THE GLASS SHOWER by C E Snyder-a review & interview with the author


THE GLASS SHOWER by C E Snyder-A Review

THE GLASS SHOWER is the first release by new author C E Snyder. Written in the romance/mystery genre, The Glass Shower, to be released March 2012, is the first book in The Glass Shower series. Initially thought to be part of a trilogy, C E is considering in which direction this particular series will go, but the option for more than 3 books, is always a possibility.

Englishman Nikolas Patten, has a new job in America, working as a bonds trader for a large corporation. He is not happy about the move, not happy about the job, not happy about the circumstances that have brought him to the US and not happy about America, but a realistic dream about a crying woman, while on the flight to the USA, has him convinced that something is about to change.

Written in first person point-of –view, The Glass Shower follows a few days in the life of Nik Patten-we see everything from his perspective including his thoughts and feelings about the world in which he is now involved. But a terrifying sight, across from his apartment window, starts the ball rolling on a mysterious woman, an organized crime syndicate and the abduction and assault of someone who will become part of his future.

Acting on instinct, Nik involves himself with what he believes to be a domestic assault, but when the police are seen accepting ‘bribe’ money from the men involved, Nik makes it his concern, and begins to investigate the woman that was assaulted in ‘the glass shower’. When Nik realizes exactly who and what is involved with the mysterious attacks against the woman, he assumes a more aggressive role in discovering what is going on. But before long, his employers and the people he works for, all seem to have a connection to the very crime syndicate, he has been trying to avoid.

Carolyn is the woman in the glass shower. She has been abused, widowed, abducted and now she no longer has custody of her children, due to the actions of her first husband. But her connection to Nik becomes more personal when he realizes she is the woman in his dreams. He is drawn to the mysterious lady and he soon finds himself falling in love. But Nik has been warned, and on more than one occasion, he fears for his life as well as the life of the woman he is trying to save.

Nik works furiously to find and save Carolyn’s children from further harm. When he succeeds in discovering their whereabouts, Nik sets into motion a series of events, that will culminate in a search and rescue by the people tied more closely to Nik than anyone could have imagined.

The Glass Shower is a short story, a novella. As an introduction storyline, we meet the major players involved, and are given just enough background information about the characters, that does not overwhelm. The story ends with what should be a happily ever after, but not all endings are as compact as they seem. We have to wait for the next instalment in The Glass Shower series, to know that organizations like the mob, will never forgive or forget.

C E Snyder tells an interesting story. I was slightly confused as to the genre as the storyline progressed. At points I thought it was a romance, then mystery and then crime. There is a romance, there is mystery and there are crimes, but C E Snyder blends all together, and in the end, writes an introductory novel, that will keep you wondering, at every turn of the page. I have no problem recommending The Glass Shower, and I hope everyone takes the time, to read this story from new author C E Snyder.

Reviewed by Sandy

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Title of Book: The Glass Shower

Date of release: March 2012

Publishing House: Tate Publishing

Biographical Information

Name: C E Snyder (Carrie Snyder

Home town: Waterford, PA

Year of Birth: 1981

Married/Single/Divorced: Divorced twice

Children: 2 Daughters Sabrina and Sierra

Family (# siblings etc): I have 2 Sisters and a brother

College/University: none

TRC:  Hi Carrie, and welcome to The Reading Cafe.  It is always nice to meet the authors behind the stories.  

TRC: Tell us a little bit about yourself, that perhaps, would be of interest to our members and readers.


CES: Well I’m divorced for the second time. I still believe in love and someday I will find someone that will love me. I am raising my 2 daughters alone with no help. Well my mom helps. I have never had a easy life. I never felt that I belong where I am. I plan on taking my girls to California in a couple of years because I feel like that is where I am being called. I want to do a lot of traveling before I die and I want to do as much as I can too.

TRC: How did you get started writing?

CES: I have written all my life but I got serious about it when I turned 29.

TRC: Is this your first published novel? If not, please tell us about your other works.

CES: Yes it is but I will have a second published this year as well.

TRC: Would you please give us some background information about the premise of the book.

CES: It follows the story of Nic Patten. He has moved from England to start a new job in New York City. He begins to suspect that things are not what they seem and he finds the love of his life. But she comes with a price and daughters.

TRC:  Will this be the first book in a series?

CES:   Yes I am planning on making a series. I had started the second book but I had put it aside for a time. I have been thinking of it lately and as soon as I finish the one I am working on, I will go back to it. 

TRC:   What will you call the series?

CES:   It will be called the Glass Shower Series.

TRC:  What genre do you consider this novel?? crime-fiction/ mystery-romance?

CES:   It is mystery-romance, but I suppose that it is a little crime-fiction as well.

TRC:   Where did you come up with the premise for The Glass Shower?

CES:   Well, that is kind of funny. I had just turned 29 and I had a horrible week. I started to have the impulse to throw myself up against the shower wall. The wall being a window. And someone was watching me from up above. It was so bad that I actually did it. It really did hurt but it still didn’t go away. So I decided that I was going to write about it. So that is how that glass shower became a story.

TRC:   If this is to be a series, how many books do you have planned?

CES:   I have had 3 books in mind but I’m not quite sure where they will go. The second is called Something old. It is about their wedding.

TRC:   Will Nik and Carolyn be the principle characters throughout the series?

CES:   Yes they will be the principle characters. Something old will be Carolyn’s journey in England. What is holding it up is that I have never been to England. But I plan on it as I have a good friend there now.

TRC: What or who inspires your writing?

CES: Believe it or not but Christine Feehan has inspired me to be the writer I always wanted to be. Someone let me borrow a book of hers and I was hooked from then. I had a nervous break down when I turned 29 and with her book I decided to do what I always thought I would do, and that is become the writer I was meant to be.

TRC: What are you favorite genres to read? Who is/are your favorite authors?

CES: I like paranormal, Of course Christine Feehan, Stephenie Meyer, Steven king. And recently I just discovered Amy Plum.

TRC: What are you reading right now? (at the time of the interview)

CES: I am working on Christine’s Murder Game

TRC: What do you do when you are not writing?

CES: I work full time at a manufacturing shop. I do wish I can quit that job real soon. Or I am spending time with my daughters.

TRC: Do you “write” using pen and paper, or do you write on the computer?

CES: I do all my writing with the computer.

TRC: We have heard, you are considering a paranormal storyline. Have you started to write this novel? And if so, what type of characters are involved?

CES: No I have not started to write that novel yet. But it will have Jolene Nicson who is a Medium, she can see dead people and she can read minds. But not all minds:  she cannot read the mind of the man that she loves. Nathan Brite is a shifter and in love with the one he cannot have. Jolene and Nathan first met 10 years earlier. Nathan leaves shortly because he was called to duty for his community. Jolene found that she was pregnant with their daughter. They see each other from time to time but she never told about the child and he wouldn’t stay long to find out. It had been 5 years since they saw each other and Jolene found her self in a bar in his home town. She can’t hear anyone’s mind and this upsets her. Nathan walks in after being held hostage for years and finds her drinking at the bar. And then the story begins. She tells him that she is a medium and that they have a child. Nathan tells her he is a shifter and they start the journey to find their daughter, Natalie.

TRC:  Thank you Carrie, for the wonderful answers.  The Reading Cafe wishes you all the best with your writing career.

Thank you


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