The Dismantling by Brian DeLeeuw-a review

THE DISMANTLING by Brian DeLeeuw-a review

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About the book: Release Date April 28, 2015

Twenty-five-year-old med school dropout Simon Worth is an organ broker, buying kidneys and livers from cash-strapped donors and selling them to recipients whose time on the waitlist is running out. When a seemingly straightforward liver transplant has an unexpectedly dangerous outcome, Simon finds himself on the run. In order to survive, he must put aside his better moral judgment and place his trust in a stranger who has a shocking secret.


REVIEW: THE DISMANTLING is a suspense filled, medical thriller storyline focusing on the illegal procurement of organ donation. Twenty five year old, former medical school student Simon Worth is in the illegal and unethical business of buying organs. Simon is an organ broker –the go between for people willing to pay and those in need of a quick influx of cash. THE DISMANTLING focuses on a liver transplant where the recipient is reluctant to save his own life, and the ensuing fall out of an illegal operation.

Told from third person point of view using memories, flashbacks and current day to day storytelling, THE DISMANTLING follows the ill-fated procurement, interviews, surgery and after care of a liver transplant that should never have been done. From donor to reluctant recipient, family and friends, operation and recovery, the reader is pulled into an intense story of one man’s spiral from promising med student to illegal organ broker to murder and revenge.

Simon Worth is a young man, who for seven years, has mourned the drowning death of his only sister. Unable to cope with the guilt and medical school requirements, Simon finds himself in the awkward position of trying to hide his failure while embarking on a life of illegal organ procurement. His latest ‘donor’ is a young, cash strapped woman whose past life will slowly be revealed as the storyline unfolds. Simon and Maria will quickly discover that not everything goes according to plan, when the recipient of Maria’s liver becomes headline news. With Simon on the run, Maria devises a plan to silence the man in charge.

Brian DeLeeuw is an amazing storyteller. The build up of suspense, powerful imagery, and the catastrophic unraveling of an ill-fated transplant will leave you wondering about the potential reality of the entire situation. The characters are colorful and engaging; the premise original, alarming and sensational; the outcome startling and intense. What are you willing to do to save the people that you love? There are always consequences to every action and decision that you make.

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