The Baby Bargain by Jennifer Apodaca-a review

The Baby Bargain (Once a Marine #1) by Jennifer Apodaca-a review

The Baby Bargain

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release date March 11, 2013

THE BABY BARGAIN is the latest contemporary romance release novel from author Jennifer Apodaca (Jennifer Lyon). The storyline focuses on veterinarian Megan Young and retired marine Adam Waters. Adam has reluctantly returned to the small town of Raven’s Cove when his company is asked to handle the security details at the local golf course and the last person he wanted to see was Megan Young-the woman he walked out on almost three years earlier. But saving an injured dog forced Adam into Megan’s office and years of heart break and pain would re-surface for both.

Megan and Adam had a past-one that was mired in secrets. And Megan’s reluctance to allow Adam back into her life came with the knowledge that Adam knew nothing about their son. The last time Adam returned to duty, he left a heartbroken and pregnant Megan to deal with the pressures of starting her own practice while dealing with a pregnancy as a single mom. Adam never knew about Megan’s pregnancy and she was hoping to keep their son’s identity close to her heart. But life has a funny and sometimes mean way of pulling everyone together.

Megan and Adam’s lives will cross once again when Megan finds herself under arrest for bribery and theft in a high profile case of divorce. But the identity of the person responsible will have Megan shaking her head when someone close decides he wants Megan for himself. Megan is set up for a fall and Adam is the one person to whom she will give her trust-completely.

The relationship between Adam and Megan is both hot and loving, heartbreaking and sad. Adam wants Megan and when he tries to distance himself from the woman that he loves his life begins to unravel. The secrets from his past haunt him every night and it is with that knowledge that Adam knows he can never be part of Megan or his son’s life on a permanent basis.

The storyline centres on betrayal of trust, and the need to set things straight. Adam had a habit of running but his upbringing was filled with accusations of murder and when it was finally time to grow up, Adam ran to the Marines. Only now, he needed to sell his parents home and make a clean break from Raven’s Cove. But there was one thing holding him to town-and she came with a small boy that melted his heart.

THE BABY BARGAIN is a romantic storyline about two people with issues of trust and major lack of communication. Their failure to talk about the past will continue to build a wall that only the truth is able to topple over. Jennifer writes a heartwarming story of lost love, broken promises and the ability to let go of the past.

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Reviewed by Sandy


19 thoughts on “The Baby Bargain by Jennifer Apodaca-a review

  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. I do enjoy romance, to break up the sometimes dark paranormal or urban fantasty. Another reason I enjoyed the Sullivan series by Bella Andre.

  2. Great review Sandy, this sounds interesting. Communication is always so important in any relationship, but sometimes so hard to achieve! Sounds like a good story!

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