Ten Good Reasons by Lauren Christopher – a Review

Ten Good Reasons by Lauren Christopher – a Review


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In the latest Sandy Cove romance from the author of The Red Bikini, ten good reasons aren’t enough to keep Lia and Evan apart…

With a crazy eighty-hour-a-week job, an almost-boyfriend who’s left her for Bora Bora, and way too many terrible bridesmaid dresses in her future, Lia McCabe needs a change of pace before the imminent crush of the big 3-0.

First up, Lia is determined to help make sure her friend Drew’s whale-watching business takes off. But when an accident leaves him unable to man the boat, Lia’s only option is to convince Drew’s brooding, sexy brother to captain the ship (and save her butt).

For the last two years, Evan Betancourt has been sailing around the world to avoid the ghosts of his past. But when he pulls into Sandy Cove for a brief stop, Lia makes him an offer she won’t let him refuse.

And as these two opposites figure out how to work together, the murky waters between denial and attraction are creeping up fast…



Ten Good Reasons by Lauren Christopher is the second book in her Sandy Cove series. This is a sweet enjoyable romance. This is my first book by Lauren Christopher and it will not be my last.

Lia McCabe is our wonderful heroine, and she is a bubbly, whirlwind of exuberance who is also a workaholic and a loyal friend. Lia’s best friend, Drew, who owns and runs a whale watching tour boat, has just had a bad accident on his motorcycle. The tour is ready to begin, and totally booked. Lia is desperate to find someone to take over the tour, and help out Drew. Since she has arranged for a high profile client to attend a couple of the tours, she is determined to keep the tour on, as her job promotion depends on it.

Evan Betancourt is our hero, and Drew’s estranged brother. Evan is a recluse, travelling the world on a boat for two years, since his wife and son were killed tragically. He passes through Sandy Cove to fix his boat, and try to visit the brother he hasn’t seen in a long time. Just when he chickens out, he meets a desperate Lia, who will not take no for an answer.

Lia doesn’t know Evan’s past, or why he and Drew do not talk to each other. All she knows is she needs Evan to run the tour boat until Drew gets better. After being a major pest, Lia finally convinces Evan to help out his brother for a week or so, until they can find someone else.

What follows is wonderful sweet story that allows us to enjoy the whale watching tours, which Christopher details so well, that we feel we are on the boat with them. This was a lot of fun seeing how these tours go, getting to know some of the wonderful secondary characters and watching Evan’s frozen heart slowly begin to melt. The chemistry between them was off the wall sizzling, though from the beginning neither of them were interested in any kind of relationship. But as they spend time together on the tours, they get to know each other, and the fun begins, since they can no longer avoid those feelings.

Even when they do act on their attraction to each other, we know that the future for anything more has to be slim. Evan finds it hard to let go of his tragic past, but he has not felt this way for two years. Lia finds herself enjoying the benefits of Evan’s stay, knowing he is leaving shortly and she wants her promotion, which will send her to Paris. Is there a future for Lia and Evan? You will need to read this book to find out. Lauren Christopher has written a wonderful story, about a fabulous couple, so different and yet so perfect for each other. Ten Good Reasons is a perfect read that you will not want to miss.

Reviewed by Barb

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