The 27 Club by Kim Karr-Review ,Book Tour and Giveaway

THE 27 CLUB by Kim Karr-Review, Book Tour and Giveaway


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The 27 Club
by Kim Karr
Genre: adult, contemporary, erotic romance
Release Date: March 3, 2015

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 3, 2015

You don’t know when…
You don’t get to choose if…
When it’s time to join…you’ll know.

You might think you want to be a member—but trust me this is one club you don’t want to join. It’s not a place where people go to live out their deepest, darkest sexual desires—there are no handcuffs or blindfolds.

The 27 Club only admits those who die young and tragically. My brother was recently bestowed membership and joined many of our ancestors before him. I know I’m next. This is my destiny, and I was ready to yield.

But then I met Nate. He awakened a sensuality in me that had never been explored, never satisfied. I knew then I could no longer accept my destiny. Nate’s presence controls me. I’m overwhelmed by his touch, his words; my every thought is consumed by desire. I believe he was brought into my life for a reason.

Nate doesn’t believe in destiny.

But I do.

And if there’s a way to cheat it—I must.


REVIEW: THE 27 CLUB is the latest adult, contemporary, erotic romance, stand alone novel from author Kim Karr. The focus of the storyline is the Flower family destiny-a curse to die in your twenty seventh year. This is Zoey Flowers and Nathaniel Hanson’s storyline.

According to the online dictionary destiny is the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; one’s fate; one’s fortune; or one’s doom.

Predestination is the belief that everything that will happen has already been decided by God or fate and cannot be changed.

Do you believe in destiny? That your future has been predetermined by a higher power and nothing can or will stop the events from happening? THE 27 CLUB is a story of one family who believe.

Told from first person point of view (Zoey) with a couple of chapters from Zach and Nate, the storyline follows college professor Zoey Flowers and her older brother and artist Zach -a close knit brother and sister duo-who believe their destiny is to die before their twenty eighth year.

The storyline prologue begins with the introduction of Zach on his twenty seventh birthday: his fear of joining The 27 Club as many of his ancestors had previously done but also his need to ‘live like you’re dying;’ in the here and now. When Zach dies approximately nine months later, Zoey heads to Florida to uncover the truth about his life, his death and the people he left behind including his best friend Nate Hanson. What ensues is a building relationship between Zoey and Nate, and Zoey’s discovery that what she thought she knew about her brother was all a lie. Zoey’s journey will follow a path unlike anything she could have imagined. With her twenty seventh birthday having come and gone, Zoey is preparing for her destiny-one day and one wish at a time.

The attraction between Zoey and Nate is immediate but one forbidden by a promise. Zach had never wanted to introduce his sister to Nate knowing that Nate would probably break Zoey’s heart. Zoey and Nate’s relationship is one of passion, forbidden love and mutual understanding as they comfort one another in the wake of Zach’s sudden death. There is no promise for the future; no strings attached; there is an unknown expiration date on their love. The $ex scenes are intense, seductive and intimate with a little bit of kink on the side.

The secondary and supporting characters include Gisele and her son Mateo; Nate’s ailing father; their housekeeper Rosie; and several business associates of Zach and Nate’s who reveal more to Zoey than she could have possibly surmised. Zach led a secret life; a life that is never completely revealed to its fullest extent and in this the missing background information makes for some curious assumptions. I would like to have read more about Zach-the who, the what and the why-but we all know there is no happily ever after for Zach!

Nate’s business ventures are another part of the premise that never completely materialized. There are hints, admissions, and revelations but no depth into the reality, his connections or how it came to be. Zoey will uncover her brother’s secrets that tie closely to Nate’s business, but we never learn or understand why.

The world building takes the reader into the nightlife of Miami, the secret clubs, the art world and the people Zach, Nate and Zoey encounter in their lives. There are moments of heartbreak, surprise and shock countered by the realization that we truly do not know about the people in our lives. Life is fleeting; the future is not guaranteed. Live life to the fullest; dance like no one is watching!

Kim Karr is a brilliant writer who will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for destiny to take another life but there is so much information missing and not revealed that I was left wondering where it all began. I am hoping Kim puts pen to paper and writes a prequel that will address the incomplete nature of Zach and Nate’s backstory and history.

Copy supplied by publisher through Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy

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The wind howls and the palm trees whip against the windows as the storm seems to make its way closer to landfall. Thunder booms and lightning lights up the room, startling me. No, not lightning—a lamp.
“Hello, Zoey.” The voice is deep and husky.
As the sound registers, I scream. I quickly sit up and scan my unfamiliar surroundings. My eyes immediately land on the silhouette of a man standing beside me, and I scream again, this time scrambling off the bed in terror.In this moment, my heart stops beating, my lungs stop breathing, and my brain stops thinking. I’m petrified.The man raises his palms up in surrender. “Zoey, I’m Nate, Z’s friend. You don’t have to be scared. I’m not going to hurt you.”
My fear must be evident. I stare at him for a few long moments, both alarmed and trembling. Only once realization sets in, that yes, this is Nate, my brother’s best friend, do I attempt to calm my ragged breaths.

He takes a cautious step back. “Just cover up with something so we can talk.”

Oh my God, my clothes.

Tangled sheets catch on my limbs as I climb back onto the bed and unsuccessfully try to pull the covers over my practically naked body. Before humiliation grabs complete hold of me, I give up and dive for my soaking wet shirt lying on the floor.

Sliding the cold fabric over my head, I pull it down to cover my panties and stand up, quickly crossing my arms over my chest to shield any signs of the chill I’m feeling.

Not great, but better. At least I can look at him with a little dignity.

Finally, I glance up and my gaze catches his. As soon as it does, he drops his eyes.

The photos I’ve seen of him over the years, when my brother would text me a funny shot—a selfie of him and Nate at some top chef restaurant, at the beach, or at a coffee house—didn’t nearly do him justice. Those shots were goofy poses with baseball caps turned backwards and funny faces. Not that I didn’t think he was good looking in them, because I did, but there’s just something different about him.

I blink and focus on the matter at hand. “You scared the shit out of me. What are you doing here?”

Staring at the ground, he leans against the door jam. “You beat me to the punch. I was just about to ask you the same question.”

“Why would you ask me that?”

He raises a brow. “I guess I’m just curious.”

I sigh, feeling confused.

His gaze lifts, and those eyes, those bewitching emerald green eyes, stare back at me. “Not that I mind that you’re here. It’s just—a little warning would have been nice. That’s all.”

His tone is more bemused than apologetic.

I’m not sure what to think.

With a straight and confident stance, I clear my throat. “I e-mailed you earlier today to let you know that I was coming for the weekend. I’m really sorry about the late notice, but I decided at the last minute.”

He reaches into the pocket of his low-slung jeans and pulls out his phone. After a few taps and scrolls he looks up at me. “I guess you did. Here it is. I’m usually on top of my e-mails but today my . . . schedule was full. Had I seen your message, I would have tried to rearrange my plans.”

“That’s fine really. I managed. It’s not a big deal.”

I steal a glance at my reliable Timex—just after midnight. What is he doing in my brother’s house in the middle of the night? Just as I’m about to ask him, my eyes catch sight of the way he predatorily walks around the room and I’m momentarily distracted. He moves like a panther— slowly circling his prey, keeping his distance, not too close, but close enough to pounce if he feels the urge. He settles back against the wall, just a little closer now. “Zoey, did you hear me?”

I swallow. “Sorry, what?”

His tone grows more insistent. “I said I would have at least sent a car for you. You shouldn’t be out in this weather on your own.”

My brow furrows. Why is he still talking about the airport?

When I don’t respond, he crosses his arms over his chest like he owns the place.

It’s then that reality sinks in. And as cliché as this sounds, I am not going to let Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome intimidate me. It’s time to take charge. “There was no need. I managed just fine. But if you didn’t know I was coming, can I ask what you’re doing here?”

Confusion seems to have taken over his thoughts as he steps even closer—moving with a lethal grace that makes my body start to hum. I can’t help but study him as his features come into clear focus. His body is long and lean. His hair is dark, the most unusual shade of brown, maybe like the color of expensive chocolate, but not exactly. His eyes are languid, watchful, and the most beautiful shade I’ve ever seen—darker than emeralds or the deepest of forest greens. His
lips look full and soft. He is handsome in a way that is unlike anyone I’ve ever seen.

My mind is going haywire.

A look of realization seems to cross his face as he stares at me.

“Nate, why are you at my brother’s house in the middle of the night?” I ask him again.

With a smirk, he ignores my question. Instead of answering me, he opens the door beside him. It’s a closet, Zach’s closet to be exact, and he steps right in, again like he owns the place.

“What are you doing?” I ask impatiently.

He comes back into the bedroom with a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt in his hand. “You’re trembling. How about you get changed and we sit down to talk?”

The audacity of this man is beyond comprehension. From his e-mails he seemed nice, but then again, you never can tell what lurks behind the words on a computer screen.

He stares and his small smirk really irritates me. “Take these, they’re mine. I’ll wait downstairs while you get changed.”

If I weren’t standing here, chilled and in my underwear, I might just tell him to go to hell. But instead I reach for the clothes, and as I do, I start to wonder if he’s been squatting in my brother’s house. Once the clothes are in my hands, his mouth spreads into a slow, easy grin.

Annoyance grabs hold of me as I pivot on my bare feet and head toward the bathroom, making sure not to glance over my shoulder. When I hear heavy footsteps, I let my body fall back and shut everything out of my mind for a few short seconds.

What is going on?

When I’ve gathered my composure, I quickly strip out of my wet clothes and redress. Then I make the mistake of looking in the mirror. A wet dog would look better than I do right now. In an effort to improve the image, I grab a towel and wipe the black mascara from under my eyes. Then I use my fingers to comb through my mass of curls and try to calm them, but that’s nearly impossible.

Okay, better—but not great.

Who cares anyway?

It’s not like I’m trying to impress him. In fact, I’ve never tried to impress a man.




About The Author

kim karr bioI live in Florida with my husband and four kids. I’ve always had a love for reading books and writing. Being an English major in college, I wanted to teach at the college level but that was not to be. I went on to receive an MBA and became a project manager until quitting to raise my family. I currently work part-time with my husband and full-time embracing one of my biggest passions—writing.

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  1. Thanks for the post and your thoughts on this book. It is an interesting concept, what would you do if you believed you only had a certain amount of time to live? This book sounds intriguing, exciting and sexy. I love the way Ms. Karr weaves a story and I am exctied to read this book. Thanks for the chance to win. I have competed all requirements #3 thru #7

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  7. I always thought I would be a member of the 27 Club. Maybe I thought too highly of myself as a singer and poet a la Morrison. The excerpt was just enough to leave me wanting more. Please sign me up for the Giveaway! Thanks TRC for the review.

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