The Eve Genome (Volume 1) by Joanne Brothwell-a review

THE EVE GENOME (Volume 1) by Joanne Brothwell-a review

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date August 15, 2013

Adriana Sinclair is an evolutionary mystery. Her blood type matches nothing in modern medicine. When a failed blood transfusion kills her twin sister, Adriana discovers she’s a throwback to an original human that scientists have coined the “Mitochondrial Eve.”

Still reeling from her sister’s death and the subsequent realization of her family’s secret, Adriana struggles to put her life back in order and focus on her college studies. She finds comfort in Kalan, the new guy whose striking albino features and friendly manner keep her distracted from the wreck her life has become. Kalan is exactly what she needs right now, even if he does seem a bit too interested in Adriana’s mysterious bloodline...


REVIEW: THE EVE GENOME is a storyline that borders science fiction, romance and the paranormal. The premise follows Adriana Sinclair and the blood abnormalities that have led to her twin sister’s demise and the discovery that there is more to the blood disorder than DNA-there is genetic manipulation and scientific experimentation. There are several characters whose stories have yet to be told and the presumption that the missing are dead and gone is something that no one is willing to admit.

The storyline reads like a study in psychological and scientific manipulation. From the outset the reader is pulled into a story of four- twenty something adults-good and evil; black and white; power and control. Two sets of identical twins who are identical in appearances only but with the building paranormal and supernatural powers, will be more alike than not.

With the discovery of gene manipulation and scientific experimentation the storyline characters will uncover the secrets to their existence and in doing so with realize that their DNA can be traced back to the origins of man-Adam and Eve. While two were given up at birth, all four were kept in the dark as it pertained to their genetic mutations and DNA anomalies. As their powers begin to manifest and surface so do the people hoping to locate their whereabouts.

Joanne Brothwell has written a storyline that will have you asking about the ‘what ifs and whys’ of genetic research and gene manipulation. If you could create the ‘perfect baby’ what lengths would you go to see it through?

The Eve Genome is a story of suspense and mystery all wrapped up nicely in a science fiction bow. Brothwell has taken a subject of scientific controversy and put her own spin on what could happen if the people in charge thought they could take over for God.

Copy supplied by the author.

Reviewed by Sandy


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