BLOOD OF FIRE ( The Blood Burden Series #2) by Wenona Hulsey-a review

BLOOD OF FIRE (The Blood Burden Series #2) by Wenona Hulsey-a review

BLOOD OF FIRE (The Blood Burden Series #2) by Wenona Hulsey

BLOOD OF FIRE is the July 2012 release in Wenona Hulsey’s Blood Burden series that follows the life of Nichole Keenan. In the previous storylines, police officer Nichole Keenan discovered that her ability to ‘hear’ the thoughts of other people is a by-product of her blood heritage. As a descendent of both the Irish Fae and the Warrior Guardians, Nichole has been blessed (or cursed) with some amazing powers, but both family lines are willing to risk everything to see her take her rightful position on the throne. The only problem-the Fae and Warriors have been at war for hundreds of years and someone wants her dead.

This particular storyline begins immediately following the events of the previous novel and leaving behind everyone she loves will force Nichole to take a step back and discover exactly who and what she is. But the beautiful country of Ireland has some hidden secrets and Nichole is about to embark on a journey that will present several paths and options.

Before she confronts the Warrior who has terrorized her dreams, Nichole must learn what it is to be Fae in a world of humans and finding an all too eager beautifully handsome, millionaire hotel owner offering his aid, will affect Nichole in more ways in than one. When her powers suddenly become non-existent Nichole’s only means of defense becomes her physical abilities, and even those are lacking against a monarch who sees Nichole’s presence as a major liability. The war between Fae and Warrior will find that there are people willing to destroy the last of the royal bloodline, and others who only seek of the power of the throne.

Nichole’s affections for her Guardian will come into question when a powerful Fae desires everything that Nichole can offer. But Luke’s need to defend and protect Nichole has never waivered and their relationship will take the next step when Nichole discovers that her soul mate has been by her side the entire time. To reclaim her rightful place, Nichole must enter a war between Fae and Warrior, but not before someone she loves is destroyed in the process.

BLOOD OF FIRE is an exciting and revealing instalment in the Blood Burden series by Wenona Hulsey. The death of a friend will bring into focus the true meaning of evil, and Nichole must face the reality that all is not fair in love and war. Sometimes everyone is out for a piece of the pie. Wenona Hulsey blends modern day Ireland with the hidden land of the Fairy, elemental gifts and magical powers.

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