Tangled (Dark Protectors 7.8) 1001 Dark Nights by Rebecca Zanetti-Review & Excerpt Tour

TANGLED (Dark Protectors 7.8 / 1001 Dark Nights) by Rebecca Zanetti-Review and Excerpt Tour

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Dark Protectors 7.8
1001 Dark Nights
by Rebecca Zanetti
Release Date: May 9,2017
Genre: adult, contemporary, paranormal, romance


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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date May 9, 2017

Now that her mask has finally slipped…

Ginny O’Toole has spent a lifetime repaying her family’s debt, and she’s finally at the end of her servitude with one last job. Of course, it couldn’t be easy. After stealing the computer files that will free her once and for all, she finds herself on the run from a pissed off vampire who has never fallen for her helpless act. A deadly predator too sexy for his own good. If he doesn’t knock it off, he’s going to see just how powerful she can really be.

He won’t be satisfied until she’s completely bare.

Theo Reese had been more than irritated at the beautiful yet helpless witch he’d known a century ago, thinking she was just useless fluff who enjoyed messing with men’s heads. The second he discovers she’s a ruthless thief determined to bring down his family, his blood burns and his interest peaks, sending his true nature into hunting mode. When he finds her, and he will, she’ll understand the real meaning of helpless.


REVIEW: TANGLED by Rebecca Zanetti is installment 7.8 in her contemporary, adult Dark Protectors paranormal, romance series, and the latest novella in the multi-authored 1001 Dark Nights. This is witch and professional thief Ginny O’Toole, and vampire Theo Reese’s story line. TANGLED can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Ginny and Theo) TANGLED focuses on the recovery of a stolen hard drive that threatens to expose important information about the Reese family history. Enter Ginny O’Toole, witch, thief and currently in possession of the hard drive in question. Theo is determined to destroy Ginny O’Toole, unaware that there is already a price on her head. What ensues is the enemies to lovers, quick building relationship between our leading couple, and the Reese family battle with a familiar enemy who has targeted the Reese’s in a centuries old vendetta.

The secondary and supporting characters include Theo’s brother Chalton ( Teased 7.5) and Jared Reese (Tricked 7.75), as well as the requisite evil shifter Saul Libscombe. The vampire and shifter families have been at war for years, and now Saul is determined to seek justice for sins of long ago. There are also several cameo appearances by the King and his Queen.

The relationship between Theo and Ginny is an enemies to lovers romance that sees another vampire find his mate. Ginny O’Toole has been the bane of Theo’s existence for a number of years but his attraction to Ginny can only be explained as fated mates. Ginny and Theo’s story line progresses through the three 1001 Dark Nights/Dark Protector novellas-Teased, Tricked and Tangled.

TANGLED is a fast paced, engaging story line where a centuries old vampire finally claims the woman that calls to his heart. The premise is intriguing; the characters are charismatic; the romance is fated and passionate.

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Reviewed by Sandy


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“I’m sick.” She looked down at her ankle. “The planekite has infected me. There’s no going back.” She shrugged, her jaw firming with the stubborn tilt he somehow knew well. “This is my last chance to save my father, and I’m taking it. You have to step down.”
“I think you’re right about the planekite poisoning,” Theo said, gesturing toward the laptop he’d pushed to the side. “The queen sent me all the research data she has on the mineral, and long-term exposure seems to be fatal. It also explains why you can’t create fire or even heal the bruise on your face.” Every time he looked at the dark mark, he got pissed off.
She cut him a look. “Don’t sugarcoat it.”
“Not going to.” He leaned back and clasped his hands behind his neck, stretching his torso. “I said no lying between us, remember?”
She shoved curls out of her face. “You surely did. So yes. I’m dying. Yay for the truth.”
Wasn’t she cute when she was dramatic? If he told her that, she’d no doubt punch him in the face. So he went for more truth. “So we need to get mated, then.”
She reared up to argue more, stopping suddenly. Her pink lips opened in an O. She closed them, her mouth moved again, and nothing came out.
He bit back a grin. So much for the woman leaping into his arms with gratitude. “Gin?”
Her lids half-lowered, and she pressed her hands against her hips. “You are not funny.”
“I am not kidding.” He wanted her more than he’d ever wanted another woman in his long life. He liked her. Hell. He wanted to be with her. It made sense on so many levels. A voice in the back of his head laughed wildly, and he banished it.
She shook her head in an odd convulsion of denial. “You’ve lost your damn mind, then.”
“Probably,” he agreed.
She swung her arms out. “We can’t get mated. That’s crazy. We can barely get along.”
“We get along just fine,” he countered. “At least we will after you give me back the information that could destroy my entire family.”
“I’m a thief,” she snapped, very nice color filling her face.
He nodded. “I’d very much like for you to find another profession after we mate. Definitely after we procreate.” There were plenty of legal ways to help other people.
“Procreate?” she asked, her voice trembling. “Theo, you’re an old-fashioned guy.”

About the Author Black and Green

Rebecca ZanettiNew York Times and USA Today Bestseller Rebecca Zanetti is the author of over twenty-five dark paranormals, romantic suspense, and contemporary romances. She lives in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with her own Alpha hero, two kids, a couple of dogs, a crazy cat…and a huge extended family. She believes strongly in luck, karma, and working her butt off…and she thinks one of the best things about being an author, unlike the lawyer she used to be, is that she can let the crazy out. Her current series are: The Dark Protectors, The Maverick Montana Cowboys, and the Sin Brothers series. Upcoming series are: The Realm Enforcers and The Scorpius Syndrome.

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