Tell Me Something Good by Jamie Wesley – a Review

Tell Me Something Good by Jamie Wesley – a Review


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Two radio show hosts. One show. Who will come out on top?

In a moment of restlessness, Tate Grayson sold his multimillion-dollar company and spun his love of sports into a radio talk show. Life, and love, is too short to take seriously—a fact he enjoys rubbing in uptight radio host Noelle Butler’s face.

After the death of her parents, a tragedy she blamed on herself, Noelle vowed to live a controlled, focused life. Now a psychologist, she channels her need for connection into her radio show. But when the arrogant sportscaster next door tells listeners men shouldn’t get married, sHe’s all too happy to yank the silver spoon out of his overprivileged mouth.

Their heated on-air arguments are a hit, but when the station director forces them to do a joint show for two weeks, Tate and Noelle object. They can’t stand each other, despite the attraction sizzling beneath every interaction. But if they can’t pull the struggling radio station back from the brink, they’ll lose their jobs. Or worse, their hearts.



Tell Me Something Good by Jamie Wesley is an adult contemporary romance. When I was requested to read this book, I had never heard of Jamie Wesley and I was totally surprised how much I loved the book, and how well written it was.

This is a story of two radio show hosts who would never call themselves friends. They are different like night and day….totally opposites.

Our heroine is Noelle Butler, she is a psychologist, who hosts a radio talk show giving advice to those who have problems with love and relationships. Tate Grayson is our hero, who hosts a show all about sports. Noelle believes in love, and she tries to bring couples together. Noelle keeps a business like appearance, wearing suits and always with her hair in place. She is the ultimate professional. Tate is the opposite, totally laid back, casually dressed and believes with all his heart that athletes’ should never ever get married. Just go out and have fun, which is what Tate does himself, with no shortage of woman. Needless to say, these two do not get along.

The manager of the station decides after hearing them antagonize each other on the radio to put them together for two hours a day, in between their own shows. They both dread working together, but they have no choice but to try to put aside their differences and work together.

One of things that I loved about the book was that this was not instant love. Many romances have the couple meet and fall in love almost at the start, but not the case here. There was a lot of humor in the story, when Tate tries to teach Noelle about sports. Noelle tries to be patient and show Tate that relationships and love is worth fighting for. It was so great to watch their defenses slowly begin to crumble. They began to learn about each other, their backgrounds that lead to their choices, and the start of a friendship, which would eventually lead to love. Their chemistry together was apparent as they worked together, and it turned out to be a very sexy sensual romance.

Jamie Wesley did a fabulous job bringing these two together and allowing us to experience the fun of watching them discover each other, slowly falling in love. Very well done. I totally recommend that you read Tell Me Something Good.

Reviewed by Barb

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14 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good by Jamie Wesley – a Review

  1. Wonderful review Barb. I don’t have a problem with the insta-loves…I abhor the couples who refuse to acknowledge their attraction and keep running away.

  2. Good one Barb, sounds like a fun read. Little different take using on air talk show hosts, can see where the fun would come in with their heated on air arguments.

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