THE HUNT (The V.V.Inn #2) by C.J.Ellisson

THE HUNT (The V.V.Inn #2) by C.J. Ellisson

THE HUNT (Vampire Vacation #2) by C.J.Ellisson

NOTE: Series contains mature adult content

THE HUNT is the second novel in C.J.Ellisson’s Vampire Vacation series featuring the sexy ancient vampire Alexandria “Vivian” and her family of vampires and werewolves. The Hunt begins approximately 2 months following their last adventure at the V.V INN in Vampire Vacation, and focuses on an organized and pre-arranged hunt for a rogue vampire. The content is graphic and not intended for readers under 18.

Following the successful eradication and death of an ancient vampire hoping to destroy Vivian, the mistress of the V.V INN plans to invite all the participants back for a hunt. Approaching the Tribunal for a willing candidate isn’t high on her list of desired duties, but a willing candidate is the only way to get a hunt sanctioned by the ancients. There is one problem-Vivian has angered many of the Tribunal ancients and someone wants her dead. Inviting vampires from the many Seethes and werewolves from Romeo’s pack should bring enough hunters to make the week interesting, but one of her fiercest enemies will be escorting the prey to Alaska.

C.J. brings back all of the new and existing family members from Vivian’s new seethe and each character narrates several different chapters from their own POV. An interesting feature to story telling, chapters with varying points of view allow the readers to see the story at different levels and thought processes. Many of Vivian’s family members will narrate and reveal the depth of their love for their Mistress, and like most supernatural beings, the depth of their love has no boundaries. Vivian is a sexual being with the ability to manipulate reality, but the reality of her sexuality has more than one male vying for her attention at all times. But her love for her husband Rafe never falters, although she is tempted to stray through the shear magnitude of the presence of the lone werewolf who wants her for his mate.

Emiko is the rogue vampire brought in for the hunt. Charged with crimes against vampires and thus the Tribunal, Emiko is a highly skilled assassin and a former enforcer. Opting for a hunt rather than imprisoned in silver chains, Emiko will take the predators on a hunt like never before. And along the way, a second vampire will go rogue and more deaths will follow including 3 of the hunters who had come to play. But in the end, a new vampire will make his first kill and a surprising ability will manifest from inside.

THE HUNT is a great addition to C.J.’s V.V Inn series. The storyline is full of action and there is rarely any down time to catch your breath. Rafe and Vivian’s relationship will have a couple of awkward moments, but in the end a bond created by love will prevail. Vivian’s power emerges full strength and the family unit will become acquainted with their Mistresses’ ability first hand. And we have not heard the last from the Tribunal. But it is her loss of control and anger at a young vampire that I found a little disconcerting. CJ’s writing style seems effortless as the story develops and the sensuality of the characters leaves you wanting more. Looking forward to reading BIG GAME.

Reading Order
1. Vampire Vacation
2. The Hunt
3. Big Game
4. Just One Taste (prequel)

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  1. Excellent review, Sandy. The storyline does sound interesting, as it continues. I do have the first book. I will read that, then look into purchasing this. It does sound good.

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