The Playboy’s Baby by J.M.Stewart-a review

The Playboy’s Baby by J.M. Stewart-a review


THE PLAYBOY’S BABY is the August 2012 ebook release by author J.M. Stewart. A poignant tale that could very well be a reflection of many of today’s family dynamics, The Playboy’s Baby is a contemporary romance storyline that takes a look at one woman’s struggle to keep her family together after two tragic deaths in a matter of a few years.

30 year old Emma Stanton is a single mother and not by choice. Raising her sister Janey’s daughter Annie since the motorcycle accident that took her life one month earlier, Emma dreaded returning to her home town of Hastings Montana. Finding a letter written to Annie’s father, Emma knew that to return home and confront bad-boy Dillon James would force old memories to the surface. But Annie needed her father and Dillon was the man. And the animosity between Dillon and Emma would only add further hurt to a woman already in pain.

Dillon James lived the life of a care-free playboy. Descended from power and money, Dillon is a single 26year old night club owner surrounded by beautiful women and money skimming employees. But the sight of his childhood friend’s sister Emma, as she entered the bar, stirred up old desires he had long thought buried and gone. Dillon had always had a crush on Janey’s older sister Emma, but Emma had move away shortly after her mother died and it had been 8 years since he last saw the object of his dreams. But the message she brings to Dillon is both blessed and sad, when she reveals that he has a daughter that he knew nothing about.

The relationship between Emma and Dillon is tense. Thinking she will lose her niece and remaining family member to Dillon and his wealthy family, Emma is nervous and anxious about their intentions. Janey was never one of their favorite people, and with the unwelcome surprise of a grandchild, Emma must stay strong for the child she has grown to love as her own. And Dillon’s surprising acceptance of his daughter, aids Emma’s resolves when it comes time to leave Annie behind.

Dillon’s reputation as a badass and playboy had preceded him all of his life, but sometimes the façade is just that-a façade. Emma has always been under the mistaken belief that Dillon was Janey’s partner in crime, but Dillon reveals, that his relationship with Janey was strictly friendship and one of guardian and protector that had crossed the line  one night. And when he declares that he will never be relationship material, Emma knows that her growing love for Dillon will never be returned. And her past experiences will only add to her negative self-image when Dillon’s rejection forces her to take a stand and move on with her life.

There are many heartbreaking moments when Dillon’s actions negate his words. Tender and loving one moment, and then heart crushingly cold when he wants nothing but friendship the next day. But an empty bed is almost as painful as an empty heart, when the person with whom you have fallen in love, is a constant reminder of how alone you truly are.

THE PLAYBOY’S BABY is a heartwarming and sweet story of rejection and love. JM Stewart takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions that will give you the warm fuzzies one moment then leave you in tears the next. The sex scenes are sensual without the use of vulgar descriptive narrations and the character development is forthright and real. The Playboy’s Baby is a quick read for a lazy afternoon with a glass of wine and romance on the mind.

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