Talon/Xavier-Bayou Heat 5 & 6 by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright-a review

Talon/Xavier-Bayou Heat  5 & 6 by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright-a review


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BAYOU HEAT 5 & 6: TALON/XAVIER by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release July 9, 2013

After the tragic death of his parents when Talon was young, he’s dedicated his life to protecting the Pantera. To the strikingly gorgeous man, loyalty and honor mean everything. So it’s no surprise that he’s determined to treat Isi Rousseau as the enemy. If the elders believe she is a danger then he will do whatever necessary to prevent her from destroying his beloved Wildlands. But discovering the delicate beauty sleeping in his bed, Talon discovers his noble intentions wavering. The female, with short, jet black hair streaked with blue, and a pair of dark eyes, might act tough, but it’s obvious to him that she’s as desperate as he is for a place to call home. More importantly, her presence is helping keep Ashe and her baby alive.

Suddenly things are not quite as black and white as Talon assumed, and he must decide if his loyalty to his people is worth losing his true mate.

He shouldn’t want his best friend’s little sister…

The drop-dead gorgeous leader of the Geeks, Xavier has one goal: find the human male his enemies seek. Devoted to his work, and to the Pantera, there is nothing that can distract him from accomplishing his goal. Until he spots his best friend’s little sister alone and partying it up with a bunch of human males at the local bar. Consumed with possessiveness, Xavier takes her home and refuses to leave her side until her brother returns. He tries to convince himself he’s just looking out for her, but the longer he’s around Amalie, the harder it is to deny the molten attraction that burns between them.

She has three days to change his mind…


REVIEW: Talon/Xavier are the 5th and 6th storylines in the Bayou Heat series by Ivy and Wright. Focusing on the search for the betrayer to the Pantera species, this particular installment moves the storyline closer to the identity of the person(s) responsible for the illness sweeping through the Bayou and the threat to Raphael’s pregnant mate. With no new births in over two decades, the Pantera population is praying for a miracle to save Raphael and Ashe’s baby.

With the search focusing on a tattoo parlor and its’ clientele’s connection to all things evil, Talon/Xavier’s storylines will bring together lost siblings and missing parents. And in doing so, one will prove to be a risk worth taking while the other will prove to be a risk best left alone. And in the end, both will be problematic to the Pantera people.

Talon/Xavier’s storylines advance the series such that the familial connections are directly related to all things evil in the Bayou. But without these connections there is also the possibility of the Pantera species ending before it has had a chance for renewal.

Talon/Xavier is another welcome and fascinating addition to the Bayou Heat series. Two more Pantera male’s have found their mates and in doing so have uncovered another connection to the myth and the ‘goddess’ responsible for the slow demise of the Bayou and the Pantera race. Ivy and Wright have written a wonderful series of shifter males, their mates and, the trial and tribulations of forbidden love and the ramifications of a sibling rivalry carried too far.

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Reading Order
1. Raphael and Parish
2. Bayon and Jean-Baptiste
3. Talon and Xavier

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Sandy, nice review. I’m following this series and enjoy the little cliff hangers. Happy to see that Alexandra and Laura have extended the series into 2014. Love the covers.

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