The Beaumont Series by Heidi McLaughlin-reviews

The Beaumont Series (#1, #1.5, #2) by Katie McLaughlin-reviews

NOTE: I highly recommend reading this series in order.

Forever My GirlFOREVER MY GIRL (Beaumont #1) by Heidi McLaughlin / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO / The Book Depository

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date December 2012

I was never supposed to be a rock star. I had my life all planned out for me. Play football in college. Go to the NFL. Marry my high school sweetheart and live happily ever after.

I broke both our hearts that day when I told her I was leaving. I was young. I made the right decision for me, but the wrong decision for us. I’ve poured my soul into my music, but I’ve never forgotten her. Her smell, her smile.

And now I’m going back.

After ten years.

I hope I can explain that after all this time.

I still want her to be my forever girl


REVIEW: FOREVER MY GIRL is the first storyline in Heidi McLaughlin’s contemporary new adult series about the lives and loves of the people of Beaumont and the rock band 4225 West. This is Liam and Josie’s storyline.

The premise follows Liam’s return to Beaumont upon the death of his life long best friend-but a best friend he has not seen since he left town to pursue a college football career. But football was not Liam’s lifelong passion, and when an opportunity presented itself Liam jumped and went to California where he made it big as a musician and rock star. Ten years later, Liam knows he must return home to say goodbye to his best friend but Liam also left someone else behind when he fled all those years ago-the love of his life; the woman he has never stopped loving and the soul mate who appears to have moved on with her life.

Forever My Girl is a story of second chances; and the heartbreaking knowledge that in an instant, one spur of the moment decision can change your life forever. What Liam discovers is that while he chose a different path, the life he left behind went on without him.

This is also a story of one woman’s need to overcome the past but a past that will forever be her present and future. Although Josie believes she has moved she has never made that final step to close the door on the man to whom she had lost her heart. His reappearance in her life with change everything and everyone.

The relationship between Liam and Josie is fraught with denial, hunger, heartbreaking sorrow and the pain of knowing you can never go back. Liam left without a word; no explanation and in this Josie had to deal with her future alone. Although this is a contemporary romantic new adult storyline, the sex is limited to one of the final chapters. The relationship is sensual and grows with every encounter.

The secondary characters are an eclectic mix of friends, former friends, frenemies and family. Josie and Liam’s attempts to rekindle what they had will push some people away and bring others closer together. You know there are more stories to tell and two in particular are building throughout the novel. There are moments of flashback and memories of what was but in the end, it is the present that counts for everything.

FOREVER MY GIRL is also a story about the death of a friend; the death of a friendship and the start of a new life that began over a decade earlier. Heidi McLaughlin weaves a tale of second chances wherein the heart has always known where it belongs, and it belongs where ever his forever is.

Reviewed by Sandy.


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]MY EVERYTHING (Beaumont 1.5) by Heidi McLaughlin

ebook Special Deal at Amazon and KOBO: .99cents at time of posting. / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date March 2013

When Nick Ashford lost his friend, Mason, he didn’t realize he was going to lose his family as well, but that’s exactly what happened. Alone and in a foreign country, Nick is working on rebuilding his life one patient at a time, that is, until a striking volunteer makes her presence known.

Can Nick finish his year in Africa without risking his heart being broken again, or is he willing to start a new chapter in his life before his return to Beaumont?


REVIEW: MY EVERYTHING is the second storyline in Heidi McLaughlin’s contemporary new adult Beaumont series. This is a short story-basically 60 virtual pages in length and follows the story of Nick Ashford, whom we met in Forever My Girl.

Without revealing too much of the connection between Nick and the first storyline, My Everything follows Nick as he embarks on a year working for Doctors Without Borders. As a family physician Nick left the town of Beaumont without so much as a goodbye. Leaving his busy practice to a replacement Nick finds himself in Africa where his heart is heavy with the knowledge that everyone he loved has moved on with their lives. But Africa will open up the possibility of a future for Nick –one that will rival any relationship from his past.

My Everything is a quick read that begins several months following the end of Forever My Girl and advances the series by one year. It is also a story of reflection as Nick reminisces about the how and why of his life; Nick had endured heartbreaking sorrow when the love of his life found a second chance at happiness, and in My Everything, Nick Ashford will get his ‘second chance at happiness’ with his ‘Everything’. My Everything crosses the timeline in the third instalment of The Beaumont Series of My Unexpected Forever

Reviewed by Sandy


My Unexpected ForeverMY UNEXPECTED FOREVER (Beaumont #2) by Heidi McLaughlin / / Barnes and Noble / KOBO /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date September 3, 2013

I expected a life of music.

I expected to raise my son.

It took one look to make everything change.

I never expected happiness.

I never expected to find her.

I never expected to feel desire.

I never expected I’d be a family man.

I never expected to be loved.

I never expected to fall in love.

They say you should expect the unexpected, I didn’t realize my unexpected would be the forever kind.


REVIEW: MY UNEXPECTED FOREVER is the third storyline (second full length novel) in Heidi McLaughlin’s contemporary new adult series focusing on the members of the rock band 4225 West and the small town of Beaumont. This is Katelyn Powell and Harrison James’s storyline. Harrison is the drummer for 4225 West and Katelyn is a woman afraid to move on following the tragic death of her husband.

We first met Katelyn and Harrison in FOREVER MY GIRL. Katelyn’s husband was killed in an accident leaving her a widow with five year old twin girls. And, in this, the storyline premise unfolds. Katelyn is having a difficult time opening up to the possibility of moving on. She never wants to forget her first love and in doing so, closes down.

Harrison is the tattooed and pierced drummer for 4225 West and a single father. But the instant he meets Katelyn Powell his heart and soul is drawn to the young widow. Knowing she needs time to grieve, Harrison keeps his distance but the pull between he and Katelyn grows. The storyline begins approximately ten months after Forever My Girl and to say that Harrison has a difficult road ahead is an understatement.

The relationship between Harrison and Katelyn is rocky and tenuous. You can feel their attraction; their desire for one another but Katelyn continues to push Harrison away whenever she believes he is getting too close. And the constant reminders and memories of her first love, are forever interfering with her ability to open her heart to a potential new love. The story is filled with flashbacks, memories and dreams.

The character of Katelyn is difficult to like because of her constant back and forth. One moment she wants Harrison and the next she is pushing him away. She teases then runs; she kisses then walks ; she wants then remembers everything she had with her husband. This part of the storyline (which is a good portion) was continuous right up until the final 2 chapters.And she misinterprets everything and everyone’s intentions and, refuses to listen to the truth. And of course, no man would put up with her almost schizophrenic personality –Harrison will finally walk away and Katelyn is left trying to pick up the pieces once again.

The sexual tension is high as the couple dance around each other for a good portion of the book. Little touches, side long glances, dreams, yearnings and out right arousal. It is enough to send the reader into a cold shower. 😉

MY UNEXPECTED FOREVER is a wonderful but frustrating storyline. Heidi McLaughlin pulls the reader into a story of heartbreak and pain; sorrow and guilt; temptation and denial. If you are a fan of the rock star genre and new adult storyline The Beaumont series is the series for you.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. These books sound very romantic. I like a good story and huge amounts of sex doesn’t have to be there especially when the man you love has left for ten years. TBR List

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