The Marriage Mistake (Marriage to a Billionaire #3) by Jennifer Probst-a review

THE MARRIAGE MISTAKE (Marriage to a Billionaire #3) by Jennifer Probst

THE MARRIAGE MISTAKE is the third storyline (November 6, 2012 release) in Jennifer Probst’s Marriage to a Billionaire contemporary romance series. Although this storyline is part of a series, it could be read as a standalone with very little discomfort. This is Carina and Max’s story.

Carina Conte is a recent MBA grad with hopes of making a new life for herself in America. Coming from a strict family in Italy, Carina accepts her brother’s offer to work in the family bakery empire, but secretly hopes to get back to her first loves-painting and Maximus Gray. But Carina has not seen Max in several years, and hopes to prove to everyone that she has moved on with her life and her feelings. When Max broke her heart several years before, Carina swore she would never fall in love again, and was hoping to jump start her new life in America with a fling or a one night stand. What Carina did not count on was the sexual pull between she and Max. Hoping to discover Max’s true feelings, Carina played a dangerous game that would all fall apart following a one night stand with the man of her dreams.

Maximus Gray has always desired Carina, but as his best friend’s younger sister, Carina was strictly off-limits. Growing up like siblings, Max loved Carina and now that she a grown woman with curves to spare, Max felt the kick to his senses when he realized that maybe he had made a mistake with his hands-off policy. But a business trip to Vegas would find Carina and Max in a ‘compromising position’. To keep Mama Conte happy they reluctantly got married in the typical Vegas style and neither was very happy about the circumstances. Knowing that Max did not love her, Carina made the choice to walk away and try to discover what it was in life that she really wanted. And in the end-she wanted Max to love her with the same passion that she loved in return.

THE MARRIAGE MISTAKE is a contemporary romance with the usual drama of he loves me/he love me not and all of the angst that goes along with betrayal, rejection and the inability to admit you made a mistake. Maximus Gray is the typical alpha male with a bevy of females at his beck and call, but he secretly desires Carina with everything in his soul. Carina came to America to discover that she was still in love with Max, but was determined to push Max away because he would never be happy tied down with one woman. When they both realized they had made a mistake, it was too late. This storyline doesn’t top my all –time favorites, but for a quick read on a lazy Sunday afternoon-enjoy!!

Reviewed by Sandy


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  1. Very nice review. This actually sounds likes something I would like, and Jennifer Probst is hot right now. From reading the end of your review, I’m guessing this is not a happy ending.

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