The Highlander’s Accidental Bride by Cathy MacRae-a review


the Highlander's Accidental Bride


ABOUT THE BOOK: RELEASED February 27, 2013

Chaos reigns between the Scott and Barde clans in 14th century Scotland. To end the generation’s long feud, King Robert II of Scotland decrees EADEN, LAIRD SCOTT, and Lady Miriam Barde wed with all haste. When marriage negotiations break down, King Robert threatens Eaden with the loss of lands and title. Forced to take matters into his own hands, the laird kidnaps his bride, only to find the young woman he mistakenly drags to his marriage bed is not Laird Barde’s daughter, but her lady companion.

MARY MARSH fights for her freedom from the laird and the unwanted marriage, refusing to accept her new life as Lady Scott. Realizing his error, Laird Scott develops an attachment to the feisty young woman he has accidentally married. Can he win her heart and convince her she is more than just a ‘duty’ to him? Or will the bond forged between the lady’s companion and the laird be destroyed by secrets and the feud that will not be laid to rest?


REVIEW: THE HIGHLANDER’S ACCIDENTAL BRIDE by Cathy MacRae is a storyline written in the highlander historical romance genre. The story begins as Laird Scott and the woman he presumes to be Lady Miriam Barde are forced to wed to ensure Scott retains possession of his lands. But when the Laird discovers that the woman he kidnapped and to whom he is now married is not the Barde’s daughter, the couple must endeavor to keep secret their accidental marriage or fight one another for freedom at all costs. If the truth is revealed the Laird will lose everything including the woman with whom he is falling in love. The anguish and heartbreak of knowing she is not the woman to whom the Laird was supposed to wed, will force Mary into a lifestyle she has only experienced from the sidelines in her former life.

The reader is taken on a journey with two people wanting something in their lives but neither one knows where to look. As the storyline develops we watch as Laird Scott softens towards the woman he now calls wife, but in doing so places his new wife at risk for retaliation by his former lover. And Mary will soon discover that a woman she wants to call a friend will set plans in motion to separate Mary from the Laird on a permanent basis.

Mary and Eaden’s (Laird Scott) relationship is one built on need as well as forced circumstances. When the Laird approaches the King for a divorce, he becomes suspicious when the King refuses his requests and demands to meet the new Lady Scott. Something about Scott’s new wife is familiar to the King. Laird’s only alternative is to seduce his young bride as only a husband knows how but when betrayal forces Mary to seek out a former friend, a declaration of war will pit Laird Scott against the man Mary once considered family.

The Highlander’s Accidental Bride is a wonderful story of heartbreak and loss, love and hate. Cathy MacRae gives us a fascinating peek into the lives and loves of the historical highland warriors. If you are a fan of historical highlander storylines, The Highlander’s Accidental Bride is the perfect read.

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  1. THE HIGHLANDER’S ACCIDENTAL BRIDE carries an intriguing plot line from an interesting new author – I can already feel the suspense! Definitely on my TBR list! Thanks for sharing!

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