The Dominant (The Submissive #2) by Tara Sue Me-a review

THE DOMINANT (The Submissive #2) by Tara Sue Me-a review

The Dominant

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 6 2013

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Nathaniel West doesn’t lose control.

As the playboy CEO of West Industries, he governs the boardroom during the day; as a strict dominant with exacting rules, he commands the bedroom at night. He never takes on inexperienced submissives, but when Abigail King’s application comes across his desk, he breaks his own restrictions and decides to test her limits.

Abby’s combination of innocence and willingness is intoxicating, and Nathaniel is soon determined to collar her as his own. As long as she follows his orders and surrenders herself fully to him, no one will get hurt.

But when Nathaniel begins falling for Abby on a deeper level, he realizes that the trust must go both ways—and he has secrets which could bring the foundations of their entire relationship crashing down…


REVIEW: THE DOMINANT is the second novel in Tara Sue Me’s The Submissive series focusing on Dom Nathaniel West and his sub Abby King. Originally written as fan-fiction based on FSOG and Twilight, The Submissive series has been released as a trilogy with the final installment in October 2013.

First, I must point out that THE DOMINANT is written in Nathaniel’s POV and it is the flip side/parallel to The Submissive. Where we were privy to Abby’s emotions and thoughts in The Submissive, The Dominant reveals Nathaniel’s inner most turmoil as he endeavors to keep his distance from the woman he has watched from afar. The Dominant storyline runs concurrent to The Submissive and tells the story from Nathaniel’s POV. The switch in perspectives is nothing new especially for fans of Twilight and FSOG. At the end of FSOG, E.L James offered up Chapter 1 from Christian’s POV and Stephenie Meyer attempted to write the Twilight saga from Edward’s POV with Midnight Sun.

The Dominant was interesting from the perspective that the cold façade of Nathaniel West hides the depth of his true feelings for Abby King. The background of the premise reveals that Nathaniel has known of Abby since their days in university. Abby had never previously met Nathaniel but his desire to possess and love Abigail King has long been at the forefront of his needs and wants. And the day she walks into his office, applying for the position of his submissive, Nathaniel embarks on a self-debasing internal argument. Disgusted by his own need to dominate, Nathaniel hopes to keep Abby at a distance when in reality he wants nothing more than to be loved and to love.

Once again, The Dominant is nothing new in the BDSM genre based on the fan-fic writings from the followers of the Twilight saga. If you have read the FSOG trilogy you will recognize the characterizations and storyline premises throughout The Submissive/The Dominant. In fact, there is virtually a character to character identical match between the different series especially to FSOG. The writing is simple; there is no philosophical conundrum or epic mystery to solve. The storyline focuses on a man whose need to dominate rules his personal and private life, and when he finds the one woman who offers herself up for be at his beck and call, he will find that she is the one who will finally break the ice around a heart that has been frozen for a very long time. Familiar story, familiar scenario, recognizable characters but a different perspective on the inner turmoil and emotions that befall a man who deems himself unworthy of love and commitment

Reading Order
1. The Submissive
2. The Dominant
3. The Training

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Reviewed by Sandy


20 thoughts on “The Dominant (The Submissive #2) by Tara Sue Me-a review

  1. Excellent review, Sandy. This is an interesting premise, though not sure I want to keep reading stories like FSOG or Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, which I have read.

  2. Nice review Sandy. Not sure about the ‘parallel’ or reverse story lines. I am all for reading about the story from the other POV, but sometimes I wonder if it is just another $$$. Sorry!

    • Thanks Ember. I think when a writer writes from first person POV the reader does NOT get all the information and therefore the author opts to write a parallel or flipside to the storyline

  3. Great review Sandy. Not sure but I think I read the first one. Think I will skip this one. Just finished another series like this one need a change. LOL

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