TEMPTATION IN A KILT (Bad Boys of the Highlands #1) by Victoria Roberts-a review

Temptation in a Kilt (Bad Boys of the Highlands #1) by Victoria Roberts-a review


TEMPTATION IN A KILT (Bad Boys of the Highlands #1) by Victoria Roberts


TEMPTATION IN A KILT is the first storyline (September 4, 2012 release)  in Victoria Roberts’ Bad Boys of the Highlands romance series. During the reign of King James the MacGregor’s and the Campbell’s are at war with one another and life continues for the Scottish laird Ciaran MacGregor. But when he and his men stumble upon a badly beaten and injured young woman, all good sense is thrown out the proverbial window.  Presuming she is either on the run from her husband or family, Ciaran vows not to get involved.  But the sorrow and determination that radiates from Rosalia Anderson tugs at his heart. Knowing he will probably regret his decision, Ciaran vows to see her back to health and on her way to her grandmother’s home in the North country.


Rosalia Anderson is a determined young woman of the ripe old age of one and twenty.  Her family arranged a marriage of convenience for Rosalia in order to stabilize their financial status. But as arranged marriages go, Rosalia was determined never to find herself in a loveless marriage let alone with a vile and truly evil man.  Escape was her only option following a horrific beating at the hands of her father. But it will be her father that pays the ultimate price for his daughter’s flight for freedom.


Ciaran MacGregor is the laird and one of 3 brothers in the MacGragor clan.  Following the death of their father, Ciaran vowed to set his youngest brother Declan on a path to steer him from his womanizing and drinking.  But his brother Aiden insists that the vow does not mean that Ciaran must sacrifice his own happiness at the expense of some misplaced honor in the memory of their late father.  And now that Rosalie was an ever-present temptation in the MacGregor castle, Cairan is not so sure that Aiden is not correct in his observations.


The character of Rosalia is heartbreaking, courageous and determined.  On the run from years of abuse at the hands of her parents, and an arranged marriage, she has more guts than sense.  And her self-esteem is anything but impressive.  She continues to view herself as unattractive and overweight, fueling a cycle of emotional abuse against herself.  And it will take a strong man with a warm heart to help bury the years of negativity once and for all. At times my heart would break for Rosalia whose self-degradation is all too familiar to many woman, even today. Believing herself not worthy to be rescued or loved, her negativity will become a self-fulfilling prophecy when the laird screams his rejection of love in an attempt to push aside his feelings.


The relationship between Rosalia and Ciaran is very slow to build.  The sexual tension is almost palpable throughout the story and one that will barely reach its’ peak in a bedroom scene interrupted by the laird’s sense of duty and perceived pledge of honor. Ciaran is a man who knows that Rosalia is the woman for him, but his tunnel vision and indecision will fuel her already low self-esteem.  In the end, her only option is to continue her journey to her grandmother’s house in the spring, hoping the love of her extended family will help her forget that she is not worthy of the laird’s love.


The backstory feud between the MacGregor’s and the Campbell’s will take centre stage when a beaten and naked Declan becomes the pawn in a war between the clans.  But it will be the women in their lives who will pay the ultimate price when they find themselves imprisoned hoping that the MacGregor’s will rescue them before it is too late.


TEMPTATION IN A KILT a sweet storyline that was a joy to read. The Scottish language and brogue are prominent throughout the story and at times I thought I would need a Scottish to English translation 😉 If you like the highlander series of historical novels, you will like Victoria’s writing style.  I am looking forward to her next storyline- I sense Declan is in need of a raven-haired mate.  But I can’t help but wonder, if a prequel will be necessary for the Aiden’s story.

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Reviewed by Sandy


11 thoughts on “TEMPTATION IN A KILT (Bad Boys of the Highlands #1) by Victoria Roberts-a review

  1. Wonderful review, Sandy, as you show how much you loved the story. Sounds like a great read, it’s been awhile that I have read a Highland romance. This might be a good place to start.

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  3. Sandy, enjoyed the review. What horrible parents! But during that time period enforced marriages for money was the way of the world.Beating a daughter or wife was no big deal. Cattle and Sheep were treated better. Looking forward to reading the Bad Boys Of The Highland Series.

  4. Great review Sandy and as a girl I was called fatty and I understand the esteem problems. Even when I was a size 8 I always started at the racks with larger clothes. . Will have to get this book.

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