Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh – a Review

Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh – a Review

Tangle of Need, which will be released tomorrow, is the 11th book in Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series. When I started this book, I was worried that it would be a letdown after reading Kiss of Snow.  I adored Hawke and Sienna.  But I have to say, Nalini does it again.  It is amazing how she continues the storyline flawlessly, as she brings in a new romantic couple.  Each book I read, I love Nalini Singh even more.  What a great series this is.

Tangle of Need belongs to Riaz and Adria, both wolves from Snow Dancer.  Yes, we stay with the wolves in this book.  We do get to see some of the Dark River leopards, but this book is mostly the Snow Dancers. 

What I loved the most about this book, was that though we got to enjoy the romance between two dominant wolves in Riaz and Adria, we saw a lot of Hawke and Sienna.  It was so great to spend time with them after their mating ceremony in Kiss of Snow.  Love love them together.  We get to see Mercy and Riley and that was simply great; Lucas and Sascha, and even a funny scene with Faith.  Of course we get to spend time with Judd, who is such a wonderful character.  We also see so many other Snow Dancers, and this is something Nalini does very well.  She has great characters, and uses them so well.  

Riaz is a Snow Dancer Lieutenant, who found his mate, only to find her married and in love with someone else.  This accounts for his belligerent attitude early on. Adria, who is Indigo’s aunt, is a top Snow Dancer soldier.  She broke up with her dominant other, and finds herself totally attracted to Riaz.  But Adria fights this, as she wants nothing to do with another dominant man, whom she feels she cannot trust.  So at the start, both do not like each other, and try to avoid any contact.  But suffice to say, that doesn’t happen and the two are drawn to each other, especially sexually.  There are difficult times ahead, but as they begin to enjoy their sexual encounters, and learn more about each other, things begin to change.  It is really nice to see how Adria totally understands the dilemma Riaz is in having met and been rejected by his true mate.  She becomes more sympathetic towards him, and also finds herself falling in love with him. Adria is willing to break her own heart, to allow Riaz to have his happy ending.  But Riaz, despite his inabilty to do the mating bond, finds himself torn, as he knows he has fallen in love with Adria. He must make choices, if he wants to fight to keep her.   This is really a very nice romance.

The story continues with the Human Alliance; the Psy Council fighting each other; more changelings packs trying to form alliances with Snow Dancer and Dark River; and the Pure Psy group, all trying to assume control.  Three main Psy characters had a bigger part in this story, Kaleb, Vasic and Aden.  I expect to see more of them, perhaps their own stories along the way.  Of course, the mystery continues as to who is the Ghost.  This part of the story with the Psy’s was exciting and we do learn a lot more, as Nalini slowly brings us along.  The ending was excellent, even to the last surprising page.  One of the things I love about Singh, is that she leaves a lot open for the future, and yet it is not a cliffhanger.  Well done.

This was such an enjoyable book, seeing our favorites, and with everything flawlessly falling into place.  Awesome book, awesome characters, awesome series, and an awesome author.  I can’t get enough of Nalini Singh and this wonderful series.

Reviewed by Barb


9 thoughts on “Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh – a Review

  1. BITCHIN REVIEW Barb: First off thank you i seem to forget along the way who the people are and you have brought me right up to speed were i know who is who again . I so can’t wait to read this book , And to Nalini it sound to me like another Excellent READ kUDOS too you i just Love Love your books . THANK YOU Nalini Singh

  2. Damn girl sound like I’m missing out on a great author and series. I guess I should be bumping this series up on my to read list eh??? Great review Barb.

  3. Yes Marcie, you need to bump this to the top of your tbr. Such an awesome series, and I too let it sit too long on my tbr, but thankfully I did not wait too long. Love Nalini.

  4. A great review Barb. Have read some of these books mostly anthologies and
    have never started the series. This book sounds really good so I might just have to get it. I wish you would stop added authors to an already to long list. LOL

  5. I think the name of the book above says it all… and it is a good thing I haven’t got even one in my TBR pile (I think) anyway… something to put on my ipad… yes, shoulders slumping… the whole series… anyway… Barb… your fault.

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