The Curse of Tenth Grave (Charley Davidson #10) by Darynda Jones-a review

THE CURSE OF TENTH GRAVE (Charley Davidson #10) by Darynda Jones-a review

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About the book: Release Date June 28, 2016

As a Part-time PI and fulltime grim reaper, Charley Davidson has asked a lot of questions throughout her life: Why can I see dead people? Who is the hot supernatural entity following me? How do I get gum out of my sister’s hair before she wakes up? But, “How do I trap not one malevolent god, but three?” was never among them. Until now. And since those gods are on earth to kill her daughter, she has little choice but to track them down, trap them, and cast them from this dimension.

There’s just one problem. One of the three stole her heart a very long time ago. Can the Razer, a god of absolute death and destruction, change his omniscient spots, or will his allegiances lie with his brothers?

Those are just a few of the questions Charley must answer, and quick. Add to that a homeless girl running for her life, an innocent man who’s been charged with murder, and a pendant made from god glass that has the entire supernatural world in an uproar, and Charley has her hands full. If she can manage to take care of the whole world-destroying-gods thing, we’re saved. If not, well…


REVIEW: THE CURSE OF TENTH GRAVE is the tenth installment in Darynda Jones’s contemporary, adult CHARLEY DAVIDSON urban fantasy series focusing on part time PI/ full time Grim Reaper Charley Davidson.

SOME BACKGROUND: This is the continuing story of Charley’s life as the Grim Reaper, the corporeal spirits who have yet to pass, and the man to whom she has pledged her undying love-the son of Satan-Reyes Farrow. Charley Davidson, and now their daughter, are the key to saving or destroying the world. If you have not read the previous installments there may be some spoilers.

Told from first person point of view (Charley) THE CURSE OF TENTH GRAVE follows PI Charley Davidson as she investigates not one but two cases: a missing woman presumed murdered by her boyfriend, and the case of a young runaway who believes she, and a number of other children, have been cursed at the youth home in which they are staying.

Charley is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, PI, Grim Reaper and a god. Our heroine is a woman whose life is made up of supernatural entities, demons, restless ghosts, murder, and a friendship with her assistant that beats all other friendships. Charley is a wife and mother whose infant daughter, said to be the savior of the world, has been hidden in the hopes of keeping the three gods of Uzan at bay. Charley is also a god, whose powers have yet to be completely established, but a god who could very well be living with her immortal enemy. Some backstory and history is revealed about Charley and Reyes’s relationship throughout time.

THE CURSE OF TENTH GRAVE has a large ensemble cast of passionate and intense characters including many, if not most, of the significant entities we have met throughout the series. Rocket’s purpose becomes a little more clearer; Strawberry Shortcake reveals some cryptic information; Charley’s dad reveals many secrets he uncovered in H*ll when he passed through; the army guarding Reyes and Charley’s daughter is available with a flick of the wrist; and Ubie’s future looks grim. I am still hoping Darynda has plans to write a series about Donovan and the gang.

As per Darynda’s style of writing the story line is packed with humor, snark, sarcasm, funny one liners and plenty of innuendo. Each chapter begins with a meme, t-shirt slogan or bumper sticker line. Reyes and Charley’s relationship is struggling in the face of what the future might hold; there are secrets between the couple that fester and burn. The $ex scenes contain a little more graphic text and sexual language than in previous installments but like most UF story lines, the romance is secondary to the story although it is Reyes and Charley’s relationship that may be triggering the ultimate war between Heaven and H*ll. The slow build to the final show down is gradually unfolding.

THE CURSE OF TENTH GRAVE is a revealing story line; a provocative look at two people destined to destroy one another; an addicting series where the next installment cannot come fast enough. The premise is dramatic; the characters are dynamic; the romance is sexy and heartbreaking. Darynda Jones writes an amazing series about a kick-ass heroine who struggles with every day life and the supernatural.

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Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Wonderful review, Sandy. I am so far behind in this series. One day I need to find an allotment of time, and do a marathon read to catch up. I am surprised that she has a daughter now, that is how far off the loop I am.

  2. OMG. I can’t wait to read this book. Darynda is one of my favorite authors and I found her through your reviews. Thanks for the fantastic review!

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