THE FALLEN QUEEN (House of Arkhangel’sk #1) by Jane Kindred-a review

THE FALLEN QUEEN (House of Arkhangel’sk #1) by Jane Kindred-a review

THE FALLEN QUEEN (The House of Arkhangel’sk #1) by Jane Kindred

THE FALLEN QUEEN is the first storyline in Jane Kindred’s new House of Arkhangel’sk’s series. The storyline follows Grand Duchess Anazakia, of the House of Arkhangel’sk and two demons-Belphagor and Vasily who have been commissioned to help Anazakia escape –to live in the world of Man-and away from those who meant to cause her harm. Anazakia’s spirit and body, her shade and shadow had been previously separated but when the demons accidently released her shade, Anazakia found herself mortally wounded and awash in blood with the memories of a horrific attack. The last thing she remembered was playing wingcasting- a game of chance- in Heaven and the next she didn’t recognize herself or her surroundings.

The storyline vacillates between first person POV (Anazakia) and third person, as well as from present to past using memoirs, recollections and stories. There is an enormous amount of reference to Christianity in the form of angelic definitions and pronouncements such as Seraphim and Ophanim, as well as looking at The Fallen and The Virtues, demons and angels. The reader is taken on a ride between Heaven, Hell and Earth and all places in between: different levels Angels, and demons, Houses and Kingdoms, elemental magic and power.

The world building and character development flow smoothly and yet on the surface the story outline is so very familiar and yet it is not. The reader is whisked into a fantasy world of angels and demons, and the plight of the lone survivor of an attack against the Royal House of Arkhangel’sk. The further the story develops the familiarity of the scenario burns brightly until you discover the re-telling, albeit flavored in more fiction and fantasy than the original tale, of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna (Romanov) of Russia, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II.

Jane Kindred has blended the fantasy of angels and demons with the telling of a story that is still shrouded in mystery today. There is a ‘love story’ of sorts between the angel and her two demon companions.  Sacrifices will be made when Belphagor is imprisoned and is at the mercy of those in charge.  And his freedom will come at a cost. The storyline contains some graphic violence and abuse. An interesting spin on a story, whether fabled or true, and one that still has the historians scratching their heads and wondering. 

Copy supplied by publisher.

Reviewed by Sandy


16 thoughts on “THE FALLEN QUEEN (House of Arkhangel’sk #1) by Jane Kindred-a review

    • Me, too, Lavonda.

      It seems like there’s a lot to understand, ESPECIALLY if you’re not current on your angels and demons hierarchy.

      Great review nevertheless, Sandy!

      • Once you get past the ‘christianity’ references…it is smooth flowing…although I kept thinking…why does this sound familiar…and even in the storyline….she compares her like to that of Anastasia….and there are references to it as well throughout

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