 19, 2016

He’s the golden boy with a secret past

When Nicole Adams abruptly cancels their secret fling, Troy Thompson is stunned. The sex between them is sizzling, but she’s ready to move on—find a reliable guy, settle down, pop out a few babies. The thought of Nic in another man’s arms is maddening. And while her agenda freaks him out, Troy knows there’s no one in town nearly good enough for her. No one, that is, except him.

She’s his redemption and his future

Nicole doesn’t regret her sexual romp with Troy, but when he insists on taking the next step with her—marriage and parenthood—she figures he’s out of his mind. Troy? Husband and daddy material? Oh, he’s sexy beyond belief, with the ability to melt her panties with a single command, but the man’s not known for being responsible. Trying for forever with Mr. Frivolous? Everyone thinks it’s a fool’s game- everyone except Troy, who’s determined to make Nicole see the real him under the shiny exterior.


REVIEW: A WILD RIDE is the fourth (and final ?) installment in Vivian Arend’s contemporary, adult THOMPSON AND SONS erotic, romance series focusing on the four Thompson brothers-a spin off from Vivian’s Rocky Mountain House Series (Six Pack Ranch). This is mechanic Troy Thompson, and Nicole Adams’s story line- a friends to lovers/forbidden romance story that follows our couple from friends with benefits to lovers and more. A WILD RIDE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Troy and Nicole) A WILD RIDE follows Nicole and Troy from sex partners to being in a committed relationship. For six months our couple has kept secret their ‘liaisons’ from family and friends, including Troy’s best friend/roommate-Mike-Nicole’s older brother and a man who has decreed his sister off limits for the likes of Troy. Troy has always been the good-time Thompson brother, and his reputation with the ladies; his laid back attitude; and his apparent lack of motivation have not endured our story line hero to his or Nicole’s extended family. What ensues is the building of a more permanent relationship while our couple struggle for approval from family and friends.

A WILD RIDE looks at first impressions, family, secrets and truth. Troy is a man who keeps secret the events of the past, and in this, revealing the truth to the woman he loves keeps everything in perspective and shows Nicole that there is more to the story than everyone thought. Troy is a great story line hero; a man who knows what he wants, and is determined to keep Nicole in his life. Nicole’s family is not impressed with her choice of mate, yet our heroine never struggles with her love for Troy. Her family’s constant disregard for the man that Nicole loves finds Nicole on the offensive more times than not.

All of the previous story line couples and characters play secondary and supporting roles throughout the story. We get up close and personal with the growing families, their plans for the future, and Troy and Nicole’s growing love for one another. We are introduced to Nicole’s extended family, and there are some issues with regard to their acceptance of Troy, and his undeserved reputation.

A WILD RIDE has moments of humor and fun; heartbreak and pain; letting go of the past and moving forward. The $ex scenes are intimate, intense and seductive. The premise is entertaining, sexy and fun; the characters are charismatic and colorful; the romance is a well deserved happily ever after. A WILD RIDE is worth the price of admission.

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Reviewed by Sandy


Let It Ride/Rocky Ride by Vivian Arend-reviews

Let It Ride / Rocky Ride by Vivian Arend-reviews

Thompson and Sons

(Thompson and Sons #3/Rocky Mountain House #10)
by Vivian Arend
Genre: adult, contemporary, romance

Let It RideABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date May 10, 2015

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He’s her rock in the midst of the storm

When Maggie Ward’s world is torn apart by sudden tragedy, the only thing that makes her days bearable is Clay Thompson’s unwavering presence. He’s protective, caring, and everything she could ask for in a friend. But when she finds herself longing for more than friendship, it will take a little seduction to convince the stubborn mechanic she’s ready to start living again.

She’s his heart, whether he knows it or not

Clay Thompson’s got the taking-care-of-others business down pat, only he’s never faced this particular challenge before—the one woman he’s always wanted is unexpectedly his to care for. Suddenly it’s not just responsibility driving him, but a wild desire to make Maggie truly his. But following his heart might mean sacrificing the family he’s held together for years.


REVIEW:  LET IT RIDE is the fourth installment in Vivian Arend’s adult, contemporary Thompson and Sons erotic romance series focusing on the Thompson family of Alberta Canada. This is mechanic Clay Thompson, and Maggie Ward’s storyline-a friends to lovers story where two people are brought together through grief and loss.

Told from third person point of view LET IT RIDE focuses on the building relationship between Clay and Maggie following the death of Maggie’s husband Cameron. Cameron was one of Clay’s best friends, and Clay has been attracted to Maggie since the first time they met. What ensues is a mutual friendship between two people whose lives were affected by the death of someone they loved. But small town minds and small town gossip find our couple facing an uncertain future when guilt follows them wherever they go. While Maggie focuses on the present, Clay focuses on the gossip and judgmental eyes-including those of his widowed father.

The relationship between Clay and Maggie is one of friends to lovers. With the holidays approaching Clay and his family want to ensure that Maggie is never alone. As the storyline builds, so too does the relationship pushing Maggie and Clay into another realm of their relationship. The $ex scenes are intimate and romantic but felt a little bit tame in comparison to the other storylines as Clay and Maggie’s relationship was handled with care in light of her husband’s death. It is impossible to put a timeline on grief and sorrow. Everyone struggles differently; everyone moves forward at a different rate and in this there are a few townsfolk who try to make life uncomfortable for Clay and Maggie’s new found love.

LET IT RIDE is a fast paced, romantic storyline with an ensemble cast of characters including all of the previous storyline couples and the Thompson family of siblings and mates. The storyline advances the series approximately nine to ten months wherein we are witness to two weddings and a look to the future for another couple. The youngest brother Troy Thompson’s life is in a bit of an uproar-his story will be told in A WILD RIDE-release date late 2015.

Vivian Arend blends loss and sorrow; friendship and love; letting go and moving forward. LET IT RIDE is sweet storyline without all of the angst and anxiety of walking away or second guessing what it is someone wants. Clay and Maggie are two mature adults who walk into their relationship knowing that life will not be easy, but losing someone you love, is much more difficult than falling in love.

Reading Order

1. Rocky Ride
1.5 Baby Be Mine
2. One Sexy Ride
3. Let It Ride
4. A Wild Ride

Copy supplied by Netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy


(Thompson and Sons #1/Rocky Mountain House #7)
by Vivian Arend
Genre: adult, contemporary, erotic, romance

Rocky RideABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date June 1, 2014

FREE ebook: Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / B&N / KOBO /

He’s got a touch that’s hotter than hot

It took a hell of a lot of fast-talking and more than a few speeding tickets before Mitch Thompson convinced Constable Anna Coleman to take him for a ride. Only now that she’s loosened off her stiff RCMP uniform, it’s not nearly enough. Their secret sexual escapades are mind-blowing, but Mitch wants more than her body—he wants her heart.

Her world could go up in flames

It’s a dangerous road to walk, and Anna doesn’t know how far she can safely tread. Bad boy Mitch may have lured her wild side out to play, but giving in to their increasingly passionate desires could endanger her very civilized career. Somewhere between yearning and obsession there has to be a balance point.

Or they’re both going to get burned.


REVIEW: ROCKY RIDE is the first installment in Vivian Arend’s adult, contemporary Thompson and Sons erotic romance series-a spin off from her Rocky Mountain House Series (Six Pack Ranch). This is RCMP officer Anna Coleman, and tattooed auto mechanic Mitch Thompson’s storyline. The Thompson and Sons series will focus on the Thompson Family.

Told from third person point of view ROCKY RIDE follows the ‘friends with benefits’ building relationship between Mitch and Anna-a story that finds Anna in direct conflict with a couple of her fellow officers. Mitch is the local mechanic; a good boy who looks bad-tattooed, pierced and all alpha male. Anna and Mitch’s relationship had remained secret; behind closed doors but Mitch wanted more. Mitch wanted to take their relationship public but in doing so caught the attention of the RCMP. ROCKY RIDE is a story about preconceived notions; judging someone based on appearances; and a betrayal that Anna will seek revenge in the coldest of ways. Small town life never looked so spiteful.

The relationship between our leading couple is erotic, seductive, provocative and intense. Their sexual energy is palpable; their attraction to one another off the charts; their need for one another finds our couple straddling the line of public displays. Mitch and Anna like to play games both in and out of the bedroom; and Mitch adds a little kink into their sexual fun with a little bit of bondage and discipline. A slight warning: there is one scene of voyeurism that does not quite lead to ménage, but for all intents and purposes, this particular part of the storyline felt disconnected and unnecessary. The application and intent was lost on this reader. Perhaps it was used to provoke a reaction or reader shock value.

The ensemble storyline includes many of the original series-ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE-characters and couples. ROCKY RIDE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous series and storylines is revealed where necessary. Vivian Arend’s series focuses on the majestic Rocky Mountains of Canada-a perfect backdrop for any romance series.

ROCKY RIDE is an enjoyable read with a little bit of kinky sex, romance, friendship and love. There are moments of betrayal and revenge; heartbreak and sorrow. Mitch and Anna will get their happily ever after but the road to happiness is not without some difficult times.

Reviewed by Sandy