THE DRAGON BOX by Katie W. Stewart- a review

The Dragon Box by Katie W Stewart-a review

The Dragon Box by Katie W. Stewart

The summer holidays in North America have begun. The kids are underfoot and already crying about being bored. So every once in awhile, The Reading Cafe will post a review of a book we think your child(ren) would like to read. Today, we are offering THE DRAGON BOX by Katie W Stewart.

THE DRAGON BOX is a middle-grade novel recommended for ages 8-12 years. Focusing on the imagination of a child, Katie W Stewart takes us into a world of science fiction and fantasy, where every boy dreams of fighting with dragons, witches, ogres and goblins.

Like many children his age, 11 year old James, doesn’t want to participate in his weekly scheduled footy ball games, so he fakes an injury. Knowing her son isn’t happy, James’s mother asks him to retrieve a book from old man Mack’s house next door and against his better judgment James reluctantly heads over to the ‘crazy’ professor’s house. But one quick look into the house and James is in awe. There are gadgets and machines of all sorts, waiting for someone to play. But it isn’t until Mack gives James a ‘dragon box’ does the real adventure begin.

Something similar to “Dungeons and Dragons’ or perhaps a computer game, the Dragon Box takes James and Mack through a game-like scenario where James controls the events. Mack has designed the ‘Dragon Box’, and the characters within are all representations of the people in James and Mack’s life.

As the game unfolds, Mack must teach James to use the magic that is his to control. And as each level is successfully completed, a new and more dangerous level presents. Throughout the storyline, James must use his imagination and strategize about his next move. But not until his final move, does real life interject. Praying against all odds, that everyone he knows and loves is alive, James crosses between worlds, hoping to see the one person he knows, that could very well change his life.

THE DRAGON BOX is a wonderful story. And like many Young Adult storylines, The Dragon Box is not just for the young, but also the young at heart. There is adventure, science-fiction and fantasy all rolled into a storyline that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. great review and wonderful idea, Sandy. We are The Reading Cafe, so it should be a place where us adults and young adults can read, suggest and allow their children, brothers or sisters, other young relatives have a chance to read for themselves. Reading is wonderful for all ages.

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