The Collar (The Submissive #5) by Tara Sue Me-Review, Book Tour & Giveaway

THE COLLAR (The Submissive #5) by Tara Sue Me-Review , Book Tour and Giveaway

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The Collar
The Submissive Series #5
by Tara Sue Me
Genre: adult, contemporary, erotic romance, BDSM,
Release Date: July 7, 2015

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date July 7, 2015

Nathaniel and Abby are struggling to navigate the challenging waters of their own relationship, when they get a surprising phone call from their partners in play, Dena and Jeff, who are in need of a helping hand…

Seven years ago, blonde, beautiful lawyer Dena Jenkins was tired of her carefully controlled life. Desperate for something exhilarating to help her escape the pressures of her demanding job and her senator father, she joined a steamy, local BDSM club as a submissive. There she met brooding Dominant, Jeff. The attraction between them was undeniable, and, despite Dena’s doubts, they couldn’t stay away from each other.

Except, as the years have passed, their blazing connection has proven difficult to maintain. Dena and Jeff have a history they’d rather forget, but Dena can’t let go of the past, and Jeff is ready to move across the country to give her space. Now, to save their passion, they’ll have to rediscover what it means to trust each other—and give themselves to each other completely…


REVIEW: THE COLLAR is the fifth installment in Tara Sue Me’s adult, contemporary The Submissive BDSM, erotic, romance series. This is attorney and submissive Dena Jenkins, and Dominant Jeff Parks’ storyline-a second chance at love for two people whose relationship was destroyed by a mutual loss. There is a cross over with Tara Sue Me’s PARTNERS IN PLAY spin off series but I am under the impression, in the future, the two series will be combined as most of the characters play an active role in both.

Told from third person perspective alternating between the past and present (with a couple of chapters told from Abby and Nathaniel’s POV) THE COLLAR focuses on the rekindling Dom/sub relationship between Jeff and Dena, as well as their second chance at love and a happily ever after. When Jeff is asked to participate in a demonstration at the local BDSM club, he is surprised to discover that his former submissive will be his partner for the night. What ensues is an awkward situation when Dena is late for the appointment and Jeff needs to administer a punishment, as is his right, as the Dominant in charge. When Dena’s reasons for her tardiness are revealed, Jeff goes into alpha, protective mode but he is still unwilling to give Dena what it is she wants from the man with whom she is still in love.

The history between Jeff and Dena is slowly revealed from their first meeting seven years earlier, to their D/s relationship and Dena’s subsequent collaring; to falling in love, and the events that lead up to Jeff removing the collar and sending Dena on her way. Their mutual history is emotional and heartbreaking; their individual backstories are as different as night and day. Dena is a well to do attorney with the potential for a brilliant career; Jeff ran away from home when he was sixteen years old. It is Jeff’s male ego that often comes into play when he believes he is not worthy of a woman like Dena Jenkins. When a threat against Dena forces our heroine back into Jeff’s life, our couple are unable to forget about the past heartbreaks in order to move on with their lives. The $ex scenes are intimate and provocative: the BDSM scenes are erotic and intense. Jeff is a true Dominant who enjoys bondage scenes, and punishes Dena for every act of disobedience; Dena is a submissive who is willing to accept Jeff’s orders and commands.

The secondary and supporting characters include Abby and Nathaniel West (The Submissive Series 1-4) whose story continues to build throughout the events of THE COLLAR; Dominant Daniel Covington, and his submissive Julie Masterson whom we have met through the spin off series PARTNERS IN PLAY are present and participating in the local demonstrations and Club scenes. We are introduced to a couple of new characters at the BDSM Club, as well as Dena’s father whose dislike of Jeff Parks is all too readily apparent. The requisite evil comes from an unknown source when personal threats are made against Dena in the form of harassing phone calls and cryptic letters.

Addressing the threats against the heroine, the storyline did not focus on the search or investigation but rather pushed the issue to the background or most of the story. In the end, the reveal and take down was quick, and the punishment is an unknown entity. I am not sure if this is an acceptable conclusion, but it is the route the author chose to go. The threat is still a viable possibility for a future storyline.

THE COLLAR is first and foremost a story about second chances; for love, for partnership, and for a new beginning. But it is also a story about misunderstandings and forgiveness between two people who have loved one another for many years but were unable to get past their heartbreak and grief. The characters are colorful, charismatic and strong; the premise is dramatic and emotional; the romance is sensual and passionate. If you are a fan of Tara Sue Me’s THE SUBMISSIVE series, THE COLLAR is a fantastic addition to your library collection.

Copy supplied by the publisher.

Reviewed by Sandy

Series Spotlight Black and White

The SubmissiveThe Submissive
The Submissive #1
by Tara Sue Me
Release Date: November 2012
Genre: adult, contemporary, erotic, BDSM, romance

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release November 2012

One word and she’ll never see him again.

The city of New York knows Nathaniel West as CEO of a powerful corporation, but Abby knows he’s more. Nathaniel lives by a set of exacting rules. From the boardroom to his bedroom, he must be obeyed—and any woman wanting to be part of his life must submit to his will. When Abby finally meets Nathaniel and agrees to wear his collar, she has everything she’s ever wanted—or so she thinks.

Nathaniel drives her to new heights of pleasure and introduces her to a glamorous world of power and privilege she knows only through the social pages. Heeding Nathaniel’s commands is never hard—but before long Abby wants more. Her master’s rules don’t allow for negotiation—but the heart never plays by the rules and love is the most extreme fantasy of all


The DominantThe Dominant
The Submissive #2
by Tara Sue Me
Release Date: August 6, 2013
Genre: adult, contemporary, erotic, BDSM, romance

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Nathaniel West doesn’t lose control.

As the playboy CEO of West Industries, he governs the boardroom during the day; as a strict dominant with exacting rules, he commands the bedroom at night. He never takes on inexperienced submissives, but when Abigail King’s application comes across his desk, he breaks his own restrictions and decides to test her limits.

Abby’s combination of innocence and willingness is intoxicating, and Nathaniel is soon determined to collar her as his own. As long as she follows his orders and surrenders herself fully to him, no one will get hurt.

But when Nathaniel begins falling for Abby on a deeper level, he realizes that the trust must go both ways—and he has secrets which could bring the foundations of their entire relationship crashing down…


The TrainingThe Training
The Submissive #3
by Tara Sue Me
Release Date: October 1, 2013
Genre: Erotic, Adult, Romance

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 1, 2013

It started with a hidden desire.

Millionaire CEO Nathaniel West has always played by his own strict set of rules, ones he expects everyone to follow—especially the women he’s dominated in his bedroom. But his newest lover is breaking down all his boundaries and rewriting his rule book.

Abby King never imagined that she would capture the heart of Nathaniel West, one of New York City’s most eligible bachelors—and its most desirable dominant. What began as a weekend arrangement of pleasure has become a passionate romance with a man who knows every inch of her body and her soul – yet remains an enigmatic lover. Though he is tender and caring, his painful past remains a wall between them.

Abby knows the only way to truly earn his trust is to submit to him fully and let go of all of her lingering inhibitions. Because to lead Nathaniel on a path to greater intimacy, she must first let him deeper into her world than anyone has ever gone before…


The ChaletThe Chalet
The Submissive 3.5
by Tara Sue Me
Release Date October 21, 2014
Genre: adult, contemporary, erotic, BDSM, romance

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date October 21, 2014

New York Times bestselling author Tara Sue Me’s Submissive series is an international sensation. Now, Abby and Nathaniel’s story continues with their romantic wedding and a honeymoon too hot to believe…

Submitting her body was only the beginning.

Abby King didn’t know true passion until she gave herself to Nathaniel West, one of New York City’s most eligible bachelors and desired Dominants. Now, on the eve of her marriage, she realizes all her dreams are coming true. And with a romantic honeymoon getaway planned at a secluded Swiss chalet, she’s sure Nathaniel will find even more fantasies to fulfill…

Nathaniel never thought he’d settle down until Abby broke down his barriers and changed his plans. With their wedding only weeks away, he can barely wait to possess her completely—heart, body, and soul—and show her the true meaning of being both a wife and a submissive.

Only Abby has one more challenge in store before she becomes his: no sex and no collar for one month before the wedding. Nathaniel is willing to give it a shot but he has one scandalous stipulation—once that month is up, anything goes…


Seduced by FireSeduced by Fire
Partners in Play #1
by Tara Sue Me
Release Date: March 4, 2014
Genre: adult, contemporary, erotic, BDSM, romance

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About the book: Release Date March 4, 2014

Julie Masterson craves a taste of danger.

Despite being familiar with the different games people play in the bedroom, she’s never given in to her curiosity about putting her body in someone else’s power—until a chance meeting with Daniel Covington, the seductive Senior VP of Weston Bank, draws her into a titillating new world of sexual experience, one that she never knew she desperately needed.

Daniel is highly respected within his community, but he hasn’t had an exclusive relationship for over two years. Yet Julie’s eager innocence is driving him to the brink of ecstasy, making him rethink his feelings about commitment.

As their sizzling connection heats up, Daniel is ready to take Julie fully under his command. But when the dangerous side of their play rears its ugly head, Julie will have to decide if she trusts him enough to surrender completely—or if she should escape before she gets burned…

The EnticementThe Enticement
The Submissive Series #4
by Tara Sue Me
Genre: adult, contemporary, erotic, BDSM, romance
Release Date: April 7, 2015

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date April 7, 2015

Limits were made to be pushed.

Abby West has everything she wanted: a family, a skyrocketing new career, and a sexy, Dominant husband who fulfills her every need. Only, as her life outside the bedroom becomes hectic, her Master’s sexual requirements inside become more extreme. Abby doesn’t understand Nathaniel’s increased need for control, but she can’t deny the delicious way her body reacts to his tantalizing demands…

Between Abby’s reluctance and Nathaniel’s unyielding commands, the delicate balance of power between the Dominant and his submissive threatens to shift. And as the underlying tension and desire between them heats up, so does the struggle to keep everything they value from falling apart …

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Tara Sue Me is the New York Times bestselling author of the Submissive series, including The Enticement, The Training, The Dominant, and The Submissive. She lives in the southeastern United States with her family, two dogs, and a cat.


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