THE ROYAL ASSASSIN by Shireen Nemnich-a review

The Royal Assassin by Shireen Nemnich

THE ROYAL ASSASSIN (Shadows of Myst Book #1) by Shireen Nemnich


THE ROYAL ASSASSIN is the premiere release for Shireen Nemnich’s Shadows of Myst series.. The Royal Assassin novella introduces the people of the Royal House of Darkness and Shadow in the magical land of Myst—a group of beings bathed in the power of magic and shadows.

Reis, part Nightelf, part Mystic, and the Royal Assassin for the Royal House of Darkness and Shadow, must bestow congratulations onto Essence-the Heir to the Chalica, and the woman who should have been his consort. But 4 years after the birth of her twins, and marriage to Phantom, he is still reluctant to acknowledge their union. And to complicate matters, one of their children was offered as a consort and/or apprentice in training, as compensation for his loss of a consort. With great reluctance, Reis bestows his blessing upon the couple’s children, but not before, he is enthralled by their 4year old daughter–a child, so innocent and sweet, that he loses his heart and soul, when he realizes that she will be his consort and mate. But Reis senses an evil presence within the shadows surrounding the couple, especially when their young boy is offered into servitude without consideration or thought.

Shadowen and her twin Shade, have a connection, unlike anything Reis has ever seen, in children so young. They seem to communicate without talking, and feel without touching. The power of their magic engulfs Reis with a feeling of both wonder and awe, but there is also darkness within the House of the Royal Chalice. When it becomes apparent that something evil lives within the family, Reis is determined to claim his consort, before further injury is dealt.

For eight years, Reis must hide in the shadows, in order to protect his young consort. He must sit back and watch as she grows into a young woman, and begins to fall for Darken, the young neighbor boy. But when Shadowen’s pain overtakes Reis, he knows it is time free her from her parent’s care. The cruelty and abuse inflicted by her father, are more than either can bear. Their connection already strong, Reis rescues the 12 year old, but not without threat to his life and family. But sadness pales the young child, when she must leave her twin brother behind and at the mercy of their twisted parents. Shadowen’s magic and her use of the shadows in the land of Myst, both surprise and scare Reis. There are time when she literally disappears into herself. Is she communicating with another?

In the land of Myst, the citizens travel using the shadows and darkness, and it is these shadows, that also encompass the very essence of their being. The shadows surrounding the individual vibrate with sensuality, anger, love or anxiety, depending on the action of the moment, and it is among these shadows, that magic proceeds. When an attempted abduction by her own father, sends Shadowen into the darkness, Reis is lost, in the knowledge, that he was unable to protect his future mate, as well as his grandmother. But a call from the Royal Magistrates’s office, to answer to charges of neglect, for the disappearance of the young woman, only reinforces their love for one another. Her parents are refused visitation and contact, but this also brings the realization to Shadowen, on the loss of her twin-no contact with her parents, also means no contact with her brother.

Over the next 5 years, Reis and Shadowen’s relationship grows, as does the woman. Shortly after her 17th birthday, Reis claims Shadowen’s heart as well as her body, but her connection to her brother and family is so strong, that they sense what has happened, and her father is outraged and seeks to destroy their lives. He is determined that she is his property and wants her back.

Several forces of magic play into the lives of the people of Myst, including dark, light, life and death magic, as well as different planes of existence. Many different levels of the Royal House involve political allies and enemies-all will converge in this storyline, to defend and protect the young couple, as well as fight for dominance in the world of political intrigue. The Royal Seer, Reis’ father, has been long absent from his son’s life, and has only recently renewed a relationship with his only child. The Royal Conjurer takes it upon herself to mentor and teach Shade, the ways of a skilled warrior, and ,a heritage of shadows from family long gone, seem to embody the spirits that drive the current generation of the people of Myst.

When Reis is called away , to fulfill his duty as the Royal Assassin, Shadowen reveals that she is with child. But when Reis is captured and held prisoner, Shadowen and the child suffer from the loss, but not before Darken lays claim and wishes to be her new consort. Once again, Reis is overcome with guilt, at his own actions, leaving his pregnant mate behind, but when Shade affects his escape, Reis is determined never to leave her side again.

There are heartbreaking losses that affect the young couple, as well as the duty Reis must perform for his father, that will wrench one’s soul. The death of a child or parent, can be one of the most devastating losses, and it is within the pages of this books, that love will heal the broken and shattered heart.  The Royal Assassin is my first peak into one of Shireen Nemnich’s novels. It was an easy read, but the premise is new and unusual. I liked The Royal Assassin, and I am hoping to continue the series, as soon as possible.

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Shireen Nemnich was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, but now calls Virginia her home. She is the mother of 3, and the grandmother of 2. As well as a registered practical nurse, Shireen follows her dreams of writing, and published her first book of poetry on, but has since entered the world of self-publication. Her writing genre is romance, whether it is fantasy or science fiction.

Reviewed by Sandy


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