The Problem With Promises (Mystwalker #3) by Leigh Evans-a review

The Problem with Promises (Mystwalker #3) by Leigh Evans-a review

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THE PROBLEM WITH PROMISES (Mystwalker #3) by Leigh Evans

ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 25, 204


Robson Trowbridge, the Alpha of Creemore and my gorgeous mate, tries to protect me, Hedi Peacock, half-Fae, half-were, from all the trouble I get into. The thing is, my past is pretty messy and bad guys keep knocking down my door. Witches, thug bikers, the North American Council of Weres, dark magic Fae, and even an evil wizard are all after me. The Old Mage is the only one I really care about: He has my dear twin brother captive on the other side of the Gates of Merenwyn—not cool. So my alpha love is helping me to keep my promise to free my brother…


Unfortunately, everyone who helps me ends up in a heap of trouble too—including my Trowbridge. Now, I admit I’ve had my moments as a shivering coward, hoping he will come to my brave rescue. The whole Prince Charming thing is hard to shake. But these bad guys after me mean business and those damsel in distress days are over. You know that “last straw” metaphor? That was two straws ago. It’s now or never. Again…


REVIEW: THE PROBLEM WITH PROMISES is the third instalment in Leigh Evans’s contemporary, paranormal, urban fantasy Mystwalker series focusing on werewolves, fae and magic. Hedi Peacock is a hybrid-half fae/half were and mated to the Creemore Wolf Alpha Robson Trowbridge. But there is a war on the horizon between the fae and the wolves and, Hedi and her mate are caught in the middle. The storyline commences a few hours following the events of book two-The Thing About Weres- and is told from Hedi’s first person POV.

The premise of this particular storyline follows Hedi as she must uncover the people responsible for the destruction of the pack and the threat to her mate and the people that she loves. When everything begins to point to the addictive fae processed sun-potion (made to prevent wolves from shifting with the moon) Hedi and her companions will discover that the story behind the halflings and the drug hits too close to home. Halflings are the children of a wolf and human mating, and rarely if ever, survive their first change. When Robson is targeted for destruction, Hedi knows that the only way to prevent her mate’s demise is to set herself up for the fall. As a half-breed with both fae and wolf, Hedi is not welcomed by either side of her familial heritage and, in this, she is on the defensive when her allegiance is called into question by the wolves who follow her mate.

Leigh Evans writes an amazingly detailed and graphically violent storyline where no one is safe in a war between the species and between themselves. Most of the story focuses on Hedi’s search for her mate and the people trying to take her down. With her powerful fae magic, she is a power unto herself but at times, this power brings more problems to the pack then it solves.

THE PROBLEM WITH PROMISES forwards the storyline but a couple of days. The reader is pulled into a dark and dangerous world where wolves are loyal to no one but themselves and the brotherhood of the pack is required for their survival in a world of violence and unrest. The world building continues with all of the storyline remaining on this side of the portal. This is the third storyline in the series and I would highly recommend reading in order.

Copy supplied by the publisher through netgalley

Reviewed by Sandy

Reading Order

1. The Trouble With Fate
2. The Thing About Weres
3. The Problem with Promises


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