THE MURDER KING’S WOMAN by Jamie Leigh Hansen-a review

THE MURDER KING’S WOMAN by Jamie Leigh Hansen

THE MURDER KING’S WOMAN by Jamie Leigh Hansen

THE MURDER KING’S WOMAN is the first short story in Jamie Leigh Hansen’s new Murder Tales series. First published in the anthology The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2, The Murder King’s Woman focuses on the rescue of Sebastian, a one of a kind vampire, who metes out justice to those who betray the vampire law.

Mary is a human. Rescued by Sebastian after her parents and siblings were murdered by rogue vampires, Mary has always known that one day Sebastian would be hers. But like all young woman, Mary wanted independence and a chance to experience the life of a college kid and make her way in the world of humans. But freedom came at a cost.

Sebastian was the law. His brand of justice was swift and without measure, and all vampires knew, that if anyone crossed the line, Sebastian was merciless. But raising a vulnerable human child in a world of vampires was risky. Knowing he would never be able to relinquish his protective nature, Sebastian put himself at risk, when he ordered his guards to protect Mary, while she was attending college. With his guards protecting his future mate, Sebastian found himself imprisoned and drained of his life saving fluids. It was going to take a miracle or the love of a woman, to free the Murder King from his bonds.

The Murder King’s Woman is a short story, basically one chapter in length. I was previously introduced to Jamie’s writing through her novel Betrayed and I was hoping that she would continue this particular Nepilim series of books and stories. But The Murder King’s Woman has caught my interest and I am looking forward to the next adventure in The Murder King’s Summons.

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  1. Hi Barb, thank you so much! Actually, this is the first book and I began putting the second story, also a short though 3 times longer, up yesterday! 🙂 The Murder King’s Summons is now available in digital form in all the usual places. I hope you enjoy!

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