The Goddess Redemption Series 1-3 by Kelli Lockheart-a review

The Goddess Redemption Series 1-3 by Kelli Lockheart-a review

Goddess Redemption Series

The Goddess Redemption Series

The Goddess Redemption Series #1
by Kelli Lockheart
Release Date: Sept 14, 2013

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A cruel twist of fate causes the goddess of the hunt, Artemis, to take the life of her lover, Orion, on the day of their betrothal. As punishment, Zeus locks her away in a stone prison, vowing that she would always search for love and never find it, that her stubbornness and anger rule her and that his death lay at her feet. He strips her of her power and knowledge and casts her in stone. Her punishment is swift and severe. The goddess of love has other designs for the Huntress and works out a plan for Artemis to redeem herself and come home. What entails is a story of redemption, a story of true change, and a tale of a desire that burns feverishly in every heart. But there is also a deeper lesson to be learned along the journey. Great power should be shown great respect.

REVIEW: TO CAST A STONE is the first novella in Kelli Lockheart’s The Goddess Redemption Series of novellas based loosely on the mythological lore of Greek Gods and Goddesses. The prologue reveals the history of Artemis and Orion and what has occurred prior to the storyline premise.

The short introductory story focuses on punishment and redemption following the death of Orion at the hands of his lover Artemis and the resulting centuries of isolation and loss. Artemis was cast in stone for her betrayal and Orion was sentenced to live and die over and over until the day his beloved is returned. And in the interim, a species of shifters will grow in power when their creator is unable to hunt for her prey. With Orion and Artemis gone, the shifters grow in numbers and strength.

The world building takes the reader on a journey through mythological lore, gods and goddesses, and a power struggle between Zeus and Aphrodite. If you are a fan of Greek Mythology, The Goddess Redemption series is an interesting take on the heroes of Olympus.

As an introductory storyline there is plenty of information and detail missing especially as it concerns the shifter species created specifically for the hunt. But it is a novella series, so let’s hope that more information is revealed as with each subsequent story.

Also there is a warning for violence and sexual content, but the detail is light in comparison to many other novels and series we read. Most of the sex is glossed over using euphemisms and flowery language. This is by no means your usual erotica storyline-the graphic detail is limited and most only hints at what happens and what is to come.


Goddess Redemption #2
by Kelli Lockheart
Release Date: October 1, 2013 / /

Spellbound continues the story of Artemis and Orion as they face the challenges of being human. In this second installment of the Goddess Redemption Series, our beloved huntress is posed a new task on her journey to redemption. Powerless and only beginning to recover her memories, Artemis finds herself in the role of Sara, a wood’s witch caught in the middle of a terrible war between the shifters and the gods whose power is threatened by the creature’s very existence. Victor is an adept hunter with a secret. He knows how to kill the shifters, but when his memories return, can the god of the hunt, find happiness in his human form?

REVIEW: SPELLBOUND is the second storyline in Kelli Lockheart’s Goddess Redemption novella series focusing on the continuing story and reincarnation of Artemis and Orion. In this particular instalment our hunter and goddess of the hunt are Sara and Victor. Sara is believed to be a witch who is searching for a way to protect the people of the village from the werewolves at night: and Victor is a hunter who has been gifted by a stranger with silver tipped magical arrows. Both Victor and Sara had been approached by a woman in disguise and the immortal gods of Olympus were once again at play. Zeus and Aphrodite would ensure that Artemis and Orion learn their lesson time and time again. But will Artemis’s jealousy keep our lovers in human form forever?

Kelli Lockheart weaves a fractured tale of mythological lore where at each incantation our hero and heroine must overcome the obstacles before finding one another’s heart and soul.

If you are a fan of the Greek mythology, Kelli Lockheart’s Goddess Redemption series puts a different spin on the lore of Orion and his beloved Artemis.


The Goddess Redemption Series #3
by Kelli Lockheart
Release Date: November 2013 / /

The adventure takes a twist as this time our hunters are thrown into the bodies of shifters. Tatiana is the Unul Pur, the promise of their kind and the only fertile shifter in a sea of barren werebeasts. She is their hope. She is also storing the consciousness of our goddess of the hunt, Artemis, who is trying to come to terms with the decisions she must make. Luca is a beta, forced to obey the commands of his alpha, Buru. He has traveled far and wide as an emissary to speak for Buru as potential mate to the lovely Tatiana. He is also Orion, god of the hunt, trying to find balance between his memories and the woman he loves.

The customs and traditions of the shifters demand that a mate is chosen and there are rules. In order for the lovers to be together, they will have to break every one of them. Can they find a way? As the shifters’ world evolves around the huntress, can she fit the pieces together enough to understand? And what of Aphrodite and Zeus? Well…… there is much and more going on in the clouds as secrets are kept and the tides of war turn under a Moonlit Promise.

˃˃˃ This is the third part in The Goddess Redemption Series. A Paranormal Romance Erotica.

REVIEW: MOONLIT PROMISE is the third instalment in Kelli Lockheart’s Goddess Redemption novella series focusing on the lives of Artemis and Orion. In this third incarnation, our couple are the very thing they hunt-shifters. Zeus and Aphrodite are still at war with one another and, Orion and Artemis are the pawns. As punishment for Artemis killing Orion, the couple have been forced to search for each other over and over only to suffer the indignity of loosing again.

This particular instalment finds the shifter known as Tatiana about to enter her mating phase and there is only one mate with whom she can conceive. But past memories and lives begin to plague the Tatiana as the lion shifter known as Luca draws near. And this time around they will recognize one another immediately but it may be too late.

Kelli Lockheart once again blends Greek mythology with the paranormal lore of shifters and weres. There is the familiarity of the gods and goddesses blended perfectly with the fantasy storyline loved by many. If you are a fan of the Greek and Roman mythological storylines, don’t miss Kelli Lockhearts take on vengeance and betrayal between the gods and goddesses of Olympus.

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